tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNumber 86 Ch. 04

Number 86 Ch. 04


This is the continuing story of Mark's experiences at number 86. This story is fictitious and all characters depicted are 18 or over. Any resemblance to anyone real is purely a fortunate coincidence on their part if this is what they enjoy.


Chapter 4

Mark pushed the toy in and out of his arse for a little while longer as Edith and Margaret watched him. Over the years they had encouraged many men - aged from 20 to 65 do many things for them and enjoyed them all. They loved the sight of a hard cock and of men who willingly displayed it for them and found that although many were reluctant at first most found exhibiting their sexual behaviour to two old women satisfying in the extreme.

Mark had behaved - learnt to behave - exactly how they like visitors to number 86 to behave. As with Mark, the sisters would often start of by mentioning something sexual, almost in passing and watch carefully to see how the man reacted. They prided themselves on knowing who they could ask a pertinent question to and over time they were seldom wrong. Only a few men were too shocked when a woman at an explicit statement and when they were it was simply a case of the other sister apologising for her sibling's remark and nothing more was said. That was what had happened many years ago when Mr 'Dewing' - who had constructed the 'Dewing' or 'Doing' rug mechanism had originally visited to repair their washing machine and he had never looked back.

"What is your favourite position for masturbating yourself, Mark?" asked Edith

Mark considered the question

"I do like watching myself standing in front of a mirror and cumming all over the glass", Mark responded -- especially in the open air but I only ever did that once in a remote area of Wales where I was on holiday. It is also nice to go into a quite end stall in the 'gents', close the door and stroke myself slowly while listening to the noises outside until my cum dribbles down the cubicle wall

"I don't know if you will be a regular visitor - that is up to you. However, for those who do come to see us often - and 'cum' for us - we like to keep a box of the things that they enjoy so that they are available for them each time they... visit. For instance, just in case you choose to return, we will put all of those sissy clothes of yours and that toy into a box so that it will all be available"

"Now - you look like you have dribbled a lot of pre-cum now and managed to avoid cumming so let's turn you around and take a look at you shall we?"

The rug turned again. Both sisters had moved to one end of their sofas so that they were nearer to one another and Mark was turned to face them.

"Would you like to see the choice of cunts - one of which you will be able to give a good licking to?"

Mark nodded keenly.

Both sisters stood up and Mark looked up at them, their skirts flowing down to the floor. Edith and Margaret reached to their sides and undid the clasps and moved their skirts to one side and over the arm of the sofa.

"Maybe we can find you a nice skirt to wear if you visit us again"

Underneath they were wearing nothing - their pussies open to the air. Both of their lips looked puffy, swollen and slightly moist but that wasn't what Mark noticed first.

The sisters were different in one major respect. While Edith clearly shaved around her pussy carefully and often so that her skin was as smooth as glass and everything was on display, Margaret was the complete opposite. Her pubic hair - a mixture between ginger and brunette - was long and wavy and glistened from the dampness of her cunt.

"There - I don't know which cunt you prefer, Mark, but the choice isn't yours. Well maybe it is just a little.

Margaret and I like to play a game and guess how long a man's stiff penis is. Whoever can guess the closest gets to have her pussy licked. We have got quite good at guessing over the years. One thing that is important is to measure your erection correctly. We don't hold much with metric units. Some things are best measured in old units. Beer should be measured in pints, race tracks in furlongs and a man's cock should always - but always - be measured in inches. Now let us both have a good clear look at yours and then we will guess"

Mark decided the best way would be to kneel so he did so and then raised himself into the air a little bit more so that his bum - with toy still inserted - and erect penis were both closer to the sisters.

"Excellent - that gives us a good clear view of what you have been displaying for us so far this morning. I guess six and three-eights inches", said Edith.

"Six and a half inches" responded Margaret, "Now Mark, take this measure and show us how big a boy you really are"

Mark reached out his hand and took the ruler. In his early twenties, in between girlfriends, he had wondered whether the size of his cock was enough to please a woman and measured it for fun. He had forgotten doing so until now and had laughed about it to himself later but here it was doing it again - for an audience!

He put the end of the ruler next to his pubic bone and his cock rose up to touch it.

"Read it out for us please"

He looked down at the lines on the ruler very carefully.

"Six and five either inches"

Margaret smiled - "I hope you like nice hairy pussies like mine"

Mark replied that he had experienced both shaved and unshaved women and that he was happy to pleasure either.

"The two important things are to focus on the needs of the woman and pleasure her right and to enjoy the smell and taste of all her juices"

"Come over here then and show me"

Mark moved towards Margaret, shuffling on his knees.

"Don't forget to turn on the toy in your arse before you start" said Edith from behind him, "that will help you focus and give me a thrill too"

Mark did as he was bidden, reaching behind and pushing the button at the end of the long metallic toy that was still embedded deep inside him. He instantly felt the hum which was more powerful than he imagined it would be as it rubbed against and inside his lubricated arsehole. Then he lent forward towards Margaret and started to lick her gently. He could feel all of her pussy hairs rubbing against his face. Like his balls, he kept his face clean shaven as well and he found himself taking big sniffs of Margaret's cunt as he licked her steadily. She wriggled in response and he could here some initial moans which helped reassure him that he was on target. He ran his tongue all over her - gently on her clit, deep into her pussy and the occasional lick around her arse too.

She lifted his head away from her for a moment.

"Not too fast, Mark, I want it to last longer and the only way I can do that is to make you stop occasionally. How is the toy?"

"Throbbing deep", Mark replied, "it is making my bollocks ache"

"Good, said Edith "There is one other thing that slipped my mind"

"One of our other gentleman friends, Kevin, is due to visit us today. In a little while in fact.

He will be quite happy to wait and to spend time with us later while we focus on you until will are allowed you to shoot your spunk for us.

However, there is another option if you would prefer.

I don't know if you have any experiences of other men's cocks - not many men do?

If you would like, we can continue as we are for a little while longer and then we can bring Kevin in so that you can stroke his cock for him. We rarely get that pleasure these days and it is such an erotic sight to see one man stroking another's hard cock -- especially if it is a new experience for him.

Kevin's box has a blindfold in as that is something that he enjoys. Would you like us to invite him in so that you can rub his stiff prick for him -- and for us - would you prefer to spend the time showing us your juicy cum instead?"


The remaining chapters are starting to shape in my head but it takes time to write them so you may need to be patient...

Thank-you for the positive feedback thus far.

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