tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNudist Resort the Dance

Nudist Resort the Dance


Sandy's Dance

(This is the third part of our conical of our visits to a local nudist resort.)

Both of us loved to be naked, I additionally find it to be erotically stimulating to see my wife totally naked in the presence of other men. The nudist resort we most often frequented was about a three-hour drive from home, but had a very liberal attitude about what went on within the park. This was more an adult's only park, if you had young children with you, you went to another park about 2 miles away. The park we went to catered more to exhibitionists and truckers who wanted to stop for a while and look at naked women, they could take off their clothes if they wanted to or if they wished, just look. There was a clubhouse which was primarily a bar and restaurant. Just inside the door there was a counter where you could get a sandwich and a beer, or you could sit at one of about ten to fifteen tables located around the large open room. In the back, away from the door, there was another horseshoe shaped counter/bar that surrounded a small stage. Behind the stage was a projection screen where XXX rated movies were shown most afternoons and evenings.

On the stage, between movies, young women would dance naked for the customers. On weekends there may be three or four women dancing for the larger crowds.

The first time my wife saw the dancers, she made the remark that she could do a better job than the young woman was doing. At that time, she was not quite ready to perform in front of a group of strangers, but it became a fantasy of both of us to have her dance naked on stage.

Sandy is 5' 7" approximately 130 lbs. 38- 26-38 with a very large C to D cup. She has very long dark brunette hair that hangs straight to the back of her knees, it shimmers in the light. Deep blue eyes are framed by her oval face with a smile that is infectious. Her skin has an olive cast from her gypsy heritage and she tans to a golden brown. In a word, she is beautiful; I've heard men call her an exotic beauty, I agree completely. I am so damned proud of her.


We had planned a weekend visit to the park, making the drive on Friday afternoon, staying at a motel nearby both Friday and Saturday nights. Friday night we were tired from the week and the drive so we decided to order a pizza to be delivered to the room. Being we were planning an exciting weekend of basically being naked all weekend, this gave us an opportunity to start things off. We planed that I would be in the bathroom when the delivery person brought the pizza to our door. Sandy would answer the door naked apologizing for her lack of clothes explaining that she was changing and he had come faster than we had expected she would then ask the person to come in and would call through the bathroom door for me to come out with the money to pay.

When the pizza came, the delivery person was a teen-age boy that appeared to be 18 or 19 years old. When Sandy answered the door, she said he did a double take at her nakedness. She quickly told him her story about changing and didn't want him to leave thinking he had the wrong room number. She apologized for her lack of clothes, and that she was not the modest type. He just stood there with the pizza and stared at her. She said it was comical. When she called to me I came out and said to her that she was embarrassing the young man and she should be ashamed of herself. She said that she didn't think he minded seeing her, and after all he probably had a lot of people come to the door wearing little or nothing. He blurted out that this was the first time anything like this ever happened to him, but his friends always told him about it happening to them. He said that he always thought that they were just bullshitting him but now he knew that it could really happen.

As I handed him the money and his tip, I asked him what he thought having his first naked customer, and he said that he couldn't believe his luck seeing such a beautiful woman with no clothes on. He said that he would remember this for the rest of his life. Sandy laughed and acted a little embarrassed (for his sake), and told him that she was honored to be his first and that she hoped that he would remember her. As he made his way back to the door, never taking his eyes off her naked body, he reassured her that he would never forget seeing her. When we shut the door, Sandy said that that she thought that he was so cute and that she hoped that she had made his day. (That was an understatement about his day!)

The next day we got a fairly early start and spent most of the day naked by the pool at the nudist park. Being it was a Saturday, there were more actual nudist there, but there were a goodly number of non-nudist lookers. Sandy was happy to expose herself to those who just were there to see naked women walking around. We walked the park, stopping to talk to some of the younger couples and generally had a restful day. Late in the afternoon for a late lunch we went to the clubhouse and had some burgers fries and beer, nothing fancy, but good old truck stop filling.

We struck up a conversation with a couple of fully clothed truckers, they had been eyeing Sandy from the moment we entered, and they were amazed that we came there frequently and didn't get upset about the men who just came there to look at the tits & ass. We truthfully explained that first of all we genuinely enjoyed being naked and it was better to us to be nude around others who were likewise inclined. As far as the lookers, we were both basically exhibitionist and "got off" at people checking out our nakedness. Sandy told them that she became turned on knowing that some stranger was checking out her breasts and pubes, and the excitement added to our passion when we were alone. I told them that I was proud of my wife and how she looked. I also told them that I found it to enjoyable to let men look at her naked. We told them it was kind of like walking around naked in public but without the danger of being arrested.

