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I could hear the excited voices ringing out through my hazy brain, "Three"," Four"," I'm number five". The numbers kept going higher. How had I gotten into this mess?

High School had been a flurry of parties and goofing off. California school standards were a joke. I slid by on my good looks and reputation as a party girl, knowing I could have fun in high school but dreading going off to college. They probably would want me to actually work, I had thought.

Yeah, I'd been with a few guys, well, more than a few I guess. It was just so fun and I had a body that seemed to constantly betray me. Oh, I wanted to stop, tell them no. And I did, more times than I could count. But, I guess my reputation was such that they just kept going: plowing through my objections no matter how vehement. And then that tickle, deep inside would begin to consume me. My breathing would become faster, my face flushing as reason fled my mind.

Sleeping with my math and chemistry teachers weren't things I was particularly proud of, but it got me through graduation. Well, in college, I'd turn over a new leaf. Daddy was a Judge and I was expected to go to law school and join the family firm with my brothers

That time after the homecoming dance flashed through my mind. Neil, the star forward on our basketball team, had invited me to his house since his parents were out of town. Having lusted after him for months, I readily agreed. Upon arriving, I had been shocked that the other four starters were already at his house. Feeling a little apprehensive, well, maybe a lot apprehensive, I explained to Neil that I wanted him but didn't want an audience. Neil tried to calm me down by saying they were just leaving after they had a drink from his dad's liquor cabinet.

A couple of drinks later and I was really getting into the mood, joking and laughing with the guys. Neil was sitting next to me on the couch and turned my head to his and kissed me softly on my lips. I eagerly answered back, gnawing on his lips and, feeling no pain, I abandoned myself to the sensation of his tongue dueling with mine and his massive hands rubbing up and down my back, cupping my squirming ass as I rolled onto him. Forgetting about the other guys in the room, I didn't object as he quickly stripped my clothes off and began to gently stroke my freshly shaven mound

Humping desperately into his hand, I was jarred from my reverie by the other guys in the room.


" Third",

" Fourth",

"I guess I'm last"

Their laughter tore through my brain as Neil skewered me with his formidable weapon. ,I don't know how long he lasted, I do know it was two orgasms worth before he rolled off me. Unceremoniously, my legs were bent over my head, my ankles touching my ears as another shaft found its mark. Number two rammed himself into me as though fucking was going to be outlawed tomorrow. I had been ridden before but this was a whole new experience. Moaning, screaming, drooling as he pounded me incessantly, I went someplace far, far away.

I awoke to another guy fucking me softly, slowly and Oh My God soooo deeply. His shaft kissed my cervix repeatedly as I opened up for him more and more. He erupted inside me flooding me with his warmth as I came around his still squirting cock.

I was truly gone as the last two guys worked me over. Adam, the fourth guy wanted my ass and he wasn't to be denied, splitting me like a ripe peach as I screamed out for God to save me from this inhuman violation. God didn't come to my rescue but Adam's technique did. Soon, I was groaning into the carpet begging him to take me back there and he obliged.

Laughing, Adam rolled onto his back while keeping me impaled. I was on my back, lying on Adam as my legs were hoisted skyward. Number Five plunged home and I screamed at the invasion. He was the size of a can of Red Bull and combined with the shaft fucking my ass, I didn't have any room left in my abused body. My screams bounced off the walls as they began to rhythmically drive me insane.

I'd like to say we came together, but I passed out and they took their pleasure in my limp body. Cocks painfully being dragging out of my abused ass and pussy brought me to my senses.

The voices rang out, bringing me back to the present:" Six",

"Pencil me in for lucky number seven".

This was my first real college party and I could tell I was in way over my head. It was at the Sig Ep house and there were supposed to be lots of cute guys and at least four or five girls. Well, Looks like the guys got the message but the girls didn't.

I'd had a few drinks and they were going straight to my head. Lying on the couch, I had one guy on each side of me and one rubbing my feet. I didn't like where this was heading but this was the first time somebody was actually kissing my toes. He would take them in his mouth and lick all around them as he rubbed my insoles. God, what a turn on.



The guy on my right was nibbling my neck and then my ear, his tongue darting in and out and, as I turned towards him, he kissed me full on the lips, taking my breath away. The animal power radiating from him was overwhelming. His beard scratching my face as he pressed his advantage, I groaned into his mouth as we dueled with our tongues. I broke the kiss only to be turned to the guy on my left. His lips pressed against mine as I felt hands slipping inside my shirt to caress my satin covered mounds.

Not to be outdone, the guy working on my feet had started going higher on my legs kissing and teasing with little bites and nibbles as he reached the no mans land between my thigh high stockings and my panty covered treasure.

"Ten", "Eleven"

"No, no, I can't" I lamented. THAT didn't work very well. My suitors on either side had each grabbed a leg and I was spreadout like a five dollar buffet in Vegas. When his lips reached that secret spot, I arched my mound towards him begging for more. He didn't disappoint.

Now, like I said, I'm not a virgin; but what this guy did with his tongue was mindblowing. I was humping uncontrollably as he sucked noisily.

He pulled his head back and exclaimed: "She's ready"

My mind was reeling as I looked down between my legs and my tormentor stood up and moved aside. Taking his place was a face that I recognized. My math teacher from High School.

"That's right sweetheart, I'm a Sig Ep too, I told everyone just how willing you were to get good grades. You'll find out that the Dean of the college is a Sig Ep. I don't think you'll have any problems", as he slipped himself inside me. "No sense disappointing the Judge is there?"

I groaned in arousal, humiliation, and just plain surprise as I realized that college was going to be pretty much like high school. Just bigger numbers.

"Twelve", "Thirteen"

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