tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNurse with a Curse Ch. 1

Nurse with a Curse Ch. 1


Chapter 1: The perils of Cynthia

"How the hell did I get stuck with this job?" Cynthia spat as she slammed the phone down on her desktop. It was the day after Thanksgiving and Dr. James decided to take off at the last minute. He could have decided that weeks ago, but no. He had to go ahead and schedule appointments for today. Then make Cynthia come in after Thanksgiving to work because she was "...the only single one in the office." Then upon her arrival she gets a message from Dr. James informing her that he will not be in because they had only scheduled 6 patients for the day.

And it was Cynthia's job to call them all and postpone their appointments. She had cancelled five. But was unable to reach the sixth one. It seems that somebody must have written his number down incorrectly because the one she was dialing was not in service. It was a new patient who had never been there before. According to the records his name was Eric Johnson and he had called Wednesday morning because he was feeling sick. His appointment wasn't until 1:00 PM so Cynthia guessed that she would have to stay until he arrived then tell him that he had to reschedule. "What a fucking wasted day?" She said.

Cynthia was 21 years old and had been working for Dr. James for just over six months now. It was her first job as a nurse. Of course she wasn't a RN, just a LPN. But Dr. James hired her to work there while she attended school to become a Registered Nurse part-time. Due to her job and school Cynthia had little time for a social life. She lived alone and would have really enjoyed the opportunity to go home to visit her parents for the Thanksgiving holiday. And she would have had it not been for Dr. James and his royal fuck-up.

Cynthia was a very attractive woman. Standing just over 5'8", she had long, curly blond hair. A very pretty face. Blue eyes and pouty lips. A firm 36-B, 26, 36 body and long shapely legs. The only thing Cynthia didn't like about herself was her breast. While a 36 inch bust wasn't bad. Her b-cups on her tall frame looked smaller than they really were. Making her look smaller chested then many other women she worked with.

She had plenty of time before this Mr. Johnson was scheduled to arrive so Cynthia walked around the office looking for things to do. Theirs was the only office open in the entire complex. Causing Cynthia to feel uncomfortable leaving the downstairs door unlocked. She went into the side room and was going through a little used file cabinet where she found a small stack of porno magazines. Dr. James did work with couples with reproductive problems as well as men suffering from impotency.

His job sometimes required the men to provide samples so these were kept on hand to help provide the male patients with visual stimulation in the bathroom. Cynthia had taken many cups containing samples from blushing men who had just masturbated in the bathroom with her outside. And she knew full well that some of them had been thinking about her while doing it as well. That didn't bother her any. In fact, she and the other ladies would often get a kick out of it afterwards. Cynthia began thumbing through the magazines, wondering how many men had ejaculated over some of their pages.

While looking through she found a couple containing graphic sex scenes. No doubt these were for the more hard core cases needing arousal. Cynthia was captivated by one of them men in the pictures. He had a cock much larger than any of the six she had experienced in her lifetime. She began feeling herself becoming wetter as she looked at the pages. She glanced at the clock, it was a few minutes after noon, and she had at least thirty minutes before Mr. Johnson would arrive, so she walked into one of the patient rooms and sat on the examination table and began reading the short story that went with the pictures. In no time she had her white pants and panties off and was lying on the examination table.

Seeing the stirrups reminded her that she was in one of the rooms for the female patients. It had been about a year since Cynthia had last felt a man's penis inside her. Feeling overly aroused she propped her legs into the stirrups and began fingering her pussy while continuing with the article. Show just imagined what Dr. James would think if he walked in and caught her. Perhaps he would drop his pants and fuck her.

While Cynthia was beginning her fantasy she failed to hear the office door open. Eric Johnson had arrived earlier than anticipated. The thirty-eight year old was about six-feet tall, had brown hair and an average build. He walked to the front desk and looked around but did not see anyone. He was about to call out when he heard a soft moan from the back room. His first instinct was to run, thinking that foul play was involved. But he decided to check and see first. Cautiously he walked around the counter and headed down the hall. He could see one room with the door fully ajar and stepped silently closer. He peaked around the corner and could not believe what he saw. There was the nurse with her legs spread apart playing with herself. She was engrossed in her magazine and did not notice him standing there.

