Nude Modelling for a Friend


"Well, okay, I guess," Victoria timidly replied.

"Don't worry. You won't be disappointed," I seductively said to Keith. The light in his eye told me that he was definitely excited.

I adjusted my positioning slightly so that I was facing more head-on to Keith, with Victoria at my side.

I grabbed his shaft with one hand and started slowly jerking before turning to Victoria. I leaned in and kissed her again, tasting her husband's cock and faint traces of pre-cum on her lips.

I pulled away and spoke to her.

"Have you ever been with a woman before?"

Victoria bashfully shook her head.

"Alright, well, just do what you like to be done to you, okay?"

I patted the floor next to me, and Victoria took my cue. She lay down on her back, allowing me to swing my leg over her head and straddle her face while still on my knees.

Victoria tilted her head up and gingerly licked my pierced clit. She looked back up at me for approval.

"Go on. Keep doing that," I instructed her.

Victoria began lapping at my clit, causing shivers to course through my back.

With her taken care of, I was able to fully turn my attention to Keith.

Now, I'm not extremely experienced, but I will say that my cocksucking skills have been remarked upon my multiple partners.

With one hand still slowly jerking his shaft, I leaned forward and gently kissed Keith's head. A small bead of pre-cum drizzled out, which I happily licked up.

I reached my tongue out and teased his head. Keith let a small "ohhh, fuck" out in response.

I smiled happily before going all out.

I wrapped my lips around the shaft of Keith's cock, sucked in my cheeks, and started bobbed my head up and down. I began at a slow pace, matching the jerking of my hand. I used my tongue to tickle the underside of his dick, causing another small droplet of pre-cum to leak onto my tongue.

I picked up the pace of my bobbing, each time progressively getting further and further down on his shaft. My tongue worked its magic over his head and shaft as I did so.

Victoria was eagerly licking at my clit and pussy as I sucked off her husband. She was inexperienced and didn't have the best technique. But I was incredibly horny, so her unconcentrated licks were doing fine enough. I felt another orgasm start to slowly build back up again inside of me.

My mouth was soon working at a frenetic pace bobbing up and down Keith's shaft, and I nearly had all of it down. I made one last effort, and shoved his entire cock down my throat, until my nose and forehead were touching his lower abdomen.

Keith let out a loud moan, and made his pleasure known.

His cock started to throb in my throat, telling me he was about to cum. My tongue tickled the underside of his shaft again with the entire thing still rammed down my throat, before I pulled away. Strings of saliva and pre-cum dangled from his cock to my lips, which broke and stuck to my breasts.

I dismounted from Victoria, and gently pulled her up so that she was on her knees next to me.

"Your husband's about to cum Victoria. I want you to suck him off until he does, okay?"

She nodded in affirmation.

I looked back up to Keith.

"Do you want to pop on her face or in her mouth?" I asked.

"On her face obviously," Keith responded. "We've never tried that before but I think it's super hot."

"Then pull out the second before you cum," I told him.

Victoria began sucking Keith's cock again. I looked at his face and could tell that he wasn't having as much fun with her as he was with me.

"I bet you've never had two girls blow you at the same time, have you?" I asked him.

His face lit up when he realized what I was proposing.

"Um, no. Are you, uh, offering?"

I smiled back up at him in response.

I moved so that I was kneeling in front of and to the side of Victoria. I leaned my head down to the base of Keith's cock and ventured further below, gently swiping his balls with my tongue.

He let out a small gasp in response.

I opened my mouth wide and took both of his balls in my mouth, chipmunking them. I sucked down hard, running my tongue over them. It seemed that the double treatment did wonders for Keith, because within a minute, he pulled out of Victoria's mouth.

I kept sucking on his balls, and reached up with my hand to grasp his shaft. I aimed if squarely at Victoria's face, and after only one or two jerks, Keith came.

He exploded, all over his wife's face, absolutely coating her. Both of her eyes were sealed shut by his cum, and her forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin were all glazed over from the facial. Some of Keith's load had been deposited into Victoria's open mouth, and sat on her tongue.

"Holy fuck, that felt amazing!" Keith exclaimed.

"Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Doesn't your pretty little wife look do great with cum all over her face?"

"She certainly does. We need to do that more often."

