tagIncest/TabooNude with Mum in the Sun

Nude with Mum in the Sun


One for the contest schedule. Margot and her son find a nudist beach, which leads to the mother's desire to have her pussy shaved. Who's going to help her? What happens after?

I hope you enjoy the piece. If you do, vote for it in the story contest by clicking the stars below. Send feedback if you like. Feedback can be given in public comments below, by PM on Lit forums, or email. If you want a response, email is best.

I've re-read this a few times and 'corrected' as I went - there are probably errors that remain; if there are I hope they don't detract from the overall enjoyment.

All characters depicted are above the age of 18.

GA - Cancun, Mexico - 13th June 2012.

He dropped the used razor into the bowl of water and looked up from his handiwork. His mother smiled. Picking up the fresh towel he dabbed the corner into the water and then wiped the residual mess of shaving foam from her smooth vulva.

Margot Barry looked at her son. She smirked and said, 'We really shouldn't be doing this, Mark.'

He let the used towel drop onto the floor by the bed. 'No Mum,' he said in a voice constricted with emotion and desire, 'and I shouldn't do this either ...' And he pressed his mouth to her smoothness.

'Oh, Mark ... Oh, that's so naughty, licking your mother's pussy. You bad, wicked boy.'

She pushed her fingers through her son's hair and pulled his face harder against her body. She sighed and caressed the back of his head while he slurped and slobbered between her legs. Margot groaned as his hot breath wafted across her newly depilated skin. She sighed and crooned endearments while his quick tongue slid over her clitoris.

'God, Mark. What are you doing to me? I shouldn't be feeling like this. My own son shouldn't be doing this ... I shouldn't be letting you ...'

Mark pulled his face away from his mother's opening. He opened his mouth to speak but Margot snarled an objection. Through gritted teeth, her face distorted with lust and longing, she added, 'But I love it. Keep doing it, darling. Keep licking me. Finger me. You're going to make me come.'

The events of the day before/Margot's nudity:

The holiday had been his idea, a treat for his mother's forty-fifth birthday -- fourteen nights on the Spanish island of Gran Canaria.

They discovered the beach in front of the shifting sand dunes of Maspalomas apparently by accident. Walking along the beach Margot had spluttered, 'Good Lord, Mark ... That man's naked ...'

'I think,' Mark began slowly, 'that this is a nudist beach, Mum.' He affected a nonchalant air and looked around. He nodded. 'Yep, has to be a nudist beach.'

Margot gasped. 'It doesn't seem to be compulsory though.' She peered over her sunglasses. 'Some people have costumes on ...'

Mark turned to his mother, the water at his back. 'Do you want to go back the way we came, back to the hotel? You could get some sun by the pool.'

Margot hurriedly waved these suggestions away. 'No, I don't really mind.' She emitted a rich chuckle. 'It was just a surprise to see that man ...' She snorted a laugh and hid her mouth behind one hand. 'I wasn't sure if he was naked or not at first. His belly was so big and so low I couldn't see anything. Not that there was much to see,' Margot suppressed a snort and held a crooked pinkie finger aloft. 'Talk about tiny ...'

Behind his Oakleys Mark blushed. 'Mum,' he hissed. 'Please ...'

'Oh, come on, Mark,' Margot said. She gave her son's arm a gentle push. 'I'm only mucking about.' She pointed into the distance, parallel to the shore. 'Let's go on a bit more. We could find a nice spot. Somewhere quiet where we can relax. Did you bring your book?'

He sighed. 'Yes, Mother, I brought my book ... And the sandwiches ... And some fruit ... And the water ...' Mark hefted the bag on his shoulder and gestured forward. 'After you.'

They found a suitable spot and Margot set up their temporary encampment. She spread two towels along the sand after checking the angle of the sun high above. Next she unpacked provisions, keeping the bottled water in the shade of the bag. Finally she removed her wide-brimmed sun hat, unbuttoned the long-sleeved, diaphanous blouse and slid out of her safari shorts.

In her bikini, Margot settled face-down on a towel. 'This is the life. 'Warm sun on my skin, my thoughtful son at my beck and call ...'

Alongside his mother, Mark leaned on one elbow 'It's your birthday, Mum.' He lifted the book and showed it to his mother. 'Anything you want before I get into this?'

Margot turned her face towards him and, with her cheek against the towel she said, 'Could you just rub lotion onto my back? I managed everywhere else back in my room, but I couldn't reach those awkward spots right round ....' She signalled vaguely behind her and then flicked a finger towards the bag. 'The lotion's in there.'