Eric could not believe his good fortune. He felt his pecker stiffening inside his jeans as he watched the young nurse diddling herself. He knew at once that he had to have this girl. And before he had the chance to change his mind he sprang into action.

Eric stepped into the room. "Well, isn't this nice."

Cynthia jumped with a start. She wanted to hide but here she was spread eagle before a strange man. Humiliation aside she knew that this would probably cost her her job if Dr. James found out. She began throwing her legs over the stirrups to jump out, apologizing as she moved. But was surprised when the stranger rushed over to her and pushed her back down.

"I think I prefer you this way." Eric said as Cynthia began to protest. As she began to struggle Eric spotted some rubber tubing, commonly used to tie off a patient's arm before drawing blood, lying on the stand. He grabbed the tubing and wrestled Cynthia back down, grabbing her arms until he could wrap it around them and tie her wrist together. She began screaming for help, but Eric knew that they were the only two in the building so he didn't mind.

Once her wrists were tied he pulled her arms back over her head and ran some more of the tubing down behind the table and tied it to the base. While doing so Cynthia rolled off the table and he had to grab her and wrestle her back on. Once on her back he grabbed her left leg, and used half a roll of medical tape to wrap her ankle securely to the left stirrup. Then he did the same with her right leg. Now Cynthia found herself bound on the examining table with her legs spread eagle. When she protested he grabbed her panties off the floor, rolled them into a ball and forced them into her mouth, then placed some tape over her mouth to keep her gagged.

Once satisfied with his handiwork Eric stood back to admire the helpless nurse. Cynthia felt so exposed lying there with her pussy in full view. Worse, she knew that she was still wet from her recent fingering and that it must be obvious.

Eric looked at her nametag. "Well, Cynthia. It looks like you've been a naughty girl. But that just means that this is my lucky day."

He began running his hands over her breast. Then unbuttoned her blouse to reveal her lacey bra covered tits. He found a scalpel and used the sharp blade to cut the straps so that he could remove the bra completely. Cynthia's nipples grew hard from the combination of nerves and the chill in the room. Eric began tweaking her nipples to get them even harder, then bent over to suck on each one. Cynthia felt an electrical tingle rush from each nipple throughout her body as he did so. She realized that despite her fear, her body was still aroused from her uncompleted attempt at masturbation. When his hand made its way down her soft belly, over her blond fur to begin probing her moist pussy lips she found herself reacting with surprised emotions. She did not want this man touching her. But his fingers felt so damn good on her pussy. He slowly eased one finger into her pussy and found her juices freely flowing. Then he used his thumb to gently massage her clitoris. Cynthia screamed against her gag. But this was mostly an attempt to hide her increasing arousal.

Eric pulled away and began circling the helpless girl. Then he stood between her legs, enjoying the view of her swollen pink lips. He leaned forward and began licking her pussy. He probed his tongue between her lips then worked his way up to her clit. Cynthia's mind was racing with emotions. And she was shocked to realize that she was thrusting her hips in effort to keep pace with his tongue. She needed an orgasm badly and no longer cared that she was being raped. Eric inserted a finger into her wet pussy, then a second, and a third. He was now finger fucking the young nurse while slobbering on her erect clit. Cynthia was rolling her head back and forth as she felt her climax building. Then, just as she felt she was on the verge of release Eric pulled out his fingers and stopped everything. Cynthia strained her hips and arched her back trying to reach him again. Her body was too close to stop now. She pleaded into her gag for him to continue. But Eric just took their looking down at her.

"Do you want more, Cynthia?" He asked.

She didn't know what to do. On one hand she wanted to break free and run away. But on the other she needed to have her primal desires fulfilled. She watched as Eric began disrobing. When he dropped his pants she saw his hard, 8-inch, cock standing at attention. She did not want him to fuck her. At least she thought that she didn't. But right now she knew that her pussy would welcome his fuckstick with glee.

