Nude College Roommates


Bonnie also said, "Well, it looks like we don't have much here for food, especially with four people. I'm ordering pizza, and I don't want to hear any complaints about the toppings." I see she hasn't shaken work yet.

By this time, we've been talking a good half hour about the nudist thing, and Chip finally seemed convinced. I hadn't stripped yet, so as to not get him all weirded out sitting with a naked guy. So I stood up and said to Chip, "Well buddy, I think you're ready to try this. The girls have shown you theirs, and I know they're anxious to see what you're packin. Besides, isn't college all about trying new things?" I said all this in a sympathetic yet jovial tone, which worked. Chip chuckled and appeared to agree.

I headed off to my bedroom as I say to Chip, "It's time for me to get nude too, I'm going back to my room and loose these togs. We have a rule in this house...nude when able. Isn't that right ladies." Both girls cheerfully agree as they take their viewing positions in the living room.

This will now be the fifth friend that I've introduced to the nudist lifestyle since living with Bonnie. Cool. We may be ready for a nudist party soon and I'm just giddy imagining all those possibilities.

I loose my clothes and fluff up my package a little. It's been matted down by my clothes all day and welcomes the free air. I'm about half erect when I return to the living room. Chip gives me a quick glance, and returns to his assigned task. He only has his pants left to go and the girls are cheering him on. I say to him, "Don't think about it, dude. Just do it."

So Chip quickly pulled his pants down to the cheers of Bonnie and Tracy. He revealed a really nice-sized erect dick. Wow, bigger than mine even, which has lots of women fans itself. Once Chip finally stripped, we were all surprised at how he quickly became totally comfortable. He was joking away and confidently walking around fully erect, much to the delight of the girls of course.

Bonnie finally started to relax, especially that she now had a new plaything. Both girls teased Chip relentlessly with pointed questions about sex and comments about his body. The girls had Chip going from states of total embarrassment to wild arousal. I just stayed in the background and enjoyed the banter.

All four bodies were in obvious states of high arousal, when the doorbell made us all jump. We totally forgot about the pizza.

We all kinda panicked and ran towards the bedroom for clothes, but then I remembered that for spying on me, the girls had to answer the door nude. They gestured an "alright" and peeked through the front window to see who it was. To their surprise it was a girl this time. Not our normal delivery guy, who's been greeted by a nude Bonnie before. So I directed Tracy to answer the door, Chip and Bonnie on the couch and I'll get the money.

The pizza girl was a bit surprised at the scene, but since it was a girl answering the door, she didn't feel too uncomfortable. She then looked past Tracy to see Bonnie and Chip relaxing casually on the couch. Seemingly interested in the scene, the actually quite good looking pizza girl commented, "Wow, it looks like a pretty fun party tonight."

Tracy was still standing in the doorway, easily seen from the street, and excitedly said, "Yup, we're all nudies tonight. Lots of fun just hangin out. Wanna join us when you're done with all your deliveries? It's not an orgy or anything, just friends talkin."

The pizza girl did look intrigued, but reluctant also. I heard what Tracy said as I was approaching from behind her with the money. As I stepped into view of the pizza girl, she stepped back a little in surprise but still stared down intently at my hard-on. I said, "Ya, why don't you join us later tonight. It'll be fun, and I promise you won't be pressured to do anything uncomfortable." I totally got off on being nude in front of her and the possibility of Tracy and I being seen by somebody on the street.

We exchanged money for pizza, and as the girl was leaving she said, "Well, I dunno about this. You do look like cool people and all. I'll think about it. But can I bring a friend along?"

Anxious about the possibility of seeing tight teenage bodies, I said, "Sure, you can bring a friend. As long as they're open minded too." With that, she bounded off to another delivery.

We dived into the pizza and a few beers. After only a few bites, Bonnie announced that we all needed adornment for our nude bodies. She raced into both my bedroom and her's for a few things. She then proceeded to place nipple jewelry on both her and Tracy. They were beaded things that looped around engorged nipples, and both girls looked awesome.

