tagSci-Fi & FantasyNude Day-2087

Nude Day-2087


Nude Day dawned bright and sunny as I finished my sonic shower and returned to our bedroom. My Life Mates had been preparing for the ceremonies by adding makeup to their nipples, pubes and buttocks and frisked about the suite in the 0.7 gee environment. It had cost me over a gigacredit for this suite and for them to attend the BodiSculpt Salon in the hotel lobby, but the results were well worth it.

It had been Fadhila's idea to book us into the Lunar Hilton for the holiday and now that we were here we intended to take full advantage of it. She and Kimiko were helping Astrid with her makeup as they giggled and teased each other in their excitement.

I had recently completed my third rejuvenation and my request for certain bodily enhancements had been accomplished with most satisfactory of results. We much preferred physical intimacy to the currently popular intercranial stimulations and the contact of our skins made it all the more exciting.

The door announced that our floater was here to carry us to the city center for the official Nude Day celebration. We snuggled together on the heated seat as we swooped over the towers of Lunar Dome Gamma and down to the Public Square. The crowds were milling about waiting for events to begin when we alighted from our floater. We were apparently the only Life Mate Bonding Family in attendance and still rare enough to draw attention from the onlookers.

Yin and Yang symbols tattooed on our stomachs and lower backs indicated our bond and any advances or proposed liaisons from either sex were not welcome until agreed upon by all of us. The women strutted proudly on elevator heels in vee formation as we made our way to our table, parting the crowd as a cruising Subliner parts the ocean waves. I could not help but to feel pride as I strode behind them, smiling broadly, hearing the murmurs of assent, awe and envy they left in their wake.

Multiple pairings had been declared legal and binding by the Four Planet Government after the unexplained Testosterone Plague of 2048 when men began dying in huge numbers. When it finally ended as mysteriously as it had begun, the ratio of females to males had dropped precipitously to four hundred eighty five to one. Reproduction was not the issue, as there was enough frozen sperm and eggs to populate the planets ten times over. Simply put, women missed the companionship of men and were willing to share the males that remained.

We had reserved a table close to the dais where the ceremonies were to be held and seating ourselves, ordered refreshments from a mekkano and settled back to watch the show. The current humor sensation from Callisto, a reed thin Jovian named Commedia, opened the ceremonies with droll comments about the current goings-on among the delegates to the Four Planet Congress that had everyone roaring with laughter.

She was followed by a band called The New Greasers that specialized in songs of the late twentieth century of a style called Rock and Roll. The women enjoyed it, but I thought it was rather discordant in comparison to a mellowphon ensemble playing selections from Kurosawas interpretation of Beethoven, but I applauded politely nonetheless.

The domes administrator approached the dais next with words of welcome from her and her subordinates, inviting us to enjoy ourselves as holos of fireworks blazed above our heads. More entertainment followed, but we were already discussing how to spend our day.

Astrid suggested a stroll along Armstrong Boulevard to window shop, Kimiko wanted to ride the swingwings and Fadhila was interested in a holosafari. They all began caressing and kissing me pleading to make their suggestion my first choice.

I'm always flattered and conflicted when they do this as I love them all dearly and hate to disappoint any of them. To this day I am still in awe that of all their eligible suitors, they chose me to be their Man. I finally decided first to window shop, then ride the swingwings, then experience the holosafari. Astrid hugged me while the others pouted, but it was all in fun.

To be honest, I chose window shopping because I wanted us to be seen by everyone on the Day. Fahila and Astrid's ebony and ivory and Kimiko's saffron skins could (and did) stop traffic wherever we went, even when clothed. When we were first Joined they had decided on similar body mods and we loved to play a sex game where I was blindfolded and had to guess who it was by touch before I could fuck them.

As we moved two by two down the slidewalk, I took the lead and the women took turns being my companion. The dome merchant's holos vied coarsely for the passerby's attention until the racket became quite wearying, so we stopped at a Central Asia bistro for some silence and refreshment.

Astrid stroked my cock and said she wanted to thank me for choosing her activity to be first, so we entered the nearest privacy bubble and opaqued the plastiglass. Kimiko, our little family's exhibitionist, always teases me about being so provincial, but I rather prefer my intimacies in private.

We kissed and hugged as arousal took hold and Astrid moved into position on the lounger wiggling her ass at me and resting her head on her arms. She was already wet and I entered her easily, gripping her hips and filling her completely with one thrust. I began slamming into her as I knew she liked it hard and fast; her mewls and whimpers of pleasure telling me she was enjoying being fucked like an animal.

I tugged her long, blonde hair, pulled her up to me and mauled her breasts, driving into her gripping cunt with all the strength I could muster. She matched me thrust for thrust, gasping and moaning all the while until she shrieked "I'm cumming ... Aghhhh!" and we exploded together, pussy and cock drenched in gooey cum. I suddenly realized it was the first time we'd had sex since my enhancement and said "Did I hurt you, my love? I'm so sorry, I forgot."

"It hurt a little," she replied, "But it was a good hurt and now I'm used to your big cock. I love it and I love you." How I adore my Astrid.


Next was Kimiko's choice of activity, riding swingwing's. All moon domes are equipped with variable gravity generators which keep the surface at 0.5 to 1.0 Earth Gee's for comfort, but in the upper reaches the Gee's drop to 1/8th standard which allows effortless flight. The seemingly fragile swingwings are constructed of carbon fiber struts and single chain polymer film wings. Their motors tap into the broadcast power grid and have variable thrust nozzles on their plasma jets.