Eric came around to her side. With his left hand he began fondling her tits and playing with her nipples. Causing more erotic stimulation to flow through poor Cynthia's body, but still denying her ultimate release. With his right he peeled off the tape and withdrew the panties from her mouth.

"You want me to continue, don't you, Cynthia?" He said.

She shook her head 'no' but her eyes betrayed her. She was afraid to open her mouth to speak for fear of giving away her true urges.

"I'll continue, but only if you treat me right." He continued.

Eric pressed a bottom causing the head of the examination table to lower until Cynthia's face was about even with his waist. Then he stood before her pretty face. "Suck me." He told her.

Cynthia refused. Then Eric bent forward and snapped his fingers hard against her throbbing clit. Cynthia cried out in pain. "I said suck me." He demanded. She opened her mouth and let him enter. Eric pressed forward until his balls were lying against her eyes. Cynthia began sucking the cock that pressed into her throat. Then Eric began slowly fucking her face. Continuing to play with her boobs as he did so. Cynthia took him all the way into her mouth. She felt his head passing her tonsils with each inward stroke.

Cynthia had learned to deep throat in high school. But had never had anything more than 5 or 6 inches in her mouth before. Eric was enjoying the pleasure of fucking the young nurse's mouth. He began increasing his pace, getting a little rougher as he did so. Cynthia took each jab, feeling his balls slap the bridge of her nose as he continued. She could feel him swelling up a little more and knew that he was going to soon be filling her mouth with his cum. Eric moaned and began pumping just a little harder. Then Cynthia felt him erupt in her throat. She could taste his thick semen as it filled her mouth. She had no choice but to swallow it all as he continued pumping his load into her mouth. Then he pulled out, shaking the last few drops off onto her face.

"Well, that was nice." He said as he returned the table to its original position. Cynthia felt disgusted after sucking his cock. She could still taste him in her mouth. But she also realized that her pussy was tingling now more than ever. She hoped that he would return his attention to her love hole and bring her to orgasm.

Eric ran his hands all along her smooth body. Around her areola, down her belly, through her pubic hair and along the lips of her pussy. Bet never touched her clit. Cynthia was going mad with desire as he teased her. Then he leaned over and gave her clit a little lick, causing her to buck with anticipation. He stood between her legs and she could see that his erection had returned. She had to fight the urge to plead for him to stab her with his meaty tool. When he stepped closer she laid her head back, waiting for the moment that he would enter her. His head rubbed her lips. Slowly parting them a little then pulled away. Cynthia tried in vain to thrust down to meet his retreating penis. "Oh, you want it now, do you?" Eric teased. "Then tell me."

"Yes, give it to me." Cynthia could not believe that it was her own voice begging to be raped.

Eric pushed forward, sticking just the head of his cock into her pussy. Cynthia was already moving her hips with delight. Then he pressed farther in. After what seemed like an eternity to Cynthia he finally shoved his shaft all the way into her pussy. Now she would finally achieve her desired orgasm. Eric fucked her for a few seconds then quickly pulled out.

"Nooooooo" Cynthia begged.

"Oh you're gonna get fucked. But not in the pussy." He told her.

Cynthia heard the sound of the examining table controls. Then felt the seat lowering beneath her butt. With her legs still secured to the stirrups she quickly found herself with her ass hanging several inches above the table. Then she felt the head of Eric's cock sliding into the crack of her ass cheeks.

"Oh god no!" Cynthia begged. "Please, not my ass. I've never done that!" Cynthia had only tried anal sex once. And the pain from just having the head of a previous boyfriend's cock pressing through her spincther had caused her to stop completely. She tried to clench her cheeks tightly but found that enough of her own lubricant had drained out of her pussy during this encounter to make Eric's entry more easy. Plus her own pussy had already succeeded in wetting his cock enough for action.

