tagFetishNude to Seal the Deal Ch. 03

Nude to Seal the Deal Ch. 03


Tina awoke the second morning at the Parks mansion feeling very good indeed. She had put away the guilt she felt for sleeping with Eric Parks. Indeed she realized that she wanted to make love to him again. As she stretched, her hands passed over her pubic thatch. Tina recalled Wilbur Parks' offer from the night before. She realized that if her husband's company, Wilton Enterprises, won the contract with Parks' conglomerate, there would be many trips to this mansion for her husband and herself. That meant more meetings with Wilbur Parks and, no doubt, his son, Eric. Tina envisioned late night trysts with Eric, perhaps even with Dennis's permission. She imagined future visits to this mansion with her husband under lock and key. How would the Parks' react? What of her husband's boss Phillip and his wife Betty? What would br Ae-Cha's reaction? Tina thrilled at the thought of her husband caged in their presence the whole time they were visiting. Tina thought that Dennis, after the initial humiliation, would actually enjoy the experience.

In some ways, Tina felt like an entirely new woman. She felt bolder and less reserved. The shared nudity and her affair had altered her psyche in ways both large and small. She envisioned that when she got home all of her flannel nighties would either be dropped off at the thrift store or turned into dust rags. She no longer needed the symbolic protection they represented. The Tina of a few days ago was fearful of her own body. Yet exposing that body to the elements did not cause her to shrivel up and die. Instead she had received compliments from all quarters. From an outside point of view Tina knew that she compared favorably with Zoe and Ae-Cha. If those women could be proud of their bodies and comfortable in their skins there was no reason Tina could not be as well. And Betty, so proud and regal and looking just as classy without a stich on as she did in her Dior gowns. If Tina could not learn from her example then she might as well stop living. Tina cooed contentedly to herself, reveling in her new power over vanquished demons. She considered other things as well.

Tina wondered, if the contract really depended upon her letting the senior Mr. Parks shave her sacred grounds, could she do it? Tina abhorred the thought of a bald pussy but if such a trivial thing guaranteed further visits to this mansion and Eric's, strong young arms then Tina could envision allowing it. Certainly, Zoe and Ae-Cha were proudly hairless. It struck her that Wilbur parks was not unattractive. Were he an odious toad, Tina's mindset might very well be different. The elder parks had an air of class and sophistication about him. Tina imagined that he would be both gentle and patient if she allowed him to shave her. It might be fun to be shared in an intimate way by both father and son. Tina allowed her mind to follow that enchanting road for a few moments before she broke it off.

She gazed at her still dozing husband. "How would I feel if Dennis were unfaithful to ME?" She thought to herself. Tina realized that the answer was complex. If Dennis sought permission first and Tina knew the woman, she MIGHT allow it. Somehow, Tina thought, Dennis is really not the philandering type. "Oh he is, no doubt, sorely tempted from time to time," she thought, but she now realized that, at heart, he was a submissive. No matter how attractive he found Ae-Cha or Zoe, he was unlikely to act on his feelings. However, if one of them made a big play for Dennis, he might weaken. Tina could tell by the way he gazed at interacted with her, that Dennis found Ae-Cha especially attractive. Tina was still not entirely happy with him being exposed to all of Ae-Cha's naked beauty for so long. If, for no other reason, that she preferred that her husband jerked off to mental images of herself rather than strangers.

Tina was confident that Dennis would never act on his urges without Tina's permission. In fact, Tina was sure that he would take to being kept under long term under lock and key with the same passion he had already shown. Perhaps, after he had been controlled for a year or so, Tina might let him sleep once or twice with one of her girlfriends as a special treat for both of them. Everything would have to be on Tina's terms however.

Gently Tina shook her husband awake. She gave him a series of very deep kisses and smiled at him. Dennis noted a look in his wife's eyes that had not been there the night before. He chalked it up to his wife's mischievous nature. Dennis returned his wife's kisses, grinned broadly, and stated,

"This place really agrees with you. We should come here more often."

"If you win the contract, husband we WILL be back here often."

"I, know Tina, I'd kill the firstborn son we don't have to land that contract."

Sensing an opportunity that she would not get again, Tina plunged in.

"I am glad you feel that way, honey because Wilbur Parks had given me a foolproof way to win the deal for Wilton Enterprises."

Dennis gaped. "He doesn't expect you to sleep with him?"

