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Nurses and Sexual Fantasy


Ever since I was a teenager I've had a fetish about dominant women, and in particular, nurses.

Now I'm aware that many people have fetishes and are probable blissfully ignorant as to how they acquired a sexual leaning toward women's feet, or bananas, or gas masks, whatever turns them on. In my case I have no doubts. It was from something I was told in my late teens when I was at college.

In my class there was a tall lanky guy who was very much into athletics, and in particular pole vaulting. I heard that he was quite good at it, but one day he wasn't quite good enough, in that he failed to clear the cross bar.

To be precise, when I say failed to clear it, I mean he failed to clear it with BOTH legs. One passed above the bar, the other below it, with the unfortunate result being that the bar smacked him with considerable force in his family jewels and he had to be carried off to hospital.

He returned to classes after a few days, walking almost normally, but for several weeks he had to visit the hospital occasionally, to see a specialist, and to make sure that his wedding tackle hadn't suffered any permanent damage. Now that I am older and wiser, I'm sure that his appointments were very unexciting and probably consisted of a few questions and a cursory examination by a doctor. However, my classmate, probably to gain some envy, and to somewhat annul the embarrassment of his injuries, told us a very different tale.

He claimed that the doctor was keen to ascertain that no permanent damage had been done to either his sexual abilities or his fertility. To this end, or so he told us all, he was left alone in the examination room with a pretty nurse who proceeded to give him the kind of hand relief which would have cost good money in a massage parlour. The resulting semen was collected for examination and his sexual responses noted on a chart. This continued for several visits until the doctor was satisfied that there was no permanent damage either to his virility or his sperm production.

Of course I realised at some time in my life that he was lying through his teeth. Sadly, nurses simply don't behave like this. If they did I'm sure that there would be a plethora of sportsmen keen to shed their protective equipment of the genital kind, in the hope that a minor injury may lead to some major pleasure at the local infirmary. However, when you are young and pumped full of hormones, with your thoughts constantly turning to the fair sex, and with the emphasis on sex rather than on fair, then you are ready to believe almost anything.

As a consequence of this I developed a masturbation fantasy which has stayed with me over the years, even to this day. I have modified and polished it many times during it's lifetime, according to whether I was feeling a particular attraction for brunettes or redheads, plump girls or slim ones, black ones or white ones, in fact looking back I find it amazing how one's tastes do change even in something as basic as women. The main outline of the fantasy, however, remains, whatever changes are made to the details, and it is this fantasy which I would like to share with you.

In reality, for masturbation purposes, I like to be in a warm, quiet room, lying naked on my bed, with no fear of being disturbed for a while, right hand lightly coated in baby oil and the world shut outside.

In my mind, however, I am sitting in the waiting room of a hospital. It is now several weeks since I had a painful accident to my testicles, and I am here for a check up to ascertain if there is any lasting damage or not. The details of the accident form no part of the fantasy, they are irrelevant.

An attractive nurse comes into the waiting area and calls my name.

"Mr Franks?"

"Yes, that's me."

"Would you follow me please." And she leads me to a small examination room, with a high couch and the usual paraphernalia, a stainless steel trolley with trays of equipment, a sink, a desk, a chair.

She closes the door and clicks a lock around. At the same time she flicks a switch on the wall. I know that this illuminates a red sign outside the door informing people that the room is in use for examination purposes and nobody is to attempt to enter.

She consults my file, then turning to me with a sweet smile, she asks "So how is the pain and swelling now? Completely gone?"

"Yes, no pain at all now."

"Good. Well if you just take your things off and pop up on the examination couch I'll have a look at you."

She draws the curtains around the couch and leaves me behind them to undress. Quickly I shed my clothes and lie on the couch. Why do medical people always leave you alone to undress when they are going to see you naked anyhow? This is one of the world's great medical mysteries.

After a minute or so, she pulls back the curtain and comes over to the couch. Now at this point, for medical accuracy, she should snap on a pair of surgical gloves, but to Hell with that! I like the touch of a bare hand. If you have a latex fetish then write your own fantasy, this one is mine!

At this point I will describe the nurse. She is pretty, in her late twenties or early thirties, with a full bust bulging her white uniform dress out very attractively. The hem of the white dress reaches to mid thigh and she is wearing black pantyhose, or maybe stockings, beneath it over shapely legs. At all times she is friendly but very professional, remaining cool and detached throughout.

Whether she is blonde, brunette or whatever colour depends on my taste at the time. Likewise whether she is slim or carries a little extra weight. On the whole, I prefer them slightly on the plump side.

