tagSci-Fi & FantasyNumbers: Prologue

Numbers: Prologue



June 2132 and the secret board meeting for Technologies Ltd continued into the second hour. The entire top floor of the building was under total lockdown. Messages in and out moved only after encryption. The last reports on general business items were finished.

Johns the Special Projects manger took the podium for an exposition on the most secret project Technologies Ltd had ever undertaken.

Emmanuel Johns was new to the corporation and even newer to the board. He had appeared mysteriously only four years before. His rise to the board had been meteorically swift. His selection as a board member had been a shock to all.

Johns was a tall thickly muscled man of indeterminate age, topaz flecked eyes, regular features and a ready smile. Though Friendly and popular few people really knew much about him. Despite his friendly demeanor, he still managed to acquire a few enemies.

When his turn came, Johns stepped to the podium and flashed a grin. "Ladies and Gentlemen if you check your terminals pertinent information on project YX can be accessed. Additional information is in the packets being handed out now. I'll take questions in fifteen minuets."

Five young women circulated the room laying booklets by each board member. For a time the only sound in the room was of keyboards and shuffling paper. Twelve minuets later Gina Keys stood and demanded attention. She held a paper in her hand and shaking it at Johns with rage.

At forty-six Gina's aristocratic Italian features, coupled a trim yet curvy body, and long dirty blonde hair was considered a fox by most of the men who saw her. The problem was that she was an avowed lesbian man hater. Notorious for seducing young women she bragged that no man had touched her for the last twenty years and none would ever. She hated Johns totally.

"This is the most unmitigated complete pile of shit I have ever seen!" She shouted red faced. "Especially this shit about sex and releasing our primal free will this cannot possibly be true in any way!"

Johns raised a brow and said, "You think there's an error in the conclusions? I can assure there are few if any at all. Our data agrees with the Wa'em's data. They've been studying the subject off and on for the last Two thousand years. In fact, they renewed their study when they discovered us."

"What does a pack of aliens know about human sexuality?" Gina snarled trembling with rage. "And why would that kind of study mean anything to them or us?"

"A great deal it would appear." Johns replied mildly. "The difference in the genetic code between us and them is so sleight as to be nonexistent. Also, they felt that the information would help. Plus the fact that they believe this is their plant of origin."

"Bullshit" Gina growled vehemently. "They've been pumping out that crap since before I was born. I for one don't believe a word of it. I can see you do. It's even in this shit your squad of strumpets passed out."

"Gina I should make you sit down and shut up." Manuel said grinning. "But as I see that every thing is ready I think you need a demonstration of what nanotechnology and Wa'em science can do. I 'suggest' you to come up on stage and stand on that low table." He pointed to a carpeted table with very short legs.

Gina started to sit down. Then her eyes got very wide as she stood and walked up on the stage and stood on the table. "What have you done to me?" She screamed. "What insane thing have you done?"

"Thanks to the corporate lunch room and the health supplements most everybody has been enjoying of late. You have some microscopic friends in you and some other beneficial things provided by the Wa'em. Those little friends are helping your body and subconscious to realize your primal sexuality. That is something that the people of this world have almost forgotten. Those things combined help your body to obey suggestions or commands given in a particular tone of voice. I see it works."

Gina tried to step off the table. After several tries, she gave up. "What do you want of me? What horrible thing do you want?" Her shout was edged with panic.

The two other women board members looked oddly at Manuel then at each other. They nodded in agreement of some sort.

Manuel caught the side play with the corner of his eye. He thought it was time to reassure them that the events unfolding were safe. "Ladies." He said looking at them. "I'm sorry you have to see this but it has to be done."

"We know that dear." Vivian the older one said. "It's time someone put that arrogant bitch in her place. We will be ready at need. Continue with what you were doing."

As he turned his eyes, back to Gina Johns was a little puzzled by Vivian's remark. He would worry about it later. "Now Gina." He said. "I want you to keep your arms at you side at all times except when I command you to do something. When I say, I want you to do something; you shall consider it as a command. Do you understand? Say yes or nod your head."

