Nude in Mexico


I am the luckiest man in the world. First, I have a great life, and an even better wife. Yes, Wanda, my wife is the fabulous looking woman you see at the church bake sales. She’s always dressed nice (conservatively). Her hair is always styled. Make up is minimal, but yet perfect.

My heart still flutters when I see her. It flutters when I see her at church functions, it really starts racing when I see her in lingerie, (even though she doesn’t wear the real suggestive items), and it is full strength full speed when I see her nude.

She’s brunette, 31 years old, 5-8, 125 pounds, and fills a 36C bra very nicely. I’m still not sure what happened to bring us together, but I thank my lucky stars for whatever it was.

Wanda was brought up in a very conservative family and she fully inherited her parents’ conservative ways. I, on the other hand, was more of a wild child. I had my share of flings, relationships, and crazy times. Wanda would listen carefully to some of my stories, shake her head, smile, and remind me that she is just too conservative to do “anything like that”.

I certainly took all the thoughts of seeing my wife dressing very sexy or being naked in public and put them WAY AWAY in my mind. I didn’t mind, after all, I could see her in and out of her clothes. Again, I’m a very lucky man. Too bad for the rest of the world.

We booked a 10-day vacation in Playa del Carmen, Mexico at an “all inclusive” resort. It was recommended my one of my friends. It is a “stand alone” hotel on the beach, with virtually no neighbors for miles. I was looking forward to taking long walks on a beach far far away from home.

As we were packing, Wanda asked me if I liked her new swimsuit. She held up a white two-piece swimsuit. I was shocked. She always wore a one-piece conservative suit. I smiled. I didn’t want to over-react and scare her from bringing it. I bit my tongue and told her that it would probably look stunning on her.

I though about that suit all the way to Mexico. It seemed like it took forever to get from the airport, to the hotel on the shuttle. I was sizing up all the passengers, all about our age. I was fantasizing that Wanda was wearing her sexy suit in front of all these people. It must have been affecting me because she asked if I was Ok.

I started taking deeper breaths and focused on the beauty of the area. It was breathtaking. I was totally taken back by the resort and beach. Our room wasn’t ready for us for they told us to walk around and take a mini tour or relax in the bar. We aren’t big drinkers, but the idea of a cold drink sounded great because we were still in our winter clothes, and it was about 90 degrees and humid, and it was only noon.

Wanda had rolled up her sleeved as far as she could and unbuttoned the top two or three buttons of her blouse. I liked the effect. We couldn’t wipe the smiles off our faces as we looked around. We were indeed in paradise.

When our rooms were ready they found us and told us our rooms were ready, the luggage was already there. They confirmed our reservations for the main dining room that evening. WE literally ran to the mini suite and opened the door as quick as we could. I whipped of my clothes and threw the sliding door open. I walked onto the deck and marveled at the view. True blue clear water capped with pure white sand beaches. I turned around and watched as Wanda also shed her blouse and pants and walked onto the deck in her bra and panties. She tried to cover herself at first as she peaked around to see if anyone could see her. Satisfied that nobody could see her, she dropped her arms from their covering position and gave me a hug.

“Paradise”! We both said at the same time.

“Shall we beach it?” I asked.

“Oh ya” as all she said as she unhooked her bra.

I went into the bathroom and came out to see her standing on the deck in her new sexy swimsuit. It took my breath away. “Holey Moley” was all I could say.

“It’s not too revealing is it?” she coyly asked.

“Not as far as I’m concerned”.

“What about our church friends?

“I think we should leave them back at home.”

“Great Idea. Let’s hit the beach.”

We it the beach in stride, hand in hand, unwipeable smiles on our faces. I felt her tighten the grip on my hands as we suddenly discovered that well over half of the ladies on the beach were topless.

“Oh my” said Wanda.

“Hubba hubba,” came out of my lips.

Wanda went about laying out two towels and setting up our little area. My eyes were taking in all the beauty. And I mean ALL the beauty. I had wondered what it was like to see a place like this, and had given up ever seeing it in person.

She was a bit sarcastic saying, “I bet you’re enjoying this!”

“Great beach”!

“No. I mean the topless women.”

I didn’t want to reveal my inner drooling, unstoppable leering, and growing erection.

