tagMind ControlNumerical Control: Day 01

Numerical Control: Day 01


Day 1

The Interview


"Marcy, send in the next one." A man said gesturing with a stack of resumes.

"Yes mister Raxter." Marcy said and left the room.

The man looked through the resumes in his hand. "Stoner, idiot, idiot, asshole..." he said tossing the resumes one at a time into the garbage can under his desk.

"Mr. Raxter?" Marcy asked from the door.

"I'm ready," the man said without looking up.

He heard the sound of cloth rustling in front of him. He didn't look up from the last resume in his hand so he could skim over it real quick. He gestured to the seat in front of his desk with his hand. He knew that looked bad to the maybe future employee but the credentials on this page were far more than what was needed for this small office.

The man looked up and almost had to pick his jaw up off the floor. The woman that stood in front of him could not have been over twenty-five tops, but according to the resume in his hand it said she should be thirty-four.

"Misty Pawl?" The man asked extending his hand.

"Yes sir." Misty assured meeting the man's hand shake solidly.

"I'm sorry for the confusion on your resume it says you were born in seventy-seven but you can't be over twenty-five..." The man said retracting his hand before she thought he was trying to rape it.

"Oh no I'm thirty-four all right. I get that a lot." Misty sighed, and the man finally noticed what the poor woman really looked like. She had hair so dark brown it almost looked black with a slight wave to it. Her eyes were deep brown as well, she looked innocent in the way her eyes seemed to light up the room. She wore a blue button up blouse that held her low C maybe B cup (if he was going to guess) breasts that moved with her as she sighed. The man gulped. This woman was extremely attractive, and his cock seemed to look through his eyes and jolt already in his pants.

"Well have a seat and we can talk shop here for a minute. " Misty sat and crossed her legs, putting a leather notebook to lean on the chair leg. He could see that she wore black nylons under her knee length black skirt and heels that had to be four inches tall. He shook his head clear as she readjusted her skirt to cover her knees. He sat thankful for his desk for covering the growing hard on that was invading his pant space. "I will admit your credentials are far more than we need here. So let me get this straight, you worked at PWC for five years as a tax accountant. What brings you out here to our little office? I'm sure you know we cannot match your pay from PWC." The man said placing her resume on his desk.

"Oh that won't be a problem, sir..."

"Please, call me Josh. "

"Ok. The cost of living is not so bad out here, and your office here is much closer to home." Misty said talking with her hands. As she waited for the next question she fiddled with her necklace. It looked like a metallic rose. He watched her for a few heartbeats as she touched the recess in her neck and for a moment he so wanted to kiss every part of her neck.

"Oh..." Josh shook his naughty thoughts out of his head. "I'm sure Mr. Pawl will be pleased with that idea." He said it and immediately regretted it. 'Why are you trying to figure out if she's single?!' You DOLT! Focus!'

"Ohh... there's no Mr. Pawl." Misty said as if she was embarrassed.

A part of Josh's brain went 'YAY!'

"Really that's a shame." Josh said trying desperately to play his interest off as small talk. "Uhh...Let's see. So what we do here is I go out and try to get rich folk as I like to call them and talk them into our little firm here to let us take care of their money. That's where you come in. I simply go out and find the accounts for you. And handle the main running around while you crunch numbers. Does that sound like something you could work with?" He gave his spiel and swallowed hard when she started to think to herself. Mainly because when she did she slowly scratched the top of her left breast with her long fingernail. Josh though about how those nails would feel buried into his back as she called his name...

"Yeah that sounds like something I could do. Do you have this year's tax booklets?" Misty asked her hands now back in her lap.

"Huh?" He asked torn from his day dream "Oh yeah we get them nice and early every year."

"What would be the starting salary?" Misty asked.

'Free cock!' Josh's brain answered. "Uhh, starting around thirty-two thousand."

"Thirty-eight." Misty retorted back.

"Excuse me?" Josh asked now drawn away from the world in front of him by the image of her taking the 'free cock' offer in his head.

"I will not take less than thirty-eight." She said and crossed her arms across her chest. Oh god it made Josh's cock jump to attention staring at this smaller woman fierceness as she pressed her breasts together causing her blouse to tighten in all the right places. She put her long nailed finger on Josh's desk and stared him strait in the face. "You need me, I saw all the other candidates for this job. I'm worth a hundred of those. I could go back to PWC anytime I wanted and be welcomed. So that's why you're gonna hire me." She finished and her breath heaved obviously it took all of her courage to say what she just said. Her face red she sat there and dared Josh to say otherwise.

"You're absolutely right Miss Pawl. That's why you're starting tomorrow." Josh said with a stupid smile on his face.

"You're gonna regret not hiring me tomorrow, you just wait." Misty said her head bobbing to the side as she would win by pure attitude alone.