I released my grip on Keith and moved over to Victoria. I wiped the cum out of her eyes with my finger, allowing her to open them and see again.

"And what about you, Victoria? Do you like wearing your husband's load on your face?"

She nodded, the cum in her mouth preventing her from speaking.

I moved my head towards Victoria and kissed her again. She kissed me back, and the cum that was in her mouth swapped into mine. I pulled slightly away from Victoria, before sloshing the viscous liquid around in my mouth a few times.

"Lean back and open wide," I said, my mouth closed as much as possible.

Victoria obeyed, and I positioned my mouth so it was above hers. I then slowly let Keith's cum drip out of my mouth directly onto Victoria's tongue. She swallowed it all up, showing me and Keith her tongue afterwards to prove it.

I looked over at Keith. He came probably only two minutes earlier, but his cock was now starting to become hard again.

"Somebody's getting excited again," I commented.

"What can I say? I can't resist."

I crawled over to him, and gently began stroking his cock again.

"Well, it's a good thing too, because I want to feel this bad boy inside of me."

By the look on Keith's face, one would guess that he had died and gone to heaven.

I turned myself around so that I was facing away from Keith and got on all fours. He took the signal and started rubbing saliva over his shaft. It was totally unnecessary; my natural juices were flowing plentifully.

I beckoned Victoria to come over as well.

"Just lie back and relax," I told her.

She did just that, lying down on the floor in front of me.

Keith positioned himself behind me and gently rubbed the head of his cock over my pussy lips. He pressed lightly on my clit, before lining his head up again with my hole. Keith pressed forward and easily slipped inside of my cunt.

Meanwhile, I looked down at Victoria. I took a moment to appreciate how much of a transformation I had coaxed out of the conservative and shy wife. She now lay in front of me with her face covered in cum and legs spread wide, perfectly exposing the small triangle of trimmed hair that sat above her glistening pussy lips.

I leaned my head forward and moved it so it was only a few inches away from her pussy. I gently blew on her clit, inducing a low moan.

Keith was establishing a steady rhythm in my pussy. He thrust in to the hilt, and then withdrew until just his head was still buried in me, before repeating the process. I usually used fingers for jilling off, so my pussy did have to take a little bit of time to acclimate to the large foreign object being inserted into it.

I reached my tongue out and barely nudged Victoria's clit. I did it again, giving her the smallest of satisfactions. I then took a full lick across her pussy, causing Victoria to shudder.

I dove fully into her pussy. I had eaten pussy twice before, so I did know to a certain extent what I was doing. I concentrated my efforts on Victoria's clit, sucking on it and swirling my tongue over it.

Keith was increasing his pace as he hammered in and out of me. While it made it more difficult for me, it apparently felt good for Victoria as my tongue bobbed in accordance with Keith's thrusts.

Victoria's previous efforts of eating me out had already warmed me up, so Keith was bringing me quite close to a climax. It seemed like forever ago that I had last gotten laid, and I was certainly enjoying being well and properly fucked in doggy.

I ran my tongue hungrily over Victoria's labia, collecting the drops of nectar that had accumulated on them. She pressed her hand on the back of my head, beckoning for more.

I met her wish, and began darting my tongue in and out of Victoria's pussy. I extended my tongue as far as I could, tongue-fucking her while she ground her hips against my face.

"Oh, gosh, just keep doing that! Oh jeez, it never feels this good when Keith does this," Victoria complimented me.

I doubt Keith took any notice of his wife's insult. He was ramming into me at a fast pace, the sound of our wet flesh slamming together creating a squelching noise that blended in with the chorus of moans that filled the room.

Keith continued to thrust up into me, and he reached underneath me with both hands to play with my breasts. He ran his hands ofer each breasts, circling his index finger on each hand over its respective nipple, creating friction with my piercings.

Victoria was almost completely gone now. Both of her hands pressed against the back of my head, encouraging me to keep licking her. I focused my attention equally on her pussy and clit, keeping her juices flowing.

Keith reached a fever pitch with his thrusts, and I knew I was about to cum. I reached back between my legs and felt my clit. I ran my fingers over my clit a few times, which was all I needed to reach my climax.

My pussy contracted around Keith's cock as I screamed into Victoria's pussy, the waves of pleasure coming over me. I rode out the aftershocks of the orgasm while continuing to service Victoria. Her pussy was leaking juice quite heavily, and her thighs quivered, telling me that she was about to have a climax of her own.

