Nude Island


This is an account of Claire and I's year after high school... at least in our fantasy world. We talked about doing something like this during our senior year in high school, but for obvious reasons, it was too complicated to accomplish. I've had requests for a fictional account of Claire and I's antics, and this seemed like the perfect idea. This is how we wanted our year after high school to be. Enjoy!


Claire and I started our senior years shortly thereafter the last story left off (Chapter 5). It did end up being weird walking into school that first day, after Claire and I had walked in there nude on more than one occasion late at night. No one ever caught us there like that, but rumors did float around the school about our antics. Claire had been going around town nude like it was normal to be like that, including going to gas stations and 7-11's. Even though it was completely safe for her, word got around that she and I were nudists. It was a little uncomfortable for a little while, but eventually it all blew over.

For the most part our senior year was pretty uneventful nudist wise. We still did everything we could in the nude outside of school, and sometimes in school late at night. The weekends were still our favorite times as we would spend the entire time in the nude, going to beaches, clubs, and even camping one time.

Life was pretty good, but like all good things they must come to an end eventually. First it was looking for college's, then it was dealing with graduation. I had no idea what I wanted to go to college to be, and neither did Claire. The best I could come up with was majoring in business and just figuring it out as I went along. My parents were really concerned at this point, cause they thought it was really important that I figure it out before I left. Eventually they suggested that I take a year off before college to figure it all out. I was totally shocked that they would be open to something like that, so I took them up on their offer immediately. Once Claire heard what I was doing, she convinced her parents to let her do the same thing.

We both had the year to figure it out, but we still didn't know how we would figure it out. We thought it might be best to go live on our own, but we didn't have enough money to do that. Claire found a great house for rent on this tiny island off the coast of Spain that was famous for its "liberal" ways. The island was no bigger than a small city, but was surrounded by beautiful beaches, that just happened to be all nude. In fact from what we could tell, the whole island was known for its liberal attitude to nudity. We thought it might be a great place to spend some time. But we still didn't have the money to pay for it.

Claire told her family about it, tell them it would be a good place for us to "find" ourselves. Her parents eventually talked to my parents and decided that they would pay the rest for the house for us, if we got jobs to pay for everything else. The only catch was that we had to let them visit a couple times, which we gladly accepted.

Everything was starting to fall into place. We rented the house the next day. We left the day after graduation, and had the house till the following June. It was a really nice place. 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms on a cliff overlooking a large bay. We were both very excited, and couldn't wait to leave.

Graduation came, and Claire decided to celebrate by going naked under her robe during the ceremony. She told me she was going to do it, but I didn't believe her till she showed me that night. No one was the wiser, but a few people did have some suspicions. I didn't do anything that crazy, even though I was jealous of Claire for having the guts to do it.

We left the next day on a flight to Madrid and then caught a ferry to the island. It was a long trip, much longer than I thought it would be. But we eventually made it to the house. The view was much better in person than from the pictures we saw. The house sat on what looked like a couple acres of land right up against the cliff looking over the ocean. It was paradise, and it was our home for the next year.

The island was definitely liberal. On our way to the house we spotted numerous people just walking about either topless or nude coming from the beaches and such. Even on our way through town we spotted several women in bikini's going about their shopping.

The island is really small, so small you could walk from one side to the other. But there are still lots of shops to buy food and the town had everything we'll need for the next year.

Claire and I wasted no time in getting comfortable. We dumped all our suitcases in our rooms and got naked as quickly as we could. We opened up the house to let some air in, and let in all that ocean breeze. There was no air conditioning, so the breeze was all we had. It made staying naked almost a necessity.

Once we were unpacked we were starving from the trip, so we wanted to head into town to get some food for the house and maybe grab dinner. The house came with a couple bikes so we decided to bike into town. We both didn't want to push our limits so fast here, so we both put on bikini's for the trip. We wanted to go topless or even nude, but we thought we should see how people react to this first.

