tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNurse with a Curse Ch. 3

Nurse with a Curse Ch. 3


Cynthia lay on the examining table. Her legs spread apart and tightly secured to the stirrups. Her ass hanging a few inches above the mat. Her weight resting on her back and shoulders. Her arms were beginning to feel cramped secured in place behind her head. She could feel the sticky, dried cum on her face and on her legs around her pussy. She had given up calling for help. It had been two hours since her last visitors had left. Cynthia had struggled against her bonds but was unable to free herself. She had to relieve herself and had finally given up hope of holding it in and released her bladder. She could hear the sound of her piss falling to the floor and felt humiliated at how this would look when she would eventually be discovered.

In the distance she heard the sound of a vacuum cleaner. Cynthia realized that the house keeping staff must have arrived early to take care of the building. She knew that they would not normally enter the doctor's offices when locked. But from the sound of it she guessed that the front door must be open. Surely they would come in to clean the carpet and empty the trash if they thought the office was open. Cynthia wanted to yell but thought that her voice might not be heard in the hall over the vacuum cleaner. So she waited for it to turn off.

Brandi walked the hall checking the trash while the other crewmember vacuumed. This was not the 22-year old's regular job. Brandi was working for her mother who headed up the cleaning crew. With her short brown hair and firm shapely body she did not look the part of a janitor. But she willingly helped out so that her friend, Martina, might finish work early and the two of them could go out drinking. Martina was a 26-year old woman of Hispanic origin. She wore here short black hair pulled back. She had a strong, slender body with small breast, but usually hid herself in loose fitting jeans and flannel shirts. While Brandi's mother knew that Martina was a lesbian, she had no knowledge that her co-worker and daughter had become lovers.

Brandi spotted the door to Doctor James' office open and thought that it was rather unusual for someone to be in the building today. She peeked in the doorway and saw nobody around. Feeling a little uncomfortable she thought twice before entering. Then decided to leave the vacuum on in the hall in order to cover up the sound of her walking around inside the office just in case anyone was there. She walked in and looked behind the counter, seeing a woman's purse laying sideways on the desktop with most of its contents spilled. Brandi guessed that this must have been a robbery and was ready to leave when she thought she heard something coming from down the hall. Ignoring her desire to use common sense and flee, she tip toed down the hall towards the only lit room. Cautiously peering around the corner Brandi could not believe what she saw. A nurse bound on the table with her legs strapped into the stirrups. Her pussy facing the door. Realizing that she had not been seen Brandi retreated down the hall and exited Dr. James' office, grabbed her vacuum and ran to find Martina.

With Martina in tow, Brandi returned to Dr. James' office. Martina crept down the hall to peak in on Cynthia then returned.

"That's the bitch nurse who cussed me out one day for parking too close to her car." Martina informed her lover. "She is such a fucking snob. She thinks she's better than everyone else."

"I wonder how she got into that situation?" Brandi pondered.

"Who the fuck cares," Martina replied. "Serves her right."

They were about to leave when Martina got a wry grin on her face. "Of course, it is a shame to leave suck a pretty cunt alone."

"What do you mean?" Brandi asked.

"I mean, why don't we go back in there and have a little fun with her ourselves."

"Do you think we should? Won't we get into trouble?"

"From the looks of things she's the one whose going to get into trouble if anyone finds out what she's been doing to get her into that condition. Hell, she'll owe us for freeing her."

Cynthia heard someone walking down the hall. At first she was afraid that one of her earlier attackers had returned. When she saw Martina and the young brunet enter the room she felt both relieved and ashamed. She had guessed that Martina was a lesbian and could feel the cleaning lady's eyes on her open pussy.

"Thank God, please untie me." Cynthia begged.

"Oh we'll untie you," Martina said with a smile. "After we have a little fun first."

"Wh-what?" Cynthia responded. Then she felt Martina's fingers probing her slit. "Stop that you fucking whore!" She screamed as the first digit was inserted into her pussy. Brandi came around beside her and began massaging her small tits before leaning forward to kiss and lick her nipples.

"Oh god, please don't do this to me!" Cynthia begged.

"You little bitch," Martina spat, "You pissed all over the floor didn't you. Well we'll just have to clean you up before doing anything else."

Martina stepped out of the room and returned a few minutes later with a squirt bottle and began spraying water on Cynthia's pussy. The cold water made the captive nurse flinch. But not nearly as much as she did when the cleaning lady placed her head between her legs and began licking her pussy. Cynthia cried out in despair as her pussy was being licked by another woman for the first time in her life. Worse, the other girl was taking turns sucking both of her hard nipples. Cynthia was grossed out by this experience. At least with her other rapes she had been taken by men. But now she was being forced to have sex with two women. And worse, she could already feel her body beginning to respond under the assault. Martina continued licking her swollen clit bringing Cynthia closer and closer to another orgasm. Then, just as she was about to cross the edge, the woman stopped and instructed Brandi to do the same.

Martina walked out of the office and came back a couple minutes later with something in her hands. But Cynthia could not see what she had. She handed them to Brandi and told her, "When I tell you to use them, you know what to do." Then she went back to munching Cynthia's box.

In moments Cynthia was building to another climax. She tried to fight it off, not wanting to cum on another woman's face. But she realized that it was a lost cause. Her body was enjoying this all too much for her to resist. She began moaning with unwanted delight as the tongue in her snatch brought her closer and closer. Then, only seconds before she was to climax Martina pulled away and said, "Now."

Cynthia screamed in pain as she felt something clamp tight around her right nipple. She looked down to see a metal paper clamp squeezing her nipple so tight that the little pebble was turning purple. "Please, take it off!" She begged.

Then Martina began licking her again. The pain in her breast and the pleasure in her pussy were wracking her body with conflicting emotions. Soon her nipple began to go numb and she felt the pleasure between her legs growing more. Then suddenly it stopped again, and she screamed once more as another clamp bit into her left nipple. Cynthia struggled against the bonds that held her. Her struggling grew even fiercer when Martina stood up and grabbed both clamps with her hands and began tugging at her abused titties.

"Oh god, please stop!" Cynthia cried.

But Martina just returned to licking her pussy. Cynthia lay still as her left nipple now grew numb. Feeling her pussy responding once more to the woman's oral massage. Her hips began bucking as her need for this orgasm increased. She was panting as it grew nearer and nearer. She no longer cared that it was at the hands, or rather mouth, of a woman. All she cared about was her need to climax. But then the pleasure turned into intense agony as something bit into the flesh of her clit. She screamed as she realized a third clamp had just been unmercifully secured on her clitoris. She had thought that the pain in her nipples was bad, but it was nothing compared to this torture.

"Will you do whatever we ask you to if we take them off?" Martina asked.

"Y-yes." Cynthia replied. "Then eat my girlfriend's pussy." She ordered.

Brandi had already stripped her clothes off and was now climbing onto the table so that she could place her hot body over Cynthia's and sit on her face. Cynthia looked up at the shaved pussy only inches from her nose. "I-I've never…"

Her response was cut off by her own scream as Martina grabbed the clamp on her pussy and began pulling it back and forth. In total defeat she raised her head to meet the pussy and began licking it. Brandi wiggled around until she had her pussy in just the right place to be eaten by the captive nurse. She was already soaking wet and took no time at all getting into the act.

Cynthia tried ignoring the pain between her legs as she slurped on the pussy above her. In all her life she had never even entertained the temptation to have sex with another woman. And now here she was munching on a strange girl's pussy trying her best to get her off in order to end her own torment. While licking she felt something probing at her pussy. At first she thought it was Martina's fingers, but soon realized that it was something much larger. She wondered what the other girl was trying to insert into her. Her pussy was stretching farther and farther to the point of pain. She cried out but the soaking box on her mouth muffled it. Brandi began squirming as the nurse continued eating her pussy. She moaned with delight as her climax enveloped her. Cynthia knew that the girl was having an orgasm. She could feel her juices washing over her cheeks as she continued to lick. Finally Brandi was finished and climbed off of her.