“Well, I’m a bit shocked, but not so much that I will leave in protest.” I couldn’t stop the smile on my face. “Keith just told me that I’d love the beach, I guess I thought he was talking about sand!” I decided to throw it back to her, “What do you think”.

“Well, I was shocked at first, but they all seem very casual about it. Some probably SHOULD wear a top, but the others, well, I guess it’s just the way it is.”

She was right; women were of all shapes and sizes. I could hear German and Spanish. I’ve heard that they prefer topless in Europe, and it’s not a big deal to them. They surely showed that unaffected side of their partial nudity.

We sat for an hour or two and continued our sampling of the free drinks that they delivered to us on the beach. Wanda was now looking very comfortable with everything. From the toplessness to her straps continue to fall off her shoulders. She finally stopped pulling them up. I’m not sure if it was the alcohol, the new surroundings, and being away from home.

I finally asked her “Do you think you’d ever do that too?”

“I don’t know. You know me. Ms. Shy. Besides, I thought you’d get mad.”

“Honey, Babe, I DO know you. But no, I don’t think I’d get mad. Hell, this is vacation! And, we don’t know anyone here.”

I looked around. “None of their husbands seem to be mad or jealous.”

Wanda smiled. “You’d have to wake some of them up first.” We both laughed as we looked at the couple right next to us. She was several months pregnant. Her huge boobs were well tanned. She wore a very small bottom that was close to being a thong. Her hubby looked every part of a beached whale, and was sound asleep.

Wanda lay down on the towel, unhooked the back of her suit and asked me to rub lotion on her back. I gave her a good rubbing with lotion on her back and legs. She surprised me when she reached underneath her and removed her top. She stayed on her stomach.

“Pretty brave” I said.

“I have to do this in stages.”

I smiled again, “Stages?” This means that she has more in mind!

Her next step was propping herself up on her elbows. This allowed only the people in that were swimming in ocean to see the tops of her breasts. I know, not a big step, but still a step.

She casually took a look around. Took a deep breath and sat up. Topless. Beautiful. Her white untanned breasts looked magnificent. Her cute little nipples stood straight up, pointing to the sky. NO, beautiful didn’t come close. Gorgeous. She looked around again. Her brave move didn’t upset the universe nor anyone on the beach. She sat hunched over a bit, ready to cover herself at any moment. There really was no need.

A young couple walked by hand in hand. She, of course was topless. They looked at us, smiled and asked us a question in French. We said that we are Americans and didn’t speak French. He apologized and asked what time it was.

Wanda was becoming more and more used to the feeling of being topless. She stopped trying to cover herself. She told me that she wasn’t ready to walk around topless. What got to me was right after the other couple left, is when she rubbed sun tan lotion all over her front.

She giggled when I had to roll over on my stomach to hide my boner. “Looks like you like what you see”

“I’m staying here. Never going home. I’ll move my office right under that palm tree.”

“Can I be your secretary?”

“Only if you rub lotion on your topless body all day.”

“Who’d of thought that we’d be here doing this?”

Within a few minutes we decided to try swimming. Wanda put her top on when we went to the water. The suit was very thin, and became very clingy and semi transparent when it got wet.

She caught me starring at it and shot me a sly smile. “Is this too se thru”.

“Baby, as far as I’m concerned, there is no such thing.”

We played in the water for a while and ran back to our towels. Wanda shed her top within seconds and went back to topless tanning. She put her top on to go to the bathroom, or to get something from the bar. Finally she said, “this is getting old”. She took off her top, folded it up and put it in the beach bag. “I don’t know why we waited so long. I love this feeling.” We spent the next few hours on the beach. Wanda was totally comfortable being topless, even when some of the men gawked.

She appeared “put off” when she had to put her top on to go back to our room. The resort had rules that you could only be topless on the beach or by the adult pools. We had reservations for one of the restaurants at 8:00. The only bad thing was that it had a dress code. I had to wear slacks.

Wanda wore a little yellow sundress, braless. It looked like I wouldn’t be seeing a bra until we went home. This made me smile. We were seated right next to the French couple we talked to briefly on the beach. After a few glances, and polite smiles, the man asked if we could join our tables and eat together. We agreed and introduce ourselves. He was Claude and she is Annette.

