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Nude College Roommates


When I was attending college in Florida, I had a girl roommate, Bonnie. About four months after moving in with her, I was getting a little tired of us both hiding behind closed doors in such a small house, especially when we shared a bathroom. I was raised in a family that, although not nudists, leaving a door open when dressing wasn't a big deal. There were three of us kids and I caught plenty glimpses of my older sisters in the shower or when dressing.

So, one morning I just walked nude out of my room and into the bathroom. I usually sleep in the nude and I just didn't care that morning if Bonnie saw me nude. She didn't say anything surprising when she saw me, just moved out of the bathroom when I pleaded that I needed to pee. Nothing else was said, she just seemed to accept that, from then on, I wouldn't care if she saw me nude.

It was exciting for me to be nude around her, and she didn't seem to mind. That first encounter was brief, but thereafter she would walk around our house sometimes in her underwear. Then after a couple more times that I walked nude around the house, she walked around topless a couple of times. She had a great body to show off, tall, really well rounded and sizable boobs. She just loved flashing me those awesome boobs in passing and gets all excited in a playful mood. The sexual tension is very high between us and I just love the long tease that builds for months.

Seeing her walk around wearing very little, while both of us act so casual about it gets my blood pumping. The guys at school are very jealous of me with a girl roommate, girlfriend, Karen, and female best friend, Kelli.

Once, my girlfriend Karen and Bonnie's boyfriend, Keith were over and sitting in the living room waiting for Bonnie and I to get ready to go out. From the living room couch, they can see down the hall to the bedrooms on each side, but can't see into the bedrooms, which face each other. Bonnie and I were in playful moods because we both knew there would be lots of action for both of us tonight. There have been some competitions of whose bedroom makes the most noise. Karen and I hold the crown though because one night we broke my bed.

Bonnie and I were both in our rooms getting ready for our dates, when I started the game by dropping my pants and flashing her my butt. She gave a chuckle and flashed me those great boobs a la Marti Gras style, lifting her top and bra up to her neck. Too bad I didn't have some beads to throw her. Then I continued the volley by turning around and flashing my dick to her, which was getting excited itself. She then finished the flashing session by lifting up her skirt and rubbing her crotch through her lace panties.

We were both just way too excited and as we were getting our clothes back together. I called out loud for her to help me decide on shoes. This was just a ploy to get her to come in my room and not let on to Karen and Keith. I whispered that she should go the night without panties under the skirt and I'll go without underwear too. Her skirt was kinda short, so she was reluctant but felt daring. So we both removed our underwear right in front of each other. She smiled and pointed to my now apparent bulge in my jeans and said she wants to hear all about it tomorrow.

We both then walked into the living room to an awaiting Karen and Keith, knowing that we flashed each other and they were none the wiser. It was exciting. As we were walking out, Bonnie and I flashed each other wicked smiles. She would tell me the next day that she gave a few guys an upskirt flash at the restaurant and nightclub. All without Keith knowing.

One time, Karen and I were going to visit the nude beach, and I asked Bonnie if she wanted to come along. Now Karen didn't know that Bonnie and I had already seen each other nude around the house, so when Bonnie said yes to the beach, Karen was a little nervous, but I kept the conversation going without stopping, and so it was set.

Well, when we got to Canaveral Beach most of the close parking lots were full so we had to walk quite a long way. The tension was very high. Not only was I going to be seen by two women, I'll get to see a nude Bonnie frolicking on the beach. Karen was also nervous because she's always afraid of some other girl taking me away from her. She knows I flirt a lot, and she doesn't like it.

When we sat down on the beach, both Karen and I stripped right away. Bonnie was a little reluctant at first but did drop the top of her one-piece. What really nice 38D boobs. I think Karen was a little jealous. But it was a secret that I've seen them before, so I didn't stare and kept the mood light. Then Karen and I went for a swim with Bonnie staying on her towel. I didn't notice the transition, but Bonnie soon joined us in the water, nude.