She approaches the couch and gently takes my balls in her hand, fondling them gently, looking at them carefully.

"Has all the discomfort completely gone now, Mr Franks?" she asks.

"Oh yes, all of it, yes." I reply

"Oh God, her hand feels so good. I'm going to get a hard on. Oh please no."

"And have you had any sexual activity since the accident, Mr Franks?"

"Errrr...no, I haven't nurse."

"Why is she asking that? Why did she have to mention sex? I can feel myself getting a stiffy! Think of football! Think of politics!"

"Why do you think that is Mr Franks? Is it because you are worried that you may be unable to perform sexually because of the accident?"

"Well, possibly, nurse, yes I'm sure that's the reason!"

"Actually it's because I haven't been able to pull anything, but I'm not going to admit that to her!"

"Well if you are worried about that Mr Franks, I can do some simple tests to put your mind at rest."

"Oh, well yes, that would be fine nurse."

"Tests? What tests? What is she going to do? I have to go along with it now or admit I was lying about the reason I haven't had a bonk lately!"

"Good, well first I'll check your erection capability. Please just relax. If you feel any discomfort at all tell me straight away."

With that she takes my cock in one gentle hand and gently begins to stroke it with the other. My little soldier needs no bidding. He hasn't been in action for a while and so he stands to attention very quickly. She looks quite impressed.

"That's a very good response Mr Franks. Does everything feel alright?

"Oh yes thank you nurse. It feels fine."

"Fine? It feels fucking marvellous. Oh please nurse, don't stop stroking. Just a little higher nurse. Over the tip. Ah yes, that's nice, that's very, very nice."

"Excellent, Mr Franks. Now if you feel up to it, we can proceed to ejaculation."

"Oh, well, yes nurse, I think I feel up to that."

"Up to it? Do I feel up to it? I'm damned well gagging for it. Stop talking and wank me you bitch! Get those fingers flicking my switch baby!"

Almost twitching with anticipation, my cock pointing toward the ceiling, I watch as she rummages on the trolley. She uncaps a tube of lubricant jelly, and squeezes a generous amount onto her right palm, smoothing it over her hand, then she gently takes my throbbing cock in her slippery fingers and begins to stroke it slowly. I think my heart is about to stop, the sensation is so intense.

"How does that feel Mr Franks?"

"It feels fine nurse, thank you."

"It feels like my cock has died and gone to Heaven. Stroke it nursie, tease and please it. Less talk and more pork baby. Polish that handle."

"Very good Mr Franks. I'll just increase the speed of my strokes a little."

"Oh God! What is she trying to do to me?"

"Not every nurse is allowed to do these tests Mr Franks." She smiles at me "I had to have special training."

"Training? What training? Did they bring you a string of horny guys to wank off until you got it right?"

"If it helps, Mr Franks, you can put your arm around my waist. It may help you relax more."

"Thank you nurse." I reply, slipping my arm around her.

"Put my arm around you? I want to put my hand up your skirt nurse! Are those pantyhose or stockings you're wearing? Would I find bare flesh inches above your hemline? If I stroked your panties would they feel damp? Are you wearing panties?"

"Now I'm going to stroke you really fast until you ejaculate, Mr Franks. Just relax!"

Her fingers flick faster and faster up and down my cock. My arm tightens around her waist as I feel my orgasm building. With her free hand she begins to fondle my balls and with a long gasping moan I cum, my spunk spattering onto my stomach and through her fingers as she switches to long slow strokes, wrapping her fingers firmly around my pulsing penis to pump me dry.

She hands me some moist wipes and paper towels to clean myself up with while she washes her own hands at the sink.

"That was very good, Mr Franks."

"Mr Franks? Call me John, baby. I just got further with you than with most of my dates!"

"I think we need to do a few more tests before we are sure that everything is back to normal." She is saying "Would that be alright with you?"

"Oh yes, of course nurse, whatever you think is best."

"Alright? You want me to come back for another gorgeous wanking session and you ask me it it's alright?"

"To be honest, Mr Franks, I would prefer to be sure that you have no problems with full intercourse. I am of course fully trained for that too. Would Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock be convenient?"

Had you forgotten that this was just a fantasy? I had, of course, cum by pleasuring myself. There were times when I fantasised about having full sex with the nurse, her straddling me on the couch, her skirt hiked up around her waist, or her bent over the examination table while I took her from behind, her full white buttocks shaking to my hard thrusts. It is, after all, just fantasy, and I have every respect for real nurses. Especially Swedish ones, working night shift, why I saw one in a movie once...

Oh dear, there I go again!

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