tagSci-Fi & FantasyNumbers Ch. 01

Numbers Ch. 01


Numbers Ch -1- Anna 6

The fifteen young women filled into the room taking seats near the dais against one wall. An incredibly beautiful woman with golden brown short hair, her ankles crossed leaned against a stout table in the center of the dais. She wore a simple loose blue sleeveless dress with a row of buttons running down front from top to bottom. On her feet were three inch heeled sandals much like the ones the young women wore. Her smile was warm and reassuring. She absently opened two top buttons as the group entered.

A tall heavily muscled young wearing shorts and sneakers stood to one side against a wall smiling. He was so good looking he was almost pretty.

"Good morning ladies." She said, with a deep feminine voice. "My name is Lila. I am here to greet you officially to this facility and conduct a short orientation class for your group. This will be the only time you start at this ungodly time in the morning. Each new group receives their instructions early the first day." She said. Her strange topaz eyes twinkled with amusement.

"Ladies," She continued. "I want to remind you that all of you volunteered for this program. You asked and signed up of your own free will. Remember that when things get rough and scary. You wanted the things that will happen to you here." Lila paused to let the gravity of her words sink into the girls. "The single one thing that you must never forget Ladies...is that when leave this room any man you meet, should he wish, is in total control of your body. What you want is meaningless." She paused again looking around noting the troubled looks on many of the women's faces.

Lila's expression was amused. "I shall reiterate Ladies your main purpose here is to facilitate the spread of Nanites and symbiotes in your bodies to the men who will use you during your stay here. In turn they will spread the Nanites and symbiotes to the population at large." A red headed young woman raised her hand. "Yes dear, you have a question? And your name?" Lila said.

"Beth 12." She said blushing. "Why do it this way? I like sex but mostly with my husband. I have to admit he talked me into this."

"And where is your husband now Beth?" Two more buttons opened on Lila's dress.

"In the group waiting for us I think. He was supposed to arrive this morning."

"He may be a bit tired right now." Lila chuckled. "The Greeters were very busy this morning."

Lila reached inside her dress and casually pinched one of he prominent nipples. "That and other things will be explained later. I digress lets get back to the subject at hand....it is calculated this method is the quickest way to spread the benefits of what all of you carry. The result and aim of this project is a disease free long lived population of the world." She paused to let that sink in to their minds.

"You Ladies will learn the absolute joy of your innate female sexuality, in a combined human and Wa'em manner." She added.

"Yes, another question?" Lila said pointing to a small beautiful woman in the front of the group. Lila saw that the woman had anticipated what was coming. Her robe was open displaying pert firm breasts. "Your name dear?"

"Marci 15 Lila...how soon are we going to join the men?" She giggled and blushed.

"Eager are we Dear? You've done something like this before?"

"Oh yes!" Marci gushed. "I can't wait!"

Lila opened another button exposing a breast. "Patience Marci It's worth the wait." Lila winked at her.

Lila's dress was open to her waist now. "The most important thing you must remember Ladies is that shall obey any instructions given to you... at once! If you quibble or protest you shall be punished in the manner the man or men shall choose at the time."

A low mummer of dread came from the seated women. Many of them squirmed in their seats. A few fingered themselves surreptitiously.

"Now ladies there is no cause for alarm none of you shall be harmed in any way. Anything you will be instructed to do will be simple, natural, and exciting." Lila finished unbuttoning her dress and dropped it to the floor. "The first thing you must do is take off those robes and give them to Tad when he walks by."

"B...b...but Lila." One of the women stammered. "We are all naked except for robes and heels."

"Yes I know." Lila said. "As I am now Ladies."

Lila's dress was a pool of fabric around her trim ankles. Smiling picked it up, folded it carefully, and laid it on the table. Lila's nude body was a wonder to behold. Her flawless olive skin all but glowed with health and vitality. Her ample conical breasts stood out proudly. They swayed tantalizingly with her every move. Her hips looked like a sailors dream as they flared from her trim waist. Her trimmed golden brown pubic hair matched the hair on her head.