"Yes you bastard." She whispered fiercely.

"I see that we have an understanding." He remarked with a smile. "Gina I want you to remove your blouse...slowly. Tease us a bit."

Her blouse had a deep V in it with only two buttons below. A nice amount of cleavage was already exposed. One then two buttons, then she started tugging it out the waistband of her short skirt reviling a lacy pink bra. A low mummer of approval came from the men when she opened the blouse.

"Must you humiliate me this way?" A light pink flush covered her face. She shrugged the blouse off dropping it to the floor.

"I must say." Manual said with a chuckle." Your tits are nicer that I imagined. With out the bra they should be very nice indeed. However, you keep it on for now. Leaving your skirt on I want you to remove your panties now."

Gina pulled her skirt up revealing the lacy tops of her suntan thigh high nylons. Then her pink lace panties came into view. The cleft splitting her mound showed through the tight translucent garment. Eyebrows in the audience came up when a wet stain covering the crotch of her panties came into view.

Still blushing Gina hooked her thumbs in the sides on the panties and slid the damning panties down long lush legs to step out of them.

Moisture covered Gina's shaved lower vulva. A triangular patch of neatly trimmed pubic hair stood above her clitoris.

A few wolf whistles came from the men. One of the other women giggled. The giggler was the shingle, pretty, middle aged, plump woman with gray hair. Smiling broadly, she waved an urgent hand at Johns.

"Yes Vivian?" He said bemused. He had not expected this kind of reaction at all.

"It looks as if Gina not going to be much if any fun Manual. If you don't mind having a fat old lady show, her stuff let me take her place.

"You're not serious, are you?

"Damn straight I am." She giggled again, "when a girl gets to be fifty-eight chances like this are few and far between." She looked at the woman next to her. "And if Joyce would stop worrying about her husband." She looked at Joyce. "Just get off you're fifty-five year old tight ass and join me." She added.

"Why not?" Joyce stood up when Vivian did. "I've always wondered what it would be like to show my bare ass to a room full of men. I expect we're all going to get arrested anyway."

Johns was both surprised and gratified. He had wondered how he was going to get the ladies up on the stage. He liked both of them and baulked at humiliating them.

"Ladies you are more than welcome. Come on up and take a place on either side of Gina.

Somehow neither one of them blushed when they mounted the stage. "Is this ok?" Joyce smiled standing left of the table Gina was on. He breasts swayed invitingly under top of her calf length patterned dress.

Johns looked at Vivian standing on the other side. Her nipples stood out boldly under her dark silk blouse He would be damned if she wasn't braless too! He didn't know how they had gotten them off and didn't care. These ladies clearly knew or guessed what this was all about.

"It's your move ladies." He grinned. "Let us see what you've got."

Joyce giggled this time. They both began undoing buttons at the same time. Joyce opened the top of her dress slipped her out of it to let it fall loosely at her hips. Her breasts sagged as bit but stood out proudly displaying large dark areolas topped with jutting nipples.

Vivian slipped her blouse off and dropped it to the carpeted stage. Her breasts sagged a little more but were magnificent for a woman her age. She laughed aloud and shook them at the men in the room.

Gina looked back and forth at them. Her shocked expression indicated she thought both of the older women were insane.

"It's a shame you don't like men dear." Vivian said to Gina. She was wiggling her skirt down over her ample hips. "They have delightful things in their pants. I plan to enjoy those things as often as I can."

"You are nothing but a shameless harlot." Gina hissed at her.

"Thank you dear." Vivian giggled. Pulling her panties off reviling a thick salt and pepper bush. "It is a burden I know, but I can handle it."

Joyce's dress pooled around her high heels then she stepped out of it and kicked it away. Then she slipped her low cut panties off. Her luxuriant dark bush was neatly trimmed.

"Men are one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet Gina." Joyce said. "I know several lesbians who like cock almost as much as I do. It's a treat when my husband and I have a three way with one." She cocked an eye at a surprised Manuel. "How did we do love?"