She then lassoed Chip's dick with another beaded dangle thing with small bells. I got treated to a cock ring from Bonnie around the base of my balls. It was exciting having her pull and tug to get the ring in place. We were all quite the sight.

I then started asking if anybody had some ideas for a creative exhibition adventure. Chip was curious, so I explained all the things Bonnie and I have done, and even said that getting nude in front of him this afternoon was Tracy's first. He was excited about trying it himself and congratulated Tracy on her first. She added that with the first one out of the way, she's ready for more.

I suggested that we do something when we take Chip back to the dorm later tonight. My back windows are tinted, so it's perfect for a nude drive. We all agreed that Chip and I would be clothed in the front with the girls nude in the back. If they feel daring, the girls can roll down the windows. We all agreed to the plan.

Things were cooling off after filling our bellies with pizza, so we decided to take Chip back to the dorm and plan our next outing.

Just before were about to head out and take Chip back to the dorm, the doorbell announced the return of the Pizza girl. I opened the door and walked out on the front porch, easily seen by any of the neighbors or from the street. She attempted to shoo me back inside from the embarrassment, but I wouldn't budge. With a teenage giggle, she said, "You guys are really crazy, but definitely cool."

I found out her name was Debbie and that she attended the local community college. I was also secretly relieved that she was over 18. She continued, "I thought about your invitation and I think I'm ok with it, but I would feel more comfortable with my friend Julie, and she's busy tonight. So, can we come by some other time?"

I said, "Sure. Bring whoever you think might like to join us. I'm living here with the blond girl, and the other guy lives in the dorms. Tracy is just here visiting and leaves in about a week. Bonnie and I will always be here though and nude of course."

She promises to come back and starts to walk away. But stops and turns back around to give my dick another hard look, and says "Wow."

It's time to take Chip back to the dorm and I confirm that the girls still want to go along nude. They're still game, so Chip and I put our clothes back on and the four of us pile into my car. It was a short drive to the dorms and I pulled up to the front door. We bid Chip farewell and joked that we knew what he'd be doing back in his room.

It was kinda late, so there were only a couple people nearby. But that didn't stop the brazen Bonnie from getting out of the back door and joining me in the front. She rolled down her window and told me to drive on. Tracy was still in the back seat with the tinted windows, and not wanting to be left out, rolled down her window too. We definitely gave a few people a thrill as we took the long route home.

Back at the house, I promptly stripped again, much to the relief of my hard dick that was on its way to a super hard-on.

I announced to the girls that a super hard-on was imminent and I really needed some relief. They both sat on the couch and admitted to needing relief too.

They were sitting very close to each other, so I opened up their legs and sat on their thighs so each of my knees were inches from their crotches. I then proceeded to work my dick a little to give them a good show. I then guided both of their hands to their own shiny crotches to which they took the clue and began to vigorously work themselves.

This was just overload for me and I didn't need to use my hand anymore. I just sat there and watched. In no time I was spraying all over both of them. They both climaxed soon after that. It was incredible, and they both finally got to see me with a super hard-on.

We all crashed with gleeful smiles after the desperately-needed mutual masturbation session.

During the rest of the week, while Tracy was with us, it was a non-stop nudist and exhibitionist festival. We had guests just about every night, some we talked into having their first foray into nudism and exhibitionism. We had nude beach trips and lots of flashing in public.

The combined force of us three greatly encouraged daring stunts and gave us the audacity to say the hell with society's taboos and invite everybody we came in contact with to join us and get nude. It really worked, because over the next two semesters, Bonnie and I probably hosted at least a dozen nudist parties, each with at least 30 people.

Bonnie's small house was perfect for parties. It was a quiet neighborhood, good for nude walks at night and other dares. The neighbors were even cool about it, with a few joining the party. Her small house, filled with 30 or so people, also enabled lots of rubbing bodies. One blow-out party even had to spill over to the neighbor's house it had so many nude bodies.

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