tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNursing The Enemy Ch. 05

Nursing The Enemy Ch. 05


I sat on the train clutching the note that Max had given me, after Dave and I had returned from the holiday that Paul had paid for. He had finally caught up with me and listed his demands. So I wasn't going to see my mother I was going to do one final job for Max. He had threatened to leave posters all around town about me. I suppose I could have told Dave, but just think what it would do to his business if (and I'm sure he would) stopped me from going. Dave marrying a prostitute would really damage everything, and if Paul got to hear, then well, I'm sure he would make the most of it.

I stepped off the train at Waterloo station and there stood Max with a big grin.

"This is the one and only time Max, if you think otherwise, then I'll get back on the train."

"That's what I said in the note didn't I? You know it took me ages to find you, but seeing as you have done so well for yourself, then it was worth the wait."

He went to put his arm around me and I just shrugged it off.

"Fine have it your way whore."

I followed him out to the taxi rank.

"So have you got my money?"

I pulled the envelope out of my case. He sat in the hotel room counting it. He grinned at me.

"Well £20,000, it's all here. You know I could have been real greedy. I mean that nice big house you live in now must be worth a tidy sum?"

"I mean it Max that is all you get, or I walk now."

He chuckled at my rather worried look.

"So why me Max, why just not take the money, and get some scrubber to do it?"

He didn't answer he just grinned. God he loved this, he was savouring every moment.

"OK, well after I had found where you lived I started nosing around in your area. You know your husband has pissed off a few people."

I watched the door open and sat shocked as in came Paul on crutches, and the man that worked for him, the man that recognised me. Behind them I saw Dr Harvey.

"You bastard Max," I screeched.

"Well I'll leave you to it. Enjoy her gents," Max said as he left.

I watched Paul move to the chair. He put his crutches down and looked at me for a long while.

"Now Karen it seems to me you owe me. I must admit I was all for chalking it down to experience, but your friend, or should I say your boss, turned up a few weeks ago asking questions about you."

"He's not my fucking boss," I spat.

"Well whatever. Anyway Don here put two and two together, he knew you from somewhere before the hospital."

I looked up at a smiling Don. While I didn't remember him, I knew from the look on his face in the hospital he must have had sex with me.

"And you, what are you doing here?" I spat, looking at Doctor Harvey.

Then I remembered the hand that would occasionally pat my backside. Even at the time I didn't think much of it.

"Well you'll find out later. Karen, I'm selling up my garages, I'm going to Spain."

"Oh, and you expect me to come with you?" I hissed.

He started chuckling, and the two men grinned.

"I'm going to have you one last time, or rather in our case a first time. It gives me so much pleasure to know I've had both of Dave's wives."

"Then what, you tell him?" I growled.

"No, I just disappear to Spain."

He watched me for a few seconds.

"Is that, the truth? You won't tell Dave or anyone else?"

He nodded, "Believe me I won't tell a living soul."

"OK, I suppose I've got no choice," I said finally.

20 minutes later I stood by the bed. I wore a white nurse's uniform with white seamed stockings and 4 inch white heels. The other two men had left, and Paul was laid on the bed. I looked at the scars on his legs, they still looked a little bent, but he was able to get around short distances without crutches.

"So what do you want?" I asked softly.

He pointed to the chair.

"Sit there and give me a display."

"Do you promise you won't tell anyone?" I asked with a gulp.

"Karen I just want you. Go on do it my little Mesilla," he whispered.

I pulled the poppers open at the top of my uniform. I stared him right in the eyes as my breasts sprang out. I sat in the chair and took a deep breath. I slowly lifted my left hand to my left breast. He watched as I slowly pulled the nipple. I spread my legs a little that I had raised up on a low stