tagGroup SexNurse Ejaculates My Boyfriend

Nurse Ejaculates My Boyfriend


The doctors, nurses and staff were exceptional in every way during our stay at the hospital. My boyfriend went in for a routine surgery to repair a hernia of the groin. He was scheduled to go in at 9 am and prep but the operation wouldn't take place until noon. He was already lying down in the hospital bed wearing the hospital gown when the nurse came in to inspect him. He hastily shaved the area the night before as close to the instructions as possible. She took a quick peek, said it wasn't shaved enough and returned with an electric razor and latex gloves.

I noticed right away the nurse was quite attractive, we had a similar look, blonde hair with an athletic build. Her tits were bigger and fuller than mine and she may have been a little older than me. I'm 29. She raised his bottom to place a towel underneath to catch the hairs, lifted his hospital gown to just above the navel and quickly covered his penis with a square of cloth. She then cupped his cock gingerly and began shaving away. This made him look up at me in surprise and smile. I smiled back and tried not to stare at the procedure. She kept cupping his balls and cock and pulling aside his balls and scrotum to get into the harder to reach areas and I guess the pushing and prodding was making his cock stiff. He didn't appear overly self-conscious about it, although she looked a little concerned by something. After she finished shaving, she felt his balls as if to examine the weight of their contents.

"The last time you ejaculated was when?" she asked.

He told her he had cum twice between midnight and 2 am. She arched her eyebrow. My boyfriend was turning 40 but still loved to fuck and cum on a very regular basis. Apparently that is good for the prostate. She continued her evaluation explaining that too much semen could interfere with the local anesthetic. I hadn't heard of anything like that before but I never really underwent anything more serious than a cast setting plus I'm a girl what do I know about balls.

She said she would consult with the doctor on whether he needed to be "ejaculated" and we listened intently to our options. Typically, the patient is instructed to masturbate. If the patient refuses the hospitals retains the right to use general anesthetic. We told the nurse this wasn't an option for him because of an allergy already known to his doctor.

The next logical question needed to be posed since it was hardly a private room with a guy in the bed kiddy corner to ours separated by a few feet and curtain.

"Where would he do that?" I asked the nurse.

"Sorry but this room is all the privacy and inspiration we can provide. It's not a sperm bank here so we don't have any special rooms with magazines or videos."

I never asked about porn but anyways. Then she softened realizing that.

"I'm sorry, I guess I've gotten too used to hearing that request whenever this situation comes up."

I smiled assuredly and asked my next question, hoping to provoke her a little in return. "What if he refuses or can't do it himself?"

"Well since yours is a special case given you can't be given general anesthetic in that case we would perform the ejaculation. The doctor will let you know."

He smiled at me to let me know he liked that option. How can I blame him? Sounds like a free hand job to me. She went on with her task of wiping the shaved hair onto the catchall towel under him. The rubbing and the news about "the ejaculation" seemed to be getting to him and we all did our best to ignore the cloth tenting over his hardening cock.

I definitely caught her glancing at it a few times and eventually it grew so big the tip protruded a bit from the top. He was really getting stimulated and he didn't like it when she stopped to try removing the towel from underneath him. He didn't seem to want to make it too easy for her for some reason and made his body as limp and heavy as his cock was stiff. She seemed to go along with the struggle, even making it harder for herself by continuing to lean over him to pull the towel out from the other side.

The V-neck of her scrubs shirt clearly exposed her two large, round breasts, which by now were pressing against his cock, rubbing it each time she yanked at the towel. She gave a forceful tug and he let out a moan that could have sounded like pain from the hernia. His face looked a little contorted. I recognized that face. He gets that face when I'm sucking off his cock. She knew he liked it and did it hard like that again.

I watched him fixated on her tits. I was in the chair beside the head of the bed so I could see her tits from about the same angle, her oversize shirt had been pushed up and her nipple peeked out of her bra. Then he reached up and pulled on her nipple and she moaned. He involuntarily spewed a bit of precum at the sound of that, wetting her top. The cloth seemed to have gotten displaced during her ministrations.

He reached his arm out to the edge of the bed between her legs and turned his hand to cup her pussy and she responded by grinding it into his hand and moaning. I don't know how our neighbor could avoid hearing this unless he was asleep. He looked over at me and told me to get up so that I was standing directly across from her. He grabbed my pussy with his free hand, stuck it up my skirt and rubbed my clit. My pussy was dripping wet and it felt like it was about to explode. He clumsily groped at the string on the waistband of her pants, she helped him and they slipped down to the floor. He pushed her underwear to the side and properly fingered her clit so that his hand was quickly slick with her pussy juice.

I looked down and saw her hand jerking his hard cock, and then she held it out to me like she wanted me to suck it. I complied and he started moaning and after a few pumps at it I could taste precum. He was still rubbing her clit while his other hand was pulling off her bra to get a face full of her tits. She was humping his hand hard and when he put her nipple in his mouth and sucked she came and tried to be quiet about it. It looked so good I wanted his hand back on my pussy.

She took my place sucking him while I found his fingers and moved them to my pussy so I could hump them and cum. I wanted to cum so badly! I watched him thrusting in and out of her mouth, her head bobbing up and down, her wet pussy hungrily fucking two of his fingers. We kept on humping and sucking. She was milking the cum out his cock and it was obvious he couldn't hold it much longer.

He let go of our throbbing pussies and grabbed the back of her head to fuck her face hard. I saw she was going at herself hard and it made me want to do the same, I rubbed my clit and played with his balls. He was getting blown so well by this nurse, watching it was too much I had to be careful or I wouldn't be able to stop myself from cumming, just then he let out a deep groan, "oh god... I'm cumming... so fucking good..." and a huge load of thick stringy cum shot out of his cock into her mouth and I lost it and came so fucking hard at the sight of her cumming on her fingers with her mouth on his cock, cum dribbling down her chin all over her tits. He just lay there panting and twitching as she stroked his cock and squeezed his balls to extract the last drops of cum.

She pulled her pants up over her soaking underwear, cleaned him up and finished removing the towel in a matter of seconds. We covered him up and left him to snooze. When she pulled back the curtain I caught our peeping patient neighbor with a subsiding erection hiding the wet tissues on the bed. I smiled to myself as I headed out to look for a vending machine, all of a sudden excited for my boyfriend's sponge bath tomorrow.

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They say that

Things never happen in hospitals, ethics and all of that. But, the real truth is, in rare situations it does.
Once prior to a partial colonoscopy, I found myself surprised when the Doctor had the nursemore...

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