Mark reached for the bottle. He drizzled gloop onto his mother's pale skin and began to rub it in. 'OK?'

'One last thing. I don't want strap-marks, could you just undo the bikini strap?'

'Sure,' he said and undid the catch. 'There, Mum, all done.'

Mark picked up his book and Margot closed her eyes. She sighed as the Atlantic waters gently sloughed a lullaby of soft, susurration a few yards away. The sun warmed her skin and melted the sun oil to beads of oily perspiration that trickled down her flanks.

'This is lovely. Absolutely gorgeous, she said. 'The sun is so warm! No wonder all those people come down here naked.' Margot hefted herself onto one elbow facing her son.

Margot sat up and reached for the water bottle. She unwound the cap and tilted the bottle to her mouth.

'Ah,' she said, and wiped her mouth with the back of a hand. 'Want some?'

Mark kept his eyes on the page and shook his head at the proffered bottle.

'You know,' Margot said slowly as she recapped the bottle and set it in its groove in the sand. 'I might just give it a try myself.'

Mark's head jerked up. He looked through his sunglasses at his mother's face. 'Give what a try?'

Margot shrugged. 'Like them ...' Her head jerked in the direction of the sunbathers clumped along the beach. '... In the nuddy. Get back to nature ...'

Mark shifted, discomfort showing on his face. 'Er, Mum ... Do you really want to do that?'

Margot pondered for a moment as though considering the options; Mark saw her face brighten suddenly.

'Bugger it,' she said and grinned. Margot rose. 'I'm going to bloody well do it.'

Mark concentrated on his book but was still aware of her proximity. He stole a glance at her and saw she had her back to him. As he watched, his mother hooked her fingers into the bikini briefs and slid them down her legs.

'There,' Margot said. She sighed and tilted her face to the sun. 'That feels so nice. I think I'll go for a swim.'

Tiny clouds of white sand puffed under Margot's feet as she hip-swayed the short distance away from Mark towards the water.

He watched his mother's buttocks jiggle as she moved. His stare grew hungry and he licked his lips. Quietly he muttered, 'Shit,' and forced his eyes to the print on the page. Mark kidded himself that he didn't find his mother's nudity disturbing.

A short time later Margot returned. Water dripped from her and she grinned. 'Oh, Mark,' she said and leaned forward and eased the towel from the sand. 'You should try it.' Margot patted herself dry, mindful of the sun lotion protecting her skin. 'Being naked in the water was so ... so ... liberating.' She stretched her arms towards the sky. 'I really do recommend it, darling.'

Still uncomfortable at his mother's uninhibited display, Mark cleared his throat, his eyes glued to the page. 'I ... I don't think so, Mum. It isn't really appropriate.'

Margot laid the towel back onto the sand. She rolled her eyes and said in an exasperated voice, 'Oh come on. Don't be such a ... prude. Relax, we're on a lovely holiday.' Margot settled onto her back, breasts and pubic thatch exposed. 'Besides, I've seen you in the nude before.' She smirked and slipped the sunglasses onto her face.

An odd fascination drew Mark's attention to fluff of his mother's pubic bush. He saw the precise line of her bikini wax and prominent mound of her mons before, of their own accord, his eyes travelled over the concavity of his mother's stomach to the rack of her ribcage and, finally, her breasts. His gaze lingered until, with a start, he realised that his mother's face was turned towards him, her eyes hidden behind dark lenses.

Were her eyes open or not? Had she seen his sightline and hungry appraisal of her femininity?

Blushing, he feigned physical discomfort and rolled over and presented his to his mother. 'My arm's gone to sleep,' he said.

Her languid response gave no indication. 'I could just drop off and snooze.' Margot sighed. 'Don't let me lay here too long, Mark. I don't want to get sunburnt.

It took mark ten full minutes of vacillation before he eventually sighed and stood up. He slipped off his shorts and followed his mother's example and took the few steps to the ocean.

She was right, he decided a few moments later as the gentle swell, the waves lifting him bouyantly, caressed his body. He swam further away from the shore and then turned in the water to float on his back, a cork bobbing on the surface of the great Atlantic. He could feel the cool waters beneath him while the sun warmed his front. Then, unbidden, shocking in its intensity, the image of his mother's buttocks returned. In his mind's eye Mark saw their taut roundness and the sway of her hips. He vividly pictured the line of her spine, her tight waist and lean thighs as she'd walked towards the water. Mark's penis thickened and grew hard.

In an effort to push the picture from his thoughts, Mark struck out for the shore. He trod water and waited for things to subside. 'Get a grip,' he muttered.