While the attendants were preparing us for flight, I had a deliciously naughty idea and keyed into Kimiko's private comm to tell her about it. The enthusiasm in her voice was arousing and we couldn't wait to be launched.

Fadhila went first, whooping and hollering, Astrid following, then Kimiko and me. The view of the city from this height was breathtaking and Astrid cried out for us to look up as an Earth Shuttle passed over the dome from Moonport, reaction drive tubes pulsing a deep violet.

We spiraled down toward the spires of the city and Kimiko commed me it was time to play. She rolled on her back; the computerized flight controls keeping her perfectly balanced, and spread her legs. I swooped down upon her, my erection before me like a lance and I penetrated her already juicy pussy to the hilt. With another flight adjustment, our bodies were pressed together and we began to fuck in mid-air. Since our arms were pinioned, it was only our skill in controlling our wings that kept us together and moving to and fro, back and forth.

"You have the most wonderful ideas, Michael," she panted. "I am so glad you are my Man."

"I am the lucky one, dear Kimiko," I replied, thrusting harder as she squealed in delight. By now we were soaring among the taller buildings and I said "Everyone's looking at us fucking, isn't it exciting?"

"Oh my, yes. I know everyone must be terribly jealous of us. Fuck me harder, my darling; I want to cum in front of everybody in the dome."

Fadhila and Astrid were flying on each side of us and comming us with instructions like "Bank to the right and level off, there's a party on that rooftop and they're all watching. They'll appreciate a closer look" and "There's a group of people on that balcony over there. Bear left and tilt thirty degrees right. We'll give them a show."

I was getting close and said I needed to cum. My darling Kimiko said it was the best fucking she'd ever had and wanted me to fill her to overflowing with my thick juice whenever I was ready. We timed our orgasms perfectly and left a stream of cum and ejaculate droplets behind us in the light gravity like the tail of a comet. Laughing and exhausted, we set the wings to return to the landing stage and then proceeded on to our next adventure.


The African Safari Holo experience was remarkably lifelike as we strode along in our boots, khaki clothing and pith helmets, carrying our high powered rifles. The bright sun was unrelenting, the heat almost unbearable, as the dry grass crunched beneath our heels and calls of unseen birds resounded all around us.

Our android guide, fashioned as a Bantu tribesman, motioned us to stop and get our rifles ready. A huge black maned lion emerged from a dry wash, growling and shaking its head. Our guide stood behind us and we raised our rifles. It roared twice, and then launched itself at us. Astrid's shot clipped an ear, Kimiko hit it's shoulder, I grazed it's ribs and Fadhila dropped it with a head shot, whereupon it wavered and disappeared.

It was a holo of course and our rifles shot lasers, not bullets; still it was nerve wracking and we decided to rest for a while. Sipping a Rose' of West Martian vintage from our canteens, our guide told us that the last of the African wild beasts were on protected game preserves or in animal parks that replicated their natural habitats. The women were sad that the animals could not roam free, but the guide said it was for their own protection as many had been nearly exterminated and only through careful breeding and cloning had their numbers been increased.

Continuing with the hunt, Kimiko brought down a water buffalo, Astrid a black rhinoceros and I bagged a leopard that sprang at us from the branches of a Baobab tree. Afterwards, we celebrated a successful hunt with a picnic of African delicacies while our guide regaled us with folk tales of mischievous jackals and clever baboons.

Fadhila nibbled my ear meaning she wanted to play. We found a patch of grass behind an outcrop and began to kiss and frig each other. She rolled me onto my back, straddled me, put the velvet head of my stiff cock between her glistening pussy lips and lowered herself down inch by delicious inch, sighing and tossing her head until she was fully impaled. I gripped her hips and we began to fuck, slowly at first, then harder as our passions increased. She leaned forward so I could suck her stiff nipples as she growled "Fuck me you sexy hunk of man. Fuck your Fadhila and make her cum. I love that big cock of yours in my tight hole."

I wrapped my arms around her and we kissed hungrily, the 'slish-slish-slish' of my cock working in her foaming pussy sounded so loud I thought the whole dome could hear it. I rolled her on her back, she wrapped her legs around my waist and we continued fucking until we were both gasping for breath and riding a wave of climactic orgasms that rapidly consumed us with a spine arching intensity. Fadhila shrieked in release, spewing ejaculate around my cock as I groaned and flooded her gripping cunt with jets of hot, sticky cum.

Our crotches, thighs and stomachs were splattered with our juices as we shuddered in an embrace trying to catch our breaths. Kimiko and Astrid leapt from among the rocks where they had been watching us, clapped appreciatively at our performance, and then wiped us down with warm cloths until we were ready to depart.


We arrived back at the city center in time for the closing ceremonies and more fireworks. Everyone agreed it was the best Nude Day ever and we were told that the ceremonies would be held in Marsopolis the following year. Arriving back at our hotel, we took a quaint but pleasant water shower with much stroking and caressing; finally cuddling together for some much needed sleep. We were booked on the next day's 08:00 Earth Shuttle and we didn't want to miss it. Kimiko was needed at the Astrophysics Center, Astrid at Consolidated Cybernetics, Fadhila at Genetics Inc. and I was boosting a shipment of plastisteel girders to a construction site on Ganymede.

After our holiday, it would feel rather odd donning our synthosilk robes again, but we could still be naked under them. How our ancestors could stand wearing so much clothing all the time is quite beyond me.


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