tagGroup SexNun Gives in to Lust Ch. 03

Nun Gives in to Lust Ch. 03


The lights were out and the corridors of the convent were silent. If you listened closely to a few of the doors soft moanings would have been heard, as nuns met with the devil.

Behind one particular door was a lithe middle aged nun. This fair skinned woman was slim but with a heavy chest. This Sister Joanne knelt in the darkness by her bed and contemplated her situation. After long years of struggling with her sexuality the 37 yrs old nuns resolve had finally collapsed. These past 3 weeks had seen her commit several lewd sexual acts with the convent handyman and one episode with the young priest. Even now as she prayed one hand was under her night gown, and two of her fingers caressed her ripe wet berry. Slipping her fingers lower she dipped them into her well of juices, bringing the wetness out to be smeared again over her clit. Knelt with her legs apart, her masturbation made no noise and the flow of juices ran unobstructed and unobserved down her inner thighs.

Now as she came close to her release her mind went back to Father Adams, how heavy his balls had felt in her hand. When he had finally erupted his rigid cock had pulsed whilst flood on flood had gone into her mouth. He had held her head all the time he gushed, and only released her when he was spent. The semen was gastly slim but the whole episode had made her feel so alive. Just by the simple act of letting him use her mouth she had completely controlled him. She reached into a drawer by her bed and pulled out a courgette. Six inches were quickly lost deep up her love hole. The image of his purple cock head waving before her mouth was in her mind, the nun plunged the fruit hard and fast in and out. A wave of electricity ravaged her loins. Her pussy clasped the phantom cock as she relived the emptying of his swollen sack and her orgasm washed over her.

Climbing into bed and wiping her finger over her stomach Sister Joanne relised that she needed to see Father Adams one more time. The only time they ever met was the rare times that he had sat in for the sick Father O'Hern in the confessional. However, later that week another opportunity fell in her way.

That week a disaster had struck on a small island in the Pacific. A catholic school had been virtually blown away in the wake of a tremendous storm and a community devestated. Sister Joanne was asked to escort the Mother Superior to a local multi-faith centre, as the district churches gathered hoping to organise relief for the beleaguered islanders.

Arriving at the centre Sister Joanne could see that this was going to be a huge effort. Priests, parsons, vicars and bishops were all there milling about, all with their entourage of helpers. People were busy being registered and accommodation allocated. As she walked down a corridor who should she pass but the tall blushing Father Adams. It was obvious that he had full recall of their last encounter, not only from his colour, but by the fact that he was finding it difficult to look at the older nun. Both carrying bags they had no option but to stop in the narrow space and do a little dance around each other.

'Hello Sister Joanne.", he managed to stammer out.

Sister Joannes mind was working at 110%. This was such a surprise. She felt her own face flush and the devil between her thighs wake up.

"Hello Father, I trust you are well. I hope you are feeling better after last week.", she teased.

"Oh yes Sister much, but we really mustn't discuss issues raised in the confessional." he said in a worried tone.

"Oh no Father I would never do that, but I have thought long and hard about life and think I have come to a crossroads. I would like to have your thoughts on a problem of faith I'm having."

"Oh I'm sorry to hear that Sister. I suppose I could offer an ear for a little while. I'm free at 8pm tonight in room 34 if that suits you."

"I will see what Mother Superior has planned but I shall try.", answered the scheming nun.

Each patron got a room with a double bed and an ensuite bathroom. Unpacking in her room Sister Joanne noticed that it was organised for a man and that a new razor along with other toiletries had been left on the vanity. Never before had the nun done this but she had read in the womens' magazine at the doctors that men liked their women to be smooth. Taking the razor the nun showered. The years of blond curls came away. The shower alone was not sufficient. Moving in front of the mirror she sudded her lips and watched herself as she unveiled the virginal pussy of a pre-teen with each stroke of the razor. How neat her little lips were, and peeking above them the tip of her secret pleasure. She didn't have a mirror in her room at the convent, none of the nuns did, but now she watched her reflection as she used a finger to trace around her clit whilst at the same time her other hand worked her nipples to erection. 'God' she thought. It would be so easy to cum just like this naked in front of her mirror. No she would wait. Sister Joanne lowered her foot off the vanity and dried her smooth pussy. Dressing into a fresh habit and wimple, Sister Joanne went to her duties.

After taking Mother Superior to a preliminary meeting chaired by the bishop, Sister Joanne was left to herself. Returning to her room she sat and waited for 8pm. Despite her nakedness beneath her habit her temperature was raised.

"Come in." shouted the priest. "Do come in and take a seat."

Father Adams was long and athletic. At 12 years her junior he looked like a shy film star pretending to be a priest. As she came in he rose to greet her. Taking her hand he led her to an armchair. The room was bigger than her own and there were 2 single bed instead of her double, but in all the other details it was a mirror of hers. She took in the room and noticed that there was a bag on each of the beds. Father Adams followed her gaze. Predicting her thoughts the priest added,

"Ah that's Father George's, we're sharing. He's attending a logistics meeting. He wont be back until 10 he said.".

"Oh Father I have been so torn by what we did. It has been my only thoughts."

This had been mostly true with the exception of a fantasy one night involving the old painter and his large organ which she had imagined slipping up her in the orchard.

"Despite your words Father I have continued to sin alone in my room. I have even had a coupling with an older man. A man who is a follower of the sodomites."

This last detail had spurred him into great attention. He too had spent sometime in his bed at night with thoughts of Sister Joanne. He remembered their eyes meeting as she sucked him, and the look of astonishment as he had spilled into her mouth. As he lay pumping his cock into yet another tissue, in his minds eye he saw his fingers exploring her cunny and forcing entry into her anus. This week he must have used her 15 times as his mentor to ejaculation.

"The man wanted to leave his seed in me and spread my buttocks, he even made me pull my cheeks apart. Then pressed himself into me, then he left his issue inside my behind."

Sister Joanne made sure to be graphic this seemed to increase the difficulty that the young priest seemed to be having in finding a position to sit comfortably. She could see that there was now a bulge in the front of his trousers that wanted to get out.

"Before that he also forced his manhood into my secred place. It was hugely swollen but it went in. The worst thing is that I liked it so. I even felt a release as he pushed himself in and out of me. He did this till he injected his seed in me."

"All men need to release their seed often Sister, even priests have to, and I believe women need their moments of ecstasy too. Now did he just place his manhood into your bottom?"

"No Father he place an oil round himself then used his fingers to apply it to my open cheeks."

Under her gown she was dripping. She knew that the poor man in front of her would soon need to get his cock out.

"Did he hurt you Sister?"

"A little, in my secret place.", she said coyly.

The priest moved off his seat and knelt at her feet. His hand moved under her clothes and up her leg but stopped. Any further and he would have known how wet she had become.

"Can I see where he hurt you?"

Sister Joanne laid back in her chair and pulled up the hem of her habit. By parting her legs wide she made her exposure more thrilling. She watched his face change as her smooth lips came into view. His face struck with awe. He could see how her cunt was desperate for someone to enter it. Her inner labia being deep red and swollen. A rivulet of pussy honey was oozy down. Using her fingers for maximum effect she spread her opening and pushed 2 fingers inside as far as she could.

"Just in there he hurt, just for a short time. He hurt just the first time he pushed himslf in deep. Now it doesn't hurt at all."

She held his hand that was resting on her thigh and brought it to her pussy. Extending 2 of his fingers she pushed them inside and gasped. Laying back she closed her eyes and lifted her habit higher, revealing her breasts. Her open was hot and tight, and while his fingers explored she gently squeezed and pinched her own nipples. The smell of her sex was too much for him. His virility was such that even without provocation he would cum 2 or 3 times a day. Tasting his fingers and returning them to their work he used his other hand to unfasten his belt and trousers.

Sister Joanne was going to savor this. Too often it had been at a rush. No she was taking time on this occasion. Her young stud was giving her just what she needed. His fingers pleasured her and she could exercise her own clitoris. She moaned and squirmed on his fingers. Looking down she saw that he had his cock in hand and its purple end looked angry and hungry.

"Father suck my teats, suck them but don't stop your fingers."

Rising the priest buried his face in her breasts and took a large erect nipple in his mouth. The nun wanted to feed him like this forever. As he worked his fingers in and mawled her titties with his mouth.

"Lay down." she ordered.

Standing she pulled off her habit leaving behind just her wimple. He laid down on the carpet and she stood across his face. Looking up he saw the pre-nubile pussy being lowered onto his face. Kneeling over him she carefully teased herself on his mouth and nose. She had placed his nose between her labia to let his tongue give her clit the attention she desired whilst he stare at her tender anus. Leaning forward onto her elbows she pulled back his cock skin was able to take his length into her mouth, naked purple bulb first, whilst he ate her ass and pussy.

For some time all you could hear was the cooes of love making and the slap of wetness. Her breast swung down and he would play with them as he tried to swallow what was coming out of her aroused pussy. It was a loosing battle. She flooded his face and at times would tense and cum, before relaxing and carrying on. He knew each time she was coming, her anus would go into a fit of contractions, and he couldn't get his tongue in it at all. Joanne concentrated on his cock. This time studying it as she wanked him. As she pulled back his foreskin she noticed how it would leak a slight drop of precum. This she would lick before putting the whole head into her mouth then bob up and down, before going back to pumping it in her hand. It wasn't as big as the painters but its veins stood out making it hard and strong.

She moved to all fours, her curved rump looking up at him whilst she reached under and felt her own wetness.

"Please Father but not your seed my pussy." she reminded him.

