tagMatureNursing Home Blues

Nursing Home Blues

byL.A. Wicker©

Ronda was a babe. Blue eyes, Curly blond hair. She stood 5'4 inches tall, nice 34 c breast and the tightest little 34 inch ass you every put yours eyes on. Ronda always had a bright smile for every one at work, Riverside Nursing Home. She had been a Nurse Aide for 3 years now.

She married young, to a guy name Bill. A drunk, bum, He hadn't worked in 3 years. Ronda put up with him for her daughter. They got married in high school, he had been her first and only man. Which now she regrets not playing field. Bill tried to be a macho man but, poor Ronda knew the truth. Bill had the smallest Dick, only 4 inches long.

He always made her watch porno films with him. The first time she seen a foot long jumbo cock splitting open a tight pussy, she knew she had made a bad mistake. She had never had an orgasm with Bill, she always faked it. Each night she would dream of a big thick 12 inch cock pounding her tight wet pussy.

Work was some times hard for her. Giving the old men a shower made her pussy so wet. They may have been old but, they sure had some big cocks. And when she was lucky one of them would get a big hard on for her. Ronda loved it, stroking a long cock. Some of the dirty old men would offer her money when she got them hard. But, she enjoyed it to much to do that.

The best man of all was Mr. Jacks, very tall, big strong chest and a 14 inch cock and so thick. The first time she saw it, Ronda almost shit. He was a quite man. He never let Ronda wash his cock, he always did, he always looked into her big blue eyes. While he would be looking into her eyes, he would get huge, She always wondered if she could take something so big inside her young body.

She would come home wet every day. Ronda never thought of fucking one of the old guys, she mite kill one of them. If she got one of them big cocks inside her, she mite not ever stop fucking it.

One day at work she was washing one of her men. He started getting hard, that day she was so horny. She soaped her hands and grabbed his cock. She was stroking the length of his hard shaft. Her thumbs were massaging his cock head. She closed her eyes and was dreaming of a massive thick cock going in and out of her pussy. Faster she stroked him, squeezing him harder and harder. She got on her knees in front of the old guy, she started jerking him off. Faster and faster, she jerked his cock head, the poor old guy started cumming. She almost shit, she thought she killed him.

Afterwards she went on her break, straight to the ladies room. Ronda needed to cum and fast. She ran to the stall, locked the door. With one hand on the wall her other hand went to her hot waiting pussy. Her long thin fingers glided into hot pussy. She had 4 inside herself, pumping so fast her wetness made the sucking noise. She came hard, her pussy squeezing her fingers. She pumped her hot love box harder and harder.

She really liked that, She wondered how many of the old men she could get to cum for her From that day on, all of the men she took care of had smiles on there faces. Everyone except Mr. Jacks, he never let her near his big beautiful cock. Some of her other men were big but, not even close to his size. She wished he would let her do him.

Time passed on, each day some made her little old men cum like hell or if they couldn't, she sure got them hard stroking their old cocks. One little old guy, tried to get her to suck him. He was sweet talking her big time. Telling her how sexy she was, how he wanted to hold her like she needed to be. Ronda got so horny, this old guy was good. Bill never talked to her like that. But, she resisted and just jerked him off extra good.

But, she really wanted Mr. Jacks. She tried everything, like when they went to the shower room she would pull her already short skirt up more and bend over so he could she her panties. She would lean her hot little body on him while she washed his chest and back. She would caress his nipples and nibble on his ear. Nothing, She was going crazy, She wanted his big thick cock in her hands.

Today was going to be the day she gets Mr.Jacks. She wore a see through bra, sheer bikini panties and her sexiest perfume. She was in heat for the old guy. She walked into his room swinging her sexy little hips like a whore on the prowl. Ronda walked up to his bed, reached under the covers and grabbed his massive cock and said, "Today I give the shower mister." He just smiled at her. In the shower room she sat him in his shower chair under the warm water. She stood beside him and slipped off her tight skirt to expose her near naked body.

His eyes went up and down her young body stopping on her breast. His big strong hand reached and softly caressed her tender breast. Her body trembled with excitement, slowly he caressed her needy breast. He firmly pulled her close to him, his big hands went to her tight ass, squeezing it so gentle. Her knees weakened, her body was now resting on his chest.

Ronda's face was on his neck while his hands explored her soft body. She was so hot, it felt like she would explode at any time. His long fingers found their way to her wet pussy, she spread herself as wide as she could for her man, her dream man. As he inserted 2 fingers inside her pussy, she came like never before. Her knees gave way, she was panting for air. Her pussy was having convolutions, squeezing his fingers harder than they ever did her.

He held her on his lap just like a little baby, still finger fucking her while he was petting the rest of her body. She kept cumming, she couldn't stop, each time she came it was harder than the last. He now had his whole hand in her little pussy, she couldn't believe it, he was fisting her pussy. He laid her across his lap, his hand was fucking her pussy faster and faster. How much more could she cum? orgasm after orgasm her body kept going, she was about to faint, when he slowed down, she was in heaven.

He continued caressing her body from top to bottom, ever curve, every hole. She just laid across his lap, enjoying it all. She started getting up but, almost fell. Her hand reached out to grab the shower bar. It missed and she had Mr. Jacks big beautiful cock in her hand. Ronda went to her knees in front of him, slowly she started to suck on the big purple cock head. It was so big, she opened her hot mouth as wide as she could. She sucked on it like a little girl with a loli pop. Her eyes rolled back in her head like a shark making a kill. His hands caressed her hair as she sucked the giant cock.

Just as he was really getting good hard she heard her name called on the P.A. Ronda jumped up grabbing the towel, drying off as fast as she could. Her bra and panties were soaked, she could just go naked under her skirt. She thought she was in deep shit. When she got to the front desk, it was just ass hole Bill calling tell her to bring home some BEER.