When he walked towards the tiny encampment Margot was watching, her body angled as she rested on her elbows.

The woman, with her sunglasses pushed into her hair, grinned at her son. 'You've grown into a handsome man, Mark. Lovely physique ...'

To Mark, his mother's line of sight appeared to be focussed on his groin. The image came to mind again as the reality of her nudity confronted him.

He told himself later that it was the effect of the sun on his body that caused his arousal. The sensuous, warm caress on his bare skin evoked erotic sensations. The freedom from everyday stresses as the water massaged him; being on holiday; the surprise at encountering a nudist beach, all of those factors combined to stiffen his cock at that inopportune time. It was nothing. He tried to convince himself that his mother's nudity, her lithe body, pubic bush, or the teasing smirk she wore all meant nothing.

'Uh ... thanks,' Mark grunted, throwing himself down onto the towel, face down to hide his thickening penis from his mother's eyes.

An hour passed with little communication between mother and son except for requests for water and inane comments about their lives in the days leading up to their trip.

'I had a lovely day,' Margot said as she stood in the corridor outside her room.

'Yeah,' Mark replied, noncommittal while he searched for his room key. 'Put some after sun on your shoulders, Mum,' he suggested. 'They look a little hot.' He opened the door to his own room.

Margot paused on the threshold. 'Shall we meet for a drink downstairs later?' She named a time.

With a rendezvous agreed, both Mother and son, almost simultaneously, in neighbouring rooms, stripped off their clothes and stepped into their respective showers. While Margot washed her hair and soaped her body, Mark was thinking about that self-same body. Knowing it was wrong, so very wrong, to do so, he kept the image of his mother's nudity in his head as his fingers curled around his erection.

'Fuck,' he grunted several minutes later as the water cascaded over him and semen spurted from his cock. 'Mum,' he groaned. 'You're so beautiful.'

Self-loathing immediately filled the void in his libido following the sweet, illicit agony of his climax.

A second day at the beach/The beautiful stranger/Shaving his mother's pussy.:

At Margot's insistence they visited the same beach the next morning.

In the bar the night before, Margot had said, 'I like it there, Mark. She read reluctance in her son's attitude. 'I feel so free without any clothes on. I loved swimming and sunbathing naked, and I want to do it again. In fact,' she laughed, 'I could get into this naturism thing in a big way.' She grinned at him. 'Mind you, it'd be a bit chilly in England.' Margot suddenly pouted and shrugged. 'Anyway, if you don't come with me I'm still going.'

And so mother and son strolled along the stretch of sand towards the nudist beach, the Maspalomas sand dunes to their right.

'Stop. Wait,' Margot said. 'Let's strip off here.'

Mark sighed at the inevitability of his mother's will as she unbuttoned her loose-fitting blouse, but he began to disrobe.

'I'm not completely naked anyway,' she smile, 'I've still got my hat on.'

To his consternation Mark found the sight of his mother's nudity under the dome-crowned, wide-brimmed straw hat disturbingly erotic.

'Come on, Mum,' he said. Mark lifted the bag onto his shoulder and, to mask his discomfit, strode away. 'Let's get a good spot.'

One hand on the crown of the hat Margot hurried after her son.

The couple set up their encampment as the day before -- towels spread in line with the sun's apogee, drinking water to hand. Margot lay on her back while Mark, conscious and embarrassed by his traitorous penis, settled onto his stomach. They lay in silence for several minutes, both enjoying the warmth on their bodies until a lone woman rose from a point a few yards along the beach. She waved before walking slowly to the water's edge.

'Did you see her, Mark?' Margot asked. 'Wasn't she just beautiful? What a figure ... And she'd no pubic hair at all. Her ... her ... wotsit was all bare. Her expression grew thoughtful. Then she announced, 'I'm going to try that too. Get rid of this ... fur.' Margot gestured with a vague wave of a hand toward her pubis. 'When we get back to the hotel I'm getting rid of all this hair.'

Later that afternoon mark heard three quiet knocks on his door. Margot, somewhat abashed, stood there when he answered.

'Uhm ...' she began and then looked from side to side shiftily as though hiding a secret. Margot then looked at the floor. 'It's like this, Mark ... I was wondering ...' Her hands fluttered and she smiled weakly. Oh, this is quite embarrassing,' she said in a brittle voice. Margot sighed and then grinned and looked determinedly into her son's eyes. 'Bugger it,' she said. 'What I need is some help.'

Uncomprehending, Mark regarded his mother with a puzzled look. 'Help?' he looked down the corridor towards his mother's door. 'Are you in trouble, Mum? Locked out?'

