tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNudeKelly: Sex Center Stage

NudeKelly: Sex Center Stage


One of my biggest loves has always been acting. Ever since I was a little girl I've been performing. The thrill of taking the stage and entertaining an audience is intoxicating. I love being on display, and I figure this may be where my exhibitionism got its start. In theatre modesty is thrown by the wayside, and sometimes this leads to very interesting situations. One of my most exciting theater encounters occurred when I was 19 years old.

I was doing a production of the musical "The Most Happy Fella" at a nearby community theatre, and most of the cast and crew were good friends of mine. We would do show after show there, and in time everyone involved became family. However, one of the members of the crew on this production was new. His name was Tom, and he was tall, dark, and more than handsome. Ever since he first showed up at rehearsals, I was determined to get to know him much better.

I tried all kinds of things to get his attention. I would wear my tightest clothes to rehearsals, I would hike my dress up to straighten my stockings, I even let him catch me in my bra while practicing a quick costume change, and while he would smile, he seemed far too polite for his own good. I was going mad.

After one Friday rehearsal someone had a cast party. It was summer, so everyone took advantage of the pool and Jacuzzi, which gave me the opportunity to parade around in my bikini. It was also the first time I saw Tom with his shirt off. I nearly melted at his strong shoulders and muscular arms. He was gorgeous.

I made sure to sit next to him in the Jacuzzi, and did my best to attract him all night. Still he seemed indifferent. Desperate to find a way to escalate things I suggested we play Truth or Dare. For anybody who knows me at all, they know this is one of my signature games. Given a chance I will turn any event into an orgy with a simple game of Truth or Dare.

Despite all my efforts it was a very tame game, and one of the few I had ever played where nobody got naked. Not even me! Getting impatient I urged my friend to ask me a specific question. When the chance presented itself Amy asked me Truth or Dare, and I selected Truth. She giggled and asked me our prearranged question. She asked me which guy in the room I would most like to have wild, passionate sex with. I wasted very little time in picking Tom, and for the first time got a decent reaction from him. The stage was set!

We were only a week from opening, so Tom and I had very little time to talk at rehearsals, but when we did, he had become very flirtatious. We would glance at each other, and smile or wink, but our contact was minimal. That all changed during our second week of performances.

I made sure to come to the theatre early, when the crew would be setting up. Once Tom was done with his duties, he had a little while to rest before the curtain went up. I had gotten into costume and make-up early, so I waited for him behind the theatre. He came out, and our flirting began to heat up.

Tom leaned forward, and gently kissed me for the first time, pressing me back against the wall. I took a deep breath, feeling my excitement building. I wrapped my arms around him, pulling his body against mine, and kissed him harder. He gently grabbed my wrists, and placed them over my head as he began to kiss down my neck, making my whole body tingle. I wanted him so bad I would have let him take me against that wall, with the entire cast and crew just inside the door.

The sun was vanishing, so the small walkway was very dark. The only light came from the occasional headlights of the cars filling the parking lot. He continued to hold me there, helpless, kissing my neck, and bare shoulders. I shifted my weight from one leg to the other, trying to control the urges that were flooding through my entire body.

I jolted when I felt his hand slowly begin to climb my leg, lifting the big, ornate dress higher and higher. I was so excited I could hardly keep quiet. I let out a soft sigh as his hand finally reached the edge of my panties. I was certain he must be able to feel my dampness.

He teased me by not moving his hand onto my mound as his kisses grew deeper and harder. He slowly guided one of my hands down to his fly, and pressed it against his swelling cock as it twitched inside his jeans. My eyes widened as I felt its size and power.

Then, just as he began to slide his finger under the leg of my panties, and I started to tug on the zipper, the door opened and the Stage Manager stepped out. She had known me for years, and knew of my lust for Tom so the sight of us didn't shock her in the least.

"5 minutes to places."

We were forced to halt our adventure, and with one last quick kiss, I straightened my skirt, and went inside. With each step I could feel my excitement, and I knew I couldn't wait to pick up where we left off. With only one minute to places, I rushed up to Tom who was stage left, ready to help pull the curtain. I leaned up and whispered in his ear.

"Meet me backstage center after the first big number."

With that, I rushed to my place. I knew that once the big cast number in Act One was done, I wasn't needed again until the start of Act Two. I also knew Tom wasn't needed until the end of Act One, so we would have about 15 to 20 minutes free.