She got back to Mr. Jacks room. He was in bed already, She could see he was still a little hard. Ronda tried to finish but, he told her, "We have other days". and gave her a little wink. The rest of her day was great, she had never felt so good inside.

From that day on she had Mr. Jacks cock in her hands for an hour each day. She would get the old guy so hard, then he would hold her across his lap and finger fuck her pussy. After a few minutes of that he would start working his whole hand inside her. She wanted his giant cock deep inside her but, he told her she needed to stretch out more so they could make love better. So, he fisted her a week before she was to get his monster cock.

The big night finally came, she worked the night shift. Nothing every happened at night and the other nurses slept or fucked with each other. She wore her tightest skirt and see through bra and panties. Ronda was so hot and excited when she went into Mr. Jacks room. He was awake, waiting for her. His cock was so hard, it lifted the covers high in the air.

Ronda slowly slipped off her skirt and slid into his bed for the best night of her life. He started caressing her breast, then sucking her hard little nipples. His hand worked it's way to her ready pussy, she spread out like butter. He worked his fingers and hand inside, Ronda was so wet his hand went right inside. She needed to feel that godzilla cock deep inside her.

It was time, the moment her young pussy had been waiting for 3 years. She was going to get her pussy full of the biggest, thickest cock she had ever seen. He mounted her, she opened her legs wide. The cock head was pushing at her opening, slowly it stretched her tiny hole more and more open. The tight muscles in her hole relaxed as it went in. Her blood rushed to her pussy, it was throbbing. The apple size cock head was boring it's way deeper into her sweet pussy.

She squeezed a nipple with one hand while the other was around the big cock Her tiny hand felt the cock going in. Ronda held it tight feeling the blood rushing inside it. She thought she was going to pass out, deeper the cock invaded her body.

Her pussy almost hurt but, it was a good pain. The big cock was splitting her pussy wide open. She could feel it as it stretched the pussy walls. Deeper it went inside, where no one or nothing had every been. Then real pain came, he was at the back of her pussy ready to push through her uterus. Her inner cherry was gone, the cock was all the way in her young body. She trembled inside and out, how had she taken such a big thing inside her pussy

They laid on the bed not moving, her pussy started to cum. It sucked on the cock, her body was on fire. She dug her nails into his back while she was gasping for air. Her thin legs wrapped around his waist, Ronda's hips were thrashing into the cock. Pushing it even more inside her. The orgasms kept cumming, one after another.

He started pumping his cock in her tender little pussy. The orgasms got even harder, they hurt as she continued cumming, she couldn't stop. His cock pushed deep inside her, he held her tightly and ask, "Would you mind calling me DADDY?". She smiled softly and replied, "Anything for you."

She looked into his eyes and said, "Oh, Daddy my pussy feels so good." He started fucking a little faster. Then she said, "Daddy FUCK your little baby." He went faster. "Fuck me Daddy, Fuck me." He pulled her legs to her breast. She pushed her head back into the pillow and gritting her teeth, "Daddy fuck me like you do Mommy." He pulled Ronda's legs open more. "Oh, yes, FUCK my hot pussy DADDY." He got on his knees and pushed in her hard. "Yes Daddy FUCK your little babies pussy hard."

On his knees he was driving his giant cock in and out of her so hard. Ronda had also made a part of his dreams come true, FUCKING his daughter. "Faster Daddy, Faster." and he did. The poor old guy was fucking her like he was 25 again. "Go Daddy Go, FUCK me Daddy, YES, I'm cumming again." Her pussy came again and again.

Mr. Jacks kissed her deep, Then all at once his monster cock started cumming hard. Filling her little pussy full of hot cum. He pumped her with full thrust shooting cum each time. She felt the cum filling her full, it ran down her ass and all over the bed.

Ronda had never had anything like this happen, her body had never felt so good. From then on every Friday night she worked the late shift. And each Friday her pussy got the fucking of a life time.

One Friday she was going to get Mr. Jacks really crazy. It was late when she slipped into his room. Ronda had little pig tails in her hair and wearing a school girl uniform. The skirt was real short, the blouse see through. when Jacks saw it his cock started growing so fast.

Ronda slid into his bed getting on top of him. Tonight she was going to ride him, standing on her feet, Ronda lowered her hips to take in his cock. She began by saying, "Daddy my pussy is so wet." and was rubbing it on his cock. She pulled her panties over and let the giant cock intrude her body. Deeply it went in.

She moved up and down the big cock, her legs muscles burned she was riding him so fast. Her pussy squeezed the pulsating cock with each thrust. She was about to cum when her tried legs gave out. WHAM, the cock drove deep inside of her. Ronda screamed with pain. Her pussy was cumming like never before, she was thrusting her hips and pulling hard on her hard nipples. They fucked for hours that night.

Time went by, Mr. Jack had got sick. Ronda worried about him, if anything ever happened to him she would be so lost. One night she got a call from work, telling her he was asking for her. They told her his time was short, she raced to the home. When she got to him it was almost over. The poor guy was going fast, when he saw her he smiled big and told her how she made his last years so good. just before he died he told her he had a special surprise for her.

He was gone, Ronda cried like a baby, her man was gone. She took time off work, but nothing helped replace her sweet man. One day the door bell rang, it was Mr. Jacks lawyer.

He started telling her how his kids never liked him and he didn't have any body who cared for him. So, Mr. Jacks had left all his money, house and everything he had to her. She about shit when the lawyer told her his estate was valued at 2.6 million dollars.

I met Ronda about a year ago, we hit it off first thing. She and I make love as much as we can. I'm not near the monster cock that Mr. Jacks had. But I make her cum good and hard.

Well, that's Ronda's story. She wanted me to help write it.

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