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Nude Day Audition


(Author's note: This story is an official entry in the 2013 Literotica Nude Day Contest. Gay male stories are not normally my forte, but the idea for this one was just too powerful to resist. As this is a contest entry, I encourage you to read all of the submissions and place your votes as honestly as possible. Enjoy the tale.)

* * * *

When the store was busy, it was a madhouse, with impatient and/or ignorant customers and their ridiculous "the-customer-is-always-right" demands. When it was slow, it was a ghost town replete with bad muzak and stale air. That particular Saturday was one of the latter. The only things missing were the tumbleweeds.

Michael perched above the counter with an elbow on the glossy fake marble and his chin in the palm of his hand. He watched the customers as they wandered through the isles of "America's corner store," amusing himself through speculation of what their lives were like.

For instance, upon seeing the very overweight woman in the daisy-print top and obscenely stretched blue cotton shorts, he envisioned her sitting upon a sofa handed down from grandma, eating cheese balls while watching an episode of Lizard Lick Towing. She just looked the type to him. Maybe she had a mechanic husband who obsessed over NASCAR. Or maybe her husband was the complete opposite of the stereotype and worked for the Geek Squad.

People watching had become an almost inevitable part of the job. With so much down time between orders, Michael had found diversion through speculation. Sometimes, he would see the smartly-dressed business types grabbing their favorite energy drink before heading to work and imagine them as being closet freaks with latex fetishes.

Maybe the tall, severe-looking redhead with the horn-rimmed glasses picking up a bottle of cheap wine was having an affair with her boss, while mister redhead was at home with their two kids. Maybe the pudgy little fake blonde with the pierced lip and tribal tattoo on the side of her neck sometimes gave it up on the Southside to whoever had the money.

In truth, he was sure the people he watched were just as mundane and unexciting as he was, living average lives and doing average things. But the speculation was fun. It kept his mind occupied.

"Um . . . 'scuse me."

Michael started at the sound of the voice. He had not realized he had zoned out, staring without seeing at the end cap display of "buy one, get one free" bags of potato chips. With an embarrassed smile, he straightened and smoothed down his shirt in an attempt to reclaim a sense of professionalism.

"How can I, uh . . ." he trailed off briefly as he took in the site of the young man before him. He was, simply put, gorgeous. Slender but not twink-skinny, with just enough obvious muscle definition to indicate an active life, the kid was beautiful. Chiseled features, a uniformly rich tan, glittering light green eyes beneath sandy hair, and soft, lush lips that could undoubtedly do amazing things to certain body parts, he was a terrestrial angel.

The young man waited, an innocently quizzical expression upon his face, for Michael to finish. With a self-admonishing clearing of his throat, Michael made the Herculean effort to banish the arousal that was already stirring in his groin.

"Sorry," he said, a little too firmly. "What can I do for you?"

The young man blushed slightly as he realized the older, stocky gentleman behind the counter had been checking him out. A slightly sly smile stretched his sexy lips. "Um, well, I have some pictures that I'd kind'a like made into a photo album," he said. "Like, professional quality."

"You mean, a portfolio?" Michael suggested.

The kid brightened. "Yeah, something like that," he confirmed, even as his cheeks began to blush. He leaned closer as he continued. "Except, um . . . well, what are your policies about, uh . . . ." he trailed off, leaning in closer still, and whispered something.

"What was that?" Michael asked.

The kid glanced around, then spoke a bit louder. "Nudity."

Michael smiled. "I'm all for it, personally," he answered flippantly.

The young man chuckled. "No I mean, in the pictures."

Michael laughed. "I know what you meant," he said. "Officially, unless they are very tastefully done, and there's no objectionable content, we can't handle anything that might be considered pornographic in nature."

"Well, they're not, like, sex pictures or anything," he said. "I'm just not wearing any clothes in them, that's all. Well, not much."

The lift of one of Michael's brows coincided with something much further south that was also rising up. "I think I'd have to see them, first, in order to make a, uh, professional decision."

The young man shrugged. "Sure," he said, producing a digital camera. He turned it on and waited for the small screen on the back to warm up.

"First things first," Michael said. "You are at least eighteen years old, aren't you?"

The kid frowned with a smirk. "Yeah, dude, I'm twenty."

Michael's smile returned quickly. "Nice."