As we biked to town we spotted several topless people and a couple nudes along the road to the beach, probably coming from there. Once we got into town we parked the bikes and headed for the grocery store. It felt odd walking in there in a bikini, but then again we followed a woman wearing nothing but a bikini top and a skirt, so we felt alright. We gathered a bunch of food and grabbed dinner at a local restaurant and headed home.

Once we were home we got rid of the little clothing we were wearing and vowed that we wouldn't wear anything more than a bikini for the rest of the trip. We both went to bed that night very happy and eager at what the next year would bring.

We both got up early that next day and headed into town to find ourselves a couple jobs to help pay for bills and food. I found a life-guarding job at a local beach, which was great for me cause that meant I could literally stay nude while at work. Claire ended up getting a job as a waitress at the restaurant we ate at the night before. So we were both set and excited at our new lives.

We both had some time to kill before starting our new jobs, so we wanted to take full advantage and spend every waking moment on the beach. Our house sat on a cliffside, but there was a beach just a few minutes down the road. We left the house nude and went down the beach that first day, and discovered the most beautiful beach we had ever seen. It stretched for miles, and was almost deserted. The waves crashed along the untouched shoreline, it had to be one of the most serene places I had ever been to. We spent the next couple days soaking up the sun and relaxing before work started the following Monday.

Monday eventually came, and Claire and I had to start our new jobs. We both started around 9, so we both ended up leaving at the same time. The only difference was that I left in the nude, and she had to wear a shirt and skirt. Needless to say, she was jealous of the dress code at my job. She complained about it everyday, as she waited on couples that were half naked themselves or at least close to it. The owner didn't care what she wore as long as she didn't upset the guests. So Claire started wearing less and less into work. She started with just a bikini top and skirt and eventually she settled into just a bikini.

So we settled in. Both of us liked our jobs. They weren't too stressful, and it paid for what we needed. We both worked full time, but that still left plenty of time to soak up the sun and just be generally lazy.

That Friday, I got off from work early and headed into town to grab a bite to eat before heading back to the house for the weekend. We were both off that weekend so we were both looking forward to spending the entire time naked and pushing our limits at our new home. I decided to start early so I thought I'd visit Claire at work and tease her a bit.

I had brought with me to work a long t-shirt so I decided to wear that. The shirt came to just below my bare ass, and if I moved too quickly it would fly up and expose my pussy lips or my ass. It was mostly obvious that I wasn't wearing anything underneath the shirt, especially to Claire, but to others it was only obvious when I bent over or raised my arms up. It felt so naughty to be walking through town barefoot knowing this was all I had on. It turned me on knowing that other people might be wondering if it was the only thing I had on. The only stares I got were from the guys, and Claire when I showed up at the cafe. Mostly it seemed pretty normal, and most people hardly noticed or cared if I had only this on.

"Look at the exhibitionist we've got here. Strutting your stuff through town to see if you'll get any reaction?", Claire asked.

"Nope, just off from work early. I thought I'd come visit you for lunch", I said.

"I guess your naked underneath that shirt?", Claire asked.

I nodded and raised my arms over my head to flash her my pussy before quickly tugging my shirt down. Several of the other guests turned and smiled, but no one seemed to care.

"Oops", I said. "I must have forgot to put anything on underneath this today."

Laughing at my antics Claire said, "Funny girl. Do you want something to eat?"

"Yeah, got anything back there for little old me?", I asked.

"Yeah, I'll go grab you a sandwich. I'll be right back", said Claire.

Claire looked especially hot today in her bikini. Her suit consisted of nothing more than a few scraps of fabric being held together by a couple strings. She wasn't wearing one of her thongs, I imagine that would be too much for work, but it was pretty skimpy. Her ass was just barely covered by the bottom of her suit, and I swear I could make out her pussy lips from the front. The top only really covered her nipples, and the rest of her large tits were straining the strings that held the top together. The suit almost looked a size too small for her as every part of her looked to be struggling to get out.