Cynthia looked down between her legs and saw that Martina was forcing a large plastic bottle into her cunt. The bottle was 12 inches long and nearly 8 inches in diameter and was already half way into her pussy.

"You like it?" Martina asked her.

"Fuck no. Get it out!" Cynthia shouted back.

"Awe, that'll cost you." Martina said as she jerked on the clamp sending another wave of pain throughout her body.

"Look at this." Brandi said, holding a hard plastic model of a male penis in her hand. Cynthia recognized it as one of Dr. James' models that comes apart to show men how the vessels inside their penises work. She had joked with the other girls in the office about how they wished they could find a man as big as that.

"Bring it here, Brandi." Martina said.

Martina took the model cock and began rubbing it between Brandi's legs. The younger girl squatted and spread her legs farther apart so that it would slide into her pussy. Once Martina felt it was lubricated enough she pulled it out and placed it against Cynthia's anal opening.

"Oh please, no. Not there." Cynthia cried out.

Martina laughed as she began pushing it forward, shoving it inside the nurses asshole. "Are you ready for me now?" She asked.

Cynthia nodded.

"Not good enough," she said, shoving the fake cock in a little farther. "Beg me to lick my pussy."

Cynthia could not believe that she was complying. "Please let me lick you pussy."

Martina climbed atop the table and sat harshly on Cynthia's face. Cynthia thought she would smother at first but soon found room to breathe through her nose and she began licking her second pussy. While she ate Martina, Brandi got between her legs and was busying herself by pushing the bottle and plastic cock in and out of Cynthia's pussy and ass, much to dismay of the ravaged nurse.

"Oh yes, eat my pussy you fucking slut!" Martina cried out as she began humping against Cynthia's face. She was enjoying every moment of this and was determined to have her juices flood the nurse's mouth. "Oh yes!" She cried out as she began climaxing as Cynthia continued licking her.

Cynthia felt the quivering pussy on her face and knew full well that Martina was having one hell of an orgasm at her expense. She continued to lick as the woman thrashed about atop her. Then finally Martina went still. She leaned forward so that her entire pussy rested on Cynthia's mouth, using her legs to prevent the nurse from turning her head. Martina looked down into Cynthia's eyes with a grin. "That was wonderful, Miss Cynthia. Now for your dessert."

Cynthia felt something warm and rank smelling spraying into her mouth. She tried to close her lips but it was too late. Martina was pissing on her face, directly into her mouth. "Swallow it, slut!" Martina demanded. Cynthia had little choice in the matter, as it was either swallow or choke. So she gulped down Martina's urine.

Once finished pissing Martina climbed off of her. "Now let's give her some relief." She said. She grabbed the two clamps on her nipples and popped them off. Cynthia had thought they were painful before, but the sudden flow of blood back into her twisted nipples brought even more pain that when they were put on. Then she felt both women on either side of her sucking her nipples tenderly. Then Martina moved around between her legs. First she pulled out the model cock, then the bottle. Then she removed the clamp from her clit, causing Cynthia to cry out again. But the pain was quickly drowned out by Martina's mouth as she began sucking and slurping on the nurse's pussy.

Cynthia rolled her eyes as she felt her body instantly respond. Brandi continued sucking her nipples one at a time as Martina pleasured her snatch. Cynthia began breathing harder and harder. The pleasure was intense. "Oh god, yes, make me come, please make me come!" She cried out. Then her release came. Her pussy exploded in delight as her orgasm rocked her from head to toe. She had climaxed several times that afternoon. But none as powerful as this one. She shook her head back and forth shouting her joy as the woman between her legs continued bringing her higher and higher...

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