tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNumber 86 Ch. 02

Number 86 Ch. 02


This is the continuing story of Mark's experiences at number 86. This story is fictitious and all characters depicted are 18 or over. Any resemblance to anyone real is purely a fortunate coincidence on their part if this is what they enjoy.

Chapter 2

I was stunned but turned on at the same time. When you are a young adult and maturing sexually, you find yourself imagining many things and getting turned on by them. From picturing women who you know but will never get to be involved with to fantasising about older women too. I remembered some of the thoughts that I used to have about Edith and Margaret and blushed at how I had gone home and wanked thinking of them.

I stood up and started to unbutton my shirt. Gradually I took off everything but the tight underwear that I liked to wear - white cotton briefs - I tried to undress provocatively while not appearing too eager even though I was.

The two sisters looked on encouragingly. Finally I lowered my briefs and my stiff cock rose quickly into the air, no longer restrained, until it pointed straight at them, slightly above the horizontal.

'Wow - you shave your bollocks too', said Edith.

I said yes, I preferred them that way most of the time though occasionally I let them get hairy deliberately so I could enjoy looking at and playing with my curly pubic hairs that were curiously ginger in colour.

'I enjoy half fulling the bath tub so my cock and balls are just above the surface so that I can reach them easily and lather them up so that I can take my time shaving them slowly. Occasionally - as I get close to cumming I push my cock down so that I can cum under the water and watch my spunk slowly mixing with it'

'That sounds wonderful - I'd love to watch you doing that. Come over her so we can feel how smooth your bollocks are today.'

I took a few paces and stood right in front of both of them, well within arms reach. They took turns to hold my balls in their hands, running their hands over the smooth skin and fondling them and enjoying their shape and texture. Each time they took their hands away and put them back again, my cock twitched uncontrollably and I slowly became aware of drops of pre-cum dribbling down my cock head where they could see them clearly.

Margaret spoke. 'You obviously like being handled like that, Mark, how is this making your cock and balls feel?'

I told them how my bollocks were aching, how my cock had become so sensitive that I might shoot my load of cum if it wasn't touched gently and how I was enjoying being naked like this - exposed and happily vulnerable to whatever they both chose to do to me next.

'Over the years, we have come across a number of men who like to dress up for us before they are allowed a climax. Stay here a moment and Edith will go and get some things for you to put on which I think you might like.

Edith got up and left the room for a moment while Margaret continued to keep me excited with her hands without ever once getting me close to my point of no return. At one point she leant over and licked up my pre-cum but used the tip of her tongue so gently that it was just unstimulating enough.

Margaret spoke from behind me.

'Here you are Mark, let's see if any of these suit you?'

First of all they passed me a silky brassiere which had been padded inside with a soft fabric so that it bulged in an appropriate manner.

'We do all the work on these ourselves so that you can feel like you have tits that you can show off to us'

I struggled a little putting it on but eventually I worked out what I needed to do. Neither of them helped me - they seemed to enjoy watching a young naked man with a throbbing erection putting on clothes for them.

Next were matching stockings. I had to sit down for this and when I moved back to the armchair that I had sat on before, they instead directed me to put a small stool on the floor in front of them so they could again watch me.

Then they handed me a pair of silk panties. When I unfolded them, I could see that they were crotchless one. I pulled them up slowly arranging my erection so that it stuck out of the hole and remained on display.

Finally, they produce a long ginger haired wig - presumably to match the pubic hair that I hadn't been growing recently. I put it on and felt like a total male slut and enjoyed every minute of it.

'I think you should take a look at yourself in the mirror now; said Edith, gesticulating.

Over to the right was a full length mirror that I hadn't noticed before. That was understandable though - there had been one or two other things on my mind!

I walked over and stared at myself - the slut - and how I had been made up.

My stiff cock twitched and underneath it my hairless bollocks rose slightly in response. Both were sticking through a hole in the pale pink lacy knickers that I now wore. Below the stretchiness of the matching stockings meant there was scarcely a wrinkle in them from the tips of my toes up to just below my thighs.

The curly ginger wig on my head completed the ensemble perfectly as did the fact that two elderly women who I had know for so many years had persuaded such an inexperienced twenty-something horny wanker to get into this situation.

'Why don't you put some lipstick on too? Try putting it on with the hand you don't write with'

My eyes darted around and rested on the tube that was balanced on the bottom edge of the mirror - I picked it up.

'We always like all the good boys to put it on themselves so we can watch them. If you use your 'wrong hand' then it will make it more... unpractised.'

I unscrewed the top of the tube - I noticed that I was not the first one to use it and the tip, rather than being at the perfect angle created by the manufacturers, was smudged and uneven. I put it to my mouth and felt the creamy rich lipstick start to moisten my lips as I applied it. The colour was a deep pink - almost like day-glo ink and I relished the experience of applying it with care while deliberately not making it perfect.

'Excellent, now perhaps you can angle the mirror a little bit better. We would like you to come and stand in front of us and play with yourself for us. I think you might enjoy it if you could move you head slightly so you can watch your performance for yourself as well'

The mirror wasn't heavy and I starting to turn it. As I looked down, I saw it was standing on a small circular pink rug - that matched my smudged lipstick - and that the rug looked like the mirror had been moved on it more than once before. I moved to stand in front of Edith and Margaret and looked back - not quite right - I went and turned the mirror slightly more - then I went to stand in front of these two old women and glanced at myself in the mirror out of the corner of my eye to get the full effect of what I was doing.

Edith spoke. 'I like to watch a man with a nice hard erection tickle his balls with a couple of fingers and rest his penis on the palm of his hand and rub his hand slowly against his shaft. If it is done gently enough, it can be very pleasurable for the man without too much danger of him ejaculating too quickly. If he is really aroused, I also have the pleasure of watching pre-cum dribble out of his cock head so we can enjoy deciding what to do with it.'

I moved my right hand down as she suggested and massaged my cock and bollocks. It twitched slightly and I knew it would not be long until she would have some of my thin watery pre-spunk to play with too. I love the feeling when my balls ache in response to my silky soft and shaven skin responds and makes me yearn to both reach that point of climax when I see my creamy cum and at the same time wanting for that moment to arrive so slowly. As a result of years of masturbating myself I knew my body quite well. When I first wanked as a teenager the pleasure was just in shooting my load and watching myself do it. With maturity and experience I knew how to make my enjoyment last much longer.

Margaret spoke in a whisper.

'You really are a good wanker - take a look in the mirror again - it is important that you enjoy the completed experience. We love how your body moves as you rub yourself so well - I can see you have had plenty of practice. Did you ever put anything hard and smooth and wet up your arse at the same time?'

More chapters to follow are already in my head but it takes time to write them so you may need to be patience. Thank-you for the positive feedback so far.

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