I woke to hear the rain and very gradually, to feel it caress my neck. My clothes had soaked up the moisture from the sodden grass on which I lay and gave the sensation of being glued to the icy ground. My head pounded, and through bleary eyes I could see what was left of my bicycle. How long had I been here? What happened?

I cradled my face in my hands. Nausea made me want to lie there and not get up, despite the cold. I could smell a foul smell and I didn't need to look to know what the unusual warm lump in my pants was. Despite my chattering teeth, I drifted back sleep.

"Oh my, look at you! You're in quite a state, aren't you?"

It was a woman's voice and it had a women's smell. I slowly remembered, and moved my hand to hide my shame. I felt her soft warm hands around my neck, then further down as she squeezed me slowly, methodically, - checking for damage.

"It's alright. Looks like you've come off your bike and bumped your head. You've messed your pants and you're very cold, but it's nothing too serious. I can look after you."

With that my rescuer picked me up and carried me like a baby to a warm and dry car. I was laid upon a plastic sheet across a lightly perfumed seat. I remember the feelings of gratitude for this person that swept through me as the engine purred and the motion of the car gently rocked me back to sleep.

I remember the cold tiles and the echo of her voice, bouncing off the cold white walls as she undressed me, but I could make little sense of what she was saying. I could feel her warm, nimble hands removing my clothes and the swell of her breasts pressing against my back, but could not see her, as my head was too heavy to lift. I remember the sound of running water and the smell of bath soap and strong yet gentle hands guiding my shivering body across the bathroom floor. I remember my disappointment when I was immersed in tepid water – I was longing for warmth and comfort. I tried to get out. It was too cold. I was too cold. But I was no match for her in my physical state. She held me in there until I stopped struggling.

"Must warm you up slowly." I heard her say.

I felt a silent shiver down my spine but lay back into her fat arms and let the water take hold with its icy fingers.

I awoke sometime later. I was warm and dry in a small bed. I felt better, but could not open my eyes. My eyelids felt like they weighed a ton. I felt my body. I was in one piece, alive, warm and safe. I felt relief. But wait, I was wearing a nappy. Confusion. I drifted off to sleep again.


I wake up. I smell a familiar perfume. I feel very warm and safe. I realise I am being held by someone. Her. I am on my back. My legs are on some sort of lounge, but my back lies on top of her lap and she holds me closely to her. The nape of my neck rests in the crook of her elbow.

I look up. Two huge naked breasts stare down at me. I gasp.

"You awake, Darling?"

I see her for the first time. White powdered face, rosy red cheeks, big brown eyes behind big thick rimmed glasses, blood red lipstick, matronly smile.


I try to talk, but my tongue is pasty and my mouth dry. She cuts me off.

"You came off your bicycle dear. In the park. If it weren't for me you'd still be there. Now you're all better."

I move to pull away, to stand up, but she is too strong. I have no strength. I am at her mercy. She squeezes me, and her chest swells. The proximity of her left nipple to my mouth and the smell of her bare breasts stir something inside me.

"Oh come now! Is that how you thank me? How about you say 'Thankyou.'


I whisper. Why resist her? She saved me. I owed her so much. She smiles. I am glad I please her. I do not want to upset her. In my condition, I need her. Again, something stirs deep inside me. Feelings. Uncomfortable feelings.

She adjusts her left breast, it now stares down at me, and I stare back at it, fascinated by the deep brown contours of the saucer sized aureole, which surrounds the thumb sized nipple.

"Would you like to suckle?"

I do not answer, nor do I think. Instead I part my lips and lift my heavy head ever so slightly, just enough to be able to suck the big brown bullet into my mouth. I close my eyes and my body feels like it is floating. I suck gently, lovingly, respectfully.

"That's good, baby."

She coos and pets my hair. I drift off to a beautiful, blissful slumber.

I return to the land of the living. Her nipples no longer dominate my field of vision. Her left arm partially obscures them from me. Her head is turned toward my feet and my head is supported by the arm rest. I move my head to stare at them again. They are bigger and darker than before. They both glisten with moisture. My saliva. I now remember. How pleasant they felt in my mouth. So comforting.

But what is this strange new sensation? She is concentrating and did not see me wake. I involuntarily clenched my buttocks, causing my hips to rise.

"Oh my, you are back!"

I hear her sugary sweet voice, but she does not break her concentration. I feel the cool air against my naked groin. My penis is hard and I feel wetness. I gasp.

