tagIncest/TabooNude Day Pornographic Family Movie

Nude Day Pornographic Family Movie


This is a Nude Day contest story. Please vote.

Mother, father, sister, and brother make a movie to save their house from foreclosure.


"And action," said the Director.

There she is sitting on the couch again with her knees parted enough for me to see her sweet spot, her panty covered mound. I'd give my right nut for a closer look, for a sniff, a touch, and a taste of my sister's cunt, thought Jason sitting down in the chair across from his sister, while staring at all that his sister was showing. Gees, her panties are so transparent that I can see her pussy slit, he thought. She's such a sexy bitch. I'd love to do her right here on the couch and right now with my Mom in the kitchen.

After a long frustrating week of being teased by my older sister Diane, I reached the breaking point. She makes me so frigging horny that I just want to whip out my cock and force her to touch me, stroke me, and suck me. She's such a sexy slut. Always purposely flashing me her panties and her bra and making it appear accidental, when she catches me staring, she loves turning it around to make me feel like the pervert for looking, when she's the cockteaser. Yeah, that's what she is. She's nothing but a cockteaser.

Especially with it being Nude Day in just a few days, the thought of my sister naked, the thought of her big tits, pink areolas, and puffy nipples, the thought of her round, shapely ass, and the thought of her trimmed, blonde pussy, makes me want to touch myself, while touching her. The thought of her on her knees and wanting to blow me, just as much as I want her to blow me and dream of her blowing me is a fantasy I wish I could experience.

Just once, I'd love to tie her to her bed, strip her naked, and touch her in all the places where no brother should ever touch his sister. Just once, I'd love to stick my cock deep inside of her pussy, put my hands underneath her, cup her naked ass, and fuck her hard, until she cums and I cum inside of her. Just once, especially when she's berating me and calling me names, I'd love to shove my hard cock in her big, loud mouth, put a hand behind her pretty, blonde head and watch her blow me, as she looked up at me with those big, blue eyes, while I humped her pouty mouth, and fucked her beautiful face. Oh, yeah, the image of her on her knees with my hard, hairy cock in her mouth, while looking up at me, is the image that I masturbate over daily.

Just having awakened, I sipped my first cup of coffee, while mindlessly staring at my sister's exposed panties and wondering what it would be like to have sex with my sexy sister. I imagined fingering her through her panty, before licking her through her panty. I imagined pushing her panty aside, while kissing her and before inserting a long, stiff finger in her pussy and rubbing her clit and her bean with my thumb.

She's flashed me her panties so much that I just want to tear them off of her. Sometimes, when she's wearing her nightgown, she doesn't wear panties and flashes me her pussy, but today, she's wearing panties. I love her panties. Her bikini panties are so sexy that I just want to eat them, while eating her. Subscribing to the look, but don't touch incestuous sort of lust, every night I touch my sister in my dreams and every morning I have sex with her in my thoughts, while masturbating over the sexy sight of her.

"Oh, gross, Jason," said Diane looking up, catching me looking, and closing her knees. "Were you just staring at my panties?"

"No," I said, still waiting for the caffeine to work. Making me feel like the incestuous pervert that I am and that she, no doubt, is too, for constantly flashing me her panties, she startled me awake from my sexual fantasy of having sex with my sister.

"Yes, you were. I saw you. Mom! Your perverted son was leering at me and staring at my panties again."

"If you sit like a lady Diane, instead of a truck driver, you'll give brother nothing to see."

"You're always sticking up for him," said Diane getting up from the couch and whacking me on the side of my head, before storming up to her room. "Pervert."

She's always hitting me, slapping me, scratching me, and kicking me. Just once, I'd love to cold cock her and knock her out. I'd throw her over my shoulder, carry her up to her bed, strip her naked, and give her the fucking that she so deserves. Oh, yeah, after years of putting up with her abuse, her foul mouth, and her cock teasing, just once I'd love to fuck my sister. Just once, I'd love to see my sister sucking my cock.

"At 20-years-old and 23-years-old, you two still act like children. It's time you both grew up, left the nest, and found places of your own," said my Mom.

"If there were any jobs out there to be had, Mom, we both would have left long ago," I said.