"Okay. Here, look," prompted the kid, handing the camera over. Michael took it, leaning forward with it so they could both see the pictures.

The first showed the young man clad in a pair of long, loose-fitting nylon shorts and a simple white muscle shirt that clung to his slender yet well-defined frame. The background was a fenced-in yard. Subsequent shots had him pulling up the shirt, then taking it off completely, revealing ripped abdominals and a tapered waist.

"Very nice," Michael commented. "Who took them?"

The kid shrugged. "A friend."

Michael paged to the next one. The shorts were pushed down, showing just the base of the young man's penis. There was a complete and arousing lack of pubic hair. Michael shifted on his feet, feeling a bit of constrained discomfort in his work slacks.

The following picture showed the young man in all his glory, standing and grinning with hands on his hips. The shorts were gone. His penis, flaccid yet impressive, hung down between well-toned thighs. It was nearly as tanned as the rest of his body, and smooth and sleek within its fleshy hood.

Michael breathed in deeply to calm his arousal. Damn, this guy's fucking hot, he thought. Look at that cock . . . .

After that, however, the pictures were from canted and awkward angles, consisting mainly of various close-ups that did not show as much as was intended. Many were blurry to varying degrees. Michael cycled through them quickly, pursing his lips in contemplation. Slowly, a wonderfully devious plan formed.

"So, uh, can you do what I want?" the young man asked at last.

Michael gazed upon him, glad for the height of the counter that concealed his raging erection. Oh, I could do so many things to you . . . .

Maintaining a professional demeanor, Michael said, "See, here's the thing. My impression is that you want to turn these pictures into a more or less professional-looking portfolio, right?"

The young man nodded. "Right."

"Problem is," Michael continued. "Other than the first seven or eight, they're not very clear. And even those first ones are still a little shaky. Let me guess: most of these you took yourself, right?"

The kid nodded sheepishly. "Yeah."

Michael fixed him a look. "Why do you want a portfolio made from pictures like this?"

The kid smiled crookedly. "Why do you wanna know that?"

Michael cocked his head. "You want a real portfolio, or what?"

The young man sighed. He shifted on his feet. "There's this website," he said at last. "Run by a guy named Jason Rivers. It's pretty good stuff, lots'a hi-def pictures and videos and stuff."

Michael smirked. He knew about Jason Rivers and the man's website. "So you wanna break into the gay porn industry, is that it?"

The kid stared at Michael with all the wide-eyed incredulity of a deer standing on the road before an onrushing truck.

Michael chuckled. "Look. You wanna get into something like that, you're going to need much more professional pictures than what you have here. You want an impressive portfolio, then you need pics taken by something a little more sophisticated than an Elph."

The young man blinked. "Like what?"

"Well," Michael said, smiling at the way his suddenly-hatched plan was unfurling. "Like the camera I have. I've gotten into photography since I started working here. Got me a nice little Nikon digital that shoots sixteen megapixels." He leaned close to the young man. "Which is sharp enough to show the smallest detail on that beautiful cock you have."

The kid smiled slowly in understanding. He straightened, giving Michael a flirtatious look. "I like the sound of that."

"What's your name?"


"You free tomorrow?"

Joey smiled slyly. "Yeah . . . why?"

Michael grinned. "Well, it just occurred to me that, not only have I got the day off, but it's also Nude Day. What better way to celebrate then by letting it all hang out?"

* * * *

Michael couldn't believe how excited he was. On any other morning, had he awakened with an erection, his first call to duty would be to masturbate until his lower abdomen was glistening with spent semen. But not so on this day, the 14th of July, which just happened to fall on a Sunday, his usual day off.

Instead, given the potential of more satisfying delights than his right hand might grant, Michael rose from bed, showered, shaved, and dressed. He typed a message into his phone at just after ten in the morning, then got in the car with his camera bag.

Joey was waiting for him outside an obviously lower-rent apartment building on the near northeast side of town. Clad in the same white nylon shorts Michael had seen in the kid's original pictures, and a loose-fitting tank top, he offered a nervous smile as stepped into the car, tossing a duffel into the back seat.

"You ready?" Michael asked with a grin.

"Yeah, sure," Joey replied nonchalantly.

Kid wants to play it cool, Michael thought as he drove.

