Nurse's Aide


It wasn't a pretty sight when Leon walked into the room following the woman wearing light green scrubs. The patient had vomited all over the floor and the woman was there to clean it all up. Leon paused at the door, reeling a bit from the initial sight and the stench, but as the woman bent over to wipe a towel on the floor his gaze zoomed in on the way her hips curved outward to her broad ass.

Leon thought of backing out of the door, but as the woman's blouse pulled up as she continued wiping up the floor he could see a bit o f skin just above the elastic of her pants. As she continued to work Leon could see more and more of her until, yes, he could see the top of her thong as her scrub pants pulled down slightly. All Leon could do is follow the line of her thong as it ran down the center of her lower back, down to the soft globes of her ass, disappearing in the dark divide.

He gritted his teeth as his ears began to ring and he cock hardened. Suddenly he was oblivious to everything, the patient, the patient's vomit, even the stink in the room. Moving forward his foot slipped slightly on the wet floor but he was able to catch himself grabbing the bed with one hand and leaning on the attendant's back with the other.

"Oh it's you doctor," she replied, initially startled, "You startled me. Mr. Dickson is not feeling well as you can see."

"Yes," he growled in reply, "just clean up the floor."

As the attendant returned to cleaning the floor with the towel, Leon glanced over at the patient who was shivering and had his eyes closed. "Probably asleep," he told himself as he refocused on the attendant's thong. He imagined grabbing it and pulling it upward, forcing the thin strand further up the crack of her ass and, in the front, up between her pussy lips.

His ears continued ringing, louder now, as he reached out, fingertips hovering above the thong. The attendant reached to grab another towel, backing up against his hand. "Oh, excuse me doctor, I didn't realize you were still there."

The patient began to snore and Leon jumped a bit, pulling his hand away from the woman's thong. Only after she bent back down with the other towel did he refocus on her ass. The ringing in his ears was so loud now and he wondered if anyone else could hear it, surely they could, like he could always hear the feedback from someone's hearing aid.

By this time, the ringing so loud, the conclusion was forgone. Leon reached forward grabbed the attendant's hips and slipped her scrubs downward, looping his thumb in the thin strand of her thong. Even before she could pull up, he had her pants and panties on the floor.

Grabbing her waist, he firmly squeezed bending her over so she had to grab the rails of the bed to keep her balance. He then kicked her legs apart as he pulled down the elastic waist of his scrubs and underwear to free his hard cock. Pulling her back to him, Leon thrust his hips forward feeling his cock press against her thigh.

"No doctor, not like this, not here," she moaned, trying to struggle away from him.

Leon held his cock and guided it until he felt her soft lips brush over the head. Pulling her back to him, he thrust forward again, this time penetrating her just a bit. Refusing to release her he squeezed her too him and shoved his cock all the way in. Looking up he could see the side of her head as she tried to pull away. Leon could also see the patient's eyes fully open, watching the entire scene.

As always Leon was quick and after just a few quick thrusts and withdrawals he felt a surge run through his body. He arched his back and came, spurting his cum deep into the attendant's pussy. When his orgasm ended, he held her tightly until his cock slowly shrank and slipped out of her.

Reaching into his pocket he grabbed a syringe, flipped off the cap, sprayed a bit into the air and then plunged the needle into the attendant's ass. He emptied about half of the vial into her and then withdrew the needle. The attendant had slumped and she moved her into a nearby chair. The doctor then moved over to the patient's IV line, took one of the leads and dabbed it with an alcohol swab and then pierce the membrane with the needle, shooting the rest of the liquid into the IV, where it was quickly pumped into the patient.

After the patient fell asleep Leon moved back to the attendant, grabbed a towel and wiped away the cum that has oozed from her pussy. He then pulled her thong and then her scrubs back on, lifting her from the chair as he slipped them over her hips. The doctor made sure his clothes were all in place before he grabbed the patient's chart and looked it over. He then replaced the chart and casually walked out of the room wishing he had remembered the attendant's name.

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