tagToys & MasturbationNurse Nancy's Penis Therapy Pt. 01

Nurse Nancy's Penis Therapy Pt. 01


A porn screenplay

1.     Intro

Narration by "Dude":     I was depressed. Since she dumped me, I just hung out at the apartment watching TV.

Dude sits on couch with remote, flipping channels. Camera is 1st person—we don't ever see his face. Phone rings. Dude answers.

Dude:     Yeah.

Friend:     Dude, what's up, man?

Dude:     Nothin'.

Friend:     Are you still bummed about what's-her-name?

Dude:     (Sounding depressed) No, I'm OK.

Friend:     Dude, you've gotta snap out of it.

Dude:     Whatever.

Friend:     Hey, you still got that card I gave you?

Dude:     Huh?

Friend:     The business card, Dude! The one for Nurse Nancy?

Dude:     Uh, maybe. Dude fumbles in his wallet and finds a card. Yeah, it's here. I don't think I need this shit, man.

     Close up of card…

     Penis Therapy
     Rediscover joy.

Friend:     Dude, just call. What have you got to lose? Just check it out. You have insurance, right? If the nurse says you need therapy, then you're covered, OK? Just call. She'll fix you up. I promise you won't regret it. Promise me you'll call today.

Dude:     Well.

Friend:     Promise!

Dude:     All right, I'll call. But really, I don't need anything, and if I did this ain't it. I mean really, "penis therapy?" What the fuck is that?

Friend:     Trust me. Just call.

Dude:     All right, I'll call, I'll call.

Friend:     Cool. I'll hang up and you call right away. I'll call back later to see how it went. Relax, it's gonna be great.

Dude:      Whatever.

Friend:     Yeah, right, whatever. You'll see, she's really gonna help you. All right, I'm hanging up. You call as soon as I do, OK?

Dude:     OK, OK!

Friend:     Good. Later, Dude. You'll be fine. Call now!

Dude:     OK, I'll call!

Friend:     All right, bye.

Dude:     Bye.

Both hang up. Dude looks at the card. He starts to throw it away, but then he sighs and starts dialing. It rings and a secretary answers.

Sec:     Nurse Nancy's Penis Therapy—how may I help you?

Dude:     Um, my friend recommended your service to me?

Sec:     Have you ever had penis therapy before?

Dude:     Um, no.

Sec:     What are you're symptoms?

Dude:     Well, I've been kind of lethargic lately. I'm not really interested in doing much of anything.

Sec:     OK, we can definitely help with that. I'd be happy to set up an appointment for Nurse Nancy to introduce you to our service. Can I have your insurance information?

Dude:     Uh, OK.

2.     Nurse Nancy arrives

Jump cut to shot of front door from inside...doorbell rings. Doorbell rings again, Dude opens the door. Nurse Nancy is there wearing a sexy nurse outfit—white with red trim, nurse cap, white stockings and heels, lots of cleavage showing. She has long, full strawberry blonde hair, full lips with shiny peach lipstick and a light tan. Great breasts, narrow waist, long legs and a tight bottom. She carries a medium sized bag. The camera pans down to take her in, then back up to her face. She smiles.

Nancy:     Hi, I'm Nurse Nancy—I'm here for your appointment?

Dude:     Uh, OK.

Nancy:     Can I come in?

Dude:      Oh! Yeah, sure, come on in.

Camera watches Nurse Nancy enter and survey the room. She points to the couch.

Nancy:     This looks like a good place for your therapy session—would you like to sit on the couch?

Dude:     Uh, sure.

Camera shows first person point of view of Nurse Nancy from the couch. She turns around and bends over to put her bag on the floor behind her, providing a long look at her round behind covered by the tight skirt. Then she stands and turns around slowly to look back at Dude, straight at the camera.

Nancy:     Just get comfortable. Is this your first therapy session?

     Camera nods.

     OK, just sit back and relax. We'll start with some visual therapy and see how your penis responds.

     Her voice drops in pitch and she starts speaking in a slow, hypnotic, purr.

     I want you to look at my body. Concentrate on the curves of my legs.

     She strokes them, gyrating teasingly. Then she turns around.

     Now look higher—look at my behind.

Dude:     Um, I'm not sure about this.

Nancy:     Just relax and watch. Most men find looking at my behind to be therapeutic.

     She bends over and slowly pulls up her uniform skirt to reveal white thong panties.

     Look how smooth and round my tan bottom is… Watch it grind and move… Imagine how soft and warm it is… Imagine sliding your penis all over it… Is that having an effect on your penis now?

Dude:     (Not sure.) Um, well, kinda.

Nancy:     Do you find this to be a pleasurable stimulus?

Dude:     (More confident.) I guess I do.

Nancy:     Gooooooood…

     She turns around and speaks to the camera.

     Now look at my breasts.

     She puts her hands on them and pushes them together and looks down at them.

     See how full and round they are?

     She looks straight at the camera.

     How smooth and firm?


     Do you see?

Dude:     Uh-huh.

Nancy:     Gooooooood…

     While looking at the camera and massaging her breasts…

     Do you mind if I speak more explicitly? We call it "audio therapy." I don't have to if it makes you uncomfortable. But I find it to be very effective in conjunction with visual therapy.


Dude:     Uh, OK.

Nancy:     She smiles seductively.


3.     Audio-visual therapy

     Looking constantly at the camera…

     Concentrate on my tits and imagine your big, hard cock stroking up and down between them.

     She holds them together with one arm and slides her other hand between them.

     Imagine slowly fucking my tits with your big... hard... throbbing... cock. Are you imagining that?

Dude:     Yeah.

Nancy:     Is your cock getting hard?

Dude:     Uh, yeah, it is.

Nancy:     (Smiles.) Gooooooood. You can touch it gently through your pants if you'd like.

Dude:     Um.

Nancy:     (Looking at the camera.) It's OK. You can stroke it. It'll feel good. It's part of the treatment. We call it "auto-manual stimulation" and it is a requirement component of your audio-visual therapy.

     She pauses and massages her breasts some more, then lowers her voice further and addresses the camera.

     I want you to stroke your cock while you look at me.

     Dude tentatively touches himself through his pants.

     Yessssss… Stroke your cock.... Gently… DON'T cum... You must not cum unless I tell you to. Understand?

Dude:     OK.

Nancy:     Would you like to see more of my body?

Dude:     Uh, yeah.

Nancy:     (Smiles). Goooooood. Watch me undress for you.

She slowly unzips the front of her uniform, revealing her lacy white bra and thong panties. Her breasts are barely contained by the thin fabric. Her taut stomach is tan and smooth. There is jewelry in her belly button, but aside from this and her dangling earrings, she has no other piercings or tattoos. The small triangle of her thong panty covers her pubic mound. She runs her hands along her smooth skin and looks at the camera. Dude idly rubs his penis through his pants as he watches her.

Nancy:     Do you like my body?

Dude:     (His hand stops moving on his pants. His gasps as he says:) Yeah.

Nancy:     Gooooooood. Keep stroking your cock while you look at me.

     Dudes hand starts moving again.

     That's right. Gently. Don't cum. Look at my body. Watch me move for you.

     She begins a slow sexy dance, grinding her hips and massaging her breasts, the whole time looking at the camera and talking dirty.

     Look at my hips grinding like I'm fucking a big hard dick. It would feel so good to have a big hard cock fucking in and out of me, in and out.

     She grinds in rhythm with her words.

     In and out.

     She runs her hands over her hips, thighs, and stomach.

     Fucking me deep in my warm, wet pussy. So deep. So hard. Sliding in and out, of my slippery, wet cunt. Imagine your cock fucking me. Fucking me slowly. In and out. In and out. Are you imagining it?

Dude:     (Grunts.)

Nancy:     Are you imagining fucking your cock into my tight, wet pussy?

Dude:     (Gasping.) Yeah.

Nancy:     Goooooood.

4.     Nancy shows more

Nancy turns around.

Nancy:     Look at my ass. Look at the smooth, round, firm flesh of my ass.

     She grinds and strokes her rear end, grabbing, massaging, squeezing.

      Do you like my ass? Rub your cock while you look at my ass. Imagine your cock sliding up and down the crack of my ass. Stroke your cock while you imagine it.

     She moves her hand up and down the crack of her bottom.

     Stroking. Sliding up and down. Up and down my smooth, firm ass.

Nancy lightly strokes the cheeks of her bottom, one which each hand, while she bends over and arches her back. Then she squeezes them and releases with a taut jiggle. Then she pulls them apart slightly and releases again. She continues to knead and release her buttocks and looks over her shoulder and speaks.

Nancy:     Does it turn you on to see Nurse Nancy rub her ass for you like this? Is your hard cock aching for Nurse Nancy's sexy ass?

     She abruptly smacks her ass with one hand and Dude jumps and gasps. Nancy smiles at his reaction.

     You like that, don't you.

Dude:     Uh, huh.

Nancy lets out a small giggle. She teases with her behind a little longer and then turns around again.

Nancy:     Look at my tits.

     She massages them through her bra.

     Look how big and round they are. Imagine how soft and smooth they are.

     She kneels in front of Dude between his legs and looks straight at the camera.

     Look up close at my tits and stroke your cock. Imagine sliding your cock up and down in between my big, soft, smooth tits.

     She makes the motion with her hand. Then she squeezes them together and starts massaging them while talking to the camera.

