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Nun Lets Loose


Jake and Kris, both in their mid-twenties, lived in a garden apartment bought for Kris by her parents when she graduated with her first degree. She was now a PhD student with less than a year to go. Jake was a qualified auto mechanic who planned to take time off work and get an engineering degree when Kris started earning. They had known each other for four years and lived together for three.

Their lives were quite ordinary... until the phone call came.

"It's my sister Bonnie alias Sister Agnes," Kris explained, "She has gone AWOL from the convent and wants to stay with us."

"I guess it would be nice to meet her for the first time, would we be in trouble for hiding a fugitive?" asked Jake.

"No one can enforce the rules of the convent once they leave."

The following day, Bonnie arrived, dressed very poorly in civilian clothing and penniless.

"Did you buy those clothes in a thrift shop or get them out of a dumpster?"

"Dumpster, thrift shops are above my budget at present."

"How did you get here?" asked Jake.

"Hitch hiking but it was mostly one long ride with the same trucker. I couldn't pay for my meals but every time we stopped I gave him a hand job and let him feel me up and he picked up the bills."

Kris sympathised with her for what she had to do to pay for her meals.

"Don't feel sorry for me, it was fun and very educational. I haven't laughed so much since Mother Superior got pissed on elderberry wine and fell down the convent stairs. The trucker wanted more than hand jobs but because I know nothing about safe sex or any kind of sex I had to set some boundaries."

Several days later the three of them were having supper and Kris asked her sister what her plans were.

"I have all sorts of things to do and plan. Having gone straight from convent school to the convent I know next to nothing about anything useful. I will not sponge off for you for longer than necessary and will eventually settle up my accounts. The first task of many is to lose my virginity, I thought Jake could help there."

Jake and Kris were too shocked to talk at first but as soon as they regained their composure they raised a number of objections and then retired to their bedroom for a private discussion.

Kris said she was worried that Jake might fall for her sister who was younger than her and probably better looking when her convent hair cut grew out and she took some lessons in personal care.

"She isn't a match for you," Jake observed, "you have a broader education, you have travelled, you read a lot more widely than mostly theology and even if none of those things were not true I would still plan on staying with you. You don't have any competition anywhere."

"So are you saying that you should give her a poke and it would not jeopardise our relationship?"

"I'm not saying anything except you decide how you want to help your sister and I will cooperate."

They rejoined Bonnie, produced coffee and dessert and continued as if a controversial subject had not arisen.

Until Bonnie started it up again, "Look I don't want a relationship with Jake. Apart from the truck driver I have never got past a loose handshake with a person of the opposite sex. It is just one area where I need a bit of help reentering society or entering for the first time. I could always go downtown and find a pickup in a seedy bar."

Kris suggested they be given a couple of days to think about how they might help Bonnie.

A couple of nights later they had all gone to bed when Bonnie called Kris on her mobile, "I forgot to ask you tonight if you have come to a decision about lending me your husband for one tuition session. I promise to send him back unharmed and not ask again. This will speed my transition our of your apartment and in to my own."

Jake had overheard the conversation but was not saying anything.

Kris looked at him and said, "Get in there and sort her out, it shouldn't harm us and it will stop her getting mixed up with the wrong type of character."

Jake walked naked to the next room, tapped on the door and let himself in. Bonnie was lying on the single bed naked. She moved over to make room for Jake.

"Just do to me what you might do to Kris in the normal course of events, ask me to do what she does to you and explain everything as we go, please," Bonnie requested.

"There are a thousand variations, sometimes we have a quickie without foreplay when time or the mood demands, more often we take a leisurely approach. We explore each other's needs which vary and I find variety is the key to success."

He pulled Bonnie closer and kissed her, talked to her about French kissing and she learnt to use her tongue and accept his. He fondled her breasts and invited her to feel his cock. Then he got between her legs and introduced the pleasures of tongue and fingers on her pussy.

He noticed a condom and a tube of lube on her side table and congratulated her on having been shopping in preparation for a safe session.