The head of his cock now pressed against her tiny opening. Cynthia rocked her hips in effort to escape and continued to beg for him to stop. She pleaded with him to fuck her pussy instead but he refused to change his mind. Slowly but surely he began pushing forward. As much as she tried to resist she could feel herself losing out in this war for her anal virginity. With a sudden thrust his head broke through her anal ring, followed instantly by a cry of pain. Her cries grew louder as Eric's cock began working its way deeper and deeper into her tight chute. Then he began fucking her tortured ass without mercy. Cynthia fought against the bonds that held her as his rod impaled her. She felt as if someone had shoved a baseball bat inside her. Eric repeatedly rammed his full length into her torn ass. Her cries subsided as her asshole began loosening. But the pain never fully went away. Cynthia thought that she would pass out but no such relief came. Eric continued pounding her over and over and over again.

Never slowing down his pace. He grinned sadistically at her as he rammed her butt. After several minutes he was groaning with delight. Then he released his load into her ass. But did not stop fucking her until he was certain that every last droplet had been drained from him. When he stopped Cynthia was breathing heavily. She lay as still as possible as she felt Eric's cock slowly softening inside her. Then he pulled out with such intensity that she heard a pop of air as his cock escaped her bowels. She felt as if her insides were going to follow as he pulled away.

Eric lowered his head and began lapping away at her pussy once more. Gradually Cynthia forgot about the pain in her ass and began enjoying the feeling in her pussy once more. Eric continued, bringing her closer and closer to release once more. But every time he came within a few seconds of her orgasm he would stop completely. Cynthia did not think she could endure much more of this, and was once again begging him to finish the job.

Eric saw that his cock was half-hard again. He walked to the side of the table and lay his cock close to Cynthia's face. "If you suck me until I'm fully hard I'll stick this into your pussy until you cum too." He said.

Cynthia was willing to do whatever it would take to get him to finish her. She took his cock, which had so recently been buried inside her own asshole, and began sucking on it. Feeling it grow in her mouth. Once ready, Eric pulled away and returned to position between her legs. He again used his shaft to tease the poor girl. Then thrust himself deep inside her. "Oh yes!" Cynthia cried as he began fucking her pussy. In moments she felt her orgasm take control of her entire body. She shouted as her body was lost in rapture. All the while Eric continued fucking her. As her orgasm subsided Cynthia began feeling shame and disgust over what was happening to her. She remembered that this entire ordeal had been nothing but a rape.

And she had allowed herself to get off from it. Not only had she gotten off. But she had begged her attacker to fuck her. But her guilt was short lived as she felt another orgasm building in her. Eric continued pounding away as Cynthia's body betrayed her once more. Moments later she had a third orgasm, this one more powerful than the first two combined. She prayed that her rapist would soon be finished because she was not sure if she could handle any more of these.

But Eric was still along way from his third cum. His rock hard shaft blasted its way into her pussy again and again. After a few more minutes Cynthia was screaming with delight as the most powerful orgasm she had ever felt in her life shook her to the core. Her body was one exposed nerve, cumming with every stroke of Eric's cock. A fifth orgasm rocked her. Now she was totally lost in a world of lust as her mind gave in to the pleasure that filled her. Then she felt Eric cumming inside her. He continued humping her until he was certain that he latest orgasm had come to an end. Then pulled free and began dressing.

"Well, that was certainly better than any medicine that Dr. James could have prescribed." He said as he dressed.

Cynthia fought to catch her breath. She could feel her heart pounding so rapidly that she thought she was on the verge of cardiac arrest. Her pussy was so soaked that she felt her juices flowing freely along down under her ass. She shook her head trying to make sense out of everything that had just happened to her. Here she was, the victim of rape. But more satisfied than she had ever been by any man in her life. She knew that she should hate what had happened to her. But for some reason Cynthia could not bring herself to do so. She wanted nothing more than to be with this man forever if he could make her cum so well.

She came to her senses in time to see Eric walking toward the door. "Where are you going?" She asked him.

"I'm done," He said. "Time for me to go."

"But aren't you going to untie me?" She asked.

"Nah. I'm sure someone will come by to do that." Eric said as he walked out the door.

Cynthia called after him. Begging him to come back and let her go. But she got no reply. She was still bound and exposed to anyone who would walk in. She wondered how long it would take for someone to find her and let her go. And she realized that she would never be able to live down the humiliation of being found this way by her co-workers.

But there was nothing Cynthia could do, she was trapped and had no choice to be await her fate...

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