Living in such a big house, why we all congregated in the same, small living space was beyond me. Feeling bored and restless, I was feeling so horny and, as usual, I needed some new masturbation material. Listening and waiting for Diane to go in her bedroom and close her door, I moseyed out to the kitchen to see what my Mom was doing and to hopefully catch a down nightgown flash of her tits. I love my Mom's tits and I love ogling every sexy part of her. So that one doesn't see me ogling the other, it's easy to voyeur my Mom and my sister when they're separated.

In anticipation of seeing my Mom's tits, I reached in my pajama bottoms, first, gave my cock a few quick strokes, and positioned it so that the side of my erection was exposed to my Mom, if she was looking. While imagining having sex with my Mom, I like exposing my cock to my Mom and it's even more exciting, when she looks, stares actually, and doesn't say anything. Just as I imagine having sex with my sister, I've always imagined having sex with my Mom.

She's an older, albeit a little heavier version of my sexy sister and definitely, I'd throw my Mom a bang, if I could. I can't count how many times I've seen bits and pieces of my Mom, from her panties to her bra to most of her tit, I'm always masturbating over my Mom. For sure, if I lived one hundred and fifty years ago, especially living in the middle of nowhere, I would have already had sex with my Mom and my sister, no doubt.

My Mom was leaning forward, while unloading the dishwasher. She wasn't wearing any panties under her nearly transparent nightgown, nor did she ever wear a bathrobe, and I could see her ass crack. With her in that position, I couldn't stop myself from imagining lifting up the back of her nightgown and fucking her doggie style, while hanging onto her big tits. With a body nearly as good as my sister's body, my sister had nothing on my mother and, as my Mom was always accidentally flashing me, too, I'm always in a state of incestuous arousal. Then, just as I thought that, I wondered if my Mom flashed me by accident or on purpose.

"Good morning, Mom," I said giving her a kiss on her cheek, so as to get a closer down nightgown view of her breasts. "I need another cup of coffee," I said reaching around my Mom to grab the coffee pot, while getting an even closer down nightgown view of her tits.

Carbon copies of my sister's tits, my Mom has C cup breasts, and I so wanted to stick my hand down her open nightgown top and cup her sweet breast, while fingering her big nipple. When I reached over her, I saw my mother's eyes dart down to the opening in my pajama bottoms. She was looking. My Mom was looking at my cock. My Mom is always staring at my cock.

Already positioned so that she could see, she was looking at the side of my erection, while I was staring at her cleavage. Unable to cross the line, all the both of us do is flash and tease. Oh, yeah, just once, I'd like to see how far I could go with my Mom. If I grabbed her tit, would she grab my cock? Yet, what if she didn't grab my cock, when I grabbed her tit? What if she told my Dad? I'd be so embarrassed. I'd really feel like the pervert then. If only my Mom would make the first move, I'd follow her lead and fuck her.

Touch my cock, Mom, I thought. Please feel my big hard prick, so that I can feel your big tits and finger your hard nipples. Go ahead and reach your hand inside my pajama, pull out my cock, and stroke me, while staring at me. Then, get on your knees, take my cock in your mouth and suck me. With just the thought of my Mom blowing me, I could feel my cock harden and pulsate to the thought of my mother holding my cock in her hand, before taking me in her mouth.

"What are you up to, today, Jason?" She looked up at me and made eye contact.

What am I up to, I thought. I want to have sex with my mother, before having sex with my sister. Then, I want to have sex with my mother and my sister in the same bed. Oh, yeah. Feeling a bit like Malcolm McDowell playing Alex in Stanley Kubrick's Clockwork Orange, that's what I'm up to and what I'm all about having sex with my mother and sister.

Reluctantly, I looked away from the her neckline and from her cleavage to look in my Mom's eyes. I didn't care if she caught me looking at her tits. I'm always staring at my mother's tits and she's always catching me looking. I think she enjoys showing me her cleavage, as much as I love seeing her cleavage.

I'm always looking at my Mom to see what I could see of her and whether it was accidental or on purpose, she was always showing. Oh, yeah, I'd do my Mom, if I could. She gives me masturbation material daily. I can't count the times I imagined kissing my Mom, French kissing her, while feeling her breasts.

"What I do every day, Mom. Look for a job." As soon as I said that, I felt emasculated that I wasn't working and bringing in any money or going to school and broadening my mind. I felt like the loser that I am lusting over my sister and my mother.

"Well, make your bed, pick up your room, and put your dirty laundry in the basket, before going out," she said.

