tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNudist Resort Adornment Day Ch. 01

Nudist Resort Adornment Day Ch. 01


Once a year, the clothing-optional resort, Paradise Lakes in Tampa, Florida, hosts a weekend dedicated to the creative adornment of nude bodies. This was my first time attending Body Adornment Days, and from the website, it looked like there would be lots of body painting and jewelry hanging around, so to speak.

My nudist partner, Ginnie, decided to tag along also. We worked together, and were never a couple, but I convinced her to at least try the nudist thing one time, to which she's now totally hooked on the exhibitionism, body freedom and sexual teasing. This Body Adornment Days weekend would be her forth time joining me at this very popular nudist resort.

We've kept our friendship strong over the years and never succumbed to the outright sexual tension between us. We hang out at the resort together, but usually find our own sex partners for the weekend. We look out for each other and are each other's matchmaker.

We were both excited about Body Adornment Days, as we've heard the regulars rave about all the fun. We arrived Friday night and just settled in with dinner and hot tub before crashing in our second-floor room overlooking the pool deck.

The next morning, I awoke before Ginnie, as usual, and before heading out for a shower, I just couldn't resist a quick grope of her beautiful, heart-shaped ass, self-assuredly on display as she slept. We had an agreement between us for no touching below the waist, but I sneak a grope when I can get away with it. She's been sneaking gropes also, assuming I was asleep. I think we both like the attention, so neither of us will call the other on it. And we both give each other playful pats on the crotch once in a while.

There was a shower in the hotel room, but I never use it. I prefer the outside shower by the pool, purely for it's exhibition potential. An activity I always thoroughly enjoy. It's a rush every time, to be able to go right from sleeping in the nude, to walking out in public and take a shower, all without ever putting on any clothes. In addition, the lack of people around the pool complex in the early morning affords me an opportunity to walk through without keeping my morning hard-on in check.

There's usually just few people getting a morning swim or on their way to the outside showers, and I'm usually not the only guy sporting a nearly-erect dick. It's understood by all and people just accept it this early in the morning. I'm enjoying it nonetheless, especially when I walk past the girl cleaning the pool. She always casually looks down at my crotch for a quick glance and smile. I totally enjoy being the only one nude in a crowd or flirting with a fully-clothed girl.

This morning was a little different though. Of the six or so guys I saw on the way to the showers, all but one had a fully-erect dick proudly waving in full view. I even saw one couple walk out of the clubhouse office with the guy's erect dick leading the way. The resort definitely frowns on an erect dick in the clubhouse and restaurant. I found the situation a little odd, but soon discovered why.

In any case, I was looking forward to a shower out in the open and the welcome relief of letting an erection fly behind the half walls of the shower stall. With so many nubile naked ladies running around, it was tough holding my arousal in check for the sake of nudist decency. During my morning shower sessions, I didn't need a full on jack session, just an enjoyable erection for a few minutes. The excitement was elevated even more with the chance of getting caught, especially by an interested lady.

But this time, I entered the shower area finding one other guy in the center stall. I must have surprised him in the midst of his own erection party, because when he turned and discovered me, he released the grip on his own soapy dick. I greeted a hello and gestured that I wouldn't snitch. He turned, and I suspect continued groping himself. The un-said code of the nudist resort is to just let another guy have his fun, as long as there's no come-on or creepy things. My erection was well on its way also.

Realizing I underestimated the general goings on of this special weekend, I popped my head around the stall and asked the guy if he had the official scoop. Larry, I found out, explained the relaxed attitude during Body Adornment Days, as he casually stroked his soapy hard-on during the entire conversation. He was obviously enjoying his exhibition, although a little too much for my comfort. But, as long as he doesn't make any sexual suggestions towards me, I'll let him enjoy the view of my naked body.

Larry told me that the resort allowed, and encouraged, heavy sexual petting this weekend. For with all the body jewelry and erotic accessories on exhibit, it'd be difficult to even attempt control. So they just let everything fly, so to speak and just ask that people not get too carried away.