He got behind her and gripped her hips.

"You mean do it like the sodomite?"

"Yes if you must or over me."

She really didn't care. She wanted to feel full of his pounding cock. His rigid cock entered easily. She couldn't be more lubricated. Her perfect puckered anus beckoned to him and he started to exercise it with a finger as he slowerly began fucking her. His tempo increased as each time he rammed his cock in it would elicit a soft mew. As he fucked, his balls hit her fingers. She held them briefly then returned to her clit. He fucked faster and faster and her moaning became louder every time he drew his length out before slamming it back in.

"Oh god no." he exclaimed.

The thrill of fucking this horny naked nun was too much. His orgasm started. Stopping to cum over her would diminish his thrill. His instincts resisted him pulling out now. His cock had ejected 2 massive jets deep in the nuns womb before he had been able to withdraw. The rest shot over her ass and back. White streams coved her. Some dripping from her wimple. He looked down on her rear view as his cum surged over her time and time again. His pumping began to slow as he continued to rub his member in the furrow of her ass.

"My turn I believe." said Father George.

Neither had noticed him enter some time back. He had quietly sat down and decided to enjoy the floor show. Rising from his chair behind them, with a raging 8 inches in his hand. Father George pushed the spent Adams to one side.

"Well no point holding back it looks like you've dosed the good nun with a cup full." the second priest pointed out.

As copious amounts of cream was obvious and the smell of semen was thick in the air. Sister Joanne was hardly disturbed as an even bigger member was thrust up her. The white mess had started to run out and down her thighs as the nun continued in her desperate efforts to cum yet again. Father George used his cock head like a tool to smear the lotion around her pussy lips. Meantime the keen nun was actively backing onto to him in an attempt to get his cock in. One push from him and she was back in ecstasy. This fresh lover brought a new rhythm to her fucking. He had waited for long enough for his turn and was in a hurry to cum. As she started to writhe on end of his length, without restraint he delivered his load into her.

Father Adams watched on. He rested in the vacated chair and massaged himself to hardness with the help of the spectacle before him. Getting up off the floor Father George turn to him.

"I think the sloppy nuns would like more!"

Sister Joanne rolled onto her back and panting she took a moment to absorb what had just past. Her legs splayed open and sagged as if they had all their energy removed. The fact that two priests were watching her openly displaying her creamed pussy seemed too bizaare to take in.

Now naked, Father Adam returned to her orifice of pleasure. He drew her back onto him and place her legs over his shoulders, his cock entering her sodden mess. This was just a prelude. His real ambition was her perfect anus. No oils were necessary today. She was so relaxed that she gave way immediately.

"I'm going to fuck your ass Sister Joanne. You're going to get me in your ass so deep."

With that he slammed into her ass time and time again. She gripped him tight.

"Oh yes hard, punish me, I'm a sinner, fuck me!"

As he fucked Father George watch the old nuns tits swing around and her attempts at masturbation. Once hard Father George went and laid next to her. First he kissed her passionately, exchanging tongues. Then he moved to suck her nipples as his room mate abused her ass. Rearranging George finally slipped his cock into her mouth as Father Adams sent a second orgasm into the depraved nuns ass.

"God I'm spent George, but her ass if so fine."

"Roll over Sister.", Father George instructed.

The nun complied. Father George put a cushion under her hips to raise her ass then he lay on top of her.

"Help me Sister, hold your ass wide apart."

Sister Joanne obediently complied. She reached round and parted her ass. The entrance was well used now and opened easily. Father George mounted her and assaulted her cum soaked ass. Again she moaned and cursed.

"Fuck me hard Father, I'm a dirty sinner!" she muttered besides other profanities.

Father George liked his ass fucking and took great delight his driving his cock into this submissive nun. Holding her by a shoulder he pumped her ass. Stopping occasionally to whisper something dirty in her ear, before returning to his ass grinding. After a few minutes he gave a final grunt and froze whilst his straining cock gave up its fluid.

Father George rose and went to the en-suite to clean the wet mess left on his cock and balls. Sister Joanne moved in silence to the armchair, her wimple all dishevelled and cum stained. Despite her ordeal she still looked so attractive. Sitting with her knee drawn up she casually inspected her pussy. As the stench of sex rose from her pussy she wiped her fingers through the glistening lips before tasting the mixture leaking from herself. She wondered how many times she had cum, 3, 4 or 5 times. She couldn't recall. She only knew that her pussy was satisfied for the moment and that her ass had been brutally used.

Eventually she walked over to the athletic young priest, straddling him in his seat, and waving her tits in his face she asked if they could do this again tomorrow, and did he have any other friends who might be in need of relief. Father Adams took hold of a breast, and placing the nipple in his mouth sucked for a while. His other hand squeezing her ass.

"Yes we might be able to find another friend." he said with a smile.

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