Thinking about heading up to my room to masturbate over all that I already saw this morning of my sister and my mother, I left my mother to her kitchen chores and headed upstairs to see what Diane was doing. Still feeling so very horny, hoping that I could peep on her, maybe she was taking a shower with the bathroom door open a crack, something she usually does, or maybe I could catch her with her nightgown over her head, as I always try to do, while she's getting dressed. Her bedroom door was ajar and I pushed it open.

Diane was on her bed reading her book with her knees up and her legs spread open wide enough to give me a clear view of her panties. Here we go again. She knew I'd be up here and here she is again flashing me her panties again. An open legged invitation that's always denied, she's always flashing me her panties. I don't know why I find staring at my sister's exposed panties so exciting, but I do. For some strange reason, seeing Diane's panties is more exciting than seeing a stranger's panties outside on the street.

"Diane, I just wanted to apologize," I said stepping in her room and sitting at the end of her bed for a better view of her panties.

"Apologize for what?"

"For ogling you. I've just been so horny lately."

"Apologize my ass," she said putting down her legs. "You just wanted to look up my nightgown, again, pervert. You shouldn't be lusting over your own sister, Jason. That's just so wrong and so nasty."

"Well, Diane, just like Mom said, if you didn't sit like a truck driver, you'd give me nothing to see."

"Jason," she said with a face full of controlled rage. "You're my baby brother and I should be allowed to sit in my own house, especially in my own room, any way that I want without having to watch how I'm sitting and without having my brother lusting over me."

"You're right, Diane, and to prove to you that I'm sincere with my apology, from this day forward, you are free to wear anything and sit in any way you'd like without me trying to ogle you, while hoping to see of you what I shouldn't. I promise," I said hoping she'd take me up on my promise, so that I could ogle her and masturbate over all that I saw later.

"Okay," she said raising her legs and spreading her knees enough to expose her panties to me again.

It took all the self-control I had not to look between her legs and I didn't because I could clearly see her panties with my peripheral vision. The next couple of days, as if she was testing me, Diane's teasing was nonstop. As soon as my Dad left for work, she'd come downstairs in her nearly transparent nightgown without wearing a robe or panties. Oh, my God, if I was staring, I could see everything, her ass, her tits, and her pussy, but I took care not to look and to only look, when she turned away. She knew I was looking, no doubt, and knew that I could see all of her.

Two can play this game, so after stroking myself to an erection, I walked around the house in just my boxer shorts.

"Is that erection because of me, Jason, or do you have morning wood?"

"How dare you, Diane? Have you no decency and no shame? How can you ogle my cock like that? Mom! Diane is ogling my cock."

"Knock it off, you two," said my Mom from the kitchen.

With Diane sitting in the chair with her knees parted just enough to expose her pussy to me, I relaxed on the couch. I knew, as soon as I got comfortable on the couch, my cock would fall out of my boxer shorts and it did. I knew my sister could see my cock. I could feel her trying to look and wanting to look without me seeing her staring. Finally, after teasing her, as much as she was had been teasing me, she retreated upstairs to her room.

After a few minutes, when I followed her upstairs, she was on her bed again with her knees up and her legs open enough to expose herself to me. I figured she would have put her panties on, but she hadn't. Her pussy was right there for my eyes to behold and inches away from my horny hands, mouth, and cock. No way could I bring myself to look and to stare. I had to look away.

I couldn't believe she was so exposed. I couldn't believe my eyes. Her trimmed, pink pussy was in plain view. Then, I remembered that today was Nude Day and maybe the reason why she was so exposed and treating me to a special showing of her naked pussy. God, she such a sexy slut.

I assumed my usual position at the end of her bed and I could clearly see her pussy with my peripheral vision. She was glistening. She was moist. She was wet. She was, no doubt, purposely exposing herself to me. I wondered if she was just as horny as I was. I wondered if she was just as sexual aroused as I was. Knowing that I'd follow her up to her room, it must have excited her knowing that I'd have a clear view of her exposed pussy. She's as much an exhibitionist, as I'm a voyeur.

As soon as I sat on her bed, my cock made its appearance again out of my pee hole in my boxer shorts. It didn't take me long to begin getting an erection. The sight of my sister's glistening pussy was making me hot, horny, and hard. I so wanted to push up her nightgown, mount her, and fuck her.

"Diane, why can't we be friends?" I put a hand on her calf and lightly massaged her leg from her ankle to her knee, "instead of being at one another's throats."