They spoke of typically banal things as Michael drove. Joey had dropped out of college after just two semesters, being an aimless kid who was not yet sure of the direction he wanted his life to take. He worked full-time at some local dive bar as combination bar back and eye candy for the large gay population that frequented the place. His parents were divorced, and while his mother knew he was gay, his father (whom he rarely saw anymore) supposedly did not.

One thing became glaringly clear to Michael during the course of the conversation: Joey was not particularly bright. He wasn't a moron, exactly, but he suffered from a bad combination of lack of ambition and naivete. Simply put, he didn't bother to learn about the world around him beyond his own personal tastes and desires.

Which, for Michael, was just fine. Joey was the epitome of the phrase "young, dumb and full of cum." Michael hoped he would discover how accurate the last part of that saying was before the day was over.

Finally, after a lengthy drive through the country, the inviting sight of the waters of Medina Lake blossomed before them. Joey perked up as he saw the broad expanse of water growing larger and larger in his field of view. "That's where we're going?"

Michael chuckled. "Yup. I know just the spot."

Less than ten minutes later, after the car had rumbled across the uneven path of a dirt driveway through groves of mesquite trees, Michael pulled the vehicle to a stop before an aged wooden picnic bench and a small cast-iron grill set atop of a steel post in the ground. Dozens of paces beyond, the ground sloped down toward the cool blue water of the lake.

Joey was grinning, becoming obviously excited. "This is cool!" he exclaimed. "And there won't be anyone else around?"

Michael shook his head. "Nope. It's just you, me, and Mother Nature."

Joey laughed. "Bad ass," he muttered, before pushing open the door and stepping out.

Michael watched the younger man from behind as he walked several paces beyond the car. More like tight ass, he mused silently.

Gathering up the camera bag, Michael exited the car as well and followed Joey down the slope toward the water. Far out in the lake, more than half a mile away, a pair of boats cruised through the gentle blue. Other than that, Michael and Joey may very well have been at the edge of the Garden of Eden.

Sandy hair fluttered by the breeze blowing off the lake, Joey turned back, a catty grin decorating his face. "So, uh, how do you want me?"

Michael smirked. On your knees, or bent over and grabbing your ankles. Either way works for me. "Just be casual. Don't strip everything off just yet. Get in the mood. Go down to the water. The more natural the pictures, the better."

Joey nodded, looking around with a sense of excitement mixed with apprehension. "You sure no one's gonna, like, go by in a boat and see us?"

"I guess that's always a possibility, but I think the chances are pretty slim."

"Yeah . . . okay, I guess this place is pretty secluded."

"Let me just get my camera ready."

Joey paced through the sparse grass of the rocky lake shore as Michael took the camera from his bag. With the fully charged battery, he had hours of use available and an empty SD card onto which to hold everything. After flipping it on, Michael gave Joey an expectant look.

The younger man's eyes widened. "Oh. Now?"

Michael chuckled. "Whenever you're ready."

Although awkward at first, Joey seemed to get into the role of model as he relaxed and moved around. At first, he just walked this way and that, heading down to the waterline before strolling back up as Michael snapped picture after picture. Emboldened by a blossoming streak of exhibitionism, The tank top came off, revealing the kid's slender albeit muscular torso.

Michael licked his lips upon seeing the smooth, hairless tanned flesh. The stirring within his groin was unmistakable.

At the edge of the water, Joey slipped out of his sandals and let his feet bathe in the cooling ripples licking the shore. Then, turned away from Michael, he slipped the shorts down his lean, hairless legs.

"Hold it," Michael said quickly, stepping closer after having snapped several pictures. "Just stay like that."

Joey did so, bare backside revealed to his photographer, smooth, hairless sacs of delectable skin dangling between his thighs. The tip of his cock was just discernible past his testicles.

Michael crouched, only about ten feet away, and zoomed in for closeups of the puckered, pink aperture of Joey's asshole. He imagined the feel of that muscular opening against the tip of his tongue. His shorts were becoming tighter.

"Keep going," Michael urged.

Joey straightened and gave a knowing smile over his shoulder. He knew what he was doing to the older man, now. And he was thoroughly enjoying it.

Casting the shorts back, Joey stepped further into the lake, until the gentle waves lapped at his knees. In profile to Michael, he stooped and scooped up handfuls of water, splashing them onto his face and chest. Michael clicked away, even capturing the images of Joey shivering from the chilly water.

