tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNudity at English Garden in Munich

Nudity at English Garden in Munich


I was a student visiting Munich, spending the morning at the art museum to get out of the blistering heat. I was wearing my jeans and red blouse with the buttons down the front; not the best attire for the hot weather but all my shorts and t-shirts were being dry cleaned.

The heat just hit me as I stepped outside. Within a few minutes I felt sweaty and uncomfortable again. I looked across the street and saw a park – Munich's "Englische Garten". I crossed the road, bought myself a hotdog and went into the park grounds to escape the sun under the shade of a tree.

A couple sat down 20 metres away. They were carrying student textbooks with them. There was nobody else around besides me and only a few wondering around or picnicking in the distance.

They were laughing loudly. I looked over at them as they continued talking in German. I didn't understand a thing they said. The guy took off his shirt. They were also suffering this heat, I thought to myself. I lay back down putting my head on the grass and I fell asleep. It was probably only for a few moments, but I awoke with a jolt as if I had been asleep for years.

I looked up and noticed that the couple were now sun tanning. The girl was topless and wearing only a short pink skirt. I turned around onto my stomach and watched curiously as the girl pulled her skirt down off her legs and then pulled her undies off too. I was not used to public nudity and it was strange to witness, but it must be the norm in Germany. She had no pubic hair, which although I had seen in magazine pictures, I had never seen it for real. Her guy was nude too.

I am not sure what got in to me, but I tried to get in a glance every chance I could without being discovered. Maybe I was shocked at seeing something I was not used to or maybe just perverted.

I looked in disbelief as the girl wrapped her hand around the guy's penis and gave him a hand job right there in public. His penis was long and flaccid, but as she continued to pump it up and down, it got harder. She had her knees up and I could see her vaginal folds and clitoris clearly. For a moment I thought I should get up and just leave to give them privacy, but instead I just lay there perving away. It got more exciting as I noticed his hands stroking up her thigh. His fingers were moving rhythmically against her pussy. I could not help getting aroused.

The intense heat was beating down on me. Wearing jeans and a long blouse didn't help either. I was sweating. I had a couple nearby almost having sex and nobody else on this side of the grass so I unbuttoned my Levis and pulled them off my legs. I then unbuttoned my blouse and took it off. I was wearing black cotton panties and a white laced bra. I felt cooler in my underwear, but I couldn't help look around to see that nobody was around, feeling overly self-conscious.

I thought to myself how great it must feel to be lying amidst nature in the open daylight under the hot sun totally naked and free. My aroused hormones and the sudden desire to experience this got me looking around. There was still nobody else around except the couple who were in their own world.

I unclipped my bra and took it off. My white untanned 34C breasts were exposed to the public for the very first time. I felt so naked, but I also enjoyed the tingles, excitement and nervousness of revealing myself in the outdoors. I looked around. There were still no other people around. I felt the urge to go further. The thought of now or never went through my mind. For once I didn't allow shy self to be analytical and I quickly, without lifted my bum up and I shifted my jeans over my hips and pulled them down my legs and off my feet laying them on top of my bra next to me. There I was lying in my panties topless. I felt the hot rays of sun on my skin. This felt so weird. I was horny as hell and without stopping; I pulled my panties off too. I lay down quickly but could not relax. I was tense and worried about being seen. I nervously turned over and faced the ground. I lay there for a while letting my body absorb the sunrays and feeling the sensations of hot warmth on my butt. It felt so good.

The couple had changed position now and she was sitting on his thighs, facing him. I could see her butt and back only. She had her hands to the side and was now gyrating up and down. They must have been fucking. I looked harder. Yes, they were. I could see his cock as she lifted herself upwards. I heard their moaning. I was now wet myself and I wanted more than anything else to touch myself. I knew they could not see me so I edged my hand under my body and I started flicking my index finger against my swollen clitoris. It was feeling so tense and wanted desperate release. It didn't take long for me to start feeling an orgasm, but just as the tension was mounting, I had to stop. The couple stopped and she climbed off him and sat besides him. They were sitting up and looking at me. I pulled my hand to my side and acted as if I was asleep and closed my eyes so they would not think I was staring at them.

I suddenly heard a voice in a strange accent. I looked up and the couple was standing right next to me. My heart started racing. I lifted my head to face them. They were standing there. I wondered what they wanted.

She rambled something to me in German, while holding a camera. I looked up at them. They were standing a metre from me totally nude. Its amazing how much you take in and how many thoughts you can churn when you are full of nerves and scared to your wits end.

She had blonde hair, was tall and slim, had small tits and was totally shaven and he had blonde hair, a muscular body with a package, which just hung there, and was noticeably hairless.

Before I had a chance to think of a reply, I chokingly mumbled "English please"

I was still looking upwards at them when she answered "take photo of us please?"

He handed me the camera and I realised that I would have to stand up. For a second I hesitated, thinking that I was nude I should cover up quickly. I placed my hand on the ground and tried not to think too hard. I was shaking inside. I turned around took the camera from his hands and stood up. It felt strange. I was standing nude 2 metres from total strangers in the full light of day. I looked through the viewfinder and I clicked. They smiled and I find myself staring at them longer than required. She walked towards me and took the camera from me thanking me.

I lay down again on my front and watched the couple walk back to their spot. He had the most gorgeous little bubble ass and I could see his balls swinging between them as he walked away.

I felt my back was starting to burn from the intense sunshine. I turned over, shut my eyes and fantasised about this guys shaven cock. I was getting aroused again thinking about it and I wanted to caress my nipples, when I heard a familiar voice.

"It's hot today, we swim in lake. You should try," said the girl to me as they walked past.

With them in the water, I bent my finger a little and started to slowly roll my finger up and down my clitoris. It was an amazing turn on doing this in the outdoors with the sun and fresh air around me. My clit was already swollen and welcomed my now quickly moving finger up and down its moist folds. I opened my legs and continued to masturbate. I cupped my breast with my other hand and I rubbed my nipples between my thumb and forefinger. I hoped that nobody would come and disturb the wonderful sensations. I felt my juices start welling up in my pussy. I was coming.

I walked to the lake edge, going in was refreshing and felt so natural swimming in the nude. There was nobody else but the couple and I in the water. The couple got out and disappeared behind the bushes returning to their spot. I stayed on for another 10 minutes and then got out. I quickly walked back towards my stuff. I walked around and around, but my stuff was not there. I walked in circles covering all the ground. It was definitely gone. Someone had stolen my stuff, my wallet, and my clothes. Shit, my clothes! I almost cried out of fear as to what to do next.

I walked up towards the couple. They were sitting up casually eating ice cream. When I got close to them I bent down on my knees closing my legs tightly and leaning forward to hide my breasts and I told them that my money, bus card and clothes were stolen.

"Don't worry, you can come back to my apartment and we will help take you to police," the girl kindly said.

"My name is Monica" she went on, "and this is Stephan"

I introduced myself to them, and thanked them for offering to help me out. Monica and Stephan got dressed.

"Here, put these on for now," Monica handed me her t shirt while she only wore her bra.

I was desperate so I pulled the t-shirt over my head quickly. Monica was much shorter than I was so the t-shirt just covered half my ass and if I pulled hard enough just covered my pussy. This was better than nothing, I thought to myself, as we started walking towards the road. I knew that if anyone were behind me they would see my naked butt.

Stephan drove a 2-door alpha. Monica climbed inside the front passenger seat and Stephan opened his door for me to climb into the back seat. I noticed him staring at my naked butt as I climbed in. I suppose why wouldn't he. He was a man with near naked women climbing into his car. I sat down and the t-shirt rode up my hips and I could not stretch it any more. I closed my knees tightly, as I felt the leather seat against my pussy.

The engine started and Monica looked back at me saying "We will go back to my place, where I can give you something to wear and then we will take you to police".

"Thank you again for being so kind" I replied.

When we arrived at Monica's apartment we all went in and sat down in her lounge, as she went to her bedroom.

"Hey, Rachel, come to my room I have some clothes for you to wear."

"Rachel, you are much taller than me so I think my gym tights would be good even if they look like calf length on you." Monica called out, as she stood in front of an open cupboard pulling out clothes.

I walked up to her. She looked at me and asked me "What size bra do you wear?"