I sat down at one of the tables next to the bar. A chill went through me as my bare ass touched the cold chair. Sitting there I noticed a few patrons having lunch. Some looked like they had come from the beach and were wearing suits, or cover ups and such. I imagined a lot of people came in and out of here in various stages of undress. I began to wonder if anyone had the guts to come in here naked. Thinking about it turned me on. I could feel my pussy starting to get wet as I sat there nearly naked myself in the cafe. Just then Claire came out with my lunch. She sat down opposite me while I ate.

"How long till you get off?", I asked Claire.

"About 5. What are you going to do the rest of the day?", asked Claire.

"Well, I'm going to go home and get out of this shirt", I said while tugging at my shirt and trying to make Claire jealous. "Then I don't know. Maybe masturbate about that walk through town I just had. Or maybe about the flash I gave you earlier."

"Don't tire yourself out too much. I have big plans for us this weekend. I want to push our limits and see how far we can go", Claire said.

"I can't wait", I said.

"Me either. I'm sick of wearing this damn bikini. I can't wait to get home so I can go nude", said Claire.

"Has anyone come in here naked before? I noticed people in suits and stuff, anyone not bothered with a coverup when leaving the beach and come in here naked?", I asked.

"You're the closest to naked anyone's been in here. But I have seen a few people walking by through town in see thru coverups. Thats not naked, but its pretty close", she said.

"Hmm... I was just wondering. Maybe I can be the first", I said while giving Claire a mischievous look. I then lifted my shirt and gave her a quick flash of my naked tits.

"Save it for later", Claire said. "Anyway, I gotta get back to work. I'll see you later at the house."

"Alright", I said.

I finished my lunch and headed back to the house. I so wanted to leave my shirt on the table for Claire as a prank, and then walk back naked. But I heeded Claire's words and paced myself. Once I got out of town though, I ripped off my shirt and walked back the rest of the way naked. With no one on the road, I didn't see any point in not going naked.

Once I got back to the house I dropped off my things and headed straight for my vibrator. I dove right in on my pussy while thinking about the walk through town and how I sat half naked in the cafe with Claire eating lunch. I teased my nipples with one hand while using the vibrator on my pussy with the other hand. While maintaining slow and steady strokes, I used my fingers on my clit. I love when my clit gets played with while there's a dick (or in this case a vibrator) deep in my pussy. I began to quicken the pace a bit with my vibrator and turned it up to full power.

"Ohhhh.... ", I screamed while plunging the vibrator deep into my pussy.

I couldn't take it anymore, the movement of the vibrator and the rubbing of my clit caused me to explode into a huge orgasm shortly thereafter.

I collapsed on the bed and took a quick nap while I waited for Claire to come home.

Claire came home a few hours later and discovered me passed out on my bed. She quickly got rid of the few clothes she had on and went straight for my pussy. Thats when I awoke with Claire in between my legs tonguing my clit.

"Oh my god", I said still half asleep from my nap.

Claire looked up at me and said, "That display of yours this afternoon has been driving me crazy all day. Seeing you laying here naked when I got home was too much for me. I just had to taste you."

"Mmhmm, well don't let me stop you", I said smiling.

Claire then went back down between my legs to resume tonguing my clit. Claire and I never had sex one on one. The only times we would even touch each other was when we were with our friends from the nudist club, but that was rare. Neither one of us is gay, but we both do like pleasuring ourselves in front of the other, so it was the next logical step.

"Mmmm, you taste so good", Claire said.

Claire seemed to know just what she was doing down there, and it was pushing me over the edge.

"Get your browned bum over here so I can provide you the same courtesy", I said to Claire.

Claire then swung her legs over my body and we commenced in a long 69. I really hadn't gone down on another woman before, so this was all kind of new to me, but very exciting.

I found her clit and just slowly rubbed back and forth in a flicking motion with my tongue. Claire started convulsing, so I started to go slower laying my tongue flat over her clit and using a slow licking motion. At the same time, Claire was giving my clit a workout and had a couple fingers buried in my pussy, so concentrating on the task at hand was getting more and more difficult. I joined her and buried my index and middle fingers in her pussy. I increased the speed of my lapping while using my fingers on her pussy. This sent Claire over the edge.

