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Nurses gone Wild


It was a Friday night on a fine summer evening. I was out with my best friend Jan Dixon and we were having a meal together in an Italian Restaurant on the High Street. We did this nearly every week, because, it was our chance to meet up and talk outside the confines of the hospital where we worked. These days, at work, the entire nursing staff always seemed to be rushed off their feet. There were simply not enough of us to do our jobs properly. So, we liked these meals out together. As well as having a decent chat, it gave us the opportunity to dress up and look feminine. Get out of the uniform that we wore every day.

Both of us were state registered nurses and had met quite a few years ago during our training courses. We clicked straight away and had been friends ever since. Jan, 31 and blonde, with a good figure and long legs, had experienced marriage problems for some time now and was currently separated from her husband. On the other hand, I was 26, a brunette and now into 7 years of married life.

"I think I've got the 7 year hitch" I said leaning across the table towards Jan.

"Why do you say that, Sue?" replied Jan.

I put my fork down. There was a nice chicken salad on my plate, but, I just didn't seem to have the appetite.

"The magic's gone," I told her. "And it's been gone for some time."

I had another sip from my glass of white wine and continued. "What makes it worse is that I seem so bogged down in the dull routine of everyday life. Get up, go to work, come back home exhausted. Make the meal, watch the T.V. Go to sleep..."

"And how is your sex life, Mrs Allen?" Enquired Jan.

"Pretty well non-existent, I'm afraid," I confessed. "I mean Wilf, he's a good, kind man, don't get me wrong. We get on fine most of the time. It's just that he doesn't seem to have the same interest in me...physically, if you know what I mean. The only thing he seems passionate about these days is Melchester United."

"Also, more worryingly, there have been conversations lately about us starting a family. Wilfy's keen, but, I'm not so sure. I'm just not ready for a baby and the kind of life it will inevitably lead to."

"Well, why don't you do what I do," said Jan. "At least for a year or two. Have fun...sleep around."

"Oh Jan, I couldn't do that," I said. "Betray my marriage vows? Its unthinkable... isn't it?"

"Look, don't be so silly. What you need is hot sex and plenty of it. How old are you now, 26? Nearly 27? Face it girl, time is moving on. You have a pretty face and a great body. How long do you think you have before your looks start to go and you get bogged down, forever? So, have fun and enjoy yourself while you can; that's my motto. Get yourself a lover, a toy boy... anyone who lights your fire..."

The waiter came to collect the plates and we were quiet for a while.

"Think about it Sue. Will you promise me to do that?"

"Yes, I will" I replied, looking misty eyed into the distance.

"Good!" said Sue, enthusiastically, "cos next week the young nurses are having their annual charity bash, "Knickers and Liquors" It was a great event last year and they had a big crowd. They reckon even more tickets have been sold for this year's event. You know what that means? Lots of doctors and horny young men."

"Oh Jan, I don't know"

"Look you've got to go. Its time you woke up to the better things in life and get out of your rut."

It took a few more glasses of wine and more persuasive talk from Jan, before I finally caved in and agreed to go.

Before we left the restaurant, we clinked glasses in salutation.

"Here's to us getting our share," laughed Jan


Later that night, I stood naked before the mirror in my bedroom and critically appraised my shapely figure. Jan was right, I did have a good body. But could I? Would I? allow a man other than my husband to possess it? Even thinking along those lines made me bit my lip in shame.

But, standing there with long legs apart, I thrust my hips forward, letting my fingers stroke my newly shaved vagina and imagined that they belonged to another man taking brazen liberties with me. I closed my eyes and moaned, as a perverse little thrill ran through my loins.

I had just been given the answers to my own questions.

"You are going to be sexually adventurous from now on aren't' you Sue," I asked my mirrored reflection.

The pretty brunette nodded back a yes.


It was noisy and boisterous in the crowded hall, when Jan and I walked through the door of the community centre. A building not far from the hospital. It had been taken over for a night, for this event. Straight away, I saw that there were lots of young nurses and doctors, plus guests etc, drinking, laughing and having a good time. There were short skirts in abundance and we were no exception. Jan wore a very short denim skirt and matching vest top, and me, I was wearing a white blouse and navy blue pleated skirt of about the same length. Jan had insisted on it.