Once she was in, she calmed a bit but was still nervously giddy. I was floating on my back and showing my semi-hard on, which was a little bigger than Bonnie's seen before, and both girls started commenting on it and playing a little. No touching from Bonnie, because she knew that Karen gets a little protective, but I loved the attention.

I was just totally enjoying myself nude at the beach with my girlfriend and roommate. Since that time, Bonnie and I pranced nude around the house much more. Karen didn't know, I just liked the tease and the secrets.

I sometimes come home and find Bonnie on the couch watching TV. I strongly demand that it's nude time and she needs to shed those clothes. So we both emerge from our bedrooms nude and spend the rest of the night nude. Sometimes when we knew that one of our friends were dropping by, we wouldn't put our clothes on until a knock at the door.

The shades on the living room window were open and if the friend passed the window on the way to the front door and looked in, they would see us nude. This was a thrill for both of us to almost get caught. This feeling of almost getting caught is very exciting and usually the driving force for exhibitionists. The thrill never seems to diminish over the years.

Karen or Bonnie's boyfriend doesn't know about this and it's fun teasing each other. Bonnie even joins me in the shower to wait for me to finish. She uses the excuse of saving time or conserving hot water, but I know it's just to watch me lather-up, which I love to comply. She even brags to a couple good friends that I have a beautifully shaped dick although she hasn't seen it full yet, just semi-hard. I've purposely kept the full hard-on away from her as an even more tease.

I discovered that she tells her friends about me, because one week her cousin Tracy was in town visiting for a couple of weeks and was giggling a little when I walked out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around me. I liked that, but she was then whispering to Bonnie who gave a big approving nod and sheepish grin. I then stopped and asked them both, "Alright, what's up?"

Tracy then reluctantly admitted that she would like to see my "guy" that Bonnie keeps bragging about. I kidded with Bonnie to stop telling people because Karen might find out and ruin our little teasing game. Although I really loved that she was bragging about me.

Tracy was persistent and I was in a playful mood. So, if she wants to see me nude, then I get to see her nude. I was drooling over her great body and big boobs all week anyway and had plenty of wicked thoughts of what she would look like nude, but I needed the opportunity. At first I was just going to walk in nude on Tracy one day and see how she reacted, but here was an opportunity that couldn't backfire. Even if I didn't get to see her nude, I at least get to show her me without offending her, because she's asking.

So I thought I'd play a little and try my best to bargain a way to see her nude. I didn't have time to formulate a big plan and I wanted more than just a quick you-show-me-yours, so I said, "Well, I do have a really nice dick but it only comes out under certain conditions, and only if you also show yourself. And if you're lucky, you may even see it hard, which Bonnie hasn't even seen yet."

I also confessed that I'm a big time exhibitionist and nudist, so I'll take this as an acceptance to walk around nude while Tracy's here. This intrigued Tracy and she started to get more interested in the possibilities. I suggested that we play a little instead of me just whipping it out. They both looked game. I also wanted more than just a look, and camera play came to mind. Bonnie did mention previously to Tracy that I was good at taking pictures of women.

So I bargained with Tracy that I'll take off my towel and remain nude for the rest of her stay whenever I'm home. I'm usually not nude all the time, but it added a little spice. In exchange for seeing me nude all week, she has to agree to do the same and also "accidentally" surprise one of my guy friends that I bring by. She must walk out of Bonnie's bedroom in the nude and be surprised that my friend is there, but brush it off and go to the kitchen.

I also mentioned that I would love to take some nude pictures of her outside. She was OK with the walking around nude part and even parading around for my friend, but she balked on the pictures.

So the stage was set. I turned around and dropped the towel. Then after a giggle from them I turned around to show them my semi-hard on. I loved the feeling of exposing myself to someone new and especially a hottie like Tracy. So then it was Tracy's turn but she would only strip if Bonnie did also. So they both started stripping.

My jaw dropped when I saw Tracy nude and also excited that I'll be hanging around with her for the rest of the week. Tracy and Bonnie both stayed nude for the rest of the night. We all walked around the house nude as if it was just a normal night, but the sexual tension was very high. It was such a thrill watching Tracy in the kitchen making food and watching her beautiful 36C boobs jiggle. Some women just have a great jiggle, and Tracy sure did. The excitement was so great, that I had to excuse myself once to "relieve the pressure." I know secretly they both would have wanted to watch, but I told them maybe another time.