"I am a C cup 34" I answered.

"Well, I am an A cup size 32, which is way too small for you so I will give you a halter. It's made of stretchy material" Monica said.

I stood there next to Monica. She handed me the halter-top while she continued looking for her gym tights.

"Put these on" Monica said.

I thought Monica would have the tights for me in only a few moments, so I listened and I pulled the t-shirt off my head and pulled the rather tight white halter top on. I was bottomless and very aware of it.

The halter-top was so small and tight that my breasts pushed out of them with a lot of cleavage showing.

"Shit, where are those tights. I am sure I wore them only the other day," Monica said as I stood there nervously.

Stephan walked into the room, and as if a natural reaction I turned towards the cupboard and faced away from him, but there was a big mirror right in front of me. I saw him sit on the bed and just lie there watching me. I was so aware of my nudity now.

Monica said that she would go look in her gym bag and walked out of the room. Stephan followed her. I just stared into her cupboard and noticed several vibrators next to her undies. One looked like a huge purple cock and another was a slim white long cylinder.

Monica came back with some pink tights and handed them to me as she watched me putting my legs into them.

Out of the blue, she asked me "did you see us fuck today at the park?"

I didn't answer.

Monica came closer to help me pull the tights up. She pulled at the elastic and put her hand on my butt as she pulled it up with her other hand. I smelt her perfume. I never had a women touch my naked butt before. I felt tingles and goose bumps. While it didn't feel right, there was some animalistic lusting throbbing deep in me. I was confused.

I pulled the really tight tights up over my hips. The lycra material pulled into my butt.

Monica was very close to me and she looked at me and said, "I bet you saw us fuck, because we saw you touching yourself."

I was shocked and went red in the face. I wished I could disappear instantly.

As she said that she let her index finger touch my pussy lips, which were showing through the lycra in the shape of a camel-toe. She slid her finger down it slowly.

I find myself breathing heavily and I felt myself get instantly turned on. I wanted to do something but in my shyness I did nothing.

As if unaffected by the whole scene she looked at me and said "you should shave your pussy, like mine and you won't have so much showing when you wear tights."

She walked out of the room and I followed her.

I found Stephan holding the camera again and talking to Monica in German. When they had finished talking they looked at me.

Stephan handed me the camera and said, "We want you to take pictures of us"

I put the camera to my eyes to focus on them.

"No, in the bedroom" Stephan instructed me as the two of them walked ahead back to the bedroom.

I followed them into the room and watched as Stephan took his shirt off and then went over to Monica and took off her blouse and bra.

"You should just keep taking pictures, it's a digital camera with a lot of memory card so can take plenty of pictures," Stephan said to me as he stood behind Monica and kissed her on her neck.

He then cupped her breasts with his hands. Her nipples hardened and poked through his fingers. She slid out of her pants and undies and stood there nude. She then undid his pants and pulled them off his legs. I was not sure when to take pictures so I just took every few seconds.

I wanted to watch them at the park but did so hoping they would not notice and here I was told to watch them through a viewfinder.

There, his shaven cock was in view again and only a few metres from me. It was semi erect and big and I felt myself get horny again. I clicked the shutter. Monica started sucking his cock, and stroking his balls. She moved onto her knees on the bed leaning over him. I saw her pussy lips between her butt cheeks. Stephan's fingers were touching her there. How long was I supposed to do this for I wondered?

Monica was moaning as Stephan's fingers moved wildly up and down her pussy lips touching her clit and then going into her pussy. I took pictures of it. Her pussy was smooth and because there was no hair I could see her juices ooze down her pussy lips. I moved around and saw her sucking his dick. It was hard and her lips were wrapped around his shaft and she was going up and down on him. I was horny as anything. I just wanted to go away and touch myself. I knew that my own pussy was soaked and I longed for relief. I felt the lycra pants pulling into my pussy and as I pulled at it to stretch it out I noticed I had a wet mark there.

Monica came off Stephan's cock and turned around and lay down on the bed. Stephan got up and started thrusting his hard cock into her pussy. He was standing next to the bed as she lay on it. I continued taking pictures, but was standing right next to him watching his hard butt and his cock going in and out of the smooth pussy. His big balls were crashing into her butt as he ploughed again and again into her.