The first fifteen minutes of the show seemed to take forever. I couldn't keep my mind off of Tom, and how his hands felt on me. As soon as the number was done, I snuck behind the set, and waited for him backstage.

It was easy to stay hidden because of the way the set was built. This musical featured three complete, mobile houses, each with four walls, and a couple of doors and windows. Two of them, in fact, were two stories. At this point in the play they were way upstage, serving as the background for the action on-stage. I was waiting just inside the backdoor of the middle house.

Finally I heard the door jiggle, and Tom stepped inside. Knowing we only had a limited amount of time, he pressed up against me instantly, and began to kiss me hard again. I leaned back against the small shelf and quickly fumbled for his zipper, determined to free his cock this time. I could feel it throb, trying to burst out. Tom tried to pin my hands again, but I pulled away, taking charge.

I pulled it out where I could see it. It was already shiny and purple, and looked like it was ready to burst. I wasn't ready for that yet. I knelt down on my knees, and lightly brought my lips to the tip, kissing it gently, feeling it tighten even more. One of Tom's hands rested on my head, his fingers weaving through my hair.

The salty taste of his pre-cum remained on my lips as I started to tease him with my tongue, running it up and down the shaft, making it moist. I knew he wanted me to slide my mouth over it, but this was my chance to torture him. I spent several minutes just tasting the tip, and covering every inch with my hot tongue. Finally he couldn't take any more, and I heard him whisper please. Glancing up at him with a gleam in my eye, I slid the first inch into my mouth, feeling it fill me. His hand squeezed my hair, and I heard a deep moan fill the room. He tasted wonderful, and I felt my wetness start to grow again.

Inch by throbbing inch I took him into my mouth, feeling him swell larger and larger. I slowly began to pump, and he started to moan again. I kept going and going until I felt that small spasm indicating he was close.

I lightly kissed the tip again, and rose to my feet. The small room had a shelf built on one side for props. I let him lift me up onto it, and as his hands grasped my ankles, I parted my legs. When he lifted my shirt this time, he was pleased to notice I had removed my panties. In an instant he was on his knees, and started to kiss my thighs. He slowly worked his way up to my lips, and swollen pussy. I could hardly keep my moans to myself as he nibbled and sucked on it, filling me with wave after wave of ecstasy. I could hardly believe this was happening. I only lasted a few moments before I could feel myself gushing. I knew I had to have him now.

I hopped down, turned around, and dropped my skirt to the floor. I bent over the shelf, letting him squeeze my ass from behind. I gasped out loud as I felt his stiff cock fill me slowly, bringing me to a new level of passion. Tom reached around and tugged my blouse down, letting my breasts fall free against the shelf, and he squeezed them as he thrust harder and harder. I had to bite down on a prop rag to keep from screaming as he grew in speed.

The sound of the orchestra boomed just outside, and the actors sounded like they were in the room with us, which added to the excitement. I closed my eyes, feeling the sensations flood my body. He pushed into me harder and deeper, jerking my entire body.

We almost didn't notice that the entire house was moving. We both had forgotten in our excitement that the set house had to be moved center stage for one small scene. The house was now angled so that we could see the audience clearly through one of the windows, but the angle kept us hidden. We were now center stage, surrounded by cast, and only feet from the audience.

I became even more excited, and urged Tom to continue. I reached around and gripped his hips, pulling him deeper into me. He got the hint and started fucking me again. This time it only took moments for me to start my orgasm. I felt my body tense, and I was worried that I couldn't keep the screams inside. I looked out at the audience just outside the window and my orgasm heightened. I was so overwhelmed that I felt lost. Just as I reached my pentacle I felt Tom burst inside me, clenching my waist tightly as he pumped one last time.

Tears ran down my face as I bit my lip, fighting to keep my screams inside. My entire body shuddered over and over as the remains of my pleasure faded. All that was left were the sounds of our breathing.

Tom leaned against me as we calmed ourselves down. The song drew to a close, and the house began to roll back upstage. I stood up and started to get dressed again. As we prepared to exit the house, Tom tapped me on the shoulder and pointed upwards. We had also forgotten that these houses had no roof.

There were two crew members perched on the cat-walk above the stage. They waved at me as I looked up, having watched the entire thing.

As we returned to the safety of backstage I thought it was a shame I didn't know we had an audience of our own all along, it would have turned me on even more, if that's even possible.

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