While Jan wandered off to procure some drinks, I found some seats at a table in the corner. As I waited, I listened to the loud music and found my feet tapping in time. I was longing to get up and dance along with the couples and groups of girls already on their feet. Then, a few minutes later, Jan appeared, smirking triumphantly, but not carrying drinks. Then emerging behind her was the reason why. Two young men carrying two drinks each. I recognised them straightaway. They were young trainee doctors from the same hospital. I'd seen them before, usually on another ward.

Immediately, I put their ages at little more than 20. Gosh! I remember thinking, people will think we're cradle snatchers. How and why had Jan managed to get them to sit with us?

Jan was quick with the introductions. "This is my friend Sue, and Sue, this is Gary and Luke."

"How do you do"

As the young men sat down, I turned to face Jan and mouthed, "A bit young?"

Jan leaned forward and whispered into her ear, "just have fun."

And have fun we did, as the drinks flowed and the boys told us what they were doing at Melchester General Hospital. Apparently, both of them were from the London area and were only here for few weeks to get to know about procedures and how things worked. Then, it was back to University to finish off their medical degree courses. As they spoke, I kept glancing at Jan. They were not much older than college boys.

Jan mouthed the word "Cute" back at me. And, I had to agree they were that alright. They were also quite good looking.

Then the guys launched into their repertoire of amusing stories about some of their experiences in the hospital. That got everyone laughing alright and the atmosphere lightened considerably. Gary kept going out for drinks and we all pitched into a kitty, the effect of which was we were all drinking more.

Then Jan lowered the tone a bit by telling them tales of men's erections that she had come across in the wards. I knew from personal experience that what Jan was saying was actually true. But, surely, it wasn't the thing to talk about in present company. I felt my face going red and saw the men glance at each other and widen their eyes. A silent message passing between them. They must have thought they were onto a good thing.

Jan, of course, had said it deliberately. It was the kind of outrageous thing she did. And, obviously, it was done to give the guys a push and get things moving along.

Then Luke, suitably encouraged, told a couple of filthy jokes about doctors and nurses and Jan and I laughed, mainly, to show them how very broad minded we were. Then of course, Jan had to top it by telling an equally filthy joke of her own. I squirmed in my seat with embarrassment.

Afterwards, Jan got up to dance with Luke, leaving me to chat with Gary. Already, I had lost count of the glasses of white wine I had consumed. I usually stopped at 2 or a maximum of 3. The trouble was that we had already split a bottle of white wine before we arrived here and I felt more than slightly inebriated.

Jan's sex stories and the way the filthy jokes had gone down had clearly encouraged Gary and he moved his chair closer to me. He told me how he thought the nurses were wonderful at the hospital and how he admired them, especially me and Jan. "You've both got a fantastic pair of legs" he breathed. That was when his hand slipped onto my smooth bare thigh. Normally, I would have stopped him, right there, but my vow to myself that morning and my fuzzy head, made me hesitate enough not to.

I saw that Jan and Luke were clinging close during a slow dance. She'd had a lot to drink too. Then they were kissing, which was not strictly allowed on the dance floor. I continued to watch, shocked, as Jan's hand purposefully slid across the crotch of his trousers feeling his hard-on and finding out its width with pinched finger and thumb. Luckily, as the floor was reasonably crowded, no one else seemed to notice. But Gary had followed my widened eyes and he saw too. I rolled my eyes up and suppressed a sigh, because, we had just given them a green light to try it on with us.

Then Gary was grinning, confidently, as he slid his hand further up my thigh, this time going up under my skirt. "Would you like to have a feel of my cock," Nurse, he slurred. "It's really hard...from just thinking about you...We could go outside."

The seconds slipped by as I wrestled with my conscience, but, for once it was time to let the good girl go...

"Yes, O.K." I agreed. "Let's have some fun," I was mirroring Jan's words earlier. It was all I could think of to say. I was also feeling a little horny so he couldn't have asked at a better time. I stood up and let him lead me outside; going out by the back door, where it would be quieter. He led me out to a back alley just a few yards away and guided me into an alcove.

