Nude Day Pornographic Family Movie


"C'mon, Mom, celebrate the holiday with us," I said hoping my mother would give me my longtime fantasy by following suit and removing her nightgown, in honor of Nude Day.

Oh, my God, with the thought of my sexy mother naked, along with my sexy sister and horny me, I couldn't believe I said that to my own mother. I couldn't believe I was standing there naked in front of my mother. I couldn't believe my Mom was ogling my cock. I looked over at Diane, who made no attempt to retrieve her nightgown and get dressed, and she was staring at my cock, too. Has our whole family gone made with incest?

"I'd love to do that, Jason, but it would be so wrong for me to be naked in front of my children."


"Being naked, especially in front of my son, is too much like incest," she said, "and I'm not as daring as I used to be, nor do I have the body I used to have."

"Mom, don't be silly. You have a great body," I said taking that as invitation to stare at the nearly transparent her nipples made in her nightgown. "Besides with all the sexy nightgowns you wear, I've already seen most of your body."

"You have?" She looked down at herself. "I guess this does show a lot. I should have worn a robe. I'm so embarrassed," she said looking up and staring at my cock again.

"C'mon, Mom, recapture that Nude Day spirit again and get naked with us," I said hoping to persuade her to remove her nightgown.

"I want to, but I can't. I just can't," she said as if talking to herself.

"Like daughter, like mother," I said.

"What do you mean, like daughter, like mother," she said giving me a curious look.

"Are you ticklish? Maybe if I tickled you...," I said.

"Don't you dare me, Jason, because I just might surprise you, shock you, and get naked," said my mother pushing me away, as I embraced her and started tickling her.

I had my Mom laughing hysterically laughing in no time. In her struggle to get me to stop tickling, her hand brushed by my erect prick several times and just the mere, brief touch of her fingers filled me with such incestuous desire for her. I wished, she'd just go with the flow and wrap her hand around my cock, so that I could feel her big tits. Then just as I did with my sexy sister, in one quick pull, I pulled my Mom's nightgown over her head and off.

"Jason," she said covering herself and laughing. "Give me back my nightgown."

"No," I said ogling my mother's naked body.

About twenty pounds heavier than Diane, her tits were just a little bigger and sagged a little more. My Mom's nipples were so very erect that I just wanted to put my mouth on them. Was she cold or excited? Then, when I looked down, she had this huge bushy, blonde pussy.

"Is this what you all do, when I'm at work?" My father peered in from the hall.

"Oh, my God! Daddy! I'm so embarrassed," said Diane making a feeble attempt to cover herself with her arms and hands, when her nightgown was right there beside her.

"We're celebrating," said my mother looking at me and my sister, before the three of us burst out laughing.

"Celebrating what?"

"Today is National Nude Day," said my Mom throwing her hands up in the air. "What are you doing home?"

"Well, the boss wants me to fly to New York tomorrow, so he gave me the rest of the day off."

"Come join us," said my Mom.

"Nah, I can't do that," said my Dad staring at Diane's tits.

"Why not?" My Mom looked to where my Dad was looking. "Nude Day isn't about sex, Henry. Nude Day is about being free one day a year without clothes," said my Mom to my Dad. "Before we were married and had children, we used to celebrate the Nude Day holiday every year. Don't you remember?"

"Of course I remember. How could I forget? It was the first time that I saw your mother and your two sisters naked. I had a constant erection over the image of their naked bodies for years," he said with a laugh.

"Eww," said my sister.

"Wow," I said.

"C'mon, get naked Daddy," said Diane removing her arm from her breasts. "Maybe this one day will bring us all closer," she said standing, walking over to my Dad, and unbuckled and unzipped his pants.

"Well, okay," said my father. Apparently, the invitation he needed was from his daughter and not from his wife.

"Well, you celebrate with your daughter, Henry, while I bond with my son," said my Mom taking me by the hand and bringing me to her room.

"Mom? Wait," I said protesting. I wanted to stay with my sister, only my Dad already had dibs on his daughter. "No! What are you doing?"

"I just needed some privacy with my son," she said pulling me into her room, getting me on her bed with me, and taking me in her arms.

Then, when she pulled me down on top of her, with her tits pressed against my chest and her pussy in contact with my penis, I immediately had an enormous erection. A dream come true, I couldn't believe I was naked and in bed with my naked mother.

"Mom, this is just too weird," I said pulling away so that I could ogle her big tits.

"You can look at me, Jason. You don't have to sneak a peek," she said moving back on the bed with her legs spread. "You've always been fond of my tits. You can even touch them, if you'd like."

"Mom, I don't know about this, it's just that--"

"Nude Day is not a sexual holiday," she said reaching out to touch my cock. "But there are always, exceptions," she said taking my cock in her hand and fondling the head of my erect prick, before slowly stroking me. "You have a very nice prick, Jason," she said staring down at my erection, while stroking me. "You're so very hard."

Oh, my God, when my mother started stroking my cock, I relaxed back in the softness of the bed and put a hand to her breasts. I've felt a lot of tits in my young life, but to feel the size and weight of my Mom's firm but soft breast in my hand was an excitement that I never felt before. When my palm passed over her nipple, she shivered and her nipple immediately responded and became erect.

"My nipples are very sensitive, Jason. I become sexual aroused, if you touch them like that," she said looking down at my hand. "I don't mind you feeling my breasts, but don't touch my nipples. Okay?"

"Sorry, Mom, I didn't know," I said running my open palm across her nipple, before taking her nipple in between my fingers and pulling and twisting them.

"Oh, my God, Jason, keep that up and I'll suck your cock. I will," she said breathlessly whispering in my ear, before lashing out her tongue and licking my ear, while continually stroking my cock faster.


"Yes, Jason."

"Suck my cock. Blow me," I said wetting my fingers, before fingering her other nipple, leaning down and taking her nipple in my mouth to suck it. Then, I leaned over and sucked her other nipple.

"Oh, my God. Oh, my God. This is so wrong, but I don't care," she said pushing me away from her big tits, sliding down the bed, and taking my cock in her mouth.

I couldn't believe my mother was blowing me, really blowing me. I couldn't believe my mother was sucking my cock. It was so exciting to see her looking up at me with my cock in her mouth. I couldn't believe my eyes. My sexual fantasy come true, my cock was in my mother's mouth and my horny hands were all over her big tits, while my fingers pulled and twisted her erect nipples.

"Oh, my God, Mommy," I moaned. "It feels so good. Suck me, Mommy. Suck my cock. Just don't stop. Blow me, Mommy. I'll let you know when I'm ready to cum, so that you can pull me out of your mouth."

"You can cum in Mommy's mouth, Jason," she said removing my cock from her mouth long enough to speak. "You're father's been cumming in my mouth, since we met in college at a dorm party. I don't mind you cumming in Mommy's mouth, son," she said really sucking me now, while stroking me faster.

Oh, Mommy," as she continued sucking me, really sucking me and stroking me faster. "Oh, Mommy," I moaned.

Oh, my God, when she said that I could cum in her mouth, I put my two hands to the sides of my mother's head and started humping her mouth and really fucking her face. I so wanted to cum in my mother's mouth. I so wanted to see her swallow my cum. It didn't take me long to explode all that I had in my mother's mouth and she swallowed every drop.

Meanwhile my Dad and Diane were celebrating Nude Day in Diane's bedroom.

"Dad," said Diane. "It's one thing for you to see me naked," she said covering her breasts with her forearm again, while playing the incestuous, cock teasing slut that she is, "but I feel a bit weird with you in bed with me with an erection. This is Nude Day, not incestuous sex day," she said with her finger's in contact with my Dad's erection.

"Oh, don't be so uptight Diane. This is the one day of the year that I'm no longer your father and you're no longer my daughter," he said removing her forearm from her breasts and taking her hand and putting it on his cock.

"It is?" Diane looked down at her father's cock, while fondling the head of his penis. "You have such a big prick, Daddy."

"Yes, I do," he said leaning into her kissing her and parting her lips with his tongue.

"Oh, Daddy," she moaned. "Touch me, where no father should ever touch his daughter."

"I'd love to touch my baby girl in the way that only a father can touch his daughter," he said feeling her tits and fingering her nipples with one hand, while he cupped her sweet as with his other hand.

My father was all over Diane's big tits, touching them, feeling them, caressing them, and sucking her nipples, before reaching down and over to cup her pussy in his hand. Then, when he inserted a finger deep inside her, she moaned again.

"Oh, Daddy, that feels so good for you to finger fuck my pussy" she whispered. "If you keep that up, I'll suck your cock. I will. I surely will," she whispered and whimpered.

"So long as you promise that I can cum in my baby girl's mouth, I'll make you feel real good with my fingers, my mouth, and my cock."

"Yes, Daddy. Yes! Oh, Daddy, if you give me what I need, an orgasm, I'll to suck you. I'll blow you. I'll let cum in my mouth," she whispered.

Diane slid down the bed and took her father in her mouth. She was sucking him really sucking him. Sucking him harder and stroking him faster, just before he was about to cum, she ejected his cock with her tongue.

"Why did you stop?"

"I need you to fuck me first, Daddy. Really pound my tight ass. Then, after I cum, I'll give you the blowjob of your life."

My father mounted my sister and started fucking her, really fucking her. He rammed his big cock in my sister's wet pussy and was about to explode all his incestuous desire for his daughter, when...

"Cut," said the Director. "Okay, that's a rap for today. We'll see you back on the set at 5am tomorrow and we'll start off with the scene of Daddy fucking his daughter."

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by Familyguy46909/16/17

Good start but want more.

I enjoy being nude when possible and used to go to a nude resort in Oklahoma. But work keeps me to busy. Oh well I enjoyed your story.

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