"Take them off now ladies...I'm waiting. Be sure to fold them neatly. Your skin and sandals all you wear for a month or more." That announcement was met with several audible gasps and moans.

She looked at them with amusement her hands on her hips as they blushed and trembled through their first minor trial.

She paused for effect. "Remember you must obey their demands. The Nanites now in your bodies will allow you to take pleasure in what they do to you. You shall learn to answer to whore, slut, cunt, bitch, or whatever the fancy at the time."

One woman in the back asked, "Does that include anal sex? I don't like it it's nasty and hurts. I got an infection in my vagina one time from a shitty dick."

Several women tittered and squirmed in their chairs.

"The men attending this facility will and... shall observe all hygiene requirements. Failure to observe the rules is an automatic expulsion for review and retraining. "She watched Tad intently as he collected the last robe and brought all of them up to the table. He set them in a neat pile next the beautiful woman then stood next to her.

Lila smiled at him and touched his shoulder. She leaned back against the table and absently rubbed her clitoris. She smiled and sighed as an unreadable expression crept across her face.

"Alright Ladies time to join the men." Lila said pulling Tad to her. "Go out the door and an attendant will show you the way."

As the apprehensive young women filed out Lila pulled his shorts down exposing his large thick cock.

When last woman was leaving left the room, she heard Lila gasp with pleasure.

"Oh yes, Tad! Shove it in all the way. I need it so bad!"


Anna 6 had warned what would happen if she did not obey a demand promptly. Anna ignored the warning. Now she was paying the price.

One man held Anna's arms tight as another knelt between her legs. Her legs flailed uselessly against the hold of the two men gripping her ankles. The one between her legs smiled as he pushed the bulbous head of his thick cock into her trembling body.

"Oh, no it's too big! Please no!" She begged even as she angled her hips to accept the cock eagerly.

She gasped aloud as he rubbed the cock-head up and down her moist labia. She groaned with despair when he eased it past the lips of her cunt. Anna blushed with shame when she realized how much she wanted his huge cock in her body.

Sweat beaded her flushed face as he slipped deeper and deeper in her tight pussy. The men holding her allowed her to open her thighs wider as she thrust her cunt up.

"Oh God! Oh God!" She wailed trying not to notice the hot lust filled eyes of the men around her. "Give it to me now! Fuck meeee!"

With that, he slammed his big cock all the way in her. It did not hurt as her pussy was almost dripping wet. He ground his coarse pubic hair against clitoris and freshly shaven labia as he smiled evilly at her.

"Like that you fucking whore?" He asked. "You have a tight cunt but I'll loosen it up a bit before I'm through."

With that, he began banging into her tender young body like a dog servicing a bitch in heat. Anna hated what he was doing to her yet loved it at the same time. Her twenty-year-old body had been in a state of arousal from the time she had woken up early that morning. Her need had gotten worse when she shaved her labia as ordered just before her shower.

Later when all of the young women in her group assembled in this room were ordered to strip, her pussy had become so wet it almost dripped.

"Oh! Oh, oh," Anna gasped in time to the cock pounding in her pussy. He was taking her body without her permission, and to her surprise, she loved it. The worst part of it was her humiliation and embarrassment of over thirty people watching it happen.

Sweat dripped from her body as she thrust up to meet the ravaging cock. She no longer cared who was watching. She tried to pull him tighter with her legs wrapped around his muscular hairy body. Anna's face was flushed with sexual heat. Her breasts jiggled with each brutal thrust.

Red faced and sweating he grinned as he drove his hard thick cock deep into cunt. The slapping sound of their bodies meeting filled the room. He stopped pulling her tight to his hips. He tensed as he came shooting his seed in her ravaged pussy.

"I'm going to fill you up slut!" He panted, clutching her hips with his big hands.

Her second orgasm rattled through her well-used body as he shot his cum in her pussy. She whimpered with need and pleasure as she wiggled her hips around the cock impaled in her pussy urging him to give her more and more yet.

Finished he staggered back to lean against the back of a couch breathing hard. He grabbed a towel and wiped his face. "Are you going to do what you are told now slut?" He growled down to her.

"Yes Sir." She said in a timid voice remembering to keep her legs up, bent at the knees, and splayed wide as instructed so everyone could see her open and used cunt. It was also an invitation to any man who wanted to could use her next.

"Very good! Now hold still so I can mark you." He took a marking pin and drew a thick line about and inch long vertically between her breasts. "That is one whore. You had better receive at least two more before noon. I will personally check you for that. Now move your fucking ass over by the wall and find yourself a place with the other sluts." He looked over his shoulder and said. "Bring yours up Bud. I'll get out of the way as soon as I pull my shorts on."

Quickly Anna joined two other young women kneeling nearby. Their faces were tear stained and flushed too. They had been punished much like her for breaking a rule. She was posed as they were ass on her heels, knees spread wide to expose her sex, hands on her thighs, and head held high.


A muscular man wearing shorts much like the one who had 'punished' Anna pulled a naked red haired girl after him. The short trembling chubby girl whimpered in fear when he stopped by the low padded table was Anna was abused.

Yet another man, this one dressed in shorts and a shirt asked, "what did she do Bud?"

Bud looked at the red head with disgust. "She said I was too big and closed her legs. Then she tried to run away Frank."

Frank made a check on his clipboard. "Not good, not good at all. Beth 12 what do you have say about that? You did read the instructions we gave you earlier didn't you?"

Beth gave him a look like a deer caught in car headlights. "I read them Sir...but...anyone...any hole they want?"

"Can't you remember any thing slut? The instructions given this morning very clear. All of you bitches are here to serve any mans pleasure on demand immediately. There will be no ifs or buts about it." Frank glowered at her. "You do understand what immediately means don't you? Did you refuse Bud like he said?"

Beth hung her head answering in a small girl voice. "That's what happened Sir...but his thing is so big it scared me. I...I'm just a little girl. If he sticks it in me it...it will rip me apart."

Frank looked at the papers on his clipboard and frowned. Beth if you say the word 'but' one more time you will defiantly regret it. You look like a little girl except for the fact that you are twenty-four. And have a child which that you left with your parents to take care of while you are here. Isn't that true? Plus your husband in here too."

"Yes Sir." She answered. "Hal is some were around I haven't seen him yet. B...but that cock is bigger than Hal's not too much bigger." She admitted. "But...but... I've never done it in front of people before!"

"You will today," Hal said grinning. "What did you have in mind Bud?"

"Hal!" Beth squeaked. "You can't mean that!"

"I though a little free style would do it," he grinned back. "I need someone to hold her while I get ready."

"It would be my pleasure." Beth's husband said.

While Hal held the trembling girl's arm Beth absently rubbed the encircled twelve stamped in the center of her forehead. That made Anna remember the six on hers. The first thing that morning all fifteen of the new young women were marked in that fashion. It couldn't be removed with anything but a special chemical some two to three months in the future. Until then it was permanent.

Bud removed his shorts and lay on the low table. Two Anna it looked truly massive even it in its present partly erect state. "Get over here bitch." He said pleasantly. "It's time you took a real dick! Sit on my knees and kiss it hello. If you squeeze too hard I'll butt fuck you!"

As ordered, Beth straddled his knees looking with fear at the monster before her. She grasped it gently with her trembling hands. Then kissed its head.

"That's it slut work up a bunch of spit and give me a nice sloppy blow job."

Bud grinned as his cock began rising to the occasion. In less than a minute, it was at its full thick size. Beth could barely get a third of it in her mouth. She gagged several times trying to take more of it down her throat.

"Pretty good bitch we'll make a cocksucker out of you yet won't we Hal?" bud said. Now ride my knee with your cunt while you suck me.

