tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNurse With a Curse Ch. 4

Nurse With a Curse Ch. 4


"Oh god, yes, make me come, please make me come!"

Sam heard the cry before he got to the door. Sam was a security guard for the building who came by several times a night to patrol this, and a few other buildings. He was a homely man, standing about 6'2" and weighing 220 pounds. He had a scar on his right cheek and was not the type of man that women usually liked. In fact, the bulk of his sexual experiences came from prostitutes he spotted while on patrol at night. He would usually pay them to come with him to one of the buildings and have sex in any number of offices. Sam was not well liked by many of the workers. He was rude and obnoxious, and loved to boss people around.

Sam had found Dr. James' door wide open and could hear something going on. He pulled out his nightstick, his only weapon, and entered the office. When he heard Cynthia's cry he stopped dead in his tracks knowing that it was the sounds of sex coming out of the examining room. When he looked in and saw one woman going down on another, with yet a third naked girl sucking the other girl's boobs his cock sprang to life. He watched for a couple minutes as Cynthia's orgasm began to subside. He recognized Martina and the young nurse. But did not know the third girl. But now Sam was horny, and he had caught these women in a compromising position and was going to use it to his advantage.

"What the hell is going on here?" He bellowed as he entered the room.

Martina and Brandi bolted upright, attempting to cover their naked bodies. Cynthia was still bound spread eagle on the table with no option of doing anything but lay there fully exposed to the security guard.

"Please, let me go. They were raping me." Cynthia cried out. Martina and Brandi both looked at each other in near panic.

"Rape hell, it looks like you were getting the best part of the deal." Sam spat back.

Martina watched him walk in. She could see a huge bulge in his pants and guessed that he must have a cock to match his size.

Cynthia wanted nothing more than to be released. "Untie me you son-of-a-bitch."

Sam looked at her with a snarl. "Well, if that's going to be your attitude then I think I'll just have to teach you a lesson."

He began undoing his pants. Cynthia saw a 12-inch cock standing fully erect and nearly died. She could not face getting fucked again. Especially not by this asshole.

"What do you say you two ladies lube me up a bit." Sam said, shaking his nightstick at Brandi and Martina.

Neither lesbian wanted to do anything with him. Not just because he was a man. But because they found him so damn disgusting.

Sam sensed their hesitation. "Look ladies, I plan on fucking the shit out of all of you tonight. But I mostly want that pretty little bitch of a nurse. If you two cooperate I'll see to it that nobody knows what was going on in here and you'll all keep your jobs."

"Looks like he's got us." Martina said.

Martina and Brandi both got on their knees and began taking turns sucking Sam's monster cock. Sam instructed them so that while one sucked him the other would lick his balls. After several minutes of taking turns he walked away from them and went to stand behind Cynthia's head. He forced her to lower her head and began shoving his giant cock into her mouth. Cynthia thought she would choke as his cock forced its way down her throat.

"Lick her." He pointed at Brandi directing her to get between Cynthia's legs. Cynthia felt the other girl's tongue begin working her clit and nearly climaxed immediately. Sam began fucking her throat without mercy, groping her tits with his rugged hands as he thrust deeper into her mouth. Cynthia found herself having another orgasm as Brandi licked her twat. Then she felt Sam's cock blow a massive wad of cum down her sore throat. It was with great relief that he pulled out of her mouth.

Sam instructed the two dykes to come over and lean on the table side-by-side. He got behind Brandi first and began shoving his cock into her pussy. Brandi had never felt anything so large in her life. As he began fucking her she could feel him growing harder again and knew that he was back to his full 12-inches. After several minutes he had Brandi climaxing then pulled out and got behind Martina. The lesbian had prided herself in not allowing a man to fuck her since she was a teenager. She despised Sam for shoving his rod into her hole. But soon she was begging for mercy as he repeatedly slammed her harder and harder. Martina shuddered when she realized that she was about to climax on his cock. Sam realized that he was turning the lesbian on and took great pleasure in making her come for him before he pulled out. Then he walked around the table and got between Cynthia's legs. He instructed Brandi to go around the other side so the two girls could each enjoy one of Cynthia's tits as he fucked her.

Cynthia closed her eyes as Sam began pushing his took into her. She gasped as the two women began sucking her nipples. Sam rammed in as far as he could go, crushing his cock against her cervix, then began fucking her as hard as possible. Cynthia cried out with each and every thrust as he drove his pecker deep inside her. Her body responded once more. The cock in her cunt and the tongues on her nipples were too much to bear and Cynthia began shouting out loud as she climaxed again and again while Sam continued fucking her. Then he groaned and thrust deeper as his own orgasm took charge and he began pumping his seed deep into her belly.

When Sam pulled out of her pussy Cynthia lay shivering on the table. She could feel her heart racing. She hated this night but knew that she had never been more sexually fulfilled and satisfied in her life. Even against her will this night would be one that could never be topped.

Sam instructed Martina and Brandi to get their things and leave, making sure to tell them that they had better comply with all his requests anytime he saw them in the future. Both girls walked out feeling satisfied with their conquest of the pretty nurse. Even if it did mean future encounters with the night watchman. Martina looked at it as the price she had to pay for taking advantage of Cynthia, which she would willing pay again if she could have another opportunity. Brandi, on the other hand, thought of it as the best of both worlds. Not only would she get to continue her love affair with Martina, but she would be able to have a giant cock to play with as well.

When they were gone Sam got dressed and untied Cynthia. He explained to her that if she ever told anyone what happened he would tell everyone how he caught the three of them playing lesbian sex games and just joined in on the fun. And he was certain that Martina and Brandi would side with him. Cynthia knew that he was right. But right now she didn't care. She had just been forced to endure the most sexually gratifying night of her life. And she knew that she had enjoyed it way too much. There was no way that she was ever going to complain to anyone about tonight.

She dressed as best she could, then grabbed her purse. She realized that someone had rifled through it and stolen her cash but she didn't care. Cynthia shoved everything back into the purse, got her car keys, and headed out the door. She passed Sam in the hall on the way out, ignoring his comments of how much he had enjoyed her sweet pussy. She went down the elevator, left the building and got in her car to head for the safety of her on home...

To be continued...

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