Nudist Fantasy


My wife and I are nudists and we have belonged to the same nudist club for years. It is a family oriented club and not a swingers' club and we are not swingers.

Let me tell you a little about my wife, Sue. She is twenty-eight years old with long straight black hair and brown eyes. She is a petite little thing, only 5 feet 2 inches tall, with 36B tits that are very perky. She has nice tits! She also has a little bottom that is nice to squeeze. Sue has always been an exhibitionist. I'm sure that's one of the reasons why she enjoys going to the club. She loves the idea that the men at the club can see every part of her cute little body from head to toe. She loves to flirt and what is the harm in that so long as I am the one she comes to?

Sue also likes it when I am nude and she often tells me that I have the nicest cock of all of the guys at the club. Often, when we are sunbathing at the pool, she will deliberately tease me to try to get me stiff. I think she wants the other girls to see how big my cock gets when I get excited. All it takes from her is that special look as if she wants to fuck. She will deliberately cause me to get an erection and, when I do, she will giggle.

Sue likes the idea that she can cause me to get so aroused in public. Of course, I have to be very careful depending upon who is sitting near by. I don't want to get thrown out. If no one is around, I will lay on my back with my cock all swollen and on display. But if there are other people present, I will turn onto my stomach so as to hide my erection.

I want to tell you about a fantasy that I have. I fantasize that Sue and I are sitting at the pool at our nudist club when she suggests that we take a break from sunbathing and go for a walk around the campground. I go to grab my towel, but she tells me to leave it on the chair so that someone else doesn't take my seat. We are both completely naked except for our sandals.

We hold hands as we walk up the hill. We soon happen to come across a young lady friend. She has red hair and blue eyes and her skin is soft and smooth all over. She is nude, just like we are.

We stop to talk. Sue and I continue to hold hands. The two girls are talking and laughing. Both women look so nice.

The problem is that I am starting to get aroused. I feel my cock twitch and start to swell. I feel so vulnerable and exposed. I am so afraid that I will get an erection that our lady friend will see. What would she think if that were to happen? That would be awful.

I wish that I had taken the towel with me instead of leaving it at the pool. I try to think about something else. Right now, my cock is still only half erect and not very noticeable. If I concentrate enough, I should be able to keep it from getting more excited. In another minute, the girls will probably conclude their conversation and my wife and I will be on our way.

Just when I think I am starting to settle down, my wife starts to gently squeeze my butt. Doesn't she realize what she is doing? Doesn't she realize the effect that she is having on me? Is she deliberately trying to tease me and to embarrass me?

Now my cock is fully erect and sticking up. It's impossible for the girls not to notice. And I have nothing to cover myself with. I am so exposed and embarrassed!

I start to apologize, but our lady friend says that it's okay. She understands that that can happen to a guy. It's a good thing that she is not offended. My wife giggles, but doesn't say a word.

Afterwards, when we are alone, Sue admits that she did that on purpose. She had so much fun getting me stiff and embarrassing me like that. She stands up on her toes and puts her arms around my neck and kisses me. I won't tell you about what she does to me later when we are alone in our camper.

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love to tease

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