Stephan motioned me to come closer. I walked closer. I was right next to him when he put his one hand on my halter top and held my breasts. He slid his fingers into my cleavage and peeled off the tight top and then rubbed his fingers against my nipples. I was struggling to keep composed. I was on fire and I wanted more and more. I just wanted to go lie in front of him and have him pull my tights off me and fuck me hard into the pussy until my juices flowed. Here he was fucking Monica while touching me. He was going like a piston engine and Monica was shrieking. It looked like he was about to come.

I find myself edging closer to him. He stopped caressing my nipples and he put his hand on my butt and was pushing his palm hard into it. I could not hold back any longer and I put my hand around his butt and I held it tightly. I dropped my hand down between his butt and I let his swinging balls crash into my hand as he thrust in and out. I grabbed the balls and held them tight. He edged his fingers down my tights and tried to pull the elastic down, but the tights needed to be peeled off. He retreated and instead pushed his fingers into my butt cheeks over the tights. I felt his one pointy finger push against my pussy as the other pushed into my butt hole. I was desperate to pull my tights down and allow him free access to indulge my lustful desires.

He yanked his cock out of Monica and spurt semen all over the bed. His cock continued to throb up and down spitting semen into the air landing in droplets on Monica's stomach and on the mattress.

I was frustrated as hell, needing release. By now my pussy was so wet that my juices were dripping down and the wet patch on the tights was big and obvious. I was just starting to enjoy the pleasure of a man's erotica touch and then he stops as he withdraws his cock out of Monica and spurts semen all over the bed.

Monica got up off the bed and walked over to the bathroom. Stephan lay down on the bed with a semi erect cock, with a shiny head still covered in shiny white semi transparent milky cum. I didn't know what to do so I sort of just stood there, feeling stupid and used. I was tense and the pent up sexual frustration was starting to make me angry and tearful at the same time. I just stood there with a fake embarrassed ashamed smile when I suddenly felt warm arms wrap around my torso and hands placed on my stomach.

Monica was standing nude behind me as she held me. I smelt her soft perfume mixed with body sweat. I didn't turn around. I just went with the flow. She moved closer to me. I felt her body press against mine. I continued to look forward when the hands that were on my stomach introduced a white thin vibrator and started pushing it gently against my pussy. Another hand crept under my halter from the bottom and slowly guided its fingers around my breasts caressing them gently yet in a very arousing way. This was the first time another women touched my nipples. The vibrations were now rippling through my pussy. She navigated the vibrator right to my pussy and pushed the lycra right into it. I yearned for direct skin contact and to have something penetrate the depths of my pussy. I turned around to face Monica. She was nude. I had to take my clothes off, and I had passed the point of care. I quickly pulled the tights down my hips and legs and let them drop in a heap on the floor as I pulled the halter over my head. Monica drew the vibrator against my clit and I felt shudders of pleasure cycle after cycle. I wanted more and more. I suddenly desired in a crazy animalistic way to fuck Monica. I was breathing heavily. I placed my hands around her bubble butt as she hugged me closer. I felt her naked breasts against mine and she kissed me on my lips. I closed my eyes and went with the flow. I reached out to touch Monica's pussy. It felt hot and sticky and smooth. I touched her outer lips progressing to her swollen clit. I touched it slowly the way I would touch myself every night. I felt the vibrator enter into my wetness and I let out a moan. I was orgasming already. I thrust my hips into it to make it go deeper, gyrating in and out. It felt good.

Stephan stood up and walked behind us. I was still standing up as Monica guided the vibrator around the innards of my pussy. I had my fingers rubbing her clit up and down vigorously to match my own height of excited passion. I felt a cold gel being rubbed against my butt. It felt cold. Stephan was now behind me. He motioned for me to lean my forward towards Monica who was now kneeling on the floor while giving me a wave after wave of pleasure. I then felt his hard erect cock push into the gel. He was trying to access my ass. I had never had anal sex before as I thought it to be disgusting. It hurt at first, but he went slowly. The pain went away and I felt his cock going in and out quite fast now. I was in heaven. The pleasure was unbelievable.

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