He had his big cock out and my hand around it in no time at all. I thought, "It'll be alright. I can stop this at any time." In the meantime, I was eagerly holding, squeezing and measuring the size of his erect penis out of sheer curiosity. It was bigger than my husbands, bigger, longer and harder. What a lucky girl I am, I thought.

Then Jan and Gary brushed passed us and I knew that for Jan, sex was clearly on the agenda. She was giggling and getting excited as her high heels clicked up the alleyway towards the darkness. This was what it was all about for her, roping in a man, getting sloshed and having lots of sex. The fact that this boy was 10 years younger than her, didn't seem to faze her at all.

So why should it bother me? A married woman out on the pull and not ashamed in the slightest. Was it the drink that was nullifying my guilty conscience, or my new found intentions. Gary was handsome, eager and cute and was now kissing me. It was nice, very nice. So we went on doing it, passionate like, with him searching out my tongue with his and me responding. Boy was I responding. We were getting it on. So, I didn't mind, when I felt my skirt being dragged up at the back and folded around my waist.

I can tell you now that panties were not worn that night by us girls, on Jan's firm insistence. Nor were stockings allowed on this warm night. "They're such a nuisance"...she had purred. Let's go commando and also show off our long tanned legs."

So Gary would have been delighted to get his fingers into my wet pussy before I had time to think.

Then his hands were fondling and feeling my arse, legs and thighs, so smooth, so bare and so vulnerable. Give the boy his due, he took his sweet time sampling my charms, getting the maximum thrill out of exploring my body from the waist down. As he did that, my legs started to move further apart. Then his attention switched to my 32D tits. Oh yes, he soon had them out, gushing in admiration for them, but, kissing stroking and worrying my nipples, until they were hard as little pebbles.

Then he was back to his fingered assault on my pussy. By now, I was wet and willing; putty in his hands. The boy had smoothly brushed aside my pathetic defences, to leave me panting and desperate for his cock. And he certainly gave me that. With perfect timing he brought it into play, still rock hard and easing its way into my slippery vaginal depths.

"Oh, Oh, Oh," I gasped, as he slid his condom clad cock all the way into my married cunt. Then he was madly, almost violently, pummelling me in and out, in and out, like a runaway piston. Yes, he gave it to me good in that alleyway behind the Community Centre and Jan, further up about 20 yards away, was also getting hers; getting comprehensively fucked by a would-be young doctor.

But I wasn't thinking about her. My world was centred solely on what HIS devastatingly rigid cock was doing to my sopping wet cunt. Would he ever stop fucking me?

My little gasps and moans must have told him that I was building up to some kind of crescendo because, somehow, he was able to hold off just enough for shudders and shivers to rack through my body. Oh such joy and delight for me, as I had a rare orgasm.

They did us again, an hour and bit later in the same place with young cocks just as eager and hard. They just grabbed our wrists at the table and yanked us back out there. I don't suppose they could have believed how easy we were. Getting their ends away with two mature nurses like us.

It was after midnight before we staggered down the road arm in arm laughing and full of ourselves over the nights activities.

"Well you're off and running Sue, finally joining the ranks of us good time girls. What have you got to say for yourself. Did you enjoy getting shagged?"

"Well...giggle...giggle...I suppose I did."

I was still on a high from the back alley sex. And sordid an disgraceful as it was, it had brought home to me just how dull and inadequate my sex life with Wilf had become. I was grateful to Jan for giving me a much needed push to try something new.

Jan half-drunk was in her element. "They were cute weren't they?"

"Yes, I agreed, very cute...and young."

"Next time we'll have them a bit older"

"Jan you are so wicked."

"Oh yes, I'm wicked alright and so enjoying leading you astray."

We hung on to each other laughing as we went for a taxi.


By the time I quietly slid into bed next to my sleeping husband, I already had mixed feelings about what I had done. In fact it took me quite a while to get to sleep such was my guilt and remorse. However, by the time next morning came I was fine. Any feelings of guilt had been left behind in my exotic dreams. I couldn't wait for another sexual adventure.