Wow, I thought. As I was discovering this Body Adornment Days was going to be even better than I could've ever imagined, and I had plenty of wicked thoughts built-up from previous visits. I assumed from the website pictures of previous years there would just be some tame body painting and nipple danglies about, but Larry excitedly told me there would be lots more than that to see and experience. He boasted that things hanging from hard-ons are the rule and plenty guys are even led around by appreciative women hanging on to their dick.

With that discovery, I hurriedly finished my shower, eager to tell Ginnie the news. On a previous trip, she revealed her desire to decorate herself a little, but was afraid of pushing too far and getting kicked out. She even once bought a flower-topped pussy plug. It consisted of an oddly-shaped plastic shaft topped with a life-like flower. The flower was positioned right in front of her crotch, held in place by the shaft inserted into her pussy. She was very proud of it, but never had the guts to wear it out of the room. I hope she brought it this time.

As I began to leave the shower area, I realized my dick was almost fully erect, having enjoyed the feeling during my shower. As if reacting like every other morning shower at the resort, I ducked deeper into the stall and took a hard, long squeeze of my dick to force some blood out, attempting to quench the erection before walking across the pool deck. But much to my delight, I quickly realized I could let it fly whenever I wanted this weekend. So, to give Larry a little show, I leaned back against the counter, full frontal to him and stroked a few times until I was fully erect.

I then headed back to our room, proudly strutting past a few people on the way. And yes, the clothed pool girl took a double take on my return trip.

Ginnie was already awake when I returned to the room, and quizzically asked if I walked all the way up to the room like that. I boasted that I'd be spending the entire weekend with a raging erection, as will just about every other guy. Taken aback initially, she soon sported a wicked grin when I explained the new rules for the weekend. She always said how guys always look much better fully erect than with that thing just flopping lifeless.

We shared our excitement about the new rules, or lack of, and concocted a strategy for our first Body Adornment Weekend. It was a wish come true for both of us, as we both had fantasies that we previously couldn't fulfill.

We didn't really know what the sex toy vendors would have available, so we just decided to pursue as much as we could. Much to Ginnie's delight, I vowed to keep a full erection the entire weekend and adorn it with all that I could find. I also made Ginnie agree that every body part of ours that stuck out would have something hanging from it, and every hole would be filled also. Neither of us had any anal experience, but agreed to give those butt plugs a try. Ginnie was also excited about finally showing off her pussy flower thing, which she decided to bring at the last moment.

We were beside ourselves with excitement during breakfast, imagining all the possibilities and how our fantasies were possibly now in reach. She was a little hesitant to reveal her's though without a little prodding. But she told of one that involved working out at the health club.

She always wore at minimum her stretch shorts and light jog bra whenever working out at the resort health club, while I always enjoyed being nude. I told her previously about my special nude workouts, and that they're an exhibitionist playground. Imagine all those contorting body positions and exercise equipment, not to mention the hot bodies that live there. I'm not the only one with this view, the regulars freely admit to the sexual stimulation the club provides.

Since gym conversations often center on workout techniques, they provide a great opportunity and justification to talk about the fun parts. Where else could I have a perfect excuse to stare at a woman's naked ass, but as to monitor her technique and provide feedback. Everybody is checking out each other, some purely as competition or envy and others in a sexual sense. It's all totally acceptable and a blast. Clothes are such in the way during a workout.

I normally begin my workouts with a few minutes on the treadmill, which of course causes everything to wildly gyrate—boobs and dicks are a blur with stimulation. Then I hit free weights and machines. The free weights are fun when they can be directed to brush up against my dick on each swing, or my arm can be maneuvered to do the same. This usually results in a little growth, but I'm not that concerned, because the women all love watching, as I hear it's one of the main reasons for them coming, and the men don't mind because they're guilty too.

If there aren't any women or kids around, I notice many more inflated dicks. There's a understanding between guys. We all know that we're getting our rocks off working out in the nude, so we all just let the other guy have his fun.

The weight machines provide plenty of stretched out bodies to ogle, especially the leg machines. Sitting on the weight machines with an unconstrained dick allows me to discreetly position it against the seat for maximum stimulation with every rep. The rule is to always sit on your own towel for hygiene concerns, but when I bring a coarse-fabric towel, it just adds to the stimulation on my butt and balls.