"Oh shit! Keep going... your gonna make me cum", she screamed.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh..... ", Claire yelled as her orgasm started.

Claire then rolled off of me and fell asleep next to me. I let Claire sleep while I got up and made some dinner for both of us.

Claire woke up a half hour later and walked into the kitchen still nude and said, "I needed that orgasm so bad."

"I'm glad you enjoyed yourself", I said smiling back to her.

"So are you ready to push your limits this weekend?", Claire said as she slapped my still bare ass.

"I think I've done that already, but what do you have in mind?" I said.

"Well, your little stunt this afternoon turned us on so much, I thought why not take it even further?", she said.

Smiling at her I said, "What do you mean further?"

"I want us to go into town in our best looking outfits", Claire said as she put her hands on her nude hips.

"We can't go into town naked, we'll get arrested", I said.

"Hardly, you've already practically been there and back naked, and I've seen plenty of people walking around town in all kinds of states of undress. We're just going to take it one step further", Claire said. "Trust me. Before you know it, you won't remember what clothes looked like."

"I hope you're right", I said still nervous for what Claire had in mind.

I wanted so bad to do what Claire was talking about, but part of me was afraid that we'd end up in jail and we'd have to call our parents to bail us out. Which is kind of tough considering they're not in this country. But I went along, hoping that this would lead to what she said. Freedom from clothes for as long as we were here.

"So how do you propose we start pushing our limits?" I said.

"I thought we could go into town in just our thongs. We'll see if anyone has a problem with it", she said.

Laughing at her I said, "Alright, lets try it. But lets bring some cash with us in case we have to get out of jail."

We both went and got "dressed" in two of our smaller bikini bottoms. Claire's thong was not much more than a g-string. Her pussy was covered from the front, but from behind it looked like she was completely naked. My thong was a bit more conservative, if you can call a thong conservative. It had much more covering both in the front and the back, but I still looked mostly naked from behind.

We headed out the door on our way to town, it was only a 10 minute or so walk, but it felt a lot longer. Here we were, walking down the street wearing only a couple thongs. Our breasts bouncing with every step and our bare feet hitting the pavement, made us feel even more naked. I couldn't wait to see what happened when we got into town.

"It feels so good to not have to confine the girls in my bikini top tonight", Claire said as she grabbed her tits and pumped them slowly.

"I know what you mean, but working on a nude beach has its advantages", I said smiling back at her noting my all over tan.

"Working in this damn bikini all the time is having an adverse affect on my tan. Hopefully I can convince my boss to let me work in the nude", she said.

"Don't get your hopes up. This may not work tonight", I said.

"I know, but a girl can dream, can't she?" Claire said.

We then started hitting the outskirts of town. We walked down a side street on our way down to the main street where all the shops were, and where Claire's work was. We passed a couple folks who were on the other side of the street that didn't even seem to notice we were even here. We didn't think much of it and kept walking into town.

Once we turned onto the main street, thats when the butterflies started to hit my stomach. There were people EVERYWHERE! We almost bumped into a couple as we rounded the corner. But they just excused themselves, and kept on going.

We started down the main street just as casually as we could muster considering our state of dress. There were other people in various states of dress. Women in bathing suites, and men in just shorts. We were the only women that were topless though. But as we walked down the street, we looked for people to notice or give look, but mostly people just acted like it was completely normal.

"Nobody is saying a thing Claire", I said as I started to get more comfortable.

"I know isn't this great? Lets keep going and see what happens", she said.

We kept on walking down the street as if we were completely dressed. The butterflies I had earlier were gone, but now I was getting turned on. I could feel my pussy getting wetter, and I even checked myself out in a store window to make sure it wasn't too obvious. As I stopped for a moment, Claire went on ahead. As i caught up to her, I looked behind us to see if anyone was making a big deal of us. I was worried about the people behind us because Claire and I looked completely nude from the rear, so anyone behind us might think we were naked. But no one seemed to care.

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