'No,' Margot hissed. 'I need some help with ...' She coughed. 'I need you to help me with ...' Margot pointed towards her groin. 'With the ...' She mimed a shaving action.'

'Oh no, Mum. No way ...' Mark backed into his room. His hands came up as though she was coming at him with a knife. 'I can't do that. I can't ... For God's sake.' Mark spluttered, incredulous: 'You're my mother!'

Margot's eyes rolled as though their relationship was of no consequence. 'I've been naked in front of you for two days, Mark,' she said insistently. 'You've seen me nude.' She shrugged. 'What difference does this make?'

'It's weird, Mum. Too ... intimate. Not normal.'

Margot pulled a face. 'A little,' she admitted. 'But I need you to help me, Mark. I can't manage on my own. Not with all the ...' her fingers made little fluttering motions, '...fiddly bits.'

Horrified at the prospect of encountering his mother's dangly bits close up Mark recoiled again. 'No, Mum. No way. I can't believe you even considered asking me ...'

Nonetheless, Mark found himself between his mother's thighs, a bowl of warm water nestled on the bed, and a razor in his hand.

'I can't believe I'm actually doing this,' he muttered.

Blithely, Margot said, 'I've trimmed as best I could with scissors. Now we just need to fine tune.' She angled her back against the headboard in a position to observe. 'I'm all yours, darling.'

Mark gulped at those words. If she'd known what he'd done in the shower, who he'd thought about while he masturbated ... Would his mother be so blasé with that knowledge? His hand trembled as he wet his mother's pubic bush and, after a moment's hesitation, smeared shaving foam onto her.

Finally, after almost ten minutes of painstaking concentration, and with his erection leaking pre-cum into his shorts, Mark dropped the used razor into the bowl of water, He looked up from his handiwork and dabbed the corner of a fresh towel into the water bowl to wet it. He then wiped the residual mess of shaving foam from his mother's smooth vulva.

Margot, with her bare backside on another towel, a necessity to protect the resort hotel's bedding and mattress, looked at her son. 'We really shouldn't be doing this?' she said, smirking.

'No, Mum,' Mark agreed as he dropped the used towel onto the floor by the bed. 'And I shouldn't do this either ...'

'Oh, Mark ...' his mother gurgled. 'Oh, that's so naughty, licking your mother's pussy. You bad, wicked boy.'

The beach again/Fucking his mother outdoors/A confession/The beautiful stranger watches:

He woke with a start and immediately recalled the events of the previous day.

His mother stirred and rolled onto her side. She looked at him through eyes heavy-lidded with sleep and smiled at her son.

Hello, darling,' she said.

Mark stared at her. He saw her face and read the expression there. His mother was content, fulfilled.

He whispered, 'What have we done?'

'Loved each other, Mark, that's all.' Margot yawned and stretched. The bedcover slipped and revealed her breasts. 'Not in the conventional mother/son manner I agree, but I enjoyed doing it with you. That you're my son only made it sweeter.'

'But, Mum ... Jesus ... You're my mother ... It wasn't right.'

Margot reminded him gently: 'It was you who started it. You licked me ... Remember?'

'Yes, but ...'

'Shush, baby.' Margot placed a forefinger against Mark's lips. 'Not now. Don't analyse and worry and feel awkward. Not with me. Let's just enjoy our day together. There are some other things I need to tell you about, but only when you've absorbed this ... shock.'

Following their breakfast the couple, both naked with the exception of Margot's hat and sunglasses, walked hand-in-hand along the beach.

'My bare pussy feels so fresh out in the open,' Margot said. Ruefully she grinned at Mark. 'It's also feeling a bit tender and bruised.'

Mark stopped walking and tentatively turned his mother towards him. Margot sensed her son's intent but also recognised his uncertainty. She took the initiative and drew his face to hers. They kissed, tongues slowly sliding over each other in a languid expression of their love.

Somewhat abashed Mark smiled nevertheless. 'I'm not surprised you're feeling tender,' he said. 'It was quite ... erm ... intense there once we got started.'

His mother's voice purred. 'I thought you were never going to get soft.' Her hand touched her son's stomach. Her fingers splayed across the tight muscles as she gave his mouth a light brush with her own. Her tongue traced her son's lips. 'Insatiable, darling, that's what you were. A beast. I really liked it when you were behind me. You were so deep, so hard ... pounding me like that.'

'Stop it, Mum. I'm getting hard.'

Margot laughed and walked on, leading her son by the hand. 'I've got an idea,' she said suddenly. With a nod of her head she indicated the sand dunes. 'Let's go into the dunes. We can make love out in the open.'

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