tagFetishNurse's Antidote

Nurse's Antidote


One of my least favorite things to do, health-wise, is go in for a damn physical examination. To me, it seems a tad ironic that I'd seek professional help to explore the possibility of there being something wrong with me, at the same time letting a complete stranger feel my junk. With my permission no less. Interesting.

Usually, a dude, who obviously hates what he does, proceeds to lift up my shit and make me cough while wearing a smile on his face. If you ask me, it would be cool if someone could give these poor people a rest, and figure out some sort of 'self-exam' that didn't require a stranger pretending to be your friend.

Can you imagine goin' out for a drink with your physician afterwards? How awkward would that be?! Ha. Of course, unless you're a guy, and your physician happened to be a woman. A drop-dead gorgeous blonde, with the most fantastic tits I had ever the honors of catching a peak at while she wasn't looking. Great idea, until it came time for the coughing part, and for the life of me couldn't seem to put away my hard-on for five seconds.

"Wow!" my female physician wondered what to say while on her knees. "Ummmm..!" Of course, the entire time, I couldn't help but imagine humping her brains out, which only made things harder.. I mean worse.

She lifted my balls with her rubber gloved hand and told me what to do.

"Turn and cough, please Mr. Harrison." And so I did what she said. I turned. My waste that is. Can't say I was all there in my head. Perhaps a little confusion on my behalf. None the less, accidentally smacking her upside the face with my boner didn't seem to phase her none.

"Oh!" she giggled.

"Sorry!" I apologized embarrassingly.

She looked up at me and glared, with a grin still on her face. Then, to my surprise, she grabbed a hold of my dick and fulfilled my fantasy by kissing it.

"You're a bad boy!" she laughed.

"I'm sorry." I repeated.

"That's alright," she said, then gave my penis a single jerk. My dick became fully aroused, but she stood up, de-gloved, and proceeded to write down my information on her clipboard.

"So," she paused to clear her throat. "It looks like everything's working'.., um, properly." she said, then placed her writings on the counter. "Now, if you would, I need you to lie down for me."

I tried covering my bulge with my apron, and lied on the cushioned table. That only made matters worse again.

"Mr. Harrison?!" she gasped. "Would you mind putting that thing away?! I'm tryin' to be 'professional' here, and you're getting me all excited!"

"Err..." I blushed, not being able to tell if she was upset or not. "...Sorry?!"

I grabbed myself through my apron and tried desperately to tuck my embarrassment between my legs. It didn't work. I was too hard!

"Oh, let me do it!" She exclaimed. Perhaps her 'professional' touch could ease the tension in the room I wondered.

With both hands she struggled to tame my device, but came across more like she was giving me a hand-job. I moaned, and flexed in the palms of her hands.

"Oh my God!" she laughed, " I'm sorry, but I have never seen such a large penis!" She straightened her eyeglasses and studied it's design, and smiled big. "You are definitely a wonder to behold."

I made eye contact with her. She looked down at my trophy and wetted her lips.

"Do you mind if I have a taste?" she asked.

Boing! My stallion grew to a new height and my eyes popped outta my head.

"Are you kiddin'?!" I stumbled over my words then cleared my throat. "He's all yours Doc!"

"Thanks," she spoke quickly and giggled like a little school girl. Then locked in for the attack. "Come to Momma!"

Quickly she rushed to consume me, like a horse being let out of a fiery barn. She tilted my tower towards her mouth and opened wide. Her plump lips felt like heaven as she struggled to shove me into her face-hole. Then she pulled her face back for a second and let her spit spill all over my idol.

"Mmmmm!" she whimpered like a cute puppy dog. "The thought of fucking this big dick of yours is making me all wet!"

She took a deep breath and continued her assault. Her tits made me wanna spurt my load down her throat when she unbuttoned her shirt and began squeezing them together.

"Mmmm." she delighted in her meal. She spit in her hand and stroked me rapidly. Her tongue flickered all around my throbbing helmet.

"Oooo, I want you to fuck me!" she begged and slapped me up against her face. "You wanna fuck me?"

~The physical was over. It was time for the full exam. I grabbed a hold of my hot rod and stroked it off in her face.

"I may be no gynecologist, but I know a hot pussy when I see one!" I joked.

She stuck out her tongue and let me slap it with my stick. Then she undid her skirt and let it fall to the floor, revealing her freshly shaven party box, and stood up, placing her foot up on the nearby stool to give me a clear view between her legs. She licked her teeth and bit her bottom lip.

"Come and get it tiger!"

I stood up and lifted her leg and began fucking her sideways where she stood.

"Oh my! Mr. Harrison!" she gasped in amazement at my length and girth. Her tight pussy was hot and wet. I forced myself deep inside her and she loved it.

"I love your big hard cock!" She grabbed a hold of the counter to balance herself, and let me pull her bra down to expose her perfectly tanned honkers. They felt great in my hand, and I decided to use 'em for leverage as I sped up the penetration-exam.

"Fuck me big boy!" I slowed down and thrust harder. She fought not to scream. "Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum!"

~I let go of her leg, letting her foot drop to the floor, and rammed her from behind.

"Fuck yeah!" She whispered loudly. I grabbed a hold of her tiny waste with both hands to center my attack.

"Give it to me baby!" She demanded. I let her feel all of me with nice long rhythmic strokes. Her hot cunt felt awesome. In and out I told her my story. She gazed back at me and I knew she was about to cum by the look in her eyes.

"Keep fucking me! Keep fucking me! I'm gonna cum!!" She pushed herself back against me and I felt her honey flow onto my cock.

"You did it now!" she growled. Becoming overly excited, she turned around and threw me onto the cushioned table.

"I wanna ride that fat fuckin' cock of yours!" She quickly climbed onto the table with me and sat down on my dick.

Up and down she bounced. "Yeehaw!" she twisted her waste while she rode. "Gitty up cowboy!" She was perfect in her form, and immediately I began to drool pre-cum into her. I calmed down and let her do the work.

"Oh my God. I love your dick I love your dick!" she commented. My eyes rolled back into my head.

"You gonna cum for me?!" she spoke into my mouth. I reached up and squeezed her tits. Good idea. Unless you wanna last longer than 5 seconds.

"Oh shit!" I motioned down to pull my dick out of her. Quickly she hopped up and off of me and started jerking me off wildly while she bobbed her mouth around her pulsating fetish.

"I wanna drink your cum!" she pleaded. I loved her dirty-talk. "Oh, Mr. Harrison. You have the most beautiful, long hard penis!"

Then she grabbed me with both hands and twisted. I couldn't take it any more. With her mouth open wide I erupted my creamy lava all over her gorgeous face.

"Mmmmm," she closed her eyes. "You're an animal!" She wrapped her mouth around my dick, and I felt the rest of my orgasm flow down her throat.

"Mmmm, yummy," she smiled. "Thank you." She wiped off her lips and licked her fingers. I took in a deep breath and sighed.

"Well, I think we're all through here Mr. Harrison. I think you can put your cloths back on."

I watched her step back into her skirt and adjust her bra and uniform. I lied there, spent and unable to move for the moment. My erection finally began to deflate. She bent over and kissed it on the head.

"Muah! I love that thing! You come back and see me again real soon now, ya hear!" Then she ran her fingernails thru my hair, gave me a single kiss on the lips and left the room.

"What a woman!" I thought to myself.

I'm glad no one's figured out a self-examination physical procedure.

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