For the rest of the time Tracy was staying with us, she was nude when practical and Bonnie was nude most of the time too. Bonnie was normally not nude a lot when home, but just when changing clothes or getting ready in the morning. I guess she felt more comfortable or just fun with Tracy doing it. I just loved seeing both of them nude and especially when they were standing side by side doing something. I had a full field of beautiful nude women to enjoy for a glorious week and a half.

Karen came by a few nights, so we all put clothes on when she was there, and she was none the wiser to what was going on when she wasn't there, although later she wondered why I had such a voracious sexual appetite that week. The roommates' little secret. Bonnie, Tracy and I even went out for dinner or errands that week wearing as little as possible and never with any underwear. Both of them are pretty big chested and they selected their tops carefully, but just knowing what wasn't underneath kept me very attentive.

After a few days Tracy was getting antsy and reminded me that I promised to get super hard for her and Bonnie. A couple of days before we were all sitting on the couch and I was semi-hard. Tracy was very interested and asked me what it does when it gets super hard. I teased that the head gets real big and purple. She got real excited and said that she was looking forward for the big event, Bonnie excitingly agreed. I said that they'll have to wait and it will probably happen unexpectedly. I just said this so they would both spend the rest of the week taking glances at my dick to check its condition.

We had lots of conversations about our body parts that usually don't get talked about in normal conversation. Which is one of the great benefits of being a nudist. Everything is on display, so it's more natural to talk about it. I learn so much more about women than I normally wouldn't. And I just love it when I get to grab my dick and balls to explain something about me.

There were even a few instances that I needed to be hard to explain something and had one of the girls tell me about one of their fantasies. Which worked every time to get me hard, although I still kept the super hard on from happening until the perfect moment, thus prolonging the stares I was getting from them.

I caught them one morning sneaking into my room before I woke up. They were trying to pull the covers back to check if I had the super hard-on in the morning. I caught them and called no fair, so then I demanded that for catching them they both had to answer the door nude the next time we order pizza.

I had it all worked out that I would bring my friend Chip over to see Tracy walk nude out of the bedroom. She knew we were coming and was ready. She later explained that she was so very nervous before we arrived that her heart was racing wildly. She's never done something like this before, but was ready to face her fear and go through with it.

When I walked in with Chip, I went into the kitchen to watch the show and left him in the living room in the perfect spot. Tracy called from the bedroom asking if that was me who just walked in, for which I answered yes and then asked her something trivial so she had an excuse to come into the kitchen.

Well, Chip's eyes bulged when he saw her walk out of the bedroom nude. She then acted surprised and kept walking into the kitchen. I could see that she was scared and excited at the same time. She then returned to the bedroom smiling at Chip as she went by him again, although this time brushing her bare boob against his arm. Chip and I were both transfixed on that awesome ass swishing down the hall.

I attempted a little small talk with Chip, purposely trying to deflect anything about the naked chick that just waked by. It was difficult gaining his attention, and after a couple minutes he just blurted out, "Dude, does she do that all the time?"

I said, "Yup... My roommate and I have been going nude around the house for a long time now. Tracy is visiting for a couple weeks and we talked her into joining us. It looks like we've converted her and she likes it now. Cool, huh."

I could see the combination of shock and delight in Chip. The wheels were turning in his mind and he gave me a nod of admiration. You see, at this technical university that Chip and I attended, girls were very scarce. I heard only about 6% of the student population were girls, which of course results in a lot of lonely, horny guys. Boy, was he in for a surprise when he learns of Bonnie.

Being from the conservative northeast, I'm sure he assumes that my roommate is a guy. And me, being raised in decadent Hollywood with a house full of sisters, think nothing of having a platonic girl roommate.