He raised a knee to her wet pussy as she ground against it moving her hips back and forth. Sweat beaded her brow and ran down the alabaster skin of her back. Her dark nipples stood out in high relief as Beth became more and more aroused.

"I can't stand it any more!" She gasped out shaking her head. "Fuck me! I don't care any more fuck me!'

"I'm not going to do that slut," Bud said. "You are going to fuck me bitch. Now scoot up and sit on my dick. You're going to take it all the way to the balls."

Beth moved up straddling his hips. She measured his long thick cock against her pudgy stomach. Then she rose up and pressed the head of his cock to her pussy. Trembling she eased down a bit. The massive purple head easily spread her labia.

"Oh God!" She wailed through the fog of arousal. "Don't let me do this! Help me please!"

Bud grasped her hips lightly holding her centered on his cock. She squirmed and moaned as she sank slowly down one agonizing inch after another on the hard cock until her knees touched the table. About half of it was in her now.

"It's so big!" She wailed as she desperately tried to hold herself up pushing on his stomach with her hands. Taking another inch Beth sobbed when Bud as pushed her knees further apart.

"You got it now slut." Bud smiled. "What a tight hot pussy! Just a few more inches now and you'll have all of it."

"Please no more! It's too big!" She begged.

Bud thrust up with one swift move taking her completely. Then holding Beth tight against his groin he dropped down to the table to begin bouncing her up and down on his cock.

"Oh God, he's fucking meeee!" she squealed as she moved her hips to meet his.

"No shit you stupid fucking cunt!" Bud growled. He grabbed her bouncing tits pinching her hard nipples making her squeal louder. Then he pulled her down so he could nibble on them. "Come on guys," he said, "she's got another hole to fill. Who wants it first?"


Anna nearly fainted when the redhead's husband knelt behind the behind her. Anna knew what would happen next. Then Beth screamed in surprise and pain as the cock slipped into her ass. Anna shuttered with desire. What was wrong with her Anna wondered. She had already been fucked brutally not more than a several minutes before. Now she wished that cock were pushing into her ass. Anna was fingering herself unconsciously oblivious to everything around her.

"Well what do we have here?" Frank stood in front of her with his hands on his hips. His partly erect dick bobbed in front of Anna's face.

Anna looked up and froze when her eyes locked with his. She was going to be punished again. She knew but wanted what was coming.

"Assume the position whore." He said kneeling on the carpet. "It's not even eight o'clock in the morning yet." He remarked chuckling. "At this rate you'll get fucked a dozen times before the day is over.

Anna hurriedly lay on her back opening her thighs wide presenting her pussy for his use. "Well you've learned that much. "He said slapping his fully engorged cock on her clit a few times.

She whimpered with desire and fear. His cock wasn't very thick but it was longer than any she had seen so far. It would reach depths unexplored by any before.

Frank pushed into her slowly all most gently. When his cock touched her cervix, she shuttered. He paused to enjoy the feel of her tight hot pussy wrapped around his dick. Then he slipped it deeper into her womb.

Anna shuddered again when his pubic hair touched her labia and clit. She was getting fucked for the second time in less than an hour. When she noticed several men, watching intently their hot eyes drank in her shameful need. Anna flushed with embarrassment.

She realized with horror that they wanted her too. Anna was sure more of them would have her before the day was over just not how many. She knew she would accept their hard cocks into her eagerly in her cunt with relish and beg for more. The flush covering her face crept down her neck to her breasts.

How could her body wanted this so much but her mind rebel at the same time? Two more months or more of this humiliation and shame, how could she endure it? How could any of the women here endure it? Then a rush of urgent need and desire swept that thought from her mind.

A widely grinning Frank began pumping slowly in and out of her pussy. "I'll get you nice and warmed up slut." He said. "Then I'll see how tight your ass is."

A tear trickled down Anna's cheek as she trust her hips up to meet franks ravaging cock.

"Oh God fuck me!" Anna 6 begged. "Fuck me! All of you fuck me!"

Before the day was over many of them did.

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