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Copyright Oggbashan November 2004

The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.

* * * * *

I was surprised to get a phone call from Jill. I hadn't had any contact with her since my wife died two years ago. Jill and my wife had set up a nursery school about fifteen years ago. Jill, who was much younger than Maureen and then recently divorced, had taken the school over wholly seven years ago when I retired and my wife decided to retire as well.

We had had those seven pleasant years together until a sudden stroke took Maureen from me as we sat down with a nightcap after a dinner at a local restaurant with our friends. Maureen had just grunted in surprise and then she was gone. The emergency ambulance crew had tried what they could but Maureen had died instantly. Sometimes I envied her. To die without warning after an enjoyable evening seems to be an ideal passing.

After the funeral I suppose I retreated into a quiet world of my own. I still acknowledged my friends and visited them sometimes. I enjoyed my books and my writing and became almost a recluse. I still went out every day, rain or shine, for a walk. I know some people felt sorry for me and thought I was grieving for Maureen. I missed her, yet my life was pleasant if some saw it as boring.

Jill wanted me to be the nursery's Father Christmas. I had done it before and stopped when Maureen retired. Another grandfather had taken over my role. This year he had unexpectedly and at very short notice decided to visit his son's family in Australia. He had apologised profusely to Jill and suggested me as his replacement. Would I? Pretty please, Geoff?

Of course I agreed. I still had the costume in the wardrobe. I had my own white beard and I knew what to do. Some of the younger children might get too excited or even frightened of a large man dressed up as Santa Claus. Usually I spread a red plastic-backed table cloth over my legs under my red robes in case of accidents. There had been a few over the years and the table cloth had saved me from a soaking. I checked. The table cloth was with the costume.

Usually I would arrive about an hour after the school's session started, creep in through the back door and change in a storeroom before being fetched by Jill. I would repeat the procedure for the afternoon session. This year would be different. Jill had arranged an early evening visitation from Santa Claus for both the morning and afternoon children. The children's parents would be there as well. Did that bother me?

It didn't. I knew most of the parents. Many of them had sat on my knees in the past. I'd been doing Santa Claus for other nursery schools and playgroups even before I met and married Maureen. It must be nearly fifty years since I first did it as a student.

I arrived half an hour before the event was due to start. I had what I thought was an over-exuberant welcome from the school's staff. I was kissed by almost all of them. Jill was the only exception. She just hugged me. I enjoyed the attention from some many young women. It had been a long time since I had been kissed so effectively. As she led me by the hand to the familiar storeroom Jill explained that they had been worried that I wouldn't be able to do Santa. After all she had only asked me twenty-four hours earlier. I told her they were silly. Of course I'd do whatever was needed for the nursery school and as for the notice, I didn't have much else in my diary, did I?

Once in the store room Jill made up for not kissing me earlier. Her tongue pushed between my lips and I had a long lingering kiss with her arms wrapped around me like constricting snakes. I had to respond. I held her in my arms and did my best to kiss her back. It was a pleasant interlude, lasting so long that I had to scramble into my costume to be in time for my appearance. Years of practice and no necessity to don a fake beard helped. I was ready with at least a minute to spare. Even if I hadn't been I'm sure Jill or her staff could have stalled until I was prepared. Jill made one request that I didn't understand. She wanted me to remain in costume and hide in the storeroom after the main event was over. She would then tell me the last part I had to play.

My appearance through a cloud of dry ice 'smoke' and flashing lights was greeted with the usual squeals of delight. Jill's staff and the parents arranged an orderly queue of a few children while the others were entertained by a couple of clowns. It took about an hour to see every child, to greet them and calm each one down. I usually elicited t a coherent answer about what they wanted for Christmas that the parents noted before I gave each child a labelled present. The presents were passed to me by Santa's helpers, two young ladies dressed in skimpy versions of my costume with white pantyhose showing long slender legs. I noticed that the fathers looked more frequently at my helpers than they did at me or their offspring. I wasn't surprised. Those legs were shapely and very distracting.

After my departure through more clouds of 'smoke' and lights I retreated to the storeroom. I sat down on a chair and listened to the sounds of the departing children and parents. Eventually Jill's heels came clicking along the corridor.

"Are you ready, Geoff?" Jill asked.

"For what, Jill? You haven't told me what I do now."

"I want you to be Father Christmas for the staff. I have presents for all of them. I thought that this year it would be nice if Santa delivered them."

"How? Do I just hand them over?"

"No. We, sorry I, want the full works. Each member of staff gets to sit on your lap and whisper in your ear before I pass you her present. They are not heavy women. I'm sure you can do it."

"If that's what you want, Jill. I don't think I'll need the tablecloth, will I?"

"No. None of us are likely to wet you. Come on, Geoff. You might enjoy it."

"I think some of the Dads would be envious. Your staff as Santa's helpers gave them an eyeful."

"And they'll do the same for you in close-up. Come on."

I took Jill's offered hand. She led me back to the hall.

The staff were waiting for me. I took my place again. The first woman was one of my helpers. I won't repeat what she wanted for Christmas. It made me blush. My blush was hidden from the rest of them by her hooded head as she kissed me.

The next one sat astride facing me. I was in danger of wetting myself as her warm pantied pussy pressed into me. Her Christmas desire was even more outrageous. I told her, with as straight a face as I could manage, that I would see what I could arrange. Her kiss promised more than I thought I could accept from a married lady.

I'm not sure whether Jill had put them up to it. By the time I reached the last of Jill's staff I was certainly hot and bothered in a way that I hadn't been for years. The succession of warm adult women on my lap was producing a reaction I hadn't expected and they were teasing it with their bodies.

The last one was Jill. Even she hadn't expected that. Her staff had turned the tables on her. She was dragged forward and lifted bodily to my lap. Her skirt was rucked up by the handling. Her legs wrapped round my hips. We were surrounded by the others who pushed her head against mine.

"Go on, Jill, tell him what you want for Christmas." A voice said firmly.

Jill's lips pressed against my ear. She whispered very quietly.


She moved to face me and kissed me very deliberately. Her staff withdrew and the lights switched off. Jill's arms twined around my head and didn't let go.

She got her wish.

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