tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNude Racing Catfight (see pg A4)

Nude Racing Catfight (see pg A4)


Part One - Preparing for the Day

The banners went up at key intersections all over town three weeks before the big day. For most in the sleepy little town this was the official start of the "think about what's coming" phase of the year. Yet for the handful of organizers it was a reminder to check last minute details and ensure all their ducks were in a row. The whole town would turn out on the given day to participate, laugh, and have fun.

While other small towns had just your average fair or parade, beet festival, possum festival or some such themed event, the town of Deer Song celebrated National Nude Day. Everything was conducted in the nude; the parade, racing competitions, eating contests, the horseshoe throwing competitions, and even the fairgrounds were open to unclothed adult persons only.

Speculation ran rampant down at Ed's barbershop concerning the women's one-mile run. The year before this one Michael Fellington's wife had come in second place, despite running so fast that even her trim A cup breasts had jiggled nicely for the crowds. This year she aimed to win the blue ribbon and first prize trophy. Though she had been training completely clothed every day for the last 6 months the men at the barbershop were always pleased to see her run by on her daily work out.

"So your wife is pretty determined to win this year," commented Ed as he worked the clippers over Michael's hair. Ed was a local fixture in the community, had been so in fact for decades. His barbershop had been around for so long it was almost a town icon, as was his slicked back silver hair and old-fashioned bow tie. They went well with the shiny yellow hard wood floors and scent of hair tonic that permeated the place.

"Yeah, she's determined." Michael replied. "She likes the second place trophy she got last year, keeps it on the mantle actually over the fireplace, but you know how competitive she is". Ed nodded. Michael's wife Natsuko was the high school girl's gym teacher and was known for her aggressive coaching of the softball league. Michael himself was an accountant with a local practice, moonlighting as a semi-pro bowler with his wife.

"If she wins, " said Ed after a minute, "that'll sure put a crimp in Becky Clayton's life. She's trying for a three-peat this year. Won the last two years in a row you know." Michael refrained from nodding. "Yeah, I know, she's out to win too. Runs every day from what I hear."

Ed changed the clipper attachment on his razor. "What did your father-in-law think of the trophy when he was over here last month? Or did you hide it while he was around?"

"Oh he liked it." Ed replied. "Over in Japan they don't think much of nudity. Not like here anyways." Ed nodded silently in reply and began trimming again. "She going to run nude today?" he asked hopefully, jokingly. He already knew the answer, but it was a standard joke whenever Michael came by for a trim. His wife ran past the barbershop every day and waved to the gentlemen inside. When he was there getting a haircut she would run past while he was inside and stick her head in for a second to blow him a kiss.

"Not hardly," laughed Michael, moving his head alarmingly enough for Ed to gently remind him to stay still. "National Nude Day isn't for a few more weeks," he reminded Ed. "Be patient though. I'm sure you'll get an eyeful then." The other barbers and customers who had been listening with one ear all laughed at Michael's little quip. Ed was known to be an enthusiastic supporter of the annual festival and an even more ardent admirer of female anatomy.

Several blocks away Natsuko was starting her daily run. She had put on her new blue shorts and tube top, but donned her old comfortable sneakers. Her hair caught up in a ponytail, she jogged quickly down the sidewalk. It was a pleasant summer day, hot without being too oppressive. She knew that by the time she was done with her run however that she'd be covered with sweat and in need of a good hot shower.

She jogged at a good pace down the street following her normal route, through a residential section and parallel to the downtown area. Janet Quimby waved at her from the flowerbed she was weeding and Natsuko waved back. Zed Miller rode by going the other way on his motorcycle, red bandana blazing. As she jogged past the alley between King Street and Empire Lane she spotted the Trujillo kids running their lemonade stand.

She enjoyed living in this small town with its quaint local characters, low crime rate and slow paced lifestyle. Job opportunities were not as plentiful as what a big city would offer but other aspects of Deer Song made up for it. Actually, just being with Michael made up for it. Getting to see her neighbors in the nude once a year was a unique perk too.

A little further on she turned down a side street that defined the Northwest corner of Oxbow Park. The other side of the street consisted mainly of empty lots and the occasional backside of a small business.