"It's OK",

She says gently, and then tilts me up so that I can see what she sees,

"I'm just taking care of a little problem for you."

My eyes bulge at the sight before me. My groin has been shaved and my swollen penis lies flat against the bare skin of my stomach. A pool of semen fills my navel. My hairless balls look tiny and pink in contrast to the pale white of my freshly exposed skin. Her right hand is covered with a disposable glove, I realise that the strange sensation is her finger buried deep inside my rectum.

More fluid dribbles from my semi erect penis. The pool overflows and streaks of white run down my sides, and onto the wings of the nappy.

"Tch, tch, tch, that wife of yours is not taking care of you is she? So much fluid inside you. When it builds up like this it causes men to have evil thoughts and pursue carnal pleasures. Much better for everyone if we regularly extract it."

She mused, as she lowered my head again.

"Just lie back, I understand it does not feel unpleasant. There can't be too much more, then we'll see about getting you home. You can suckle some more, if you like."

I closed my eyes and let the sensations wash through my body. It was like nothing I had felt before. I was not ejaculating, nor was I climaxing, but my penis continued to drip and I felt strangely good. I lifted my hand and cupped a breast, guiding the nipple into my mouth where I licked and sucked and bathed it with my tongue.

I remember snapping out of the trance I was in and releasing her nipple as I heard the disposable glove come off her hand with a snap. I felt her nimble, efficient hands mop up my evil secretions with a cloth.

"All done, now, if only all wives and mothers would do that to their husbands and sons, men would be much better behaved."

She seemed pleased with her work. She straightened herself up so that she was now nursing my head in her arm as before. She looked down at me and smiled.

"All contented now?"

I smiled and nodded.

"How about a kiss for mummy then?"

She asked gently. I nodded, puckered my lips and closed my eyes, expecting her to offer a powdered cheek. Instead I got her thick, wet lips. She kissed me slowly and deeply. It was too long, too lingering, and just plain wrong, but I could not pull away. Eventually she did, the suction of her lips on mine made a 'smack' sound as she released me. She did not look at me now. She reached for a clear plastic baby bottle half full of what looked like milk and brought it to my lips.

"Must keep up your fluids."

She whispers. I sucked on the plastic teat and drank some of the sweet milk.

"You are so sweet."

I hear her whisper, as she pets my hair, and yet her voice is becoming distant.

I wake up. I am alone. I am wearing a fresh dry nappy. I feel very, very sleepy, even more so than before.

I hear her voice. She is in the same room but not close to me.

"Yes, is that Mrs Baker? It's Sister Matheson calling. Do not be alarmed, your husband is safe and well. He had an accident on his bike in the park. Wheels slipped on the greasy path we think, anyway, I found him on my way home from work and decided to take him home with me, rather than him send to A&E,………………, yes, they're frantic up there at the moment."

"No, he's fine. One of our Doctors is a friend of mine and he dropped by earlier. Your husband has a bump on the head and was unconscious, and a few other things, but he'll be fine."

"Well, he suffered an ascended testicle. It's quite common with bicycle accidents. NO! NO! - he's fine, yes, we managed to bring it back down, but we had to shave his pubic area to allow the Doctor to manipulate him. Also he lost control of his bowels and fouled himself. If you could bring some clothes with you that would be good as I had to cut off the ones he was wearing."

"Actually I have him in a nappy at the moment. Since loss of bowel control is common with concussion, I didn't want to risk any nasty accidents. (laughs) Yes, I'm sure he would be embarrassed, but he is quite heavily sedated so he would not even know. Well, you can have a good old laugh when you get around here, yes, I'm at number 34. OK, see you soon."

I felt the lounge sink a little, then her hand on my forehead.

"Wifey's on her way. Doesn't sound the sympathetic type, still, that doesn't surprise me. Never mind, I'm going to convince her to send you around for a check-up. With more time and planning, I will be able to give you a really thorough examination."

I remember two people laughing and talking and dressing me, then helping me into a car. My car.

I remember waking up in my own bed.

I wondered if I had dreamed the whole thing.

(may be continued)

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Please continue it!

1. Given that the guy was drugged and out of it, it would be cool to see a follow up where he actually asks for more of the same treatment (humiliation, vulnerability, and nurturing). I feel you've laidmore...

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What a fantastic story, best I've read in along time!

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