"Not exactly dear. Before I continue I want your promise that you will not get angry."

"That depends upon what the perverted Mr. Parks asked you." replied Dennis.

"Well, last night while we were taking a break from dancing, Wilbur Parks stated that if I were to let him shave me. He would give Wilton enterprises a five year contract."

The color drained from Dennis's face and his mouth fell open into a large O.

"Holy shit! I hope you slapped him"

"I was too stunned to have much of a reaction but now that I have thought about it..."

"Tina, you can't be seriously contemplating..."

"Hear me out Dennis. Its a little thing really. I'm a big girl now, not the traumatized child I was. If I were to consent it would shorten the song and dance that you and Phillip have been doing. As you said this contact will be worth many millions. We can buy a bigger house with your bonus, a house with bedrooms for children and a live in maid and nanny. Once Wilton Enterprises wins the contract, it will be a simple thing to keep it. We could be on easy street forever, darling."

Dennis considered his wife's calm countenance and her steady voice. Usually when she was like that her mind was made up and she expected compliance from her husband. Still, Dennis was troubled.

"Did Parks tell you that that was the only way to win the contract?"

"No Dennis he dis not. He is very impressed with your company. But WHY reject a sure thing? I'm not crazy about the idea in the least but I am absolutely in love with what my sacrifice will bring us."

"I have to think about this, Tina." gasped Dennis at last.

"Let me help you make up your mind, husband." said Tina as she sidled down his body and placed her mouth over his erect cock. "You get a special treat. I am going to swallow this time."

Tina then applied herself to the task at hand. In her mind it was Eric's large phallus, not her husband's smaller one that she was sliding in and out of her mouth. Thinking about Eric made her tingle all over. As she sucked off her husband, one hand went to her sex and she began working away on her clitoris in its fur lined home. Husband and wife came almost simultaneously and Tina, smiled broadly to her husband, opened her mouth to show off his milky white spunk. With a wink, Tina closed her mouth and choked down her husband's seed.

"Dennis, darling, let Wilbur Parks have his fantasy and I will give you two more blow jobs just like that before I lock you away. That will give you very good memories to get you through your three month dry spell."

"Oh god, honey, how can I say no to you?"

"You are actually looking forward to your upcoming chastity aren't you, Dennis."

Dennis smiled wanly, flushed and nodded. "Yes, Honey, I don't know why, but I want you to have total control over me."

Tina, stroked her husband's well muscled thigh. "And I will delight in taking control of you, slave. Have no fear I will be a benevolent dictator."

"Oh god, Tina!"

"Oh Goddess! Remember that movie? That's what the husband called his wife. Who knows I may even take a lover or two like she did," said Tina with a smirk on her face.

"Really, Tina?" asked Dennis.

"If I thought it would improve your service to me or would serve to maximize your humiliation. You want to be humiliated don't you? You may be a strong, decisive executive, but you are putty in my hands."

"I LOVE it when you talk that way." gushed Dennis

"I know. Too bad we left your cage at home. I'd love to show everyone that you are under my thumb." stated Tina matter of factually.

"If we get this contract, Tina, I will let you pick out the house you want." said Dennis.

"I know just the neighborhoods where I am going house shopping." replied Tina. "Now I have to figure out when and where to approach Wilbur Parks and tell him he can mow my lawn. Well its more than a mowing, a better analogy would be clear cutting a forest."

"Tina, I appreciate what you are about to do. Don't worry about going bald down there, I'll still eat you out with undiminished intensity."

"I know you will, slave. Slave, I like the sound of that word better than husband. The world is full of husbands but very few women have slaves. Of course in public I will be deferential to you and will be the proper corporate wife, but not behind closed doors. Our previous experiments become full time once we get home. It that clear?" stated Tina.

"Absolutely Goddess." replied an enthralled Dennis.

Tina and Dennis made their way downstairs, Dennis staying a step or two behind his wife. Everyone else was already seated, with Phillip Wilton and Wilbur Parks exchanging information on their various personal investments. Dennis held Tina's chair out for her and then paced around the table to his place between Zoe and Ae-Cha. While his back was turned, Tina subtly brushed Eric's thigh. When he turned to meet her gaze, Tina nodded and winked. Eric returned the gestures.