"Both of you lovely women are beautiful sight to behold." He said. "You are magnificent! I should have consulted with you ladies before I set this up."

"You forget," Vivian broke in. "that in this venue Joyce and I are no more than whores who's only purpose is to service any man who wants us." She giggled at, that then continued. "Before this is over I hope you find time to use that wonderful monster of yours in me." She blushed then.

"Wonderful monster?" Johns asked looking bemused. "How would you know anything about that?"

Vivian slipped a finger in her vagina and moaned softly. She gave Manuel a wink. "Joyce and I do have our sources dear. Try not to keep us waiting to long but I think we can amuse ourselves until then." She said glancing at the rest of the board who were by now divesting themselves of their clothing

Joyce and Vivian wearing only heels and nylons left the stage, closely fallowed by John's squad of now naked 'strumpets'. The women eagerly joined the eighteen randy men waiting for them.

Gina looked at Manuel fearfully. "Am I supposed to go down there?" Gina asked.

"Not at this time." He grinned. "There are some gentlemen here that would like to discuss your attitude toward them. After they have used you, feel free to join the rest of us."

Gina blanched when three naked men walked from behind the curtains. The older man was Joyce's husband Ted. The two others were younger men in their twenties.

"We're going to have a good time aren't we whore." Ted said shoving two fingers in her vagina.

Gina grabbed Ted's arm in desperation as if to push it away. To her horror, the penetrating fingers felt good. Her hips pushing against his hand filled her with shame. When a second man fingered her ass, she shuddered helplessly, unable to stop her body from grinding back and forth on the penetrating fingers.

"Oh please stop." she sobbed. "You can't do this to me!" She whimpered deep in her throat when the last one kissed her, raping her mouth with his tongue.

The men move around her fondling her ass, cunt, and tits. Gina's knees wobbled. Sweat ran down her face and tits. She panted with desire. Her body had betrayed her. "Who is going too...?" She gasped out.

"Who is going to fuck you first?" A tall black man said. "I am whore."

The height of the table Gina stood on place her at the right level for his cock to penetrate her with ease. She stared in fear as he rubbed it between her legs. At any moment, he could violate her. A small change of angle and he would push through her vulva deep into her defenseless pussy.

"Please don't." She pleaded looking into his eyes with desperation. "You're too big! Oh God no!"

There was no mercy in his dark eyes. "Guide me in slut. A nasty whore like you will do as commanded."

Gina had no will of her own. Wide eyed and whimpering she guided the large flared head of his cock to the entrance of her cunt. "Aaaaah!" She groaned as the dark glans slipped past her wet labia into her quaking body. "No, no!" Gina cried in denial as his black dick pushed deeper and deeper until it claimed her vagina completely.

Still imbedded in her vagina he lifted and positioned Gina on her back... Then began fucking her with rapid strokes. Gina grunted with each slapping thrust. Her nylon clad legs splayed wide. She clawed his back. "Oh God, yes, yes, yes!" She chanted to his thrusts.

Later that evening Emmanuel Johns lay nestled between Vivian's lush thighs kissing her nipples and neck. He paused, his cock deep in her pussy and rotated his pubic hair against her clit. She cooed mewls of pleasure trying to pull him even deeper.

Joyce was laying close by, skewered deeply by the tall black man. She gasped out her pleasure with each deep stroke.

"You feel wonderful in me dear." Vivian purred. "Don't stop. But you still haven't answered my question."

"Which one whore." he chuckled kissing her tits again. "You've asked so many."

"You know, the one about Joyce and me taking a vacation at one of your new facilities." She said rubbing her sweat slicked stomach against him. "Vivian and I would like to pick our own numbers. Nanna said she thought you would approve."

Johns looked at her astonished. "Nanna, you know her?" He rotated his hips again.

"Yes dear...oh my!" She sighed. "Do that again! I will tell all about it later sweetie. Right now please use me like the cock loving whore I am!" She cooed lifting her hips against him. "When I'm sucking you, you can answer all of my questions."

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