Up ahead on the other side of an alley she saw a lonely old mailbox sitting next to the road. She usually jogged on the right, close the road, but always had to swerve around the worn symbol of civilization. In a way it was a landmark on her route.

As she crossed the alley and closed on the mailbox she heard a car coming up behind her and when she swerved to her right to avoid the obstruction she heard the grate of metal on concrete and the blare of a car horn. Startled and slightly off balance from swerving she stumbled and hit the pavement. A momentary glimpse of blue metal being hit a glancing blow by brown metal obscured her vision. She scrambled onto her back, shocked. Looking down the road she saw the tail end of the brown car disappearing fast around the corner.

Carefully she got to her feet and dusted herself off, then examined the mailbox. It had a dent and scrape in it. If she had not had to swerve when she did the car would probably have hit her instead. She shook her head and let out a long breath. The driver was probably drunk.

Or maybe he hadn't been. A sudden thought occurred to her. Suppose it had not been entirely accidental. Small towns had their local hoodlums, jerks and idiots. Maybe, just maybe this had been planned or at least been an opportunity the driver had seized on.

Suddenly uncomfortable being out in the open she cut short her routine, not even running past the barbershop where she knew her husband was getting a trim. Back home she locked the doors and quickly peeled off her sweaty clothes and dropped them in the bathroom hamper. Turning on the shower, she set it to practically scalding as usual then climbed in. She basked in the flow of hot water and suds for longer than usual, taking her time with the sudsy washcloth.

Done showering, she turned to get out of the tub. Through the shower curtain she could vaguely see the steamy bathroom and the door, which suddenly opened. An indistinct figure was entering the room. She tensed for a second and started to back up, her arms drawing up instinctively to her dripping breasts. Then the figure spoke up. "Honey, you ok?" She visibly relaxed as she realized it was her husband.

She opened the shower curtain and almost dropped into his arms. Michael ignored the warm water soaking his clothes. "Hey now. You ok? What's wrong? You didn't pop into the barbershop today."

Natsuko buried her face in his chest. "I'm ok," she said after a few seconds. "Just a bit unnerved is all. A car almost hit me today when I was running."

Concern transformed his voice. "What? Are you ok? Did you get the license number? What kind of car?"

"I'm ok. Really I am. Like I said it didn't hit me. I couldn't tell what kind of car. Just brown is all. I didn't catch the license plate number either."

"Did anyone else see it happen?"

"I don't think so. I didn't see anyone else around."

"It didn't seem deliberate did it?"

"I don't know. Couldn't tell. Maybe just a drunk for all I know."

"Well, at least you're ok and safe. That's the important thing." He held her for a few moments and visibly relaxed. Then he looked down between the two of them at his soaked clothes.

"I think I'd better change. In fact, I need a shower too come to think of it. That should help relax you too." Natsuko smiled. It was standing practice in his household for her to give him a shower. Carefully she drew off his shirt and placed it on the counter. She ran her hands through his brown chest hair, loving as always the feel of it through her fingers. Then she hugged him tight, rubbing her face slowly across his bare, hairy chest.

His arms encircled her shoulders. He enjoyed the feel of her body against his and gave her a quick kiss on the forehead. "Keep going girl," he whispered. She quickly knelt down at his feet and unbuckled his belt, noticing the lump in the crotch of his pants. Teasingly she slid his zipper down and pulled down his pants. He lifted his feet for her to remove them entirely, then casually leaned against the counter so that the bulge in his underwear was pointing at her.

"May I?" she asked in her most innocent-girl voice, her hands hovering an inch from his cock. Another house rule was that she had to ask to touch his most private of privates. It was a simple little game they played, heightening the sexual atmosphere when they got frisky, and both enjoyed it.

He nodded his ascent and she slid her hands between his legs, feeling his erection through the white material. She did this for a minute, enjoying the feel of his tool and how it grew erect. Kneeling again she removed his underwear and placed it in the hamper. He was fully erect now.