We then turned the tables on them and asked why they stopped at this particular place, and what did they think of seeing both men and women walking around completely naked. They seemed a little uncomfortable discussing themselves, strange because they were dressed and the both of us were naked. They finally opened up and admitted that the only reason they were here was because of the naked women and that it was better than a stripper bar because the women were always naked and not trying to hustle drinks. They said they liked to sit by the pool and watch all the women shower before they went in the pool they said they liked to see them lather their tits and pussies. They both admitted that they wished their wives would come there with them, but were not too sure about having their friends seeing them naked. One of the men said he would not be happy letting other men see his wife naked and he sure wouldn't want a bunch of truckers checking out his wife's pussy especially if he knew any of them. That brought a laugh from us because of the double standard he was expressing. It seemed he was okay if he did it to others but not if others did exactly what he was doing. He embarrassingly admitted he was guilty. We all had a good laugh at his expense,

The atmosphere was comfortable, but there was definitely a feeling in the air that Sandy was the center of attention at least in our immediate area. It didn't really matter to us, we were there to show her off and she was very much enjoying showing these two men close up views of her breasts with her nipples erect and hard, and her pubic area with the slit cleanly shaved. One of the men asked why she didn't either leave her pussy natural or shave it clean like many of the other women around there had done. She actually stood up and showed them that she only shaved her slit and the area to the sides if her pussy lips, the bikini area, and that she trimmed the area above to a neat triangle. She smiled and lowered her voice like she was sharing a secret and told them she found her pussy was more sensitive to my tongue while it was bare. I added that I liked her bare there but liked the sight of some hair too. I felt it was more like making love to a woman rather than a little girl.

With the focus on Sandy's nakedness, both of the men were having trouble hiding the fact they were sporting an erection. Sandy didn't let that fact escape notice when she told them that if they were naked like us, she would be able to see their hard cocks. She said it wasn't fair that they could look at her, but she couldn't look at them. They sat there uncomfortably squirming as Sandy told them she was glad that they were sporting "boners" because of her.

While were talking with the two, three different young women went on the stage and danced naked for the men who were sitting around the bar. Each girl seemed rather bored and didn't do much more than wiggle their ass and show a little open pussy squats. The audience was appreciative, but never really begged for more after the girls were done.

This again brought the remark from Sandy that she could do a better job than they were doing, and she added that she had never danced in front of anyone before. I told her that she had better keep quiet or I would make her prove her boast. The other two enthusiastically added that they would like to see her on stage and that she definitely had a better body than anyone they had seen dance so far. Sandy had been drinking quite a bit by that time and needed little more encouragement to finally agree to dance "one time."

I went to the person who appeared to be running the sound and lights and asked if Sandy could perform for the audience. I told him that she had never danced in front of anyone before and that she had always had the fantasy to do so. He didn't know who she was, and added she was welcome to try, but not to be upset if she bombed. I didn't tell him that even if she did nothing more than swing her boobs back and forth, she would be an improvement over the dancers who had thus far performed.

The guy dimmed the room lights and brought up the stage lights and adding to Sandy's embarrassment, announced that there was an amateur dancer that wanted to dance for the first time in public. This brought everyone's attention to the stage as Sandy slowly walked into the limelight.

When the music started and she started to move, the men in the front started to encourage her by clapping, whistling, and shouting. Having enough alcohol in her this was all she needed to put on a show. At first she danced as if she were on a dance floor with a partner, moving her hips seductively to the music. For the first few minutes she never lost eye contact with me, but as her confidence grew, she started to make eye contact with more of the men surrounding the stage. As the encouragement continued, she became more comfortable and her smiles to the men as well as the movement of her breasts and hips made the crowd cheer her on. By the end of her dance, supposedly her only one, the crowd implored her to continue and the guy with the music quickly started another song.

Sandy hardly missed a beat and went into a routine that had her lifting her breasts and fingering her pussy for the crowd. She would squat down with her legs spread open and slide her finger along the slit playing with her pussy lips and slowly inserting a finger in her wet slippery hole. She would hump her own finger as she masturbated in front of the assembled men. She would then slowly pull her finger out and lick it clean. She moved around the stage giving each man a full view of her open pussy.

