tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNudist Boat, the S.S. Happy Place

Nudist Boat, the S.S. Happy Place


I was blissfully enveloped in my "happy place."

Most people's thoughts go to their "happy place" in time of desperate need to relieve the stresses of their normal workaday lives. But, I'm one of the lucky ones. I get to live in my "happy place" whenever I want.

I spent the first half of my career positioning myself for my current lifestyle. I have my own business that generally runs itself, and to keep things interesting, I do lots of consulting all over the world. This allows me to live anywhere I want, and also have absolute control over the time and amount of work that I take. I'm in bliss.

I live in a waterfront house in the canals off Biscayne Bay in Miami, with my beautiful wife, Keiko and daughter, Melody. We all love the water and sunshine offered by a life in Miami. Moored at my dock, next to the jet-skis and Hobbie Cat, is my awesome 50-foot ocean cruiser, aptly named the S.S. Happy Place. We take it down to the Keys on a regular basis. Our trips typically last five or six days, and usually include some friends who talk their way on board. Funny how simple acquaintances suddenly turn into your best friends when you have a boat. I enjoy the company though, and always have a blast.

This particular trip, our family of three were joined by my long-time friend Ginnie and her boyfriend Matt. Ginnie's niece, Sara, also joined us. Sara and Melody are the same age and had become quite good friends. Sara hangs out at our home quite a bit lately, but hasn't been on one of our trips to the Keys yet. The girls talked their way out of afternoon classes at the college and were home early, so they helped me stock the boat with plenty of supplies.

They were both excited about the trip and especially that lobster season had just opened. Melody just loves skin-diving for her favorite delicacy, especially when her mother applies her culinary magic. That was the story anyway, but I overheard them giggling about one of their guy friends from college, Tom I gathered, and that he was going with his parents on a boat trip the same time we were and might be moored near our usual cove. I made like I didn't hear the true reason for their excitement, but vowed to help out where a dad could.

The rest of the gang showed up soon thereafter and once all the dive gear was tied down, we were finally off. It usually took about four hours of high-speed cruising. I like taking the helm for the entire trip. It clears my head and helps me change gears between working hard all week and playtime. Everybody else hangs out either in the parlor or aft deck. Each guest in turn though, drops by to visit me during the long journey.

My wife of 20 years, Keiko, is still quite stunning as she approaches 42. She grew up in Korea, but moved to the states with her parents while still young. So she still has a little accent, but is very articulate and intelligent. I met her when she had just finished her doctorate degree. We fell in love instantly and haven't looked back. We tell people that we met at the University, but we actually met at a nudist resort.

She just loves the lifestyle in Miami and I swear she's part mermaid. The Asian in her keeps her body taught and she's not shy at all showing it off. She's tall, skinny and curvy, belying her Korean heritage, and towers over both her parents. After having our daughter, she decided to get a boob job. They are large C-cups in size, and although a little oversized for her frame, complement her style beautifully. She's quite the exhibitionist and is almost always topless when we're on the boat, even when we're in the marina.

Since we leave on these trips from our home dock, Keiko often spends the afternoon stocking the boat wearing just shorts. The neighbors don't mind at all. A retired couple live on one side, and after awhile, the wife just surrendered to her husband's gawking. A trio of gay guys live on the other side, so they don't mind a topless Keiko. But there's a lot of playful teasing going on across the short hedge. Melody and I usually keep things covered when we're in view, but I've been known to playfully flash the gay guys every now and then.

Keiko's free spirit is contagious amongst all the guests on our boat. Anybody that's invited on one of our boat trips is told about our preference to be nude on the boat. The attitude of the Florida Keys is extremely laid back and lots of people go nude both on their boat and especially in the water.

I tell first-time guests that there will be plenty of nudity, but they would never be pressured to join in. Surprisingly, nobody's backed out yet. In the seven years we've had the boat, there's probably been about 50 new guests, and I'd say at least 30 have stripped down to some degree. Some trips even evolved into impromptu weekend orgies.