I so wanted to continue my massage higher and touch her between her legs. I so wanted to finger her. I so wanted to give her a lick or two, before climbing on top of her.

"You're right and I'm sorry," she said looking down at my hand, as a pretense to ogle my exposed cock, no doubt. "That feels good," she said, still staring at my exposed prick, before closing her eyes and relaxing.

Now, with her eyes closed, as if she was giving me permission, this was my opportunity to stare at her pussy. I took her saying that it felt good, when I massaged her leg and her staring at my cock, as my invitation to massage her other leg and I did.

"Would you like me to give you a massage?"

"Massage? Are you kidding me?" Her eyes popped open with my suggestion of giving her massage and my cock hardened with the thought of me massaging my sister naked, but I knew that would never happen. "Oh, God, I'd love a massage. I'm so tense," she said, "but knowing you, you'd try to cop a cheap feel or a desperate peek."

"No, I wouldn't," I said moving my hand past her knee and watching as her nightgown slid down her thigh and collected a few inches from her pussy. "I'm a changed man. You'd could be naked and I wouldn't stare."

"If I were naked, Jason, you'd try to have sex with me, you're own sister," she said with a nervous laugh, as if she wanted me to have sex with her.

"No I wouldn't Diane. That's gross, but now that you mentioned being naked, do you know what today is?"

"It's Thursday, silly."

"What else?"

"July 14th," she said, as I massaged her exposed thighs.

"Today is National Nude Day," I said with a wide smile.

"National Nude Day? It is?"

"Yeah, it's the one day of the year that we can all get naked to celebrate the nude holiday."

"I'm not getting naked in front of my baby brother, Jason. That's just wrong," she said looking down at my exposed cock again and quickly looking away.

"I'll get naked if you will," I said hoping to entice her to expose her sexy body to me.

"You've been naked ever since you came up here," she said staring at my exposed prick again with a giggle.

"What do you mean?"

"You're cock slipped out of your boxer shorts, again," she said covering her mouth and pointing, no doubt, as her excuse to continue staring.

"So, what does it matter?" I stood, stripped out of my boxer shorts, and removed my tee shirt. "There. Now I'm naked. I feel so free."

My cock was sticking straight out, now. I was so hard.

"Jason! Oh, my God," she said staring at my cock and not once looking away. "You have an erection over me, you're own sister. You're such a pervert."

"Come on, take off your nightgown and celebrate the National Nude Day holiday with me," I said pushing up the hem of her nightgown and exposing her blonde pussy.

"Jason! Don't and I mean it," she said leaning forward, pushing her nightgown down, and closing her legs.

When she did that, I opened the top of her nightgown with my index finger and peered down at her tits. She has such beautiful breasts and I'd give anything to spend some quality time with her tits.

"What are you so shy?"

"Oh, my God," she said reaching up to push my hand away and close the top of her nightgown. "This is just wrong, Jason. It's too much like incest for a brother and sister to be naked together," she said pushing my hand away and closing her nightgown top again, when I tried to open her the top of her nightgown again.

"Is it wrong for a brother to tickle his sister?" I started tickling Diane.

"No, don't you dare. Stop. Jason! I mean it."

I had her rolling around the bed laughing in no time. Now with her legs wide open and flailing, her nightgown was nearly up to her waist. Then, once off guard and when she was buckled over laughing and in teats, when she least expected it, in one quick pull, I pulled her nightgown over her head and off.

"Oh, my God, Jason, I'm naked," she said trying to cover herself with her arms and hands.

"What are you two up to?" Having heard the commotion, no doubt, my mother walked in Diane's room and when I turned to look at my Mom she was staring at my erect prick. "Okay, why are you both naked?"

"Jason stripped off his clothes and then pulled my off my nightgown, after he started tickling me."

"Jason, did you do that?" Talking to my cock, my mother never removed her eyes from my erect prick.

"Yes," I said watching her staring at my swollen appendage.

"Why did you do that?"

"Well, today is National Nude Day and I just wanted to celebrate the holiday by being free and not being so uptight."

"Oh, that's right, today is National Nude Day," said my Mom with a laugh and a faraway look, as if remembering something. "You're father and I used to celebrate Nude Day every year with our friends. Back then, it was sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll. Being naked for one day out of the year was a very freeing experience. Back then, everyone was naked, along with being drunk and/or high, but that was more than twenty years ago. Unfortunately, times have changed. The whole country has gone puritanical again, especially when it comes to nudity and sex."

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