Tracy then walked out of the bedroom, a little more calm this time, and joined our conversation in the living room. She was getting into this now as I sensed a devilish mood and desire to up the shock factor. Her nipples were noticeably swollen, bigger than I've ever seen them. She talked as she put on a little show for us by acting as if she was looking for something. She asked us about our classes as she stretched and bent over furniture around the room. It was quite distracting, and I was secretly proud of her growing confidence.

I asked what she was looking for, and she replied, "Well, I can't find that lace push-up I was wearing the other night. I remember throwing it somewhere when I came home, because it was pinching me so much."

I turned to Chip, cupped my hands in front of my chest as if I had boobs, and grinned big as I whispered, "Ya, you gotta see it. They're all pushed high and tight. And she wears it low so her nipples pop out." If Chip didn't already have a woddie, he would now.

Having no furniture left to sprawl over and look behind, Tracy gave up her search and joined us two guys. She boldly stood in front of Chip and as she eyed him up and down said, "Well, you going to get naked, or what? Let's see what you got." A little surprised and turning red, Chip nervously started to say something when we heard a car pull into the driveway.

I said, "Oh, that must be my roommate."

Bonnie walked in a couple minutes later and gave everybody a quick HI as she eyed Chip, then made a beeline to her bedroom. Chip looked very surprised that I have a girl roommate. And then it hit him. Realizing that I previously said that she also walks around the house in the nude with me. It was a look of shock and envy, realizing that he might even get the chance to see the beautiful, curvy blond sans clothes.

Bonnie called out from her bedroom to ask who the new hunk was, and Tracy yelled back, "This is Chip, and he's afraid to take his clothes off." She said it with a teasing yet challenging tone, which of course jabbed at his ego. She was good at this.

Bonnie then walked out of her room, fully nude, and stopped in the hall facing Chip. She stood proud with legs apart and hands on hips. With a challenging look in her eye, she said to Chip, "It's time for all of us to be nude. You're just too good looking to keep those clothes on."

I could tell that she had a rough day at work, because she gets bossy and insistent until getting a chance to wind down. It was a funny sight, for me at least, seeing her no nonsense, company manager stance, fully nude with strap marks from her business suit. I chuckled and said, "Chill girl... We're workin on it. We don't want to pressure him. Now do we?" I winked at Bonnie, which conveyed that I had a plan and to give me some room to work. She got the hint, relaxed a little and took my suggestion to see what we could make for dinner.

I began to work on Chip, and with help from the girls, began explaining about the nudist lifestyle. Being from the conservative northeast, it was a little strange to him that people can just walk around nude without it leading to sex. He's of course heard about nude beaches and stuff, but the conservative values of being raised in Connecticut have instilled that nudity in public is a very big taboo.

The truth about the nudist lifestyle is not what most people tend to mistakenly assume. It is not about sex. It is a wonderful, relaxing way of living based on freedom, body acceptance, and respect for others for who they are, not what they look like.

Non-nudists (textiles) often ask; "Why would you take off all your clothes in front of other people and run around naked?" Well, we don't just run around naked, and there are a lot of good reasons we prefer to be nude. The obvious reason that first pops into my mind is "Nude is natural and more comfortable!" but comfort is only one of the many benefits of nudism.

We talked a lot about how we felt and how its made us better, more confidant people. I explained that I introduced Bonnie to the lifestyle a few months ago and she now joins me and a few friends when we go to the nude beach. Tracy explained her first time, only a week ago, and that she's now hooked. I added that we enjoy the nudist thing, and although it hasn't led to any sex, there is a lot of sexual teasing.

Chip started to understand the logic, but shyly confessed that he had a hard-on and was a little embarrassed. Tracy boasted that they really enjoy it when I walk around with a hard-on. She confessed that the sexual tension is fun, and called to Bonnie in the kitchen, "Hey Bonnie, are you feelin it? Are your nips swollen as much as mine?" What a great excuse for Chip and I to stare at Tracy's high beams.

Bonnie stepped into the doorway between the kitchen and living room, looked down at her creamy white D-cups, grabbed each nipple and said, "Not yet I guess. I'm still thinking about work. But I'm sure if mister tent-in-his-pants would strip, they'll be happy." She's relentless.

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