After about a half hour of slow cruising in the channels, we finally reach the open ocean, which lets me get the engines up to high-power. Just as I get everything dialed-in, Ginnie's boyfriend, Matt, joins me at the helm. This is only his and Ginnie's second multi-day trip with us, but I've been scuba diving with them for years now. Matt is cool and has lots of experience around boats. He's also a fellow pilot, so we sometimes borrow a plane to keep our skills current.

Ginnie joins us shortly and I can see she's real excited about this trip, although she doesn't divulge why. I can only hope though, that she decided to get nude on this trip. Unlike last time, when both of them stayed covered. I could tell on the last trip that she kinda wanted to, but just couldn't build the courage. I've been lusting over her tight little body for a long time now. I would tease her about removing her bikini, especially when I was standing nude in front of her, but I didn't pressure her. Keiko told me in confidence of her desire to see Matt nude also, after hearing Ginnie brag about his big dick.

Ginnie and Matt left after a few minutes to rejoin the party downstairs, being almost knocked down from a couple of rambunctious girls racing their way up to the bridge. My daughter and Sara have become very good friends. Sara's family just moved to Miami about six months ago from upstate New York, and it seems they've been inseparable. In a twist of happenstance, Ginnie was telling me that her sister's family was done with the cold of New York and moved to Miami. I mentioned to Ginnie that my daughter has a new friend, who just moved down from New York.

Boy, were we surprised when we realized that my daughter's new friend, Sara, was Ginnie's niece. Needless to say, Sara probably hasn't slept all week over the excitement about going on a trip to the Keys with her best friend and aunt. And since Ginnie was going on this trip also, Sara's mother really didn't have a chance of stopping her when she was told about the nudity. She tried though, raising Sara in a very religious and prudish household. So, this trip will have an endless supply of firsts for Sara, but she'll be able to handle them.

On the bridge, I chatted with the girls for a while and gave Sara a tour, much to her fascination. I also got them to reveal that their friend from class will be on a boat in the upper Keys this week. I promised to do some checking on their location, but neither girl was sure of the boat name, except something about the wind.

The girls also asked if they could take their clothes off yet. They were respectful when asking, because Keiko and Ginnie said that if the girls wanted to be nude on the outside deck while heading down to our cove, they had to ask me first. Then in a slightly whiney tone, Melody added that her mom had been topless since noon already; and that like I tell new guests myself, the sooner you get nude, the easier it is. She had me, like she always does.

I told the girls that because we were still in the populated shipping lanes, they would have to wait here on the bridge, until I said it was ok to strip down. They agreed, and we chatted about college for the next half hour.

My daughter, Melody, was brought up with nude people all around her, so was extremely comfortable without clothes. Although, sometimes too comfortable. There were plenty of instances when our exhibitionist daughter walked off the boat, fully nude, when we tied up at the marina for gas or supplies. Neither Keiko nor I realized what had happened until we suddenly saw our naked daughter walking down the dock towards us, returning from the marina complex. Luckily we were in the Keys, so nobody really cared.

Melody took most of her features from her mother, and looked very Asian, but her tall stature and freckles were definitely from my Irish side. She had long legs and beautiful, shiny black hair down past her butt. There's no doubt she leaves plenty of stiff dicks in her wake.

Melody's sex education started pretty early, fueled by all the naked bodies around. She was a curious one growing up, and asked plenty of questions. Keiko and I are always open to her curiosity and did what we could to raise a well-adjusted young lady.

Continuing our journey to the family cove, by now the girls were getting really bored, and Melody kept pointing out that the electronic moving chart display showed that we were just about clear of the shipping lanes. Well, that's what I get for showing her how to use it. I relented, and although there were still lots of boats around, I told the girls they could go ahead and be nude on the open deck.

Melody began stripping right away, but Sara hesitated a little. It was her first time getting nude outside her home, which no doubt must be scary, but Melody reminded her about all the talks they had and that she was amongst friends. Sara looked straight at me with a nervous yet slightly annoyed look of disgust, at my unknowing stare. Melody has a gift of sensing people's thoughts and gave me a "Daaaady" sass to hint that I should stop staring.

The girls thought I must have been staring, but I was really just engaged in the conversation with the girls and didn't realize the appropriate moment to turn back to my captain duties. Girls are so much better at sensing those moments.