"Stand up so I can see you," he said, desire written on his face. She rose, standing at attention with her arms behind her back, her breasts thrust forward, both feet apart so that he had an unobstructed view of her womanhood. She was clean-shaven down below and he could clearly see the clit hood ring she wore.

He looked her up and down and nodded. "Very pleasing," he said and she blushed. She enjoyed being on display for him, enjoyed how he made her feel when he too charge like this. He valued her beauty, both inside and out.

"Into the shower with you wench," he said and together they stepped into the tub, the water soaking them in seconds. She lathered up a washcloth and proceeded to wash him from head to foot, paying special attention to his arms and chest. She knew he enjoyed heavy lather and kept the washcloth extra soapy.

When she finished rinsing the soap off him he backed her up to the far wall of the shower, interposing his body between her and the water. His erect cock nestled against her tanned belly just above her womanhood. She enjoyed how he enclosed her like that and, overcome with desire, begged him to allow her to "clean" his cock with her mouth. He grinned. Oh yes, he enjoyed these little games they played. What made it even more enjoyable was that she did too. "Yes, clean it off girl."

Natsuko needed no more prompting. She slid down the wet wall of the shower and knelt down before him. She engulfed the head of his cock with her mouth, teasing it with her tongue. The feel of it in her mouth was incredible. Eagerly she worked her way down the shaft, taking as much of it in as possible. Then she backed up, traveling up the shaft until only the head was in her mouth. Down and up she went, her tongue driving him wild as it slid around his cock. Her hands fondled his balls, adding to his pleasure.

She was good, very good indeed. It wasn't long before he came and came hard, his cum splashing all over the inside of her mouth. She sucked it down greedily, enjoying the feel of it in her throat and the erotic, manly taste on her tongue. She enjoyed giving oral pleasure, and especially like the results.

He pulled her to her feet and slid a finger between her legs. The effects of the shower couldn't hide her excitement from him. Gently he pulled her out of the shower and made her dry him off. Then he dried her off and, taking her by the hand, took her into the bedroom where he laid her out on the bed.

She stretched out on the sheets, writhing and flexing her tan body for him. He drank in the sight of her, small breasts shifting with every move, dark brown nipples erect with desire. They cuddled there for a few moments then his hands began to roam her body, kneading her breasts and tracing the circle of her areolas.

He kissed her neck and slid his tongue down her shoulder then shifted to her tits. Slowly he worked his face down her body, coming to rest between her legs. Over the next half hour he proceeded to tease her body, lapping at her centers of pleasure and planting kisses everywhere else. She responded with noisy cries of pleasure as several orgasms rocked her body.

He smiled. It was enjoyable making her cum before entering her. She moaned as he mounted her and wrapped her arms around his neck. It didn't take him long to flood her with his seed. Afterwards they lay in the bed, tangled arm in arm. She nuzzled his chin with her forehead and he kissed it gently. Life was good.

Part two - The race

Race day came soon enough, without any other incidents. Michael and Natsuko spent an enjoyable hour putting sun lotion on each other, getting distracted enough in the process for him to bring her to orgasm. After cleaning up they finished putting on the lotion, then they went outside and locked the door behind themselves.

It was a lovely summer day. Living only a few blocks from downtown it took them no time at all to leisurely walk the distance. The sunlight and occasional cool breeze felt good against their naked bodies. Normally they would have felt self-conscious of being outdoors in their birthday suits. With each block they went however the number of naked people they encountered grew. Then too, as it was a small town they knew a number of the people they encountered by name or face.

Jack Quimby and his wife Susan had set up lawn chairs on the curb in front of their house since the parade would pass there soon. They seemed to mark the beginning of the spectator region; from there the number of lawn chairs filled with nude people grew until the sidewalk was lined with more skin than one normally sees before them in a lifetime, unless one were a doctor or nudist colony worker. By the time they got downtown a few blocks later both side of the road were packed.

Some sat in lawn chairs, others stood and chatted. All wore sunscreen except for those too dark to need it or those too unmindful of the consequences to care. Most had small coolers or bags or containers of food and liquid refreshment, especially liquid refreshment; the summer sun would dehydrate anyone quickly regardless of skin tone.