She then turned around and leaned over showing her puckered asshole as she reached between her legs and circled her sphincter and teasingly inserted the tip of her finger in her ass. She would then suck her finger like a cock while looking at various men straight in the eye.

The third dance found her offering her pussy juice covered finger to the men on the front of the stage so they could taste her sweet secretions. By the end of that dance, she was taking a few of their fingers and carefully allowing them to finger her pussy to get her wetness their own fingers. While one would be fingering her pussy, the men on either side of the lucky man would be feeling her hanging breasts. The crowd was just barely in control.

At the end of this dance, the stage lights went down and the announcer asked for a big round of applause for the new dancer. The cheers were loud and long. As Sandy made her ways back to our table, she had to push hands away from grabbing her naked body.

She was sweating from the exertion as well as from the sexual stimulation from her show of public masturbation in front of so many strangers. She took a towel and wiped her body as everyone nearby watched.

The two original truckers were beside themselves in their praise of Sandy's performance. They kept telling her how sexy she looked and that they had never seen a show like that before. Sandy was thoroughly enjoying the attention.

Drinks kept arriving for us and after being repeatedly asked to dance for the crowd, Sandy agreed to go on the stage again.

Usually the clubhouse had twenty or thirty people there on a Saturday night, with people arriving and leaving at the same general rate. But this night few drivers were leaving, so the tables quickly filled. Someone mentioned that one of the truckers had gone to his rig and got on his cb radio and broadcast that there was a hot show on the stage and to stop and see it.

Sandy quickly gave the crowd what they wanted, showing her open pussy from the front and back. She humped her hand and the hands of a lucky few that sat close to the stage. By the time this set was over, the sexual tension was thick in the air. Nearly all the crowd were men, and most of them were dressed, evidently truck drivers there just to see Sandy perform her naked sex act, and for a very lucky few to touch her pussy and taste her juices.

More drinks and more prompting and Sandy did a third set. By now it was nearly 11:00 pm and even though it was relatively early, we had been there all day and both naked around mostly dressed men. We started talking about leaving and the men around us asked for one more set, saying that they had never seen a show as hot as Sandy was putting on.

It didn't take much to persuade her for one last set and with a packed clubhouse of maybe 60 to 70 cheering men, Sandy went into her last performance, her fantasy to dance naked in front of a group of strangers was happening far beyond her expectations.

Her first two numbers were a repeat of her exposing herself completely and being felt and probed by selected members of the audience. Her last number had her laying on her back on a towel. She raised her back and ass off the towel and with her legs spread as wide as she could and by bridging on her shoulders and feet, she proceeded to masturbate to the music. She repeatedly pumped her fingers in her soppy pussy working her clit and pinching her swollen nipples, as she whimpered and humped on the floor.

Sweat streamed off her body as she thrashed naked and openly exposed her most intimate moments before the appreciative crowd. Moments before the song ended, as if it were choreographed that way, Sandy's body was wracked with waves of contractions from her orgasm. She screamed and slammed her legs shut as she collapsed on her back on the stage before the stunned crowd. In the silent moments after the music stopped, hardly a sound was heard other than Sandy's moans of passion. Then all hell broke loose with the cheering and beating of glasses and bottles on the bar and tables.

Sandy stayed on the stage, spread eagle, dripping pussy open immodestly for the crowd to stare at. She made no effort to cover herself after sharing her intimacy with so many. She lay there for at least a full minute before, to the cheers of the crowd; she slowly stood and shakily made her way back to our table.

She came to my arms and we kissed and she whispered to me that she needed to leave now, that she had experienced something that was far better than she had expected, and she was exhausted and embarrassed to be naked in front of all these men after they had seen her so wantonly masturbate in front of them.

I took her in my arms and we worked our way to the door amid cheers of congratulations and compliments of Sandy's performance and of her fantastic naked body. She smiled and shyly thanked them, suddenly aware of her nakedness in front of so many strangers.

She didn't even dress as we went back to the motel, but walked naked across the parking lot and down the hall to our room. She had spent nearly the entire day nude and exposed in front of complete strangers; so felt that anyone else seeing her at this time was immaterial.

She went to shower to cleanse herself of the sweat and grime of being touched by so many hands.

When she finally emerged from the steamy shower, she was again her glowing self, refreshed and smiling about what had happened that day. She kept saying that she couldn't believe how carried away she had been and how excited she had become with all the men looking at her. She said that this had fulfilled one of her fantasies and that she wanted to work on some of her others.

(Next a visit to the resort without me.)

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