Breakfast was very good. While Dennis, Wilbur and Phillip were engaged in a three way conversation that temporarily zoned out all others, Tina signaled to a nude waitress. A short time later the maid delivered Tina's hand written note to Wilbur Parks. The note read, "Harvesting season has arrived. Tina"

Wilbur Parks looked up from the note, eyed Tina and the two exchanged nods. A short time later breakfast terminated and the business executive announced the plans for the day. He invited everyone out onto one of his boats. "A short sea voyage is so refreshing. If you want to fish I have all the equipment but mostly I expect us all to enjoy the gentle roll of the waves and the sunshine. We can talk about business while cruising. I must say that I am impressed with Wilton Enterprises so far. If just a bit of underbrush is cleared away and I get a complete view of the lay of the land, I have no doubt that you will win the contract."

As Parks had uttered the final two sentences he gazed directly into Tina's eyes. She met his intense gaze without turning away. Tina felt confident that Wilbur Parks would find a way to perform his bush clearing operation n such a way that he did not reveal haw important it was to landing the deal to Phillip Wilton. Tina felt the fluttering of tiny butterflies in her tummy. She was determined to live up to her agreement. Still, the thought of a total stranger getting a view that no other man in her life had seen was a bit intimidating. Tina doubted that the actual operation would be clinical, like a visit to her gynecologist. Somehow she knew that the millionaire's hands would linger long and lovingly on her privates. Tina also wondered what sex would be like once she was hairless. That sparked thoughts of her previous night's encounter. Under the table, Tina gently stroked Eric Parks thigh several times.

Tina found the subsequent boat trip enormously relaxing. The sapphire blue Pacific was remarkably calm this day. Journeying so far out that the coastline was barely visible, the small party seemed to have the entire ocean to themselves. Lathered in sunscreen, Tina lounged naked in a chair, apart from the others, under the seemingly impossibly blue, cloudless sky and relaxed to the gentle rocking motion of the boat; it was not hard to imagine herself in a giant cradle.

Tina's restful idyll was interrupted by t the looming from of the naked Wilbur Parks. As Tina opened her eyes she spied the senior citizen's large uncut penis just a bit more than a foot above her head. Tina had only a moment to contemplated the dangling shaft and the balls nestled in their salt and pepper cocoon when the business magnate began speaking.

"Tina, I must say that you are looking lovely."

"Thank you Wilbur."

"I appreciate your willingness and open mindedness, Tina." stated the millionaire.

"Thank you Wilbur. I am a good corporate wife, what's good for my husband's bottom line is good for me. While I truly feel that Phillip and Dennis do not need my help, I DO have my mind set on a new house in a more exclusive neighborhood, that is not going to happen if you turn Wilton Enterprises down. Also and NOT insignificantly I have carefully considered your words and I realize that I DO need to face my fear and mature as a person. When and where do I report for the actual procedure?"

Wilbur thought a moment and said, "When we return to my mansion I will announce that you and I have had a heart to heart conversation and that have chosen to face your fears. I will escort you to my bedroom where we can have some privacy. Do not worry, I am very skilled with a razor. I shave Ae-Cha every morning, never have I so much as nicked her."

"Speaking of Ae-Cha," stated Tina, "Won't she be upset at you for shaving a total stranger?"

"I consider us friends, Tina. In any case my wife is used to my peccadilloes. She knew full well that marrying me comes with certain conditions. The fact that she has not yet run away screaming proves that she loves me, at least after a fashion. Ae-Cha may sulk for an hour or two but she will get over it. She always does."

"That's good, Wilbur, I like Ae-Cha and I would hate for any bad blood to come between us."

"Well, Tina," replied Wilbur, Ae-Cha has told me that she likes you a great deal. I think, however, that she is quite taken with your husband. Perhaps you have picked up on that yourself."

"They do seem to spend a great deal of time in conversation. Is it anything I should worry about?" asked Tina nervously.

"You know your husband better than I do, Tina, Although I think he is a fine fellow. As for Ae-Cha, so long as she is discreet and practices safe sex, she may do as she pleases. The two of us have an agreement. To be honest I've never been a fan of monogamy, yet I still keep getting married."

The conversation between Wilbur and Tina broke up a short time later. The men and Betty Wilton went fishing and reeled in some nice catches. Betty Wilton landed the largest fish, much to the consternation of her husband. Tina remained in her chaise. The sun felt wonderful on her skin. Through a pair of ear buds she listened to soothing tunes on her phone. Several times she gently stroked her pubic hair. Tina felt that she would be saying good bye to a beloved friend. "At least it is not permanent." she thought as she tried to console herself. The delightful day on the water ended with everyone a bit tired but contented.

