NUDE Lesbian Wrestling: Coed Tricked


I went to tag as well but the referee said, "Only one tag at a time."

Jamie smirked at me as she joined Shay. Shay held Jenny in a sitting position, binding Jenny's arms behind her back, as Jamie fought to pry Jenny's legs open. Jenny valiantly struggled to resist the double-teaming, but eventually her legs were opened, and Jamie began frantically rubbing Jenny's vagina.

Jenny whimpered even as she tried to break free the referee declared, "Pussy touching commenced, blue."

"Lean her back," Jamie demanded.

Jenny was pulled back and the referee declared, "Pussy insertion, blue."

Shay began kissing Jenny's neck.

"Neck kissing started, blue," the referee called out.

A few seconds later, there was twenty seconds still left before I could tag Jenny again, when Jenny screamed out loud and the referee declared, "Pussy fisting began, blue."

Jenny's face was distorted in a mixture of pleasure and pain, her moans escalating as Jamie pumped her hand in and out of Jenny's vagina.

"Come slut," Shay ordered, as she continued plastering Jenny with kisses.

"Noooooo," Jenny responded, her body clearly betraying her.

Jamie leaned forward and began sucking Jenny's clit while fisting her.

"Fisting, pussy licking and neck kissing, blue," the referee announced, the score climbing at a ridiculously accelerated pace.

A few seconds later, Jenny was moaning loudly, so close to orgasm, when thankfully, the buzzer sounded and Shay reluctantly let go of her, but it was too late.

Jenny bucked her hips desperately trying to free herself from the powerful hold Jamie had on her, but in the end it was futile.

"Aaaaaaaaaah," Jenny let out, even as she tried to keep her mouth closed to hide her orgasm.

"Orgasm reached, points blue," the referee announced, as Jenny lay trembling on the mat.

"Nooooooo," Jenny weakly protested, but it was obvious she was orgasming there live in front of all these women.

I wanted to help her, but she was out of reach. Jenny looked over at me with apologetic eyes as she continued trying to break free from Jamie's hand.

"Break," the referee said.

Jamie pulled her hand out from Jenny's vagina and offered it to the referee who surprised me by sucking one of Jamie's fingers. "Mmmmmm, as sweet as always."

"Reset," the referee declared as Jamie got on all fours and Jenny weakly moved behind her getting into the "on top" position. I glanced at the clock and gasped. They had scored over 500 points in the brief minute and the scoreboard now read blue-811 green-231, their lead seeming almost insurmountable.

Jenny looked at me, implying she was going to try and get over to me as soon as she could.

The whistle blew and she held on to Jamie, not allowing Jamie to break from her submissive position. Jenny seemed determined to hold control as she glanced at the clock. Two minutes left. Suddenly she flipped over Jamie rolled twice and tagged me.

Jamie rolled the other way trying to escape us as much as possible during the precious few seconds left we had to double-team her. Jenny was still clearly weak as it took us a dozen seconds to both begin holding Jamie down. I wanted to return the favour, fisting being the quickest way to earn points.

I said words I never thought would come out of my mouth, "Let's fist her."

Jenny nodded, as Jamie clamped her legs together and fought to hold us off. It was a struggle, but we got her legs apart. Jenny went between her legs I moved my legs and body onto her chest to hold her down. The struggle continued as she fought hard and I had to really fight to keep her hands down as Jenny began fingering her.

"Pussy insertion, green," the referee declared.

I continued trying to restrain our writhing opponent so Jenny could get her fist in.

"Do it," I said, knowing we had a limited amount of time.

I watched in awe as her small hand slowly disappeared into Jamie's cunt.

"Fist insertion, green," the referee declared and we began getting more points.

I was surprised when suddenly Jamie just quit fighting. I looked back to see why and let my guard down just a second and she got her hands free and instead of pushing Jenny away, pulled my vagina to her face and began licking.

"Pussy licking both teams," the referee declared.

I tried to break free, but she was holding onto me firmly even as she was fisted by Jenny and her clit was sucked on.

After a few seconds, I finally broke free and dropped my vagina on her face smothering her.

"Face sitting, green," the referee declared, "pussy licking blue over."

I grabbed her breasts to gain more points and mostly just holding on to them for stability.

"Breast fondling, green."

A second later, I sensed Jamie was close to coming, the buzzer sounded again signaling Jenny had to leave. I leaned forward and buried my face in Jamie's cunt, taking her clit in my mouth.

"Cunt licking, green," the referee announced.