I moved my head away from Victoria's crotch just as I thought she was going to cum.

Her eyes shot open and she picked her head up to look straight at me.

"No, no, no, I was just about to orgasm. Why did you do that?" she angrily asked.

"Trust me. It'll feel a lot better when you finally do cum. I think I know what I'm doing," I reassured her.

"Fine," she said, accepting the advice.

Keith slowly pulled his cock out of my pussy, which now felt much looser than before. I turned around to look, and found it to be absolutely soaked in my own juices.

I flashed Keith a smile before gleefully engulfing his whole member in my mouth again. I ran my tongue over the entire length, being sure not to miss a single drop of pussy juice on it. I stopped blowing Keith when I tasted some pre-cum start to mix in.

"Uh uh. Not quite yet. I think your wife is still in need of a climax."

"Well, we can't have that, now can we?" he asked in response.

Victoria remained in her position lying on the floor. Keith moved over to her and positioned his dick in front of her pussy hole before slowly pushing in. Keith had difficulty fully entering Victoria's tight pussy, which didn't surprise me at all.

I reached a hand down and started lightly playing with Victoria's clit. Her moans started back up again as she neared her peak.

Keith was sweating pretty hard, and near a climax of his own, his second of the day.

"God, your pussy feels so good. Like a glove," he told Victoria.

The brunette's cries reached a crescendo as I flicked my fingers over her clit faster, and she came with a loud cry.

At the same time, Keith began grunting as he was right about to cum.

"Pull out. I want it on my tits," I told him at the last second.

He was all too happy to oblige, exiting from his wife's pussy and standing up in front of me in a second. Keith stroked his cock furiously and almost immediately began depositing his load.

His cum rained down onto my tits and neck, covering them with long streaks of jizz. His first load was quite a bit bigger, but he still managed to coat my tits well, which is no small task considering their large size.

Keith finished his climax, milking a few more small droplets out onto my chest.

"Why, thank you, kind sir," I said, giving his dick a kiss in appreciation.

I looked back down at Victoria. She was lying on the floor with her chest heaving, still recovering from her climax. I ran a finger over her pussy, collecting her nectar before licking it off.

"Told you that you should trust me. I bet that orgasm was fantastic."

She could only nod her head in response.

I smiled and leaned down. I kissed Victoria once again, tasting the cum that had already started to slightly harden on her lips.

"It's been fun," I whispered to her.

I turned to Keith and gave him a deep kiss as well, allowing him to taste his wife's pussy juices. I think he was still a little taken aback by the fact that what was happening was actually real, but he kissed me back.

I walked away from the happy couple and searched out Olivia.

She was sitting on the floor across the room, her long red hair which was usually styled so nicely now sticking to her face.

I walked across the room to her, and when she saw me, her face lit up.

"Hey, gorgeous! Lost you there for a while."

I leaned down and pushed her back onto the floor. She giggled, and her eyes beckoned me to join her. I lay down on top of her body, looking straight into her eyes. Our breasts pressed together, the cum that coated mine now rubbing off onto Olivia's chest as well.

"Don't worry. Just getting Victoria out of her shell. I had no intention of not finishing what we started."

I cocked my head slightly and leaned into Olivia. Her lips were so soft that I could have remained in a kiss with her for the rest of my life and I probably wouldn't care.

As our tongues started exploring the other's mouth, I could very distinctly detect the taste of cum in Olivia's mouth.

"Which one did you swallow?" I asked her between kisses.

"Steve," she responded.

Olivia reached her hand up and cupped my cheek. Her hand was extremely sticky, giving me an indication of where Chase came.

"God, you're so fucking sexy," I admitted to her.

"You too. I can't believe we've never done this before," Olivia responded.

I moved my attention slightly away from her mouth. I kissed the redhead's cheeks, before exploring every inch of her beautiful face, from her ears to her eyelids.

I hadn't ever wanted to be this tender with anyone else before, and found myself extraordinarily horny.

I moved on down to Olivia's neck. I planted kisses there, being careful not to leave her with a hickey.

