Nude College Roommates Ch. 02


They were giggling in delightful excitement, and after catching their breath, told us of their adventure. While I of course savored their beautiful nude bodies.

As the two girls nervously drove down the main drag for the perfect place, Debbie remembered an old fantasy. She dreamed once about that whole "needing to clean all her clothes" thing, and being naked at a laundromat. Julie was up for that, and knew of the perfect place. A laundromat she used to go to was open late and catered to the college crowd. Although it was Julie's adventure, Debbie just had to join herself and fulfill her lingering fantasy. Debbie found a parking spot right near the door of the completely glass-fronted laundromat, but Julie made her park on the far side of the lot, necessitating a naked dash across the lot. She figured that if she was going to do this, it had to be all the way. The place only had a few people, but they were college-aged and cool looking.

A guy and girl were towards the back, content in a lovers embrace and oblivious to the world. Up close to the front window, were two good-looking guys chatting about football. Those were the obvious target for Debbie and Julie.

The girls began flirting with the guys and soon told of their current adventure. The wide-eyed guys were intently listening and obviously hoping the girls would actually do it. The guys were rewarded for their patience, as Julie, caught up in the excitement, turned to Debbie and shrieked, "NOW OR NEVER GIRL!!"

So, to the lustful eyes of the two guys, and any passing car on the street, the two girls quickly wiggled out of their clothes. The both realized to just not think about it too much and get it done quickly. Debbie was prepared for the possible strip this evening and wore nothing under her tank top and shorts. In one quick move, she was standing naked in front of these two guys and announced to the entire place, "Ta da!!!"

Julie tried to strip quickly, hoping to get it over with quickly, but her tight jeans needed coaxing over those curvy hips. Grasping both her jeans and panties as one, her little wiggle dance seductively announced her bottomless figure and shaved pussy to the world. Then, standing up tall and proud, she continued her seductive strip and slowly peeled off her shirt to proudly present her lace bra, attempting to hold back her voluminous boobs.

The two guys were dumbstruck at the scene in front of them. Julie was really getting into the game and turned away from the two guys, while asking which one would do the honors and unhook her bra. Both guys dove at the chance, and were handsomely rewarded when she turned back around, seductively swaying her beautiful boobs for them to enjoy.

Debbie felt a little one-upped, so told the guys that if they dropped their pants, the girls would leave their phone numbers. Julie quipped, but agreed, along with the drooling guys.

Still standing within full view of the street, the guys quickly dropped their jeans, and both erections sprang free to the delight of the girls. This is when the naked foursome heard the moans from the back of the laundromat. During all the excitement, the couple in the back were going at it with vigor. The girl was topless and sitting on a running washing machine, with her skirt hiked up around her waist. Her guy was standing, pumping away.

It was quite the scene, but Julie took it over the top. She used a marker to write her phone number on her jeans, and Debbie's number on her shorts. Julie then grabbed Debbie and ran out the front door for their car. Debbie protested at leaving their all their clothes behind, but Julie would have none of it, and continued to drag her naked friend across the parking lot. Debbie had to make the naked dash twice though, returning to get her keys.

The girls laughed hysterically the entire way back to our place.

Bonnie, Tracy and I were spellbound with the story, and it was Julie who was delighted at the effect it had on my dick. I hadn't even realized, but hearing of their exhibitionist adventure as they stand nude right in front of me, gave me a supper-hard erection. All four girls cheered as I gave my dick a quick grope and wiggle for them.

Debbie said, "Boy, it didn't take you guys long at all to get Julie and I to strip. And you're right, once I took the plunge, I was comfortable right away. Don't you agree Julie?" Her friend nodded at the revelation and her newfound freedom.

I said, "Ya, it's real fun, and also a great way to trick people into getting nude with you. Now girls, haven't you just had an aching desire to see a guy friend nude, but you really don't want a relationship, or he already has a girlfriend. Well, now you have a way. You can invite him to a nudist party, or nude beach, without of course disclosing 'all' the details."

The newly naked girls are definitely showing interest, so I continue, "Bonnie and I have done it lots of times, so we now have a group of friends that join us in nude adventures. Just last week we converted Tracy, and since then, she's joined us on a few outings, besides being nude whenever she's in this house."

I paused a bit and it was obvious that Debbie and Julie were thinking about what friends they'd like to see nude. In an encouraging tone, I asked, "I can see you two thinking about that. So who do you really want to see nude? We can do it tonight."

Julie then reluctantly said, "Well, there is this one guy I knew in the dorms. He's really shy and kinda nerdy, not even somebody that I'd even consider dating, but he has a tight body and I caught a glimpse of him in wet swimming shorts once." Debbie teasingly ribbed her friend to expand on the details, so Julie revealed that his dick did look quite appealing.

Excited to bring a new member into the fold, I said, "Alright, we'll do it then. So tell me what you know about this guy and we'll plot our mission."

Up to now, Julie had been pretty quiet, no doubt scared and shocked that she actually got naked in front of strangers. But with a mission in hand, she became very animated and began telling us all about this guy, Rich.

She'd only had a few lengthy conversations with him over the last few semesters, but he definitely liked her and would no doubt jump if she asked him to come over. She also said that Rich seemed eager to experience the new things that college offers, but had a difficult time shaking his nerdy shyness.

He seemed a perfect candidate, so we arrived at a plan where Julie would invite him over and answer the door in a long t-shirt. Then after flirting for a few minutes, the rest of us would walk out of the back fully nude. Julie would explain that she needed someplace to crash for a week, and her friend Debbie suggested our place, but that they sometimes walk around nude. Then we would all step right into our we-hope-you-don't-mind routine.

With the plan set, Rich was shortly on his way over. Julie was really nervous, and downed a couple more drinks, but the plan was executed just as we imagined. He was excited beyond repose to strip for the girl of his wet dreams, who was standing casually naked in front of him and his bulging jeans. He was reluctant to strip and embarrassed about his erection. For we had just explained about our nudist lifestyle and how we strived to keep it non-sexual.

Bonnie, being my roommate, told Rich how I often walk around with an erection and that it wasn't a big deal. We all laughed at the obvious "big deal" reference.

With permission granted, Rich stripped in a matter of seconds, revealing a track-star toned body and quite impressive erect dick. After gasping at Rich's hidden treasure, Julie was obviously rethinking her attitude towards dating him. The rest of the night, those two were flirting and teasing to the entertainment of the rest of us.

For the remaining few hours, we talked and played a game of Pictionary. Our favorite nudist game, which requires each to stand at an easel to draw pictures. It's quite the game for showing-off jiggling boobs and dicks.

Rich had a super-erection the entire time. The bulging veins made it look like it was going to burst any second. I felt a little sorry for the guy, because I know those start to hurt if not taken care of. We asked him if he was ok, and that he could use the back room to take care of it. But he assured us he was fine, and that he kind of enjoyed it as long as the rest of us didn't feel offended. We didn't, especially Julie.

Rich's naivety was apparent, from all his questions directed towards us. He quickly became comfortable being nude and boldly began asking us about our bodies and sexual preferences. But the talk didn't progress into anything physical that evening, at least at our place.

The sexual tension was still extremely high when we decided to call it a night, so I fully expected Julie and Rich to hook-up after leaving. A wave of shock came over Debbie and Julie though when realizing they left their clothes at the laundromat. So in continuing with the theme of the evening, I suggested they go home still nude.

Thinking for a quick moment, the both excitedly realized they actually could. So the evening ended with Bonnie, Tracy and I, nude on our front porch, waving good-by to a clothed Rich, and nude Debbie and Julie.

Thereafter, we became very good nudist friends and went on many exhibitionist adventures.

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