Nude Softball


Many years ago, almost half a century now, I was in the US Air Force; and was stationed at Duluth Air Base, Minnesota. Like most young, single men who were in the armed forces then, I spent most of my free time drinking and/or looking for pussy. I always had more luck in the former activity than the latter; I kept trying, but most of my dates were with my right hand.

The drinking was done mostly on Friday nights and Saturdays. In Duluth, and in the twin port of Superior, Wisconsin, directly across the lake, all bars were closed on Sundays, which didn't always stop me or others like me. A little town named Oliver was located just west of Superior, and their local laws were much less blue than those of the larger cities.

Specifically, the bars there were open on Sunday, and the primary industry of the town was providing "adult beverages" one day a week to thirsty citizens of Duluth and Superior. Of course, this included the members of the Air Force who were stationed on the same base as I was.

Most of the business places that lined the one main street of Oliver were strictly drinking establishments, and a person could go to one of them and buy a drink on Sunday for a reasonable price. Competition among the taverns kept the cost low.

However, at two of the establishments on that street, the beverages being offered were not the only thing "adult" about them. They were strip clubs, and one was named The Oasis and the other was named Blackie's. The two club owners may have had some kind of arrangement on what to charge for drinks because, as I remember, there were no price differences between the two, and both had the same admission charge.

However, they did compete in a much more earthy way. In Wisconsin at that time, nudity in bars, even partial nudity, was strictly illegal, but it was left up to the individual cities to enforce that statute. The police and the city fathers in Oliver, knowing where the local prosperity came from, basically ignored the law. Blackie's and The Oasis competed to see which could put on the hottest show, and they were extremely hot for that time and that place. Every woman who danced on either stage ended her act with at least her breasts bare, and I saw some of them strip right down to the buff. They may have been breaking the law, but I never saw anybody who thought of themselves as being a victim of those violations, or any man or woman who saw one of the shows and complained about its wantonness.

Members of the armed forces didn't get paid much, but we had few expenses, and almost all the single men I knew would attend a strip show about once a month, usually the Sunday after one of the bi-monthly paydays, and nurse a drink for as long as they could. Not being appreciably different from most young G I's at the time, I did the same thing, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. That one excursion per month to Blackie's or The Oasis provided me with masturbatory fantasies until the next time I went there, because the strippers were some of the most beautiful young women from the northern Midwest.

One Sunday afternoon, I was in The Oasis in the company of several others who were semi-regulars, and we had just finished watching one of the sexiest women any of us had ever seen. After stripping down to her G-string, the hotty skipped off the stage, stopping along the way to peel off that last garment while her back was to us, smile over her shoulder and wave it in the air as she exited. We were wondering if the next entertainer could possibly top the one who had just left, when the MC came out to make an announcement. Nobody was very happy about that. A few of the more uncouth individuals booed, but most of us just sat there and heard what he had to say, and it was very interesting, to say the least.

I don't remember his exact words after so many years, but the gist of them was something like this: "Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope you are enjoying the show." I never saw any women in either club, except for entertainers and employees, but he wanted to maintain a fiction. He went on to add: "Next Saturday, at the Oliver city athletic field, there will be a softball game between the lovely ladies who entertain you at our fine establishment and the homely old broads who stumble around the stage at Blackie's."

Truth be told, there was little or no difference between the gorgeous dancers at the two strip clubs, but the MC apparently liked to have a little fun. Most likely, there was somebody at Blackie's who was making a similar announcement, except for disparaging the women at The Oasis. I didn't really care anyhow. This was long before the days of Title IX, and organized women's or girls' team sports were rare. I had occasionally seen bunches of females trying to play softball, and they had been extremely inept. I was a loyal fan of Major League Baseball at the time, especially the Milwaukee Braves, and my standards were much too high for me to want to spend Saturday watching a bunch of girls stumbling around the softball diamond, regardless how sexy they might be.

Then the MC said something that really caught my attention, and that of every other man there. "Not only will our lovely ladies be playing softball, they will be playing in the nude. Not a stitch of clothing will our young beauties or the old uglies from Blackie's be wearing."

That was an entirely different matter. The thought of twenty of the most beautiful and sexiest women I had ever seen prancing naked around the softball field brought extremely erotic thoughts to my mind. I resolved that, even if I had to swim across the lake, I would be there the following Saturday, and I am sure some others made similar resolutions.

I watched more of the show, until I was asked to leave because I was excessively nursing my drink, and I couldn't afford to buy another, In the club lobby, I saw a sign that repeated the information the MC had given the audience, and I wrote down all the details, reluctant to trust such important information to fallible memory.