I continued to venture further down her body, reaching her beautiful breasts. My tongue danced over each of Olivia's nipples, making them extremely erect and bringing goosebumps to her areolas. I could taste the slight trace of jizz on her breasts, as Olivia let out slight moans.

I kissed my way down her stomach, rimming her navel a little with my tongue. Olivia was squirming with anticipation, but tolerated my teasing because of the inevitable reward.

I reached her crotch and took a moment to admire the view. I ran my fingers through her large red bush.

"You know, I think this is the prettiest bush I've ever seen," I complimented her.

Olivia gave a slight chuckle in response. "Why thank you. But how many others have you seen?"

"Well, one or two in my time."

Olivia's pussy was already very much ready. Her plump lips were extremely wet, allowing the sunlight to reflect off of her juices. Her clit was engorged, and ready to be feasted upon. I spread her lips lightly with my fingers, and got an excellent view of her pretty pink flower.

I couldn't help myself any longer. I ditched any semblance of the tease and dove straight in.

My tongue rapidly flicked over Olivia's clit, as she gasped due to the sudden excitement. I closed my lips and lightly sucked on her button, still dancing my tongue along it.

I couldn't let her pussy go unattended, so I inserted the tip of my index finger in. It slid inside extremely easily, and I pressed my whole finger in.

I curled it back and felt along her pussy to her g-spot. I found it and started lightly tapping it with the tip of my finger. I looked up at Olivia through her legs. Her eyes were closed, and her chest was heaving.

I added a second finger to the inside of her pussy. Olivia's moans filled the room, and were music to my ears.

I increased the face of my fingering, rapidly pressing the two fingers down hard into her pussy. My tongue and mouth continued their assault on her clit, and Olivia's pussy was leaking all over my hand.

Her chest continued to rise and fall as Olivia reached forward and started playing with her breasts.

I added my ring ringer to the other two inside of her pussy, continuing to thrust them in and out of her juicy cunt. Olivia's back arched, elevating her slightly off the floor, and I knew she was close to her climax.

My tongue flittered over her clit as fast as I could make it go. My three fingers were pumping in and out of her pussy so quickly that they were almost a blur. Olivia was so close.

A naughty idea popped into my head, and I knew immediately that I had to do it.

I continued to work my magic on her cunt with my fingers and mouth. As I did so, I pressed my pinky finger against Olivia's tight asshole and thrust it in, immediately establishing the same pace as the rest fo my fingers.

Olivia's eyes shot open and she immediately sat up, the unexpected intrusion into her anus clearly shocking her.

"Oh my fuck, Ari," she let out in a deep moan.

I pumped my fingers as fast as I could while sucking down on her clit. In a matter of seconds, Olivia's high-pitched squeals reached a peak and she reached her climax. Her pussy contracted around my fingers and I withdrew them as quickly as I could.

Olivia's unobstructed pussy squirted directly onto my face, and I caught as much as I could with my waiting tongue. I swallowed it all down, the reward for my efforts. Olivia's pussy was the best-tasting I had ever had, so I was only too happy.

Olivia leaned forward and pushed me back onto the ground, allowing us to swap positions from earlier as she lay on top of me now.

"God, Ari, you have no fucking clue how amazing that felt. You're a legitimate fucking wizard."

I gave Olivia a small kiss.

"Well, I have had a little bit of experience."

We continued to make out, as Olivia took quick licks at my face, tasting her own pussy juice.

She suddenly shifted away and moved down my body.

"Alright, my turn now. I have to repay the favor."

"Do you know what you're doing?" I asked.

"Well..." she hesitated. "Not exactly. I've never done more than kiss another girl before now."

I smiled at her eagerness to learn and pay me back.

"Why don't you lie down on the floor and I'll ride your face. That'll probably be easiest."

Olivia quickly did as I suggested, lying down on her back.

I crawled over to her and positioned my legs so that her face was directly in between them. I straightened my back and sat up so that my pussy was as close to her mouth as could be managed.

"Just concentrate on the clit, right?" she asked.

"Yep, you're already learning."

Olivia reached her tongue out and timidly licked at my pierced clit. She stopped, as if seeking approval.

I looked down at her face, making eye contact.

"That was good. Keep going," I said.

Olivia obeyed, licking at my clit. She was clearly inexperienced, but her tongue was more talented than Victoria's, and she was quickly getting the hang of it.

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