tagLoving WivesNude Beach Surprise

Nude Beach Surprise


We often went to the local nude beach when our parents could look after the kids. We enjoyed the freedom of laying in the sun and also swimming in the ocean without any clothes on. We had become friends with many of the regulars and had spent many a fun time on the cliffs overlooking the rock pools. However, it was a total stranger that provided us with our most exciting adventure at the nude beach. This is what happened.

Dee had a wonderful small g-string tan on her butt from always laying in the back yard with a thong swimsuit bottom on. This gave her that sexy little triangle above her bum that men loved so much. At the nude beach I loved watching her wiggle that ass as she walked up and down or frolicked in the waves.

This particular day Dee and I decided to walk along the rocky coast to the east of the nude beach area. We both wore swimsuits as we were outside the regulated zone for nudists. I had a pair of speedos on and Dee wore a red thong bikini.

We walked about a kilometre from the nudist club and found ourselves on a stretch of totally pure white sandy beach. I took some pics of Dee posing in her red suit, and was getting really horny! I was soo engrossed in watching Dee turn me on that I did not notice the young guy watching us from the cliff nearby. I found out from Dee later that night that she had seen him quite early on, but didn't tell me! The nasty, nasty woman!

Anyway, I had just taken an amazing photo of Dee's incredible, and I do mean INCREDIBLE ass when I had the urge to fuck her. I told her I couldn't wait any longer and told her to follow me. We went up to the rocky outcrop on the point that was relatively well hidden. At first we just lay down next to each other on our towels and watched the waves breaking just nearby. It was a lovely situation, and I was extremely horny. Dee took the initiative, as usual, and removed my speedos. I didn't think it strange at the time, but she kept looking towards the cliff nearby. I just thought she was checking noone could see us. Little did I know what she was actually up to! Anyway, she gave me a fabulous sucking right there on the rocks. I was soon very hard and was totally enjoying the head she was expertly giving me. She stood up and removed the top of her bikini facing me, then turned towards the cliffs and slowly, ever so sexily removing her thong bottom. I watched with my cock twitching as she lowered it inch by inch, revealing her tiny tuft of pubic hair just above her clit. She was (and still is) an amazing looking woman for a mother of two.

After removing her bikini, she came and straddled my face. I have to admit that sucking her pussy is my favourite hobby. Some guys like golf, some like model trains, I like to suck cunt. What can I say? Anyway - she started moaning and squealing louder than usual the moment she squatted on my tongue. I kept flickering her fattening clit until she was about to orgasm. I stopped and teased her a few times, as I always liked to do. She was madly tweaking and pulling at her nipples and begging me to keep going. I As I started to lick her again, I noticed for the first time the young guy up on the cliffs. He was about twenty metres above us and slightly to the right. He had a perfect unobstructed view if Dee as she wriggled and moaned on my tongue. He also had his cock out and was wanking as he watched us go at it. That was enough for me.

I devoured Dee's clit and pussy with abandon. She came screaming within two minutes as I pulled her down onto my tongue by the hips as hard as I could, refusing to let her get away once she had climaxed. I looked for the young guy but could no longer see him. I figured he must have got scared by Dee's screams and taken off. How wrong I was!

Dee climbed off my face and pivoted round to push her gorgeous sopping pussy onto my cock. It was then that I saw the young guy! He was about three metres behind Dee, and still pumping his shaft furiously. Dee looked me in the eye and winked. I knew then that this was to be no ordinary trip to the beach! She started rapidly pumping up and down on my cock, her back to the young guy. I had my hands back over my head letting her do the riding, just the way she liked it! Suddenly, she slammed down on my cock and slowed her movement. She turned her head and faced the young guy, and beckoned for him to come over. He opened his eyes wide open and walked over carrying his rather large hard cock in his hand. As he approached Dee, he pointed his cock at her face in anticipation. He was not disappointed. Dee took his cock in her mouth and began sucking him for all she was worth as she pumped my cock in and out of her pussy. She really was making the young guy come close to ejaculating, and like me minutes before, she kept teasing him.

Just as the young guy started to moan as if he was starting to cum, Dee backed off and stopped sucking him. She also climbed off my cock and then did something really nasty. She reached into our beach bag and pulled out the bottle of aftersun moisturizer. I was not sure what she had in mind, but I was hoping she wasn't suggesting we head home! I was not to be disappointed.

She squirted some of the lotion onto her hand and then slowly, as she bent and faced the young guy with her ass, pushed some of the stuff into her anus. This was wild and both he and I moaned in unison as my gorgeous wife bent over and inserted first a finger, then two, then three into her tightest orifice. Once she was convinced there was enough soothing liquid in her ass, she positioned her opening over my still rock hard cock. I moaned as she squeezed downwards, my dick splitting her anal orifice slowly but firmly. Gradually she got up a rhythm of pulsing on the cock inside her ass. I thought she was planning to just give the guy a show, but I should have known better! Dee loved being a slut and her favourite sex adventures were the ones we had with complete strangers.

Beckoning to the young guy with the blue balls that only minutes before she had teased by stopping sucking him, she invited him to now fuck her. She had my cock up her ass and was riding it, and she was now asking this young guy, a total stranger, to double penetrate her on the rocky outcrop at the beach - it was wild! We all three got up quite a speed, and it was sooo fucking horny to watch your wife being ass fucked as she let this young man kiss and fuck her at the same time I was. I had a perfect view of the tong tan, and just below it was a cock, my cock, splitting her asshole as she fucked the cock in her pussy. My cock felt as if it was in a vice, and I loved every second of it.

Suddenly, when Dee yelled for the young guy to fuck her harder and suck her tits, he began to cum. Dee had not expected it, and when he jumped off her, she abused the poor guy and yanked him back towards her as his cock started to spew hot jizz everywhere. She sucked and sucked and it was great to watch his stomach muscles contracting in pleasure as my hot wife, who was still being ass fucked by me, swallowed his cum and licked his cock totally clean.

I could not hold off any longer, and feeling a little nasty - as I started to cum I jammed my cock as deep as possible in my wifes hot ass. I am sure I came heaps, because when we walked back down the beach I noticed small globs of cum were leaking from the sides of her thong! The young guy had ran off once Dee finished sucking him clean, and as we got into the car we agreed that if we could have the kids looked after again next Sunday - we would return to see if our stranger would join us again for another sexual escapade on the beach! Please let us know what you think - this was a true story.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous12/21/17

Reminded me of what happend to me, not the same, but enough to remind me.

It was my third time at a nude beach, but our first time at a nude beach FAR from home. I went for it because it was a nude beach FAR from where we were from and was supposed to be pretty secluded. Wellmore...

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