I turn away from the now nude Melody and visibly-trembling Sara. With a little more encouragement from Melody, I heard Sara remove her shorts and t-shirt. She wanted to stay on the fly bridge for a bit to get used to it before she went back down stairs with the others. Melody conceded, but was still antsy, so headed down to the galley to get us some drinks. She had both her own and Sara's clothes in hand, which prompted complaints from Sara. But Melody was resolute that Sara needed to get with the program quickly and wouldn't get her clothes back until we're back in Miami.

Still facing away from Sara, I asked her, "Well, how does it feel so far?"

After a long pause, she answered, "Well, it's kinda weird and really scary... but from all that Melody was telling me, I'm starting to feel that excitement that she kept raving about. Although, it's also a little awkward that I'm nude and you're not."

I told her that for safety reasons, I usually don't strip until after we anchor. We keep chatting for a bit, as I keep my promise to her that I not turn around.

Sara was beginning to calm down a bit and said that she's starting to be ok about it all. Ya, she seems fine at the moment, with nobody else around and me turned away, but she still has plenty of huge hurdles to get over this week. Melody will be with her though and she'll be just fine.

Melody returned with the drinks, and after a bit, motioned for Sara to follow her downstairs. Sara balked, which prompted Melody to practically drag her downstairs into the main cabin. I've seen Melody's technique in action before, and it's quite effective. There's no pressure to initially strip, but once nude, Melody practically drags people through their fears and doesn't let them back out.

We finally arrived, much to the relief of the battered passengers. Our family cove was far enough away from the crowd, but still close enough to take the skiff to a nearby marina if we needed anything. The water was about 25 feet deep, which was deep enough for big fish, yet the bottom was still within skin-diving range.

The girls were more than eager to help me set a solid anchor, because they got to dive in the water to see if the anchor flutes had sunk deep enough in the soft sand. They were both very helpful throughout the trip, with Melody teaching Sara all about boat stuff. Melody is becoming quite the experienced sailor. She's very responsible, learns quickly and has a healthy respect for the sea; does a dad proud.

Melody is usually very responsible with her nudity, so I reward her efforts with the freedom to choose her own exhibitionist adventures, such as taking the skiff out on her own. As often happens, Melody gets antsy after a few days isolated on the boat, so I make up some tale about needing a part for the boat or more supplies and that I'll need to take the skiff into the marina. Melody begs me to let her go instead, which I always do. She gets to hang with other people her age for awhile, which allows Keiko and I to get frisky on the upper deck. We just love a good bonk in the open air. It's our little game and everybody's happy.

Matt helped me secure the outside stuff while all the women busied themselves in the cabin. On the first night of our trips, I usually get everybody busy with the little things so all we have to do for the next few days is just relax. As far as clothes went at this point, Melody and Sara were both nude and Keiko was only wearing shorts. The rest of us had at least something covering our interesting parts.

It was fun catching Ginnie a little stressed at seeing her niece walk around nude so casually. It seemed to bother her more that not only was Sara naked, but that she was actually comfortable with it. On Ginnie's previous trip, Keiko, Melody and I were the only ones nude and Ginnie's anxiousness was painfully obvious. Maybe Ginnie will lighten up a little on this trip. And whatever Ginnie does, Matt will follow.

We settled in early, for we were all pretty tired from a long week and bumpy boat ride. Ginnie also wanted to get an early start skin-diving for lobster.

I must have been real tired, because I didn't roll out of the bunk until about 10am the next morning. Yup, I was the last one up. Melody and Sara were already well into a board game on the foredeck, Ginnie and Matt were off catching dinner and Keiko had just come in from her morning shower on the rear transom. It was always a spectacle to watch her little morning performance, getting all soaped up and thoroughly cleaning every inch of her knockout figure.

The early risers on neighboring boats always got an eyeful of my nude wife gyrating away. They of course loved it, and Keiko got a rush from the admiration. I just adored the exhibitionist in her, as she also liked showing me off too.

I had already stripped before hitting the pillow the night before, and checked that my morning erection had subsided before emerging from the foreword berth. Of course Melody had already seen me fully erect plenty of times, and I'm pretty sure Ginnie and Matt caught a glimpse of my morning erection on the last trip, but I really didn't want to scare Sara. She's going through enough already.

