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This experience took place years ago when I was in college. Over the course of my collegiate career I took three photography courses. I loved these courses because I got to be creative and because they were completely different than the engineering course work I was taking in my major. For example, I can't remember ever seeing anyone, male or female, posing nude in the engineering building.

Anyway, one woman, who was a close friend of an ex-girlfriend of mine, was in two of my photography classes. She was a friendly, bright, attractive, petite, jet black-haired Lebanese woman. We became good friends, and worked on a number of assignments together.

About midway through Photography III I became tired of photographing the same old things, so I approached her with a proposition. I told her that I would pose nude for her if she would pose nude for me. We agreed that the photos would not be shown to anyone without the other's permission. I suspected she would agree because she was an art major and was used to nude models and the whole artsy-fartsy atmosphere. My concern was that I would have to pose for her.

Sure enough Rachael agreed, and we decided that she would model for me first. I planned to photograph her in and around some old buildings at a nearby abandoned rail yard. When the day came, I went to her apartment to select the clothes I wanted her to bring. As we drove there the conversation was unstrained and, although she had never posed before, she seemed completely relaxed with the whole idea. We got to the rail yard about 3 pm and it appeared to be completely deserted.

It was a warm fall afternoon and the contrast in color between the foliage and the dark, drab, deteriorated buildings was great. First I wanted Rachael to appear ravaged, like the buildings. I had her pose in various locations around the site, first with her blouse completely unbuttoned, bra unclasped in the front and clinging to her breasts, and her jeans undone and partially pulled down. I had her laying on the ground and on stairs, leaning against doors with broken windows, and standing on rusted, abandoned railcars. Rachael followed my direction willingly and enthusiastically. She seemed to have no inhibitions about her body or about me touching her to get her clothing the way I wanted it. As I was adjusting her clothing, I caught glimpses of he nipples and saw no trace of pubic hair above her high cut, white bikini panties. The first photo session was a warm up and I kept it artsy and slightly sexy, but not particularly revealing.

I asked her to take of her clothes for the second session, which was inside an abandoned caboose. I watched her intently as she undressed, and my cock started to stir in my pants. She was about 5'5" and couldn't have weighed more than100 pounds. She had small, firm, slightly upturned breasts with small conical dark nipples that were puffed out a bit when I looked at them in profile. In fact, I thought they were the softest, most beautiful breasts I had ever witnessed. She had a firm round ass and a neatly shaved pussy, except for a thin vertical line of trimmed hair just above her opening. She was very ethnic looking with her dark hair and skin as I shot frame after frame of her in slightly different poses. She was completely nude, but had such softness, beauty, grace and confidence that I gradually fell for her and wanted her in the worst way. She posed in various positions, and I got to explore nearly every square inch of her body through the lens. I couldn't help myself, I think I had fallen in love with this woman.

Although the horny male side of me wanted some erotic soft, or even hard core, porn-type photos, I figured I had to keep the shots artsy, which I did. When we were finished, Rachael and I talked for a long time; me fully dressed and her slowly covering her marvelous body. Once again, the conversation on the ride back to her apartment was unstrained and I uneventfully dropped her off at her door.

A week later when I got to Rachael's apartment for my modeling session, she had the furniture moved out of the way and had various backdrops hung from the walls. She was barefoot and had on short denim jeans and a scooped neck blouse. Her nipples strained at the fabric, and it was obvious that she was not wearing a bra. It has always been my opinion that women are often sexier with a very few clothes o, rather than completely naked, and this confirmed my theory. My cock was starting to harden, which, believe it or not, did not happen when I was photographing her totally nude. Mind over matter! I did not want to start out the photo session with a hard on.

Rachael was oblivious to me as she gracefully moved around the apartment making final preparations. She casually told me to take off all my clothes as she continued making adjustments. I did as I was told. My cock was still a little swollen, but it was not erect, which was a relief.

Her plan was to photograph me in various statuesque-type poses. She was very adept at positioning me the way she wanted. On a number of occasions she guided me into position with gentle touches and nudges. Her touches were very soft and sensuous, and frequent for some poses. In fact, I wondered whether her touches were becoming more frequent and personal as the session went along. I started to feel myself getting slightly aroused, which I tried to will away. Mind over matter!

I was succeeding in fighting an erection until Rachael accidentally brushed my cock twice and then gave me a long, close-up view down the front of her blouse of her breasts. My cock started to slowly swell and became semi-erect. I started to apologize, but Rachael enthusiastically started shooting photographs from all angles and said not to try to suppress it. The more she photographed me and the more she talked about it the harder it became. Before long I was rock hard and pointing toward the ceiling.

Initially, she focused almost exclusively on my cock and balls, and at one point had the camera only a few inches away using a macro lens. As I looked down at my hardon and the camera that was inches away, precum started to ooze from the tip. This resulted in a frenzy of commentary and photographic activity. I was horny and embarrassed.

My erection finally subsided when we stopped for a bathroom and beer break. We talked for awhile, and she admitted that she had hoped that I would get an erection. She said that found penises to be fascinating, mysterious organs and that photographing me was incredibly exciting for her.

Although I was hoping to be done with the modeling, she asked if she could photograph me some more with an erection. Since I wasn't hard, she offered to help me get aroused. I was sitting on a kitchen chair and Rachael came over and kneeled on the floor in front of me. She had her camera set up on a tripod with a remote trigger, and with one hand she probed and caressed my penis and balls, and with the other she snapped photographs of my penis as it swelled and became fully erect. She had the softest, gentlest, most sensual touch of any woman I have been with. Although I knew it might be inappropriate, I reached down and touched, then fondled her breasts through her blouse, feebly stating that it would help maintain my erection. Without a word, she reached down, grasped the bottom of her blouse and drew it up over her head revealing the breasts that I had been dreaming about for a week.

Continuing to take photographs, she stimulated me with her hand, then leaned forward and placed it against her firm breast. She manipulated her breast up and down the length of my cock, and I somewhat involuntarily started thrusting my cock against her breast in unison with her stroking. Once again my penis began to ooze precum. This time, however, she rubbed the fluid onto her nipple, then brought her head down, extended her tongue, and took a photograph of my cock and her tongue with the precum that had been licked off my member.

Finally, I couldn't take anymore. I reached for her and pulled her to me for a long, deep, French kiss. There was no resistance, only a pleasurable moan as we embraced.

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