I passed on the details to anybody I thought might be interested, and I'm sure other people did the same. On the day of the nude softball game, there were at least 100 enthusiastic spectators who went to the game from the base. I rode in a car with three other men, and we were one of the first groups to arrive at the ball park. That early, there were plenty of seats available, but we chose to stand behind the low wooden barricade on the first base side.

We preferred standing so we would be closer to the action, and we picked the first base side so we would have a better view of the right handed batters' breasts when they stepped up to the plate. Besides that, those nice bosoms would be bouncing up and down when they or any other batters ran to first base, so that seemed to be the best place for watching the game.

Shortly before the scheduled start, the players began arriving at the park, and I and everybody else were disappointed when we saw them. They were no less beautiful, but all the girls were fully dressed. Our consternation ended when we realized that they would have to wear their clothing when they walked or drove through town to the park. Oliver was pretty lenient about indecency laws and such, but the women would not have been allowed to walk buck naked through the streets. Any residual disappointment ended when all the women stripped off their jeans and blouses and panties and bras, and every other stitch of clothing, as had been promised.

In all honesty, they were not completely without covering. The players were all wearing sneakers and sweat socks and ball caps. We were standing by the dugout that would be used by the players from The Oasis, and they were wearing green caps, and those from Blackie's were, of course, wearing black caps. Except for that and their fielders' gloves, none of the players were covered by even a G-string. The group with me, since we were standing by the dugout used by The Oasis, decided to cheer for that team.

Once everybody was undressed for action, they all warmed up briefly and generally pretended they knew what they were doing. The level of ineptness was even worse than we had anticipated but, when somebody was a beautiful and sexy and totally naked woman, especially at that time and that place, nobody cared much how good she was at what she was doing. With the warming up complete, the game got underway. The Oasis's team batted first, so we were given the choice of looking into the dugout at their bare backs or ogling the other nude women, who were farther away, as they stood in the field.

One of the clubs was providing a portable public announcement setup, and the first batter was announced as Strawberry Shortcake. She was called that because of her freckles and red hair, and I was rather happy to see that her she was a natural redhead. This was before the advent of silicone, so her big breasts and her curvy ass had to be completely natural too, as did those of all the others. Unfortunately, Strawberry Shortcake was better at being sexy than she was at batting, and she struck out weakly on three pitches.

The next batter did slightly better. She was a bosomy blonde going by the name of Daisy Mae, and she hit the ball in the direction of the third baseman. I didn't watch what happened then, because I was much more interested in watching Daisy Mae's breasts bouncing and swaying as she ran toward first base. Just before she got there, I saw the ball go flying far from the first baseman's reach, and I watched the batter's succulent ass jiggling up and down as she ran to second. She turned, facing her team's dugout, and I remember thinking how I would love to get to second base, and much further, with her.

The third batter struck out, which I soon observed was how most of the putouts would be recorded, and that brought up the cleanup hitter. She was announced as Sharon, with no last name included. When I saw her standing at the plate taking practice swings, it was obvious she knew what she was doing with the bat, and she proved it by hitting a solid line drive into center field.

Daisy May scored easily, giving us another delightful view of her luscious breasts bouncing up and down as she hurried to the plate, followed by breathing deeply as she walked casually past us to the dugout, while Sharon pulled into third base. The rally ended, though, when the next batter hit a dinky roller to the pitcher, and this time the throw to first base was on target. The Oasis had a one run lead, and the women from Blackie's were coming to bat.

Their leadoff batter was a beautiful, long-haired brunette named Raven. She was the first left handed batter of the game, and we were treated to a great view of her curvaceous ass. The best she could manage on three swings was a foul roller toward her own dugout, followed by two clean misses, and she walked back to the bench. We didn't get a look at her breasts, but we did get an outstanding view of her ass, especially when she swung the bat, so none of us had any complaints.

The next batter was a honey-blonde honey named Honey, and seeing her bosom as she swung the bat more than made up for missing those of the leadoff batter. We didn't get to see them bouncing up and down, on the base paths, because she struck out. The third batter hit a ground ball to Sharon, who was playing first base, for an easy out.

No more runs were scored for the next two innings, largely because of the lack of batting skill among the players. Most of them struck out; a few did hit the ball, and we were treated to the sight of them running toward first base, and even second base a few times. Some of them were able to get that far because of infield errors, but nobody would have been able to run to the next base when her teammate struck out. Although the skill level of play was low, nobody that I know of complained, because the nakedness and hotness levels were so high. We were all there to watch sexy, nude women cavort on a grassy field, not to see an athletic contest, and we had no complaint at all about the show they were putting on.