"That's why I hired you. "Josh repeated.

"I will...You did what?" Misty asked confused.

Josh laughed out loud and his cock jumped again for the woman in front of him. "I hired you, you start tomorrow."

"Oh..." Misty said her face resuming the fire engine red color.

"Fill these out." Josh said handing her some papers from his top drawer. He looked around and could not find a pen on messy desk. "I cannot seem to find a pen do you have one?" He asked padding down his pockets as if to magically find one there.

"Oh yes I have one." She reached down towards where she left her notebook but it had slipped down the table leg. She bent down farther to grab it. Josh lifted up in his seat for his eyes saw something he had to get a better look at. He leaned up in his chair and caught a glimpse of blood red panty sticking out the top of her skirt. He had to flop back in his seat as she straitened with her retrieved pen.

She filled out the paper work and they both stood. She held out her hand and he took it shaking it again.

"My pen?" Misty asked gesturing with her eyes to his other hand.

"Oh yea." Josh fumbled her pen dropping it the ground. It rolled behind her leg. She turned and bent at the waist.

Josh nearly jumped back a step. She had the most perfect heart shaped ass that he had ever seen. Josh was not an ass guy but this ass was starting to make him that way. You could barely see the lines of her panties through the fabric of her skirt and it was driving Josh mad! His poor slacks did nothing to hide the raging hard on that begged to be free.

She turned and nodded. "Then I'll see you tomorrow then."

Josh simply nodded and watched as she left the room. The gentle sway of her hips hypnotized his traumatized brain making his cock ache. Before she left she looked back at him one more time. Her eyes started at the face and she smiled, then her eyes wandered lower and her smile got bigger. She left leaving Josh simply standing there confused and bewildered at to what just happened.

He cursed after the door closed. Adjusting his pants he went and sat back down at his desk.

"God damn it's going to be hard..." He smirked. "...Difficult to work with that one. I'll have blue balls by the day is out!"


"Did you see all the people coming in to get Roy's old spot?" Jack drunkenly Josh over a beer at the bar near their house.

"Yeah man I was there remembers! I hired one..." Josh said pushing his buddy and catching him as he almost fell out of the chair. Josh thought about the woman he hired earlier that day. His cock jumped again just thinking about Misty's tight blouse that showed all of her curves off without being trashy. How the blouse hugged her breast begging him to run his finger across them watching as her nipples harden through the fabric...

"Hey you still with me man?" Jack asked literally punching Josh out of his daydream.

"Uhh yeah!" Josh said half flustered. "I'm gonna call it a night man, I'll catch you later."

Josh walked home the three blocks to his house. Josh undid his tie and threw it to the couch. He got out of his suit tossing it to the couch as well and plopped down in front of the TV. He ran through the channels one by one trying to scrub the image of his new employee from his mind, to no real success. He concentrated on the screen, but flashes of that blue blouse and that heart shaped perfect ass kept creeping into his mind's eye.

He gave up trying to purge his inner horn dog and went to bed. He laid there staring at the ceiling waiting for sleep to overcome him but it did not come. He sighed and rolled over onto his side.

He sat at his desk working on papers he needed to file. He hit the button on his intercom and mumbled something into the receiver. He straightened the papers in his hands. One fell to the floor. He crawled under his desk to retrieve it when he heard the door. Bashing his head on the underside of the desk as the six inch heals with perfect nylons cross his floor. He grabs his paper and sits back down. He straitens his papers and sets them down directly in front of several inches of cleavage. He looks up and finds his new accountant slowly tracing her luscious black lipstick covered lips with a very long blood red nail. She is leaning over the front of his mysteriously empty desk showing off her small but perfect breasts. Her hair locked up into a bun with long chop stick looking devises. Her pants suit has been modified by someone that must know his mind very well because it looks like a pants suit that now shows off every delicious curve of the female body. The breasts are a main feature with the extremely small skirt rounding out the back quite nicely.

"I sent Marcy home." Misty said licking her lips and edging closer to him one small movement at a time.

"Oh you did? But I had some filing for her to do." He said gulping so loudly he was sure it could be heard in china.

"I'll do it..." she looks down at the hard on that is straining to hold itself back in his poor thin dress pants. "...Big Guy." She slowly rights herself off the desk and saunters to his side leans precariously over placing her succulent breasts directly in his face. She snatches the papers out of his hands and turns to the now relocated filing cabinet in front of where he was facing and bends to open a drawer. The mini skirt rises giving him the most salivating view of her camel toe in black see through lace panties. That he almost can't help but reach out to try to feel the soft skin that he knows is waiting for him at the end of his reach. He extends his arm hand outward and finger out ready to dip his digit in the sweet juices of his tabby...


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