He looked as if he would be in a Gap commercial, tall, short dark hair, tanned slim body and a permanent 5:00 shadow on his face. Annette was about cute and petite. She had short jet-black hair and cute impish facial features; she wore a very sheer white blouse with a black bra. (The look I admired since junior high). They looked like they were in their late 20’s. They had the looks of being rich and the airy attitude of having fun.

Even though their English was limited, we clicked. They were teaching us the art of drinking Champaign. The conversation went from jobs to travel. Wanda finally started talking about the beaches and her topless experience. They chuckled a bit and said that they knew it was her first time. Annette imitated Wanda’s attempt to cover herself. We all had a good laugh at that.

Annette finally stuck up for her and said “Good for you. You did good”. She explained that in her whole family had grown up with nudity all around them. Claude added that it took him awhile to get used to being around her family when they would be nude, but grew to accept it, and love it.

Wanda explained that she came from the opposite, nudity was NEVER allowed. She added that with her new experience today, she would be looking forward new experiences.

Annette asked Claude a question in French, he looked a bit unsure, but finally asked us if we wanted to go to the beach that they discovered today. “It is beautiful and free”. Before I could analyze what “free” was going to be, Wanda accepted.

We made fabulous love that night. We didn’t mention or talk about their invitation. I guess it was best left unstated.

Day Two

I woke up early and investigated the hotel. I like to check everything out and Wanda loves to sleep in. I took an hour or so and returned to the room with two hot coffees and an assortment of pastries. I was surprised to see that she was sitting at the little table on our deck, nude. She had showered, brushed her hair, and was enjoying the view. “Breathtaking” was all she said.

“Indeed” was all I could add.

I delivered her coffee and treats. “I’ve never seen you like this, you look so, happy, so carefree, so beautiful.”

“I gotta tell you,” she said, “I’ve never imagined how beautiful this place would be. And, I never felt so free, so sexy. I loved being topless yesterday. Are you sure you weren’t mad?”

“Mad? No way. I loved seeing you topless.”

“What about other people seeing me topless? Other men? What about Claude? He was standing right there next to me? You know, other than my doctor, I think that you are the only man to see me naked.”

“To tell you the truth, I guess I liked it! It didn’t make me mad or jealous. Honey, you are gorgeous, it made me proud to be with you.”

“You sure? ‘Cuz I have to admit, I liked it too! It’s supposed to make you feel free, but it made me a bit horny too.”

I smiled, toasted our coffees, and said, “well, we better enjoy it while we can down here, I can’t really see us doing this back home.”

Annette rang our room and asked if we’d like to join them in twenty minutes. She said that they’ve made a picnic basket of goodies and was ready to explore the beaches. She told us just to bring sunscreen and towels.

We met at the beach and got used to their rituals of kissing on the cheeks. Claude was wearing a Speedo thong type of suit, Annette wore a white cover-up with a red bikini top and thong type bottoms. Wanda and I were wearing the same suits we had yesterday. We chatted and joked with them as we made our way down the deserted pristine beaches. We walked for about 10 minutes when we rounded a corner and found a perfect little lagoon.

Claude asked if this was a good place to hang out. We just smiled and spread out our towels. I looked around and saw two men swimming. Several women were topless. Wanda looked also and started to put lotion on her arms.

Annette also had discarded her cover-up, dropped the straps of her top and let her top fall around her waist. “I hope I don’t offend you.” Her breasts were smaller than Wanda’s perhaps a b-cup, but they were perfectly round, and very firm with small pink nipples.

“Oh no, not at all”, we said in unison.

Wanda also reached behind, unclasped her hook and took off her top. I amused myself as I noticed that Claude was starring at Wanda, and I was starring at his wife. I guess us men are just never satisfied.

What happened next was a bit of a shock to both of us. The two men that were swimming walked out of the water totally nude. Wanda’s eyes got real wide open, partly from shock, partly from her upbringing, and mostly because it was right there in front of us.

Claude waved to them and they came over to say hi. They both spoke French. He introduced them to us. Wanda was trying not to be shy, but did a little of the concealing thing. They also did the “cheek kiss thing”. Wanda’s breasts were dangerously close to their naked hairy chests.

As we were standing, listening to them speak French, I couldn’t help but feel adventurous. Annette reached in her bag and brought out a camera. She asked Wanda if she would take a picture of the four of them. Wanda obliged. Claude then motioned for Wanda to come over, and she posed for a picture with a naked man on either side of her. She sported a new smile that I’ll never forget.