With skin glistening beneath the sun, Joey looked even more delicious than before. Michael zoomed in for closeups of droplets leaving the tip of Joey's now half-hard cock. The tube of slowly-growing flesh curved out and down from the young man's sleek pubis, the pink round head emerging from the shelter of the snug foreskin.

Beautiful, Michael thought. God, do I want to suck on that thing . . . .

At Michael's urging, Joey returned to dry land and slipped into a pair of khaki beach pants. An idea sprang to mind instantly, and he ahd the kid return to the water for more body-defining splashes of water down his torso. As the fluid soaked into the khakis, they became semi-transparent, clinging to Joey's skin. Michael grinned and continued snapping away, once again going for closeups. The sight of Joey's manly cock wrapped in soaked fabric was incredibly enticing.

Again, Joey changed into a different set of clothes, this time a snug blue muscle shirt and nothing else. The effect was intensely erotic, especially when Michael had the young man recline against a tree just at the water's edge, head tilted back and looking out over the water.

"Stroke it," Michael urged.

Joey glanced back for a moment, then smiled cattily. "You wanna see it hard?" he asked coyly.

"Hell, yeah," Michael growled in response.

Biting his lip, Joey looked downat his cock as he took it in hand. It took only a few strokes before he was at his impressive full length, with the glowing pink head fully emerged from its sheath. Faint veins ran along the shaft, but other than that, it looked so smooth and unblemished as to be made of wet clay.

Joey's face and neck began to color as he slowly pumped his shaft. His left hand wandered across his chest, first gracing, then tickling, then pinching his own nipples. Eyes became half-closed. Lips parted. A sleek pink tongue slipped out beneath his teeth.

"Getting turned on?" Michael asked, though he already knew the answer. He had set the camera aside and shucked off his own shorts. His own cock, thick and hard and nearly ready to burst after an hour of sweet torture, jutted out toward the kid.

Joey actually whimpered, looking upon the older man in such a state of arousal. Where he Joey was slim and hairless, Michael was stocky, muscular, with dark, manly hair on his forearms, legs, chest and abdomen. The nest of kinky curls around the base of his shaft was well-trimmed, the heavy balls beneath shaved smooth.

"Yeah," Joey whispered at last, stroking his cock faster. But Michael, casting off his shirt, approached and settled his hand over Joey's.

"Don't come yet."

Joey swallowed thickly. "I'm so turned on," he said.

Michael grinned. "I know you are," he said, taking the kid's other hand and directing it to his raging erection. Joey trembled as he grasped it, jerking back and forth clumsily.

Without a word, Michael placed his hands upon Joey's shoulders, pushing him down. Joey yielded like an obedient servant, dropping to a squat before the older man. But just as he opened his mouth and leaned in, Michael stopped him.


Joey glanced up questioningly.

"Stay exactly like that," Michael ordered, heading back to the camera. He stepped to the bag, taking out a tripod. As Joey waited in submissive patience, the tripod was erected and the camera set upon it. A few settings were adjusted, until Michael was finally satisfied. He pressed the button to record, then returned to Joey.

Like a trained puppy waiting to please, Joey looked up to Michael as the man resumed his previous stance. Michael smiled almost like a hungry predator, taking Joey's head in his hands.

"Open your mouth."

Joey did so, keeping his eyes on those of the older man. Michael found that simple gesture arousing beyond words. Pushing his cock into Joey's mouth, he stared back down into his lover's sun-glazed eyes.

Joey sucked tenderly at first, gliding his wet tongue around the head of Michael's cock. But as more and more length was fed to him, he simply massaged the underside, while pulling in his cheeks to encase the pulsing rod with accommodating, suckling flesh.

Michael sighed in bliss, closing his eyes to focus on the sensations Joeys mouth was giving him. The younger man would jerk back a bit if Michael pushed too far, but that was fine for the older lover. He really only needed stimulation upon the first few inches of his cock in order to achieve orgasm, a point he was rapidly approaching after the erotic buildup of the previous hour.

But just as he felt the beginnings of his rush, he pulled out of Joey's mouth. The move was so abrupt it took the kid by surprise, resulting in a loud 'pop!' as air suddenly rushed into his sucking mouth. Michael gripped the base of his cock to stem the sudden gush of fluid, but a single thick bubble of it oozed from the tip, a shimmering, milky dollop.

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