She wrapped her legs around me and tried to turn me over, but I held on as long as possible desperate to gain more points.

When she did get me off her, I was turned over, we were in the strangest sixty-nine ever. My head was buried in her cunt, unable to move and she had positioned herself at mine. We both licked each other trying to get each other off before the whistle blew signalling the round was over.

"Cunt licking, blue and green," the referee announced with a chuckle.

Unfortunately, the whistle blew before I could get her off. She opened her legs to free me and rolled onto her back clearly exhausted and trying to hold back from coming.

I crawled to the sidelines and Jenny said, "Great job. We still have a chance."

I looked at the score. We were still down, but had gained a lot of ground during those final two minutes. It was blue -- 891 green - 776. We still had a ways to go, but we still had a chance to be victorious.

Jenny suddenly yelled, "That's not fair."

I looked onto the mat and Shay was between Jamie's legs licking away.

The referee shrugged, "There are no rules for what happens between rounds. Actually, it is pretty brilliant truth be told."

"Fuck," Jenny cursed.

Just then Jamie yelled, "Shove a finger in my ass."

Shay eagerly obliged and a few seconds later Jamie screamed, "Yeeeeeeees."

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," Jenny cursed, our slight advantage of an exhausted, near orgasmic Jamie now gone.

"Now what?" I asked.

"We must get one more two on one than they do," she said.

"Ok," I nodded. "Who starts round three?"

"You and Jamie," Jenny said.

"Oh," I sighed, realizing the key to us winning was for me getting to tag Jenny before Jamie tagged Shay.

"Stay focused. You have been great out there. I was the one who came on the fucking mat?" Jenny said, clearly frustrated by her weakness.

"We need to get Shay off," I said.

"Good plan. Get the early tag so we can get points on Jamie. Then I will take one for the team allowing them to double-team me and then I will tag you and we finish by sexually crushing Shay," Jenny said.

"I love it," I agreed. The thought of making Shay come on the mat was all I could think of.

The whistle blew and Jamie and I were back on the mat.


Jamie taunted, "Thanks for the orgasm."

"Ready for another one?" I quipped back, trying to sound firm and confident.

"Sure," she smiled as the whistle blew again to start the action.

Unlike the previous two rounds, there was no slow beginning, Jamie grabbed me and flipped me onto my back. Startled, I hesitated a bit, and she rolled me over and five seconds into the match she tagged Shay.

I cursed under my breath as I prepared for a minute of sexual defense.

Reaching me at the same time, Jamie got me on my back and again sat on my face.

"Pussy smothering, blue," was announced.

I focused instead on keeping my legs closed and was surprised when I felt my legs instead of being pried apart, being lifted up. Startled, I lost my focus and my legs were spread open. I watched as Jamie dove into my vagina while Shay held my legs apart in this contorted position. Thankfully, I was a gymnast back in middle school and that had made me very flexible. Not so thankfully, I was completely at the whim of these two women.

"Pussy licking, blue," the referee declared.

"Fist that goody-two-shoe's cunt," Shay said.

"As you wish," Jamie said, as I felt fingers easily slide into my wet vagina.

"Aaaaah," I moaned into Jamie's vagina, as the pleasure began to build.

""Finger fucking started, blue," I distantly heard.

I tried to wiggle free, but it was futile, I was completely trapped, so I just tried to concentrate on not coming.

A few seconds of deep hard finger thrusts and I felt my vagina widen to unnatural widths. It burned a bit, but I also had never felt so full in my life. "Fuuuuuuuuck," I screamed, thankfully muffled by Jamie's cunt.

"Fist fucking started, blue," the referee announced, confirming my assumption that she had somehow fit her whole hand in my tiny vagina.

She somehow sucked on my clit while fisting me and all I could do was pray for the buzzer as my orgasm continued to build.

My moaning increased, my body began to tremble just when the buzzer occurred.

Jamie cursed, "Fuck, five more seconds was all I needed," as she pulled her hand out.

My legs were let go and I lay on my back, squeezing my legs together, just as Shay got on top of me. "It's only a matter of time before you come," she smiled as she leaned in and kissed me.

Trying to get energy back, I didn't resist, instead kissing her back.

"Kissing lips, blue," the referee declared.

Jenny called out, "Don't kiss her Emma, they are getting points."

I knew they were, but knew it was the only way to quell the burning down below and get the strength back I needed to get to the side of the ring and tag Jenny.

A few seconds later, Shay broke the kiss and asked, "Do you want to come, my little lesbian slave?"