He showed Bonnie how to roll on a condom by hand and explained that she may or may not want to advance to applying them with her mouth.

She guided him in, held tight to his buttocks and kissed him passionately trying desperately to make up for lost time.

They woke up early and repeated most of the previous exercises. Kris appeared to be a little miffed at breakfast time thinking that Jake should have returned to her bed after the first session but she settled down when she realised that as no rules had been established none were broken.

That evening Bonnie thanked Kris for loaning her partner, she said that it was probably worth months of fumbling with possibly less considerate and thoughtful dates.

"And what is your next step along this path?" asked Jake.

"You must know some nice guys who would continue the excellent training, got any friends who might be interested?"

Jake picked up his iPad and opened Facebook. He showed Bonnie a photo and said, "This one for example would be ideal. He has no permanent relationship, you would like him."

Jake showed her several more photos of friends of his and asked her which one should he approach.

"All of them." she responded.

"You can't date them all on the same night."

"Of course I can, we will have a party and they can all have 30 minute appointments."

"You don't waste any time do you?"

"Haven't got any to waste, I have wasted too much all ready."

The night of the party arrived and six of Jakes friends were ready to meet Bonnie and discover how they could help her catch up on her dating and sexual etiquette and techniques.

Jake and Kris were sitting on the two seater, the six visitors were standing around the drinks and nibbles table. Bonnie came out of her bedroom resplendent in her nun's outfit, possibly a bit creased from being hauled across country in a rucksack. The guys had been given all the details except the nun part.

Someone called out, "Fancy dress, we were not told. Nice costume."

Bonnie corrected them, "this is my working, playing, resting, sporting, everything except showering and sleeping attire. Or it was until I went AWOL from the Sisters of Mercy."

The guys were crowding around Bonnie, before anyone could start the introductions she said, "I want all you guys to give me your names followed by a hug and a kiss."

They complied each making the exercise as long as they dared.

Kris was sitting on Jake's lap, or on his erection to be correct.

Bonnie invited the guests to get in two lines of three so that two at a time could get a feel of her breasts. At first they hesitantly felt her over her clothing until she moved their hands inside where they found her bra-less.

Then she put them in single file for a grope up her skirt. Again she was not sporting underwear and they got access to her hairy pussy.

When they had all had three rounds Bonnie told them to open a monster truck racing game on Jake's iPad, they were all to complete one round of the race and the guy with the best time could follow her in to the bedroom, where he would find her naked, for a 20 minute visit

Bonnie yielded to a unanimous request to stay uniform for the first round.

Paul won the first race and entered Bonnie's room. They kissed briefly and then he lifted her habit and pushed his head forward to her pussy area. By the time he had finished with his tongue and fingers there Bonnie was not in need of further lubrication and he entered her easily. The 20 minute buzzer went too soon and he increased his pace to finish quickly.

Paul asked if there would be a second round with the outfit off.

"Of course, find out who won the next spot on the first round and send him in," Bonnie responded.

The remaining five guys took Bonnie through a varied repertoire of doggy style, 69, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and spoons.

They had a long break for food and drinks, then repeated the whole show with Bonnie naked before staggering exhausted off in to the darkness, except for Paul who slept with Bonnie for the night.

A week later Bonnie, Jake and Kris were talking about the party and Bonnie's future. Bonnie had found Jake's mates helpful in many ways.

As a result she had enrolled in a degree nursing course, got an apartment in the same building and ordered a load of furniture.

Jake and Kris were amazed and asked her how she was able to pull that off financially. She explained that she was going to be a hooker until she finished university. The guys were to be her first regular customers and they had paid various amounts up front. The apartment was ground floor and had a very private access gate from a side street. Clients would be by referral only, shagging a real nun was such a selling point that she had no doubt that her venture would be a financial success. There were a few issues to settle, how was she to get replacement nun outfits (real ones, not the crappy, cheap things in the adult shops) and how do you get cum stains out of wimples?

From Naughtie Nun to Happy Hooker in no time at all and a bright future beckoned.

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