Keiko prepares some breakfast for me while I teasingly ask her how many horny men she got hard with today's erotic shower. It's a little game between us, as I know she keeps a running count of her victims. She disappointingly confesses that it was only one today, a fisherman on the nearby shore. I encourage her to try for more tomorrow. She then leaves me to join the girls for a little sunning on the foredeck. I salute her tight little naked ass with a whistle as she saunters out of the cabin. After all these years, she still captivates me.

I head out to the aft cockpit deck with a big mug of coffee and a good book. I know Ginnie and Matt will need help getting back on the boat, hopefully with enough catch for the next few days. Lobster season has just opened, so they'll probably have plenty of tail to go around, although there's plenty of naked tail on this boat already. I never have much luck finding the elusive critters, but Ginnie definitely has special radar or something. She always returns with armloads. She also knows that we all like Grouper, so I'm expecting a few of those too.

I soon hear Ginnie and Matt nearing the boat. Matt is usually the designated keeper of the catch, as Ginnie is assuredly the better hunter. She's such a prissy on land, but she turns into a Xena warrior underwater. Her aim is always right on with that damn pink spear gun of hers.

As Matt approaches the transom, he boasts of an overstuffed catch bag. It's filled with a couple lobster, plenty Groupers, a Barracuda and even a small stingray for Keiko to prepare in her special way. I help Matt into the boat but couldn't find Ginnie anywhere nearby. I ask Matt if she's gone down again, but he just said she'll be along shortly.

I then see Ginnie's head working its way down the side of the boat, so I assume she was just saying HI to the girls on the foredeck. She hesitantly works her way up the ladder when I soon realize why. She was out skin diving topless, and I hoped fully nude too, but her bikini bottoms were still on as she emerged from the water. I congratulated her on her newfound freedom while I tried to keep an erection under control behind the railing.

She was standing on the transom and attempting to hand me her gear, but I was so transfixed on her pert, creamy white boobs that she had to poke me with the spear to get my attention. Returning to semi-reality, I helped her with the gear as she climbed through the doorway to the aft cockpit.

She took a quick glance down at my naked crotch on her way across the cockpit to join Matt. It was turning into a little standoff of sorts, as Ginnie leaned up against Matt sitting on the opposite side rail. She was full-on facing me across the cockpit, enjoying my attentive stare.

Interrupting an awkward silence, Ginnie finally said in a sarcastic tone, "Well, are you enjoying the view?"

I wholeheartedly returned, "Uh, ya, very much so. I've been wanting to see those for quite a long time now. It was definitely worth the wait Gin. They're beautiful."

She smiled at the complement, and responding out loud to a whisper from Matt, said, "Yup, it looks like he is getting a little inflated there, don't you think?" I looked down at my slowly growing erection and just decided to let it fly if it wants to.

Matt was whispering again in her ear, which she turned to respond in a snip, but her complaint wasn't quick enough. Matt had quickly pushed her bikini bottoms down to her knees. So there she was in all her glory.

Ginnie had told me previously that she kept her pubic hair cut short, but all I could see at the moment was a neatly-trimmed triangle patch of hair. I'd hoped everything below was shaved clean, but I wouldn't get the chance this time. For as quickly as Matt had pushed her bottoms down, she just as quickly pulled them back up. I quipped that she really didn't need to keep those on anymore.

She was quite mortified and furious at Matt, but he just quietly stood his ground. After Ginnie calmed down a little, Matt gestured in my direction and said to Ginnie, "See, I told you it would, look at him now."

Ginnie slowly turned towards me and looked down with a mischievous smile at my fully erect dick. I guess I wasn't paying much attention myself, because it surprised me too.

We just stared at each other until Ginnie said to me, "Well, it looks like we're even now. I've been wanting to see that hard dick for a long time too. I've been hearing so much about it."

Secret desires now attained, the three of us began gathering up the gear and surveying the morning catch. My erection had subsided by the time Keiko joined us on the aft deck. She noticed Ginnie was topless and welcomed her to the club, while encouraging her to loose her bottoms too. Ginnie announced that she'd think about it.

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