"God yes," I moaned, allowing her to think I was sexually defeated.

"Open your legs for me," she ordered, as she cupped my breasts.

"Breast fondling, blue."

I obliged and waited for the perfect moment as she slithered down to my vagina.

Jamie suddenly realizing I was smiling yelled out, "Shay, it's a trap," but she was a second too late.

I quickly moved both my knees up, moved my feet to her shoulders and pushed hard.

Shay unbalanced and surprised fell backwards and I quickly crawled and tagged a smiling Jenny.

"Good plan," Jenny nodded, as she got onto the mat. "Let's repay the favor."

"Agreed," I said, although I was still feeling rather weak.

Jenny attacked Shay aggressively and I joined a couple of seconds later. The break seemed to have given Shay some strength as she fought us off pretty well as we tried to get her in a similar position to the one I had just been in.

Jenny held Shay's arms down and after another brief struggle, got her vagina over Shay's face.

"Face smothering, green," the referee announced.

I wanted to look at the score, but stayed focus as I grabbed her wildly flailing legs and struggled with all my might to pull them open as she had mine.

Unfortunately, I was still weak and her one leg slipped out of my hand and I fell on top of her.

"Just go for points," Jenny said, realizing I was too weak, as she began fondling Shay's breasts.

"Breast fondling commenced, green," the referee said.

I moved lower, pushed my hand between her legs with all my might and somehow pushed inside her vagina.

"Um, I think pussy fingering, green," the referee announced.

A few seconds of point getting and the buzzer sounded. I returned to the sideline.

Exhausted, I asked the referee, "Can I come on the sidelines?"

"Not during the round," she answered, winking at me.

"Dammit," I cursed as I glanced at the clock. I felt literally crushed as I saw that the score, even after our double attack, had us down even more, 1162 to 939. I grabbed another bottle of water and after a long drink, poured some on my vagina. The coldness seemed to extinguish some of the burning urge to come as I returned my gaze to the action in the ring.

Jenny had Shay in a bear hug of sorts but other than cupping her breasts was not scoring a lot of points.

The round clock had three minutes left. If Jenny could tag me next, there was a slim chance we could win as Shay had been on the mat for quite some time. Jenny thinking the same thing gave me a slight nod implying move left before she flipped Shay over and suddenly I was almost in reach. Jamie realizing what was happening began moving towards me but she was too late as Jenny tagged me.

"Suck it, bitch," I said to Jamie, happy to have gotten tagged first.

"Fuck," Jamie cursed, slapping my ass as I entered the ring.

Refreshed, I was a girl on a mission. Jenny had Shay on her stomach, and without even a second of hesitation I joined Jenny and shoved a finger in Shay's ass.

"You fuuuuuucker," Shay screamed.

"Ass insertion, green," the referee announced.

"Let's flip her onto her back," Jenny said, knowing we needed big points.

Shay's resistance was weaker as we easily flipped her onto her back and I reinserted my finger in her ass, as Jenny sat on her face and began fondling her breasts.

"Face smothering and breast fondling, green," the referee announced.

"Eat her pussy, fist fuck her cunt, make the slut cum," Jenny said.

I obeyed, as I buried my face in Shay's pussy and began licking her, as I removed my finger from her ass and slid three fingers inside her very wet cunt.

"Cunt fingering and pussy licking commenced, green," the referee announced.

"Shove your whole fist in, Emma," Jenny screamed, her urgency obvious.

"Kkkkk," I said, as I shoved the rest of my hand into Shay's vagina. Suddenly feeling strong and wanting to make her come, I pumped my hand in and out of her cunt and sucked on her clit simultaneously.

She tried to buck me away, but I had a firm hold on her and was determined to get her off. Her taste was addicting and I wanted to taste more of her cum.

Again, the buzzer sounded and Jenny reluctantly got off the near orgasmic Shay who began writhing back and forth, trying to get my hand out of her cunt.

I said, "Just come slut and it will be over."

"Neeeeever," she moaned back, moving her legs up to my shoulders.

I continued licking and fisting as long as I could as she slowly pushed me back.

My hand slowly slid out of her and I fell backwards. I glanced at the clock. Two minutes left and we were up by thirty-two. The fisting had really racked up the points.

Shay rolled to her side, trying to recover, while I realized I couldn't tag Jenny for another forty seconds. So I pushed Shay onto her stomach and decided to keep her weak. I moved to her ass and was about to insert my finger in when she bucked hard tossing me to the side. She began crawling to Jamie and I grabbed both her legs trying to keep her from making a tag that easily could cost us the match.