Nancy:     I want to show you more of my tits. I want you to rub your cock while I massage my naked tits for you. Would that turn you on? Would that make your cock really hard?

Dude:     (Gasping). Yeah.

Nancy:     Gooooooood.

     She looks at the camera with a small smile as she undoes her bra.

     Do you want to see my naked tits? Are you going to stroke your cock for them?

     She has the clasp undone, but holds the bra against her chest with her arm.



     Do you want to see my tits? Tell me you want to see my tits.

Dude:     (Quickly.) I want to see your tits.

Nancy:     Tell me you want to stroke your cock while you look at my tits.

Dude:     Um.

Nancy:     Go ahead. Tell Nurse Nancy you want to look at her tits and stroke your cock. Pause.

Dude:     Um... I want to look at your tits.

Nancy:     And...

Dude:     I want to look at your tits and stroke my cock.

Nancy:     Smiling. Thaaaaat's riiiiight; you want to stroke your cock for Nurse Nancy's tits. Look at them. Stroke your cock and look at them.

     Dude hand moves on his pants. She starts to lower her arm and stops.

     But don't cum. You mustn't cum yet.

     Dude's hand slows.

     Gooooooood. Now watch my tits. Concentrate.

     Close up on her breasts as she very slowly lowers her arm and bra. She has big tan areolae and large nipples. She squeezes and massages her breasts.

     Do you like Nurse Nancy's tits? Does it feel good to stroke your cock while you look at them? Do you like her naked nipples? You want to suck on them, don't you? You want to suck on Nurse Nancy's big tits.

     She pinches a nipple and moans. The camera pans out to her breasts, face, and kneeling body. She looks at the camera.

     Oh, yes, that would feel so good. You'd suck on Nurse Nancy's nipples and her pussy would get sooooo wet.

     She pinches both nipples and kneads her breasts and moans. She starts grinding her hips while massaging her breasts and nipples and moaning.
     Oh yes, stroke your cock for me! Slowly! Stroke your cock for Nurse Nancy.

     Dude, rubs his pants slowly while Nancy squeezes and grinds.

     I need to see your cock. I need to see how it's responding. I need to see how big and hard it is. Show it to me. Please take it out. Let me see your big hard cock.

     Dude undoes his pants and pulls it out. Nurse Nancy looks down as it and her eyes widen.

     Oh yes! That's what I need. You're penis is responding very well. Take your pants all the way off for me.

     Dude hastily complies.

     I need to see you stroke your big hard cock while you look at my tits. Slowly! Don't cum!

     Dude complies.

     That's it.

     She humps and grinds while massaging her naked breasts.

     That's it. Stroke up and down while you look at me. Look how hard you are for Nurse Nancy. That's a good boy. Stroke your cock for Nurse Nancy.

     Oh wait! (Dude freezes.) Just a minute.

5.     Lubrication

Nancy jumps up and turns around. She bends over to her bag providing a long look at her upturned bottom, thong covering only her pubic mound. Dude strokes his himself while looking at her. She unzips her bag and fumbles in it for a few seconds, and then straightens up and turns around. Dude quickly moves his hand away from his penis. She's holding a bottle of body oil.

Nancy:     We need this.

     She smiles and comes back to kneel in front of Dude's naked lower body.

     First, let me show you.

     She opens the bottle and dribbles oil over her naked breasts. When they're good and wet, she caps the bottle and starts rubbing the oil into her breasts and pinching her nipples.

     Mmmmmmm....This feels sooooo gooooood. Do you like watching Nurse Nancy oil up her tits for you? Hmmmm?

Dude:     (Into it…) Yeaaaaaaah.

Nancy:     Thaaaaat's right, enjoy Nurse Nancy's sexy tits. You like that don't you.

Dude:     Yeaaaaah.

Nancy:     You want to stroke your cock now, don't you?

Dude:     (Starting to grab himself). Yeaaaaah.

Nancy:     Wait! (Dude freezes again). You need this.

     She picks up the oil bottle and opens it. Then she dribbles some onto Dude's penis.

     Now you can stroke it. Slowly.

Dude complies as she continues to dribble oil on his hand and penis until both are good and wet.


     She puts a little more on her breasts and then recaps the bottle and puts it on the floor. Then she resumes kneading her breasts while staring at Dude's penis.

     Yeeeessss. Stroke your hard cock for Nurse Nancy's big, wet tits. Look at me and stroke your cock.

Nancy leans back a bit and rubs her breasts and torso with the oil using her hands and arms, moaning. She straightens her arms downward and her fingers start playing around the edges of her panties, teasing. Her straightened arms push her breasts together. She humps her hips toward Dude, looking back and forth between his penis and the camera.

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