tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNumber 86 Ch. 05

Number 86 Ch. 05


This is the continuing story of Mark's experiences at number 86. This story is fictitious and all characters depicted are 18 or over. Any resemblance to anyone real is purely a fortunate coincidence on their part if this is what they enjoy.


Mark was amused by how Edith and Margaret had managed to surprise him again.

Since he had arrived at Number 86 for a chat with these two old women who he visited from time to time, they had encouraged him to get undressed, wank for them, dress up for them, pee in the garden for them with a full hard-on, play with his arse for them and insert a toy and finally lick one of their pussies.

Now he was being asked if he would like to play with the cock of a blindfolded man who he didn't know and letting the two sisters watch him doing it.

He wasn't gay and had never even seen another man's hard cock in the flesh. However, he was curious and had wondered what it would be like. This was a chance to see what it would be like for real.

As everything was out in the open - quite literally - it didn't take him very long to decide...

"Excellent - I'm so pleased you feel that rubbing a nice hard prick for us will excite you, Mark.

I'll go and get everything ready for when Kevin arrives while you continue to lick my sister's wet hairy cunt"

Mark leant forward again, still feeling the vibrations inside his arsehole and started to lick again.

Every pussy is different - every cunt has it own shape, texture and taste - and smell. Mark had made a few women cum by licking them over the years, both old girlfriends and the odd one-night stands. He loved the reaction he got from performing cunnilingus - moving his tongue from spot to spot - trying to assess how each touch was being received and focusing on where it got the best reaction.

He was obviously on track. Margaret's juices were running down him and mixing with his saliva as she bucked and wriggled in ecstasy. Her moans grew slowly louder and louder until she gave a sudden part-muffled scream as she enjoyed an intense orgasm while obviously trying not to be too loud.

She lay back onto the chair and Mark sat upright again. It took a few moments before she felt able to speak.

"Thank-you - that was a wonderful licking you gave me, Mark. You seemed to find some spots that few do. Look at all my cum all around your face. At this point, some would suggest wiping it all off but I love to see it - nice and sticky all around your face and later on when it has dried. Dried sexual juices are so enticing don't you think? They can show what someone has been up to long after they have finished. Dried cum is good too - perhaps if you come to see us both again, you can spurt your spunk on some cloth each time and let it dry - a cum rag - we both enjoy a good sniff of a man's cum rag...

While we wait for Edith to prepare Kevin for you, why don't you sit down next to me so that we can chat? Let me see you slide that toy out of your arse first though!

Mark faced away from Edith and bend forward. Then he reached behind him and very slowly slid the throbbing metallic shaft out for her, placed it on the floor and sat down on the sofa.

"I do like a man who can lick pussies well and it certainly seems like you knew what to do.

The first time I had my cunt licked... by a man... was as an undergraduate. A friend suggested that all her girlfriends have a weekend away in a big old house she knew. There was a very odd - old - piece of furniture there, part sofa, part bed. One of the seat cushions had a hole in it that had obviously always been there. She told us it was a 'licking-seat'.

All of the cushions could be lifted off and underneath there was room for someone to lie beneath with enough room for the cushions to be put back on again. The only part of the person them you could see was their head which stuck up through the hole in the cushion. Once they were incarcerated, anyone who wished to could sit comfortably back on the cushions and spread their legs so the head of the person underneath was perfectly placed to lick them. My friend Lucy - who was always the flirtiest had encouraged a young man who we didn't know to join us. With a bit of lustful persuasion and the promise of an orgasm later on he got inside so that his face - and tongue - were just in the right place for everyone. Then we each took turns sitting down with our legs apart so that he could enjoy each of our cunts in time until we came. I don't remember how many times but he certainly had a lot of stamina! and several of my friends went back for more!"

Margaret stood up and asked Mark to help her move one of the sofas back a little. She then put two chairs side by side in the open area containing the 'dewing' rug.

"Kevin will sit on one and you can sit on the other. We would both like to be able to see both Kevin's cock as you fondle it for him and how your own cock reacts as a result. Which would suit you better - the left chair or the one on the right?

Mark was quite ambidextrous and would often swap hands when he was playing with his penis alone. He chose the left hand chair so that he could wank Kevin using his right hand.

"I didn't hear the doorbell'

"No. Kevin is always extremely keen to spend time with us and always arrives right on time. I expect Edith was looking out for him and opened the front door before he had even rung the bell."

"I do hope you will come and visit us again after today, Mark. It has been so exhilarating and you have been so kind to share your body so openly and completely with us.

You seem to have enjoyed the clothing that was chosen for you. It makes you look such a slut doesn't it?"