On the Monday morning, Jan came across to me all excited during our brief coffee break. "We've got the chance to go to a really posh event in the City. It's an all-male event called the President's Club Charity Dinner and it's going to be held at the Brantington Hotel. We can go as hostesses and get well paid for it. We'll get £150 each plus taxi fare and get to wear slinky black dresses. Also, meet some really rich men and celebrities. What do you say? Are you game?"

"Hold on," I said. "How did you hear about this?"

"Oh, from a friend of a friend. We just have to go for a quick interview at this agency and get fitted out for clothing. You'll love it. My friend said she had a great time last year. Came away with lots of money and made some very useful contacts."

"O.K." I said cautiously. "The money sounds good and it should be a fun night out. Just tell me where and when."

So, a couple of days later, we going through the door at Avista Modelling Agency and briefly seen by a woman called Rita somebody or other. She looked us over with an experienced eye and in less than a minute we were in.

"You're both pretty girls, fairly tall with shapely slim figures and lovely legs. A little bit older than most I've seen, but, that's not a bad thing, because, it makes a better mix of the hostesses I provide."

"So, I'm very pleased to hire you," she announced.

Then she went on to fill in the details. "On the evening, you have to wear the black dresses provided. These must be worn with black panties, matching stockings and black high heels. Any trouble with men during the evening you come to me. O.K.? ...So all you have to do is relax, pose prettily, keep the guests happy and enjoy the drinks. For you they will be free, so don't overdo it." She also told us that the purpose of the charity event was to raise money for children's hospitals and that there would be lots of V.I.Ps and celebrities there."

Then we went into another room, got some more instructions and were fitted with short, clingy black dresses. Twenty minutes later, we were sitting having a drink in the restaurant next door.

"God, you looked amazing in that black dress," said Jan.

"You did too," I told her.

"Should be a good night," then, said Jan, sipping her wine.


A week on the following Saturday, we made our way into the famous hotel. They had a large dressing room available where all the girls were handed back their dresses to slip on. So here were lots of young females in black lingerie parading about. When they were ready, all the hostesses, including us, looked incredible in their short black dresses and black stockings. Everyone, 4 inches taller in sexy black heels.

As we paraded onto the stage, accompanied by a fanfare, we got lots of wolf whistles from the couple or so hundred men who were there. Jan reckoned there were nearly a hundred hostesses.

Coming down from the stage, we were divided up amongst the many tables that had been set out for the event. Each table had about a dozen men or so seated round, all in black evening dress. Jan and I were placed at the same table, much to my relief. There were bottles of wine and beer in abundance on all the tables, already being opened and consumed, with yet more waiters hovering around with trayfulls of other drinks.

Jan and I were urged to sit in the seats that had been provided for us, with our dresses riding up our legs. I realised then that the clingy material had probably been selected to produce that very effect. The men were looking at the shapely leg on show, boy were they looking. I just hoped I looked as good as Jan, because she looked outstanding.

We were trying to be economical with the drink, but, the men were constantly handing us glassfuls of white wine and urging us to enjoy ourselves.

Not long afterwards, the auction began and we looked at each other in awe at the amounts being bid for various things. We realised that we were sitting with some very rich men, or even millionaires.

There was a real party atmosphere after that, with the entertainment on stage and the dancing that came afterwards. Jan and I were up with various partners, but it was from about 11.00 p.m. onwards that we noticed a change in the atmosphere. I suppose, that after all the drink that had been consumed, it had been inevitable. From then on, the men were a lot more "hands on" with us and I for one was constantly removing straying hands from my ass.

In fact, groping hands were everywhere after that. It was if the girls were fair game in their slinky short black dresses. I mentioned this to Jan who just shrugged her shoulders. "Lots of men together, unlimited drink and young females dressed like sex dolls, what do you expect? That's the way it's been set up."

As she sat down at the table, Jan was pulled across onto someone's lap. She could have jumped up and slapped his face, but she didn't. In fact he got a kiss and a sly feel of her nylon stockings. Then she moved onto the next guy. Stunned, I didn't know whether to follow suit, or walk out. However, if I did that, I knew I wouldn't get paid. So, I copied my friend, much to the delight of the guys on the other side of the table.

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