Things get really fun when I'm spotting for a woman. The bench press perfectly positions my dick just inches over her head and she's looking right up at it. Then when the bar is lifted off the rack, it can brush my dick if I'm correctly positioned. As if that weren't enough, when I'm holding the bar to help with the lift, my hands are driven right into her boobs.

Spotting for sit-ups also offers an excellent view into her crotch. The girls are having their fun with the spots too, purposely positioning themselves for the best viewing of muscle men or of their own assets. I've had many of flirts in this nudist gym. And I haven't even begun to tell you about the stretching mat, floor exercises or nude yoga.

Ginnie always reveled at how I would integrate my dick into a routine, or exaggerate its rhythmic little dance for all the ladies to enjoy. I didn't realize she was paying attention to my little sport.

Ginnie was also disappointed that us guys wouldn't let our erections fly when any women were around. The girls certainly wouldn't mind a few erections in the gym once in awhile, but because the nudist policy thing, the guys keep it under control.

Ginnie wanted to have a little physical teasing fun during a workout too, but was too embarrassed to go nude, especially with all those revealing leg machines. She also sheepishly admitted the stimulation would probably give her an orgasm anyway.

Envisioning Ginnie having an orgasm in the middle of the gym, caused my already-erect dick to go super erect. My uncomfortable super erection under the restaurant table didn't go to waste though. I popped it up to show Ginnie the purple helmet, which quickly prompted her to call over the waitress and hostess, much to my exhibitionist delight.

So this weekend, Ginnie vowed to try a nude workout, and just see what happens. Neither of us knew if public masturbation would be allowed, although we both definitely wanted the exhibitionist and voyeuristic option.

As we get up from the booth after finishing a big breakfast, Ginnie looked disappointed and scolded me for letting my dick go limp, after vowing to keep it hard. Figuring there were only a few options, I just began stroking it as we walked through the crowded restaurant, not really knowing if self stimulation was going to be allowed this weekend or not. Usually, a quick brush or repositioning is the only groping allowed at the resort, but I threw caution to the wind and just acted as if stroking one's dick in a crowded restaurant is totally normal. We later discovered stroking one's self, or anybody nearby for that matter, was actually encouraged on this Body Adornment Days.

On our way across the pool deck to our room, Ginnie and I both delighted at seeing plenty of stiff dicks and friendly groping already starting at barely 8 a.m. It was definitely going to be an exciting day, and I admitted that I'd probably need a little help throughout the day to keep my dick hard. Ginnie reminded me of the agreement between us, about no touching each other below the waist, but said she'd slip me a couple happy dick pills she now keeps nearby for new lovers with performance anxiety.

Wow, she really did enjoy seeing me with a hard-on then. Surprising, because of her usual embarrassed reaction most times when I previously had a hard-on within sight of other nudists. I thanked her for the offer of the pills, and added that because I was now certain to remain hard the entire weekend, she also needed to keep those perky nipples hard too. She vowed to try, but they were kind of unpredictable, except when it's cold out or when she's really "in the mood."

I reminded her she was now allowed to pinch them herself, whenever and for as long as she liked. I also admitted how it would definitely help keep my dick hard, seeing her grope her boobs and crotch whenever the need arose. She relented her plight and massaged her beautiful boobs all the way back to the room. The effect was achieved, as we stood quietly in front of our door, facing each other and staring at our engorged body parts, each sporting a wicked grin.

The vendors were already setting up their booths by the time Ginnie and I claimed our chaises by the big pool. We both had a rough week and soaking up the sun without the hindrance of clothes was just what the doctor ordered. We both sat in silence for a while, letting the sun warm our naked bodies, but our thoughts just couldn't stray from the unexpected erotic games soon to begin.

I turned to Ginnie, and asked, "So, what ya thinkin 'bout, sexy?"

With a wry smirk, she answered, "Well, my head is just racing with all kinds of wicked thoughts, and I really feel encouraged to take things farther than I've ever thought I could. If what your shower guy said is right, we're in for a wild ride, huh!" I sighed in agreement, my own thoughts racing at the possibilities.