Mark nodded

"Next time, maybe we will let you choose your own naughty, dirty, sexy clothes to wear. You could either get them before you arrive and surprise us or we keep a large wardrobe for our gentlemen visitors to choose from and you could give us a floor show to allow you to try different things on. Some of our guests say that while they find ordering things from sex shops to wear can make them very horny they never know quite what will suit them the most."

Margaret and Mark's chance of small talk was interrupted by the door opposite opening. Edith entered but Mark was distracted by the almost naked man who entered in front of her. He was about 5' 8" and far closer to 'Joe Public' than a porn stallion. He had dark hair on his hair and chest, a slightly chubby tummy and quite a long cock and big bollocks that were sticking out a hole in the latex briefs that he was wearing. As promised he was also wearing a blindfold that covered his eyes completely and was carrying a wide cardboard box with the word 'Kevin' written on with marker pen.

"This is Kevin", said Edith guiding him by his waist to the chair next to Mark. She turned him around and pushed down gently on his shoulders indicating that he should sit down, which he did.

"Although Kevin enjoys playing with his stiff prick for us and wanking his spunk all over himself, he is happy for someone else to do it for him today. Have a look in his box and see if there is anything that you would like to use."

Mark took the box from Kevin and opened it on his own lap. The first thing he saw was an extendable pole.

"That is a spreader bar. Take it out and have a look at it. The two loops at each end go around Kevin's ankles and you can make the pole longer so that Kevin's legs are kept nice and wide so that you can get full access to everything you need to all the time.

Mark took the pole and knelt down to put it on as Edith had described. He moved Kevin's feet further apart until his legs were spread well open. He looked up into Kevin's crotch and saw his cock start to grow heavier. What he was doing and looking at felt dirty but at the same time irresistible.

"Kevin always enjoys that part.

He is also a whimperer. As he gets close to cumming he moans more and more at a higher and higher pitch because he becomes so desperate. I don't know whether you would like witness that as you stroke his cock and balls or not? If not, there is a ball-gag in the box that we sometimes use. You can still hear him even when it muffles him but he has told us he enjoys that as well, haven't you?"

Kevin nodded silently.

Mark decided against the ball gag and sat back on the chair next to Kevin and instinctively reached out to touch his cock.

"We knew you would like this. Just play with him however you wish. Handle any part of him that you want to. If you want to access his arse just ask him to slide forward a little.

All men like to be touched in different ways at different stages of sexual excitement. You could do what you enjoy most to see if he likes it too. Alternately, you can do things that you would definitely not like as well in order to tease him. Its up to you."

Mark had been looking at Edith and Margaret as they spoke. They hadn't put their skirts back on yet and their legs were spread so that their juicy pussies were in full view. He wondered if Edith had been dressed when she opened the front door? He turned a little more towards Kevin while making sure his cock and balls could be seen clearly by the two sisters.

Kevin's bollocks were pushed up by his latex 'knickers' and above them his cock was semi-erect. Mark guessed that Kevin was someone who had chosen never to shave his pubes like he had. He was a little bit hairy - the typical curly, spiky pubic hair - but it wasn't over long as a result of shaving it in the past. He guessed that Kevin was in his late forties tried to imagine what he must be thinking all trussed up and not being able to see but knowing that his genitals were about to be explored for him.

Mark cupped Kevin's balls to feel their weight and shape and squeezed them very gently. He always enjoyed doing the same to his own and he smiled inside when the phrase 'your sweaty bollocks' popped into his head. Kevin's were indeed sweaty but not in an unpleasant way after athletic activity. Rather, the film of perspiration that he felt as he fondled them bounce and roll between his fingers felt so natural.

Now to Kevin's cock. Although slightly shorter than Mark's own it felt heavier in his hand as he started to lift it up. He could feel it move slightly and wondered if the sisters could see that yet. To entertain them further, he started to gently tease it, running his fingers along the full length of Kevin's shaft as started to swell, and - once his foreskin exposed his cock head, he began to run his fingers all around it.

"That's really nice, Mark, it looks like you are enjoying Kevin's predicament and what he has between his legs.

Neither of you have cum yet today. Please take your time with Kevin and get him there really slowly. It will be good to hear him whine at your hands when he starts to get close.

Let's leave until he gets close to cumming before we decide what to do with his warm spunk and how to make best use of it afterwards. Later on we can see how much of it YOU can produce for us both and in what way.

Edith hasn't cum yet and I think she should have that pleasure before you shoot your load for us. Maybe she would like to push a strap-on up your arse?"

There are still 2 or 3 chapters of Number 86 still to go and I hope you are enjoying the story. Thank-you for the kind feedback from those who have sent it in.

I suspect that this story could be seen as too much of a mish-mash of styles and different type of sexual behaviour not all of which suit everyone. It is probably possible to take just one of the things that Mark experienced and expand it into a single story. However Mark has had a very busy sexually exciting day so far and I hope you have found it... stimulating.

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