It was like slow motion as she pulled me slowly, I tried to get a better grip but my hand slipped and I watched as she tagged Jamie.

"Get in a ball," Jenny screamed.

I quickly curled into a ball as I prepared for the onslaught that was to come. Four hands reached me at the same time and I held on for dear life as they tried to pry me apart. I held on for as long as possible, but soon I was on my back, Jenny screamed, "Only forty more seconds."

I had lasted one-third of the time without giving up any points. Unfortunately that didn't last long as my legs were pulled open, as they worked together, and even as I bucked and fought to fend them off. I felt Shay's tongue on my vagina as my hands were held by Jamie. They didn't go for extra points, knowing that they only needed to take the lead and hold on.

"Pussy licking started, blue," I heard and knew that I was unable to break free even as I desperately tried to do so.

Shay's tongue on my vagina felt amazing, and I could feel my resistance weakening, as my body began to give in to the pleasure I had somehow against all odds resisted until now.

Jamie held my wrists firmly as she purred, "Just let it happen, Emma, it is over. You are ours."

Such smug confidence, ticked me off, and I again focused on just surviving the last few seconds and hoping I could reach Jenny in time for one last grasp.

The buzzer sounded and Jenny yelled, "Tag me."

Unfortunately, Jamie was still on top of me and I couldn't break free. I bucked, I wiggled until finally, I was able to push her off, but she still had a solid grip on me.

"Thirty seconds," I heard declared.

I continued fighting to break free and with one hard yank, I was free and rolled quickly to Jenny who tagged me and rushed at Jamie.

I quickly joined Jenny, but Jamie on her knees managed to keep pushing us away.

Simultaneously, we got Jamie on her back; I quickly straddled her face and lowered my wet vagina onto her face.

"Pussy smothering commenced, green," I heard and glanced at the scoreboard, blue -1240 green - 1200 we were down forty points with only 5 seconds left.

"Eat her cunt," I screamed, using the c-word for the first time ever, a word I hated.

Jenny desperately tried to prey Jamie's legs apart just as the whistle sounded.

I glanced at the score blue -- 1240 green -- 1220. "FUCK!" I cursed we had lost. I rolled off Jamie as polite applause echoed around the ring, as I flopped on my back totally exhausted.

Jenny stood up, bent down, took my hand and pulled me up, drawing me into a big hug. "You were awesome."

I was too exhausted to talk.

I heard Shay say, "Told you brainiac, you're mine."


The referee called us over and I watched as another pretty young girl, dressed in a plaid skirt, handed Shay and Jamie strap-on cocks.

Once they were on, the referee said, "In the closest score in history, Shay and Jamie are today's winners, which makes Jenny and Emma today's...."

"Losers," the crowd yelled out.

"Let the bonus round begin," the referee announced and the ladies clapped.

In seconds, Shay was in front of me and she roughly pushed me onto my knees. "I am so going to enjoy this."

"Fuck you," I shot back, still mad we had lost and even more furious to have lost to her.

"Close," she laughed, as she ordered, "Get sucking slave."

Having no choice, I quipped "Whatever turns you on dyke," and took the blue plastic cock in my mouth. It had been a while since I had a cock in my mouth, but like most things in life you don't lose the skill.

"By the end of the night you will never want real cock again, brainiac," Shay taunted.

Nearby, I heard Jamie order, "Faster slut."

"You aren't making love to this plastic cock, although I imagine that is about the only thing that regularly fucks you, isn't it?" Shay criticized.

Taking the cock out of my mouth, I responded, "Just because you fuck everyone with a cock and I am selective doesn't make me a prude."

"You bitch," she snapped, as she shoved the cock back into my mouth, held my head and began fucking my face. I briefly flashed back to Matthew my last boyfriend, who loved fucking my face, although his cock was smaller than this long plastic one that kept making me gag.

She did this for a couple of minutes, before she pulled out and said, "For such a prude, you clearly have sucked cock before."

"Sure, just not every guy in our psychology class like you," I shot back defiantly.

People in the audience clapped, which only made me more determined to continue to stand up to the bitch.

"On all fours," she demanded, yanking my arms so I fell forward.

"Isn't this the position you are in every night?" I quipped, smiling. In front of me, Jamie was fucking Jenny doggie style.

Shay rubbed the cock on my pussy lips and I said, again trying to show I wasn't remotely intimidated by her, "Are you going to fuck me or are you just so used to being the one on all fours?"

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