Nude City


I put my tooth brush back in the glass, adjust my hair a little, glance skeptically at my not too muscular torso and shrug my shoulders: no quick fixes for that. I pick up my satchel from the floor, walk through the door and down the stairs to the streets.

I can feel the fresh and mild morning breeze against my skin as I walk the final few steps before hitting the sidewalk. It still feels strangely thrilling to walk out into the crowd without a stitch on. I have lived in this city for a month now, and being nude still feels somewhat unnatural for me.

People walk by busily on their way to work, and almost everyone are naked. I am still fascinated by how different other people look when not wearing their uniform-like clothing. Of course I know people to have different height and breadth, but now I mostly notice intimate differences.

Two women are walking towards me. One of them have small breasts, nearly flat, hardly recognizable as female breasts if it wasn't for the nipples, which are obviously the large nipples of a woman. In contrast, the other woman have large sagging breasts, swinging from side to side as she walks. Both have chosen to emphasize their body form with their hairstyle: the woman with large breasts have long, dark hair, set in a pony tail, while the flat-chested woman have short, crew-cut red hair. Both have carefully trimmed hair around their pussies.

Further down the street I can see a man running towards me in a casual jogging style indicating that he is doing his morning exercise. His long flaccid cock is swinging wildly around.

As I reach the bus stop I see other people waiting, some of them chattering with each other. I am almost late, and the bus arrives shortly after me. A woman actually IS late, and have to run to catch the bus. Her breasts are large and she needs to use one hand to hold them awkwardly, to prevent them from jumping too much around while she runs. The driver politely waits for her.

The woman sits down opposite me in the bus. She is still panting from her running, and I can't stop myself from thinking of her heavy breathing as if she is sexually aroused. She is sitting, watching out the window, while I watch her. Her large breasts rises and falls with her breathing. As she is sitting with her legs slightly apart, I can also easily see her clean-shaved pussy. Her face is somewhat flushed and she is altogether looking rather delicious. I start getting the familiar feeling of my cock growing and jerking into an erection and as always I feel embarrassed. But this time instead of trying to distract myself as I use to do, I force myself to ignore my embarrassment and continue looking at the woman. She finally feels me watching her and looks at me. She smiles as she observes my erect cock, and I feel relieved that she seems to feel flattered. I smile back to her, but now she is looking out the window again.

I look around the bus to see if somebody else is behaving sexually. Across the aisle sits a young couple. He has his arm around her back cupping one of her breasts from the other side. She has her hand in his lap, holding his thick and firm but not fully erect cock. They are keenly chatting with each other, apparently about holiday planning.


During the morning nothing much happens. I work at the library as a clerk putting books in order on the shelfs, so most of the day I wander around on my own, although I readily answer questions from the borrowers from time to time.

In the morning break I meet Monica, the two of us becoming quite good friends lately. We normally don't flirt much; she is much too tiny for my tastes, and she already has a boyfriend. Monica asks me if I would go to the park for lunch and I happily agree.

We buy a sandwich at the small café at the entrance of the park and find a place where we can sit in the shadows beneath the trees to avoid the midday heat. While we are sitting there, talking about this and that, I catch sight of two young girls, sitting across the path on a bench in the sun holding each other. They are kissing and fondling each others' breasts. Monica have seen them as well and we sit and watch them for a while. The girls are wrapped up in each other and doesn't look in our direction. My body immediately starts reacting to the beautiful and sexy scene and my cock jerks upwards until it stands hard and throbbing. In the meantime the blonde girl starts stroking the dark girls pussy and the dark girl leans back against the bench and spreads her legs to make access easier. The blonde girl has turned around sitting astride on the bench, touching and kissing her dark girlfriend.

Then I notice Monica is letting out a sigh and then she leans against me and immediately notice my throbbing cock.

"Aw, yeah... we are getting all excited, aren't we?" She spreads her legs and feel in between the hairy cunt lips with a finger. I stare fascinated at her finger spreading her cunt lips and sliding around the wet folds.

I get up my courage and finally grab my cock with my hand and start stroking it up and down. I had been longing for this and moans involuntarily from the warm feeling in my groin. I glance over to the other bench and see that the dark girl has opened her eyes and is now looking directly at Monica and me sitting and masturbating together. Her eyes gleams with lust while her blonde friend fucks her with her fingers.

During all this people walk by on the path between the benches, often smiling at us. An elderly man sits beside Monica on our bench and looks at us freely. From the other bench we hear the sounds of the dark girl orgasming.

"Touch me, please", Monica says. "Will you help me also get an orgasm?"

I nod and move on the bench so I face her to better be able to reach her. I start caressing her wet cunt lips with my fingers and then press two fingers into her moist hole. Monica is moaning and I start thrusting my fingers back and forth in her cunt at the same speed with which I masturbate my self. All the while, Monica is rubbing around her clitoris.

It feels very naughty to suddenly have sex with Monica, and then even in such a public place where everybody can see what we are doing. I can feel my own orgasm approaching and I speed up the strokes of my cock and the trusts in Monica's cunt. I let out a shout as my sperm shoot out in long globs landing on Monica's leg and mine as well. And just as I start to slow down from the orgasmic relief I feel Monica is coming as well, pressing rhythmically around my fingers in her cunt. We lean against each other and shares a tight embrace.

The other bench is now empty, the girls must have been leaving without us noticing. The old man gets up and nods us a greeting before he walks on with his cock dangling at half mast in front of him.

"Great lunch break," I exclaim, and Monica laughs.

We dry off the sperm and cunt juice with the sandwich napkin and start heading back for work.

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