Michael and Natsuko warmly greeted several people they knew, and grinned as they passed Ed and his employees lounging in front of his barbershop. Some of their wives lounged with them, all naked and laughing at some joke that had been told mere moments before. Ed tipped an imaginary hat to Natsuko as they passed. "Got twenty dollars on you to win little lady," he exclaimed. She curtseyed briefly for him with an imaginary dress in response and he grinned even more.

They kept going down the people-filled street and soon came to the high school where the parade would start. It was also where the races would be held. The gate tenders, nude 18 year olds just recently graduated or about to graduate, gave Michael a program and his wife a necklace to which was attached a white sign proclaiming her to be entrant number 24 in the one-mile run. She looked at Michael saucily and put the placard in front, covering her small breasts and dark brown nipples.

"Oh no you don't," he said with a semi-serious look that didn't hide his amusement. Quickly she slid the sign around so it flowed down her back. "Much better." He replied, taking her by the arm and leading her to the racers gate. He gave her a lingering kiss for luck, mashing her body against his. "Make me proud girl." He said then went to take a seat in the stands. As always there were little cushions on the bleachers to prevent splinters and make sitting easier.

Several hundred people filled the stands of the High School football bleachers to view the races. Michael looked out over the crowd as he sat down, pleased at the turnout. He focused on the contestants down on the field donning shoes, elbow pads and kneepads. Racing contestants were allowed this little bit of clothing to protect their bodies from the hard asphalt.

Over the next hour he watched as the shorter competitions played out. Most of the racers were lean and lanky, the women tending towards the smaller cup sizes. It just wouldn't do to have otherwise admirably-proportioned breasts throwing one's stride off-kilter. The men didn't have as much to worry about, but certainly kept any excitement from affecting their rods. A wildly swinging dick would seriously affect ones stride too.

Michael watched the women's races intently, enjoying the sight of so many naked females straining and sweating. During the men's races he chatted with those around himself, only keeping one eye on the track and even that was mostly on his wife. While he appreciated the co-ed nature of the day, his focus was squarely on the ladies.

Then it was time for the female one mile run. Thirty contestants stood at the starting line, ready to give it a go. Michael noticed that Becky Clayton wasn't too far down the line from his wife. Then the nude referee raised the checkered flag.

"On your mark … get set … GO!"

The runners took off, jostling for position. The track was a quarter mile in length so they would have to do four laps. Michael and the others were treated to a magnificent view of thirty shapely feminine rear-ends as the runners headed down the track.

Racing to win, Natsuko concentrated on the asphalt under her feet and the white rail fence to her right. She was vaguely aware of the other racers, but most fell behind her quickly. After the first lap she was one of several lead figures the crowd cheered on enthusiastically.

Becky Clayton was in the pack too, straining to pull ahead. She had cut her normally long red hair rather short for the competition and her freckled body moved smoothly despite the effort she was expending. In the second lap the lead group dwindled down to just four; Becky, Natsuko, a blonde woman that Natsuko didn't know and a brunette woman who she knew only by face (and now body).

In the stands Michael clutched his program and yelled his encouragement to his wife whenever she passed by. He knew she could not hear his voice among the other shrill calls of the crowd but he didn't care. She was his woman, his beautiful woman, and his athletically gifted girl!

The noise of the crowd spurred Natsuko on as she passed the bleachers to start the third lap. The girls were all sweating hard now from the exertion, trying to maintain their positions or jostle ahead of the others. Their small bare breasts shook as they ran, delighting the crowd. Becky, Natsuko and the blonde kept shifting in and out of the lead position as they raced down the track.

As they entered the fourth lap Natsuko and Becky both quickened their pace slightly, trying to decisively take the lead. It was going to be close. Their naked bodies strained down the pavement as they both fought to be first. Then the finish line was in sight. Lungs pumping, muscles jerking they headed down the lane.

From the stands Michael watched as the girls closed on the finish line. They were neck and neck, a blur of graceful limbs and flowing short hair. He unconsciously crumpled the program he was holding, shouting for her to run run run! Then he was up out of his seat, jumping up and cheering as the last few feet of ground was covered and his wife broke the ribbon by a few scant inches!

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