The two men left and both Annette and Claude looked at us as if they were measuring our reactions. Wanda flashed a smile. “I’ve never posed with naked men before”

We all laughed.

They next moment was a moment that I’ll never forget. Claude slipped out of his tight thong. Annette untied the strings of her bottoms and stood nude. She had shaved herself all but a tiny strip of pubic hair. The two grabbed hands and ran into the water.

I looked at Wanda. She gulped and looked back at me. “When in Rome” was all she said. She stepped out of her bikini bottoms and slowly turned around. I followed suit and dropped my shorts. I also grabbed her hand and we followed our new friends into the ocean.

We played a game of tag in the water. Quite accidentally, I’m sure, all of our hands touched all sorts of body parts. I loved it. My hands found Annette’s breasts several times and I saw that Claude not only touched Wanda many times, but also had a good handful of her breasts.

We returned to the towels and spent the next several hours, totally nude, totally playing, and laughing like we never did before. We were totally impervious to other people as they walked by us.

We even posed nude for them, took pictures of them nude, and had the two naked men take pictures of the four of us. One of my favorites is Wanda with the two guys. Her hands are practically grabbing their cocks. She is sporting the most mischievous look you’ll ever see.

We returned to our room and decided to take a nap. Wanda was just about asleep when she looked at me, smiled, and asked, “Was that you grabbing a handful of Annette’s boobies?”

“Busted!” I admitted. “Besides, I only did it after I saw Claude feeling you up!”

“Busted” she smiled back. “You didn’t see the other thing then?”

“Don’t tell me, you grabbed him?”

“Busted! Sorry, I just got carried away. But it just sort of happened”

“You sound like kids when they get caught in the cookie jar!”

“Ok, so it happened on purpose. I just never saw an uncircumcised one before. I wanted to check it out”.

“So I can confess that I not only grabbed Annette’s tits on purpose, but she also grabbed me.”


“Ok, stroked. She grabbed me and slowly stroked me.”

“Is that when I saw your boner poking out of the water? Did she do this?” Wanda reached over and started stroking my cock.”

“Yes” was all I could say as I closed my eyes. I reached over and cupped her tits. Did Claude do this?”

“Yes, he pulled my nipples.”

“Did you like it?”

“Yes.” I reached lower, and felt her pussy. “What about this? Did he feel your pussy?”

“I wanted him to.”

“Did you want him to put his fingers in you like this?” I slid two fingers in her waiting pussy. I found her clit with the palm of my hand and rubbed while I probed. She reacted wildly to my touch as well as the talk. I’m sure the naughty talk was the fuel to this reactive fire. I pushed further with my talk and my hands.

“What if those two naked men were standing on the edge of our bed? What if they were watching me finger fuck you?

She bucked her hips up and rotated rhythmically. “You’re being naughty” she swooned.

“You’re being watched. They can see how your tits are undulating with your rocking. They are watching me slide my fingers in your pussy.”

“Annette and Claude are right next to us on the bed. They are also nude. They are fucking. We can feel the bed rocking from their motion. Claude is grabbing your tits. The two men are ready to lick you.”

“Are they hard?”

“Yes, their cocks are inches from your face.” At this time I had my cock poised at her mouth. She hungrily took it like she never has before. She tongued it, and licked its full length.

I felt myself going too far too fast. I slowly pulled back and stood at the end of the bed. I looked at her. She was never so lovely, and never so ready. She reached for me, “come here”.

I waited a second a finally lowered myself between her legs. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled my in as close as she could. My cock was fully inside her in an instant. There was no initial need for pumping or driving. Just the feeling of me being fully inside her was enough. I could feel the fire building inside her. I could feel her coming. I started to talk, but she motioned for me to be silent.

Finally she yelled, “Fuck me. Fuck me now. Fuck my pussy.”

I reeled back and gave her a driving, pelting fucking. I pounded my hips as hard as I could. I could feel her orgasm, one after another. Each one was building on the previous. My come suddenly came like a dam bursting. I swear that gallons were pumping.

We collapsed in each other’s arms. She laughed and cried at the same time. She was out of breath. “Holy Fucking Cow!”

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