Once they returned to Parks' palatial home, their host announced. "I will turn the catch over to my chef. If it is not on the menu tonight it will be tomorrow. Let us all take a break, we can talk shop after dinner."

Before everyone made their way upstairs, Wilbur Parks, subtly took Tina aside and told her where his bedroom was and that he would be waiting for her there in a half hour. Tina caught up to her husband, Dennis and held his hand as they scaled the steps. As they walked she whispered, "I'll let you kiss my pussy fir goodbye, Wilbur Parks is shaving me in thirty minuets."

In their bedroom, Tina took a quick shower to wash off all of the sunblock and so that she smelled fresh and clean. Tina did not want to face Wilbur Parks all slimy and unkempt. She strode out of the shower into the steam filled attached bathroom, confident but a bit apprehensive. Dennis was waiting for her. He fell to his knees and began to kiss his wife's sex. A short time later his tongue diligently massaged her clitoris. Tina always responded well to oral sex. Dennis, while not the ace that Eric Parks was, still did not take long to get Tina's engin revving.

A few moments late, Tina's feet padded down the hallway and around the corner to Wilbur and Ae-Cha Parks' huge bedroom. The door was open and Wilbur parks greeted Tina with a smile. Tina was a bit startled, when after entering, Wilbur closed the bedroom door, embraced the young housewife and kissed her forehead.

"Thank you, Tina for being such a good sport. Here is how it will work. I have a few kinks one of which is to take before and after pictures and a bit of background information on my subject. Please step this way, Mrs Hayes."

Tina saw a table similar to one used for massage set up in one corner. Extending from the table were two leg supports. At the foot of the table sat a table holding razors and trimmers, a basin of water, towels, washcloths and and an expensive digital camera.

"Now I am going to take a few photos, Tina. Stand up against this wall. I will take a few full length and then closeups. We repeat the process once you are shaved." stated Wilbur Parks

"Wilbur, I'm not sure that I like the idea of you capturing my face. What if the pictures fall into the wrong hands?"

"Tina, I understand your fears. The images are kept on a hard drive that has no access to the internet. In the event of my death the hard drive is to be kept unopened and must be promptly destroyed. In other words your secret dies with me. My lawyers will guarantee that you are never embarrassed by these images in the future. If, on the other hand, you decide that you want a copy for Dennis or posterity, I can print off only the number of copies you specify. In other words Tina, you are perfectly safe. OK?"

Tina nodded ad stood before the background on the wall. The pictures still did not please her but she realized that she had to trust the businessman.

"Now smile pretty, Tina!" said Parks as he hefted the camera. Tina was happier with the remainder of the pictures, as they were mostly close, medium, and distant shots of her pubic triangle. At last it was time to lie down upon the table. It was comfortable, yet firm. Only now did Tina notice the large mirror attached to the ceiling. Tina would have a full view of the goings on. Wilbur Parks stepped between her legs holding a small electric trimmer equipped with suction and an attached bag.

"Now we need to trim everything. This will not hurt in the least, Tina, but it may tickle."

Tina bit her lip as the device neared her nether regions. She eased up when she felt the pleasant tingle as the trimmer began clearing away her sacred grove. Involuntarily Tina's mind returned to the time she had been shaved as a teenager. The nurse was old and stern crone who was dismissive of the shame and embarrassment Tina expressed. She had not had her hair for too many years and thought that losing it would make her less of a woman. Already, she thought to herself, Wilbur Parks was more gentle and understanding than a supposedly empathetic medical professional.

Tina was able to relax and watched fascinated as her skin was bared. It looked especially white in contrast to her tan skin everywhere else. As the trimmer worked, Tina discovered that it nicely primed her clit. Tina was always extremely sensitive down there. Wilbur Parks' hands were not roving all over her, as Tina had feared. Indeed, Wilbur Parks seemed as intent on his job as a hairstylist working a difficult cut. Tina remained still until Wilbur took a break. The trimmer had left behind a shadow of her pubic hair, the trim was a short stubble nearly to the skin. From the table he took a washcloth after dipping it in warm water. Tina made a move to stroke her now virtually hairless sex but Wilbur arks slapped her hand away.

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