tagLoving WivesNude Beach, the Beginning

Nude Beach, the Beginning


Carol is 5'7" 130 lbs, long light brown hair, 34B and long shapely legs. In a word she is gorgeous, she oozes sex. I'm her husband Sammy, 6'4" 210, dark hair a decent body and a larger than average sex pistol.

While we've been married for awhile we have often fantasized about seeing each other having sex with other people. It's a huge turn on for us but we've never acted on it except to have Carol go braless once in a while so her oversized nipples would show through her loose shirts. I'd get hard watching other men ogle her and then we'd go home and make love to that fantasy.

One day we decided to take the fantasy a step farther. We went to a nude beach. To get there we had to walk through about a mile of "regular" beach before we saw the "clothing optional" sign. Then, sporadically, we would see people in various stages of undress, some attractive some not. We set up our beach umbrella and blanket in an area that had a few nude sunbathers, mostly young and mostly attractive. We stood there looking around when Carol decided it was time to reveal all. She removed her halter top and exposed her lovely breasts, her nipples were erect and she waited a few seconds before dropping her shorts and removing her thong panties. There she was, naked for all to see, the sunlight glinting off the thin, moist hair that outlined her pussy. Then she walked to me and removed my T-shirt, then my shorts and finally my boxers. There was no doubting my excitement, I was fully erect.

I quickly became aware that others were looking at us and Carol took full advantage of the situation by opening the tube of sun block and beginning to rub it first on my back, my legs, my chest and then slowly over my hard cock. She was masturbating me in slow motion. Some of the other couples moved in a bit closer to get a better look as I took the sun block and began to rub it into the skin around her shoulders, back, butt and legs. Then she turned around and I filled my hand with more of the cream as I rubbed it on the fronts of her legs, her thighs, over her tummy and finally onto her breasts. I made sure that her nipples got an extra dose of sun block, I sure didn't want her to run any risk of them being burned. Then I dropped my hand to her lower tummy and discretely ran my finger into her wet pussy, she was really wet.

Having finished with the sun block ritual we both lay down on the blanket and propped our heads up with a couple of beach pillows. A young, good looking man was approaching our spot on the beach so I leaned over and asked Carol to spread her legs just a bit, enough for him to get a good view of her labia and slowly growing clit. He didn't miss the view, his walk became slower and finally he just stopped and stared. As he looked there was some very evident movement by his penis. It grew ever so slightly but then he realized what was happening and being as sex or arousal was strictly prohibited on the beach, he moved on. Carol and I smiled at each other as she reached over and tweaked my hard on. This was fun.

Slowly the clothing optional portion of the beach filled up, there were bare tits, pussies and peckers everywhere. In my mind I would pick out one of the better looking young men and imagine him lowering himself onto Carol as she guided his cock into her begging pussy but I had to stop that because I was getting more and more aroused and, of course, that is strictly prohibited on the beach. Shortly a man, who I think was a bit high, walked to within five feet of our blanket and just stood there looking down on Carol. She shifted position to give him a better look at her naked body and as she shifted so did his pecker...it shifted into high gear. At about the same time his lovely nude girlfriend grabbed him by the arm and pulled him away.

When the day was over, we got dressed and went home. During the drive we kept fondling each other knowing what would happen as soon as we unlocked the front door of our house. Carol was so horny she had my cock out before we had even closed the door. "Fuck me as though you were that man standing next to me honey," she said. "I really wanted his cock, would you like to see him fuck me?" I sure did and before you could say cunnilingus we were naked and making love. It was wonderful and that's when we decided to take the next step. Stay tuned.

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