Ginnie continued, "I've also been thinking about how I've become more comfortable with my body, self-perceived flaws and all, since that first terrifying visit to this resort. I'm really glad and thankful I trusted in you, and how you always believed this nudist thing was a cure for my fractured self-esteem. I'm glad you didn't give up on me, all those five years of prodding before I agreed to go. And look at me now, I actually enjoy prancing around nude in public, and even totally get off when I attract a wanton stare."

I thanked her for the complement, and added that the five year wait to finally see her naked was well worth it. As I still lay with my eyes closed to the bright sun, I reached down as if on autopilot for a quick yank, in fond remembrance of that first time I saw Ginnie nude. But it didn't need any help this time, my Viagra-encouraged dick was already stiff, proudly announcing its power to please. I quietly thanked my father for passing along the big dick genes.

I glanced towards Ginnie's glistening body, admiring every sensuous curve, only to catch her staring down and admiring my hard dick. She joked about definitely getting her money's worth with those little blue pills. I confessed, "Ya, it's such a relief now, finally being able to walk around this place as I always wanted, with my hard dick leading the way. I suppose that it also may have a few bruises by the end of the weekend. Ya know, as it'll now probably bump into all kinds of things. Ya better watch out Gin, engorged appendage on the loose!!" She chuckled.

Ginnie then asked a favor, "You know that every time I come here, I get a little bolder with any kind of public display, right. Well, I think it's finally time for me to declare the end of my shyness and shame issues, but I'll need your help." I agreed to help, asking what she had in mind.

She then explained, "Ya know how I sometimes shy away from situations, such as opening my legs like all the other women, or that nude workout thing?" I nodded, while I reached over to pinch a nipple that had become deflated, resulting in a mini gasp of appreciation.

Ginnie continued, "Well, I've decided that no more will I keep myself from all the experiences this wonderful resort has to offer. I was always afraid of crossing that line and getting scolded by the management or something. But, I've noticed none of the other women ever seem to have any reservations, and just go with what feels good. And that's where I'll need your help. At even the slightest hesitation, I want you to push me through those barriers, and remind me of my promise to myself. I want to be just as carefree as all the other regulars."

I proudly agreed to help, and said, "Great, it's about time you overcame all that shameful baggage you've been dragging through life. And right now is the best time to start."

Puzzled, she asked, "What do you mean, right now? I'm just laying by the pool, enjoying the sunshine."

I replied, "Why just a minute ago, you revealed one of your lingering fears. Don't you remember?"

She thought for a bit, and then realized what she had just said. Ginnie then sighed in reluctant defeat, and slowly opened her legs, dangling her calves over the sides of the chaise lounge. Her pussy was now fully exposed to the entire pool deck. Her ever-present reluctance now hopefully quenched for good.

The adult toy vendors had their tables just about all set up by this time and I really needed to recon the goods on display. Satisfied that Ginnie would keep her legs spread and that both nipples had been attended to, I told her I'd report back with the details. As I began to leave, I glanced down, and was surprised to discover that Ginnie had almost completely shaved her crotch this time. She left a landing strip above, but all her pink bits were open to the breeze. Every previous trip to this resort, she kept plenty of hair for coverage, not that she would ever offer a view anyways.

I commented, "Nice grooming job there, Gin. I see you finally joined the smoothie club this trip."

She embarrassingly giggled and said, "Well, I just thought I was finally ready. It's all part of my plan anyways, to finally concur that last remaining bit of shame. I'm glad you like it... now go and find me something to dress it up a bit."

I scampered off, hard-on proudly pointing the way to its own shopping spree.

I soon returned to Ginnie, who was nearly asleep from the sun's warmth. I was practically babbling with excitement, as I couldn't wait to tell her about all the erotic toys.

I told of an extensive variety of nipple jewelry, cock rings, chains, leather fetish gear and way too many dildos and butt plugs to choose from. The mention of butt plugs resulted in a look of reluctance from her, but she gave in when I reminded her that she already agreed to stuff every hole and hang something from every protruding body part.

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