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My wife, Sina, and I have been to nude beaches before and really enjoy them, but this weekend we decided to try a nude resort in Palm Springs, California. Driving through the desert on our way, we were both getting excited at the thought that we would both soon be naked in front of other people. Sina unzipped my pants as I drove and took my cock in her mouth. The hot desert wind was blowing through the car as I felt her warm, wet mouth making slurping sounds as she sucked me. I was on fire.

The manager, Cindy, was wearing a see-through swimming suit cover up with no swimming suit underneath as we checked in. She had beautiful breasts with very large pink nipples peeking out at me. My cock was so hot already and I immediately got hard again when I saw her. She took us to our room and was showing us the controls on the air conditioner and turning on the refrigerator, but we were already busy taking our clothes off. Cindy smiled when she saw me pull my pants off revealing my hard cock. She told me to let us know if we needed anything and left the room as Sina took my aching cock back in her mouth again.

After making love, I took Sina's hand and led her out of the room. If you want a mental picture of what Sina looks like, go to Planet Manu Archives and look at the picture of Tera Patrick. Sina has a gorgeous brown body with thick, shimmering black hair down to her perfectly round ass. It was mid-week and the resort was almost empty, but there was a man lounging by the pool whose gaze was locked on Sina's body. It always gives me a strange feeling of pride and passion when another man looks at my wife with uncontrolled lust. It makes Sina really horny too.

We freshened up with a cool splash in the pool. If you've ever been swimming nude, you know how good the feeling of cool water feels on your naked body. We got out of the pool and headed for the hot tub. A few minutes later, a couple came out of a room and headed towards us. They were obviously drunk and the staggered as they walked. They came into the spa with us and introduced themselves as Pete and Susie. Susie was a beautiful blonde woman with long blonde hair and pretty blue eyes. Her pussy was completely shaved and the sight of her pussy lips was getting waking up my cock again. I'm pretty well endowed, but Pete who was tall, dark and muscular had a huge cock. Sina and I had never seen anything like it before. After chatting awhile, Pete asked Susie to get some more beer. He told us that he had a pony keg in his room and offered us some. I went with Susie to help her carry the beer.

It was strange being naked in the room with this gorgeous blonde. Susie spread her legs and bend over to tap the beer giving me a great look at her shaved pussy. I was getting so hot again. I thought of reaching up between her legs and feeling her, but I was afraid she might not approve. So I was content to just enjoy the great view. Susie stayed in room as I filled two beers for Sina and myself. I could feel her stare on me as I knew she had felt my hard stare on her.

When we came back, Pete was sitting on the edge of the hot tub with his legs spread and his massive cock eye-level with Sina who was right in front of him. She was talking and laughing and having a great time. Susie sat next to Pete and I got into the hot tub with Sina and we started sipping our beers. Sina had asked Pete about Susie's shaved pussy and Pete told Susie to show Sina. Susie spread her pussy wide open and we had this sweet shaved pussy wide open and right in front of us. She was gently rubbing it to emphasis it's smoothness. The bubbles in the spa were off, so Susie could see my already burning cock grow immediately into a full erection. She smiled at my reaction. Then, to our complete amazement, she started stroking herself with vigor. She was masturbating right in front of us! Her finger was rubbing her clit and then would disappear into the folds of her pussy as she stroked herself. Pete started stroking himself too and soon his massive cock was rock hard and huge.

Sina and I couldn't react we were so stunned. We just sat there and watched. Susie was stroking harder. Her pussy was juicy wet and her lips were swollen and pink. She let out a scream as she came very hard. Pete took a pool floater mat and led Susie to kneel on it. He then entered her from behind. Lo squeezed my thigh hard as he pushed his huge cock slowly into Susie. Susie was moaning as Pete started fucking her right in front of us. I could hear the sound of his big wet balls slapping against her as he fucked her hard. I glanced over at the manager's room. I knew that open sex was not allowed, but if Cindy was watching, she wasn't saying anything. Susie was screaming as she came again and soon after Pete was coming too. When he withdrew, a gush of gooey white semen dripped out of Susie's pussy on to the pool mat. They both smiled at us and quietly withdrew back to their room.

We were more than ready to go at it again and we started to the room, but Bob walked up and introduced himself. Bob was an athletic looking guy, with a great tan and long blonde hair like a surfer. He had been out by the pool and had seen the show that Pete and Susie put on, but he didn't say anything about it. I could tell by his semi-hard cock that he had enjoyed the show though. Sina, who loves to flirt, invited Bob to sit with us in the hot tub for awhile.

Sina was very horny and I could tell that she was also very attracted to Bob, a dangerous combination. We chatted and I watched Bob stealing glances at Sina's tits and pussy as we talked. Sina was getting even more horny at the attention. I went into the room and made some rum and cokes for us. We were drinking and talking and my lovely wife was really enjoying herself as she flirted with Bob.

Bob told us he wanted to swim and cool off and Sina went to join him. I decided to stay back and see what would happen. They swam across to the other side, and holding on to the edge of the pool, Bob put his foot on Sina's pussy. Sina felt an explosion of heat go though her body. She put her foot on Bob's cock and the two played footsies for awhile. I jumped into the pool and swam across and Bob moved away, but his cock was right in the pool spot light and his hardness gave him away.

There was an awkward moment, and then my beautiful wife asked me if she could make love to both of us. I should have been mad, but I was overcome with horniness. I told her yes.

We moved to the swallow side of the pool. She took both of our cocks in her hands and started alternating sucking on us. It was so strange seeing her put another man's cock in her mouth right in front of me, but it was very sexy. We were both moaning with pleasure as she sucked. I wondered if Cindy or Pete and Susie were watching. We came out of the pool and Sina bent over grabbed my hips and sucked my cock as Bob entered her from behind. I was so incredibly hot. She tickled my balls and sucked me hard as Bob thrust her hard from behind. I started coming into her mouth and my cum was dripping down out of her mouth. She lay on her side and Bob kneeled and put his cock back into her, holding her sweet round hip as he fucked her. Her lower leg was extended between his legs and his wet balls were sliding up and down on her smooth thigh. I lay down in front of her and started sucking her hard nipples. She screamed as she came and Bob filled her with his hot cum.

Bob jumped back into the pool. Sina was still red hot. She had me lay down on the mat. I felt Bob still warm cum underneath me. She sat on top and started rubbing her soaking wet pussy on my cock. Bob's cum was leeking out of Sina and I could feel it dripping down my balls. I was hard again in a minute and she but my cock inside. She rocked hard on top of me and was soon screaming and coming again. It was incredible.

For the next month we were so hot for each other we were like newly weds. We couldn't wait to get home and fuck each other passionately ever night. Our experience at the nude resort had really renewed the passion in our love life. We still laugh when we talk about how crazy we were that night and how good it turned out to be.

We would return for more adventures.

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