In the fourth inning, Sharon came to bat for the second time, and this time she hit the ball over the fence for a home run. There were no runners on base, so the Oasis lead only went to two to nothing. In their half of the inning, Blackie's was able to scrape together a run.

Raven led off again, giving us another fine view of her bare ass, and she seemed to have learned something about using the bat since her last trip to the plate. She lofted what should have been an easy fly ball into right field but, as with most softball teams, the worst fielder, a brown-haired cutie who called herself Nancy Nude, was positioned there. She called herself that because she was one of the dancers who usually ended her act totally naked. She ran in the general direction of the ball, and it landed behind her.

I was too interested in watching Raven running to first base to follow what happened to the ball after that, but I did see her racing around first base and into second. That view was just as good as the frontal one; she really did have a gorgeous ass. The eventual throw from the outfield was far off the mark, but Raven stayed where she was, and that was the first hit by the team from Blackie's.

It became their first run, too. Honey struck out again, but the next batter hit an easy roller to the pitcher. Common sense would have called for Raven to stay on second base, but she ran for third anyhow, and made it safely when the pitcher threw to first for the easy out. The next batter, the third in the lineup, struck out for the second time that day, and it was up to the cleanup hitter to try to bring in the run from third.

Her name was Ginger, apparently calling herself that because of her hair, and she hit an easy bouncer toward the third baseman, a small woman who appeared to be of Japanese descent, but who called herself China Doll. I was watching Ginger run to first base, especially eyeballing her breasts, and I didn't see what happened. Apparently, the ball bounced off China Doll's leg or tummy, because the pitcher went over to comfort her injured teammate, while Raven scored and Ginger made it to second base. The next batter struck out, and the score remained two to one in favor of The Oasis.

The fifth and sixth innings were scoreless, and The Oasis came to bat in the first half of the seventh and last inning still holding a one run lead. They hoped to score some more, because Daisy Mae was the leadoff batter, and Sharon would bat third, and the two of them had been able to combine for a run in the first inning. I also hoped she would be able to hit the ball, because I so much wanted to see her run to first base again. They and I got our wish, because the bosomy blonde hit a slow roller to Raven, playing shortstop, who picked it up, dropped it, picked it up again, and saw she had no chance for an out at first base.

The next batter was called Crystal, which may or may not have been her real name. She had an unusually pretty face and light brown hair, which she wore in braids, and a figure that was well worth looking at, as were those of all the players. She had batted twice, and struck out both times, so nobody had much expectation of her hitting the ball or running the bases. What she did was to tap a very short roller that died halfway down the third base line. I'm not sure what the Blackie's infield did about it, because I alternated between watching Crystal's breasts as she ran to first base and Daisy Mae's gorgeous ass as she took second.

That brought up Sharon again, and her teammates were all telling her to hit a home run again. "Show them where you live," yelled one of the more vocal women. She didn't let them down; a towering fly ball cleared the left field fence, and Daisy Mae and Crystal scored in front of her. None of them had to run fast, and they celebrated by jumping up and down while running the bases, and the sight of their breasts bouncing with them was even better than when they ran hard.

That gave The Oasis a five to one lead, and the next three batters failed to add to it. Two strikeouts and an easy ground out to a tall redhead at first base ended the top half of the inning. The high point of the game, at least for The Oasis, had been the three-run homer to left by Sharon, and the last half inning was something of an anti-climax. Easy ground balls to the pitcher and the second baseman and a rather feeble strikeout ended the inning and the game, and the losers congratulated the winners in a gesture of good sportsmanship.

Sharon drove in all the runs for the winners, and she was the only good softball player of the twenty who participated. She was strictly a bartender, rather than being a stripper and somewhat on the beefy side, although not bad looking. Except for her, all the players were outstanding examples of the varieties of female beauty. That game, with all its lovely, nude woman was easily the most erotic thing I had ever seen until then, and maybe since then too. All during the ride back to the base, my cock was about as hard as I could ever remember it being, and I didn't wait any longer than I had to before stroking it until I climaxed.

As for looking but not touching, that was never my preference. I would have much preferred bedding any of the women who played that day, even Sharon, to simply looking at them, but I was young, and a low-ranking, low-paid member of the armed forces during a time of peace. They were all far out of my class, but at least I was able to enjoy the show they put on for us on a Saturday afternoon.

Thank you for reading this memoir. I hope you had as much fun reading it as I did watching the game and writing about it many years later. I like writing stories or essays or poems on Literotica, but I like it a lot more when I know that people are reading and enjoying them, and I appreciate it when readers take the time to express their opinions by voting. Like most authors on Literotica, I practically live for feedback from readers, either public comments or email to me. Such feedback, whether praise or criticism, helps me to write more and better stories, and I respond to it whenever I can.

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