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Nude Fantasy


It all started a few months ago. Well, no let me start at the beginning.

All my life I have been a nudist. Not as much as I want but from when I was young I've had the desire to be without clothes.

And lately I've been having fantasies about my wife being with another man. I would have never guessed the two would be connected.

I've been married to my wife Christy for 25 years, and she has accommodated my desire every once in awhile.

We've been to nude beaches and nudist clubs about once every 2 or 3 years. Until last year that is, We found a small place over by the city, privately owned.

Its called the Hideaway, it's about 60 acres, it has a pool, bathhouse kitchen, and even camping trailer that you can rent.

It's pretty nice, and most the time there aren't allot of people. Which is good because Christy dose not like to be naked in of allot of people. Especially our friends, which I've tried to get her to do on many occasions.

We've visited the Hideaway more in the last year then anywhere else in the past 24. And not many people know of this place.

We sometimes talk about nudism with our friends without letting them know we actually go to places like that.

Our closest friends, are Mike and Sandy. Now, Sandy is a prude when it comes to things like that. But Mike always show's interest. Well about a few months ago Mike had told me that Sandy was going to be out of town that weekend for her business and we were planning a trip to the Hideaway, so I invited Mike to Join us. Of course it had to be with Christy's o.k.

That same evening I told Christy that Mike wanted to go with us and see what this nudism thing was like. She surprised me and said alright, I think she felt sorry for Mike because Sandy hadn't been treating him very good that week before she left.

Saturday morning arrived and Mike came over to our house. We got in the car and drove the 1 1/2 hours to Tulsa. When we arrived and got inside the gate, it was just like any other time for Christy, Off came the clothes. No sign of embarrassment at all in front of Mike. We then all grabbed our towels and headed to the pool. The day was perfect. We even brought an Ice chest loaded with Beer, Wine coolers, and fixing's for Lunch. When the day was over, we headed home and the drive was casual, just the regular friendly chat, and not much was said about being nude, except Mike did thank us for bringing him and he had enjoyed it.

Thinking that it was a one time thing, until the next month Mike called us. He said Sandy had left for her business trip and wanted to know if we wanted to come over for dinner. He was grilling steaks and didn't want to eat alone.

We said sure, and gathered up some things to take with us. When we arrived and knocked on the door, We got a big surprise. \Mike answered it totally nude. He let us in and followed us to the Kitchen. Then he told us that since that weekend at the Hideaway, whenever he gets a chance he goes nude. Christy then looked and me and I looked at her and started to take my clothes off. And Christy did the same. So, here we were, in Mike and Sandy's house, naked having dinner with Mike. Of course, I had to get some pictures. So, I put on my shorts and ran out to the car and got my Camera. I set it on self timer for the first few shots, so I could get a picture with the three of us. I then started prompting Christy into some poses all over the house, with Mike looking on.

Christy had had a few glasses of wine and things were getting more hot as the poses were getting more and more sexual. Christy sometimes covered her pussy with her hand and other times would finger herself while spread wide. I knew she was getting excited. I then said I wanted another of the three of us. I put them on the couch with Mike on the right, and Christy would be in the middle when I sat down. I took two like this and then said I wanted another, this time with Christy holding both our cocks. I set the camera on auto, jumped on the couch, and then.. Christy grabbed my cock. I looked over and she was holding Mikes. And he was hard. I knew then that I'd like to see how far Christy would let this go.

I then had her get on her knee's in front of Mike, and told her to Pretend like she was sucking him. I took a few pictures like this, She was holding his cock with her mouth open just above it. Then I noticed that she was slowly stroking him. I put down the camera and got down behind her. I took my hand and slowly ran it down her crack, sliding two fingers along her pussy, right to her clit. I then started slowly circling it.

She started moaning as she laid her head in Mikes lap, the whole time still holding and stroking his cock. I knew she was getting close to orgasm. It was then that I stopped, and Christy whimpered.... I ask her if she wanted me to keep going.. she said yessss... I said.. Then you need to suck Mike. Faster then I could get my fingers busy again she had Mikes cock in her mouth and started sucking. I massaged her clit until she came, for the first time.

She looked at me and said.. .I need to get fucked. I got behind her.. my cock hard as a rock, and I slid it into her as she took Mike's cock back into her mouth. Just from the things that were taking place It didn't take me long to shoot, and I was done for awhile.

As I slid out of her, she looked back at me and said... MORE... I said, you need to ask Mike. She looked and Mike and said "Will you Fuck Me?" He said, of course. With that she lay back on the floor and spread her legs, He climbed between them and as He slid his cock into her I knew I had to get some pictures of this.

The first man, other then me that's gotten to fuck Christy. I grabbed my camera and snapped some pictures. Mike was slowly going in and out of her pussy. I could see the look of pleasure on both their faces. I then put the camera on auto again, and squatted down next to her head. She took my cock in her mouth just as the last picture was taken. Just after that, Mike came... with a groan.

He stayed inside her for a few minutes then rolled off. We all laid there exhausted. It was time to head home, so we got our clothes back on, Thanked Mike for dinner and headed out the door. Now, once a month we get together with Mike when Sandy is out of town.

Sometimes its at the Hideaway, other times its just at his house. We have played a couple of those times but never like that first time.

Next month on the 14th is National nude day. And we've talked about this allot, and we are planning on getting Sandy to the Hideaway. Hope it works out.

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by Anonymous09/10/17

Letting out the wife

First of all I can't get head around a husband wanting another man to fuck his wife this one his a willing cuckold with his pea sized brain in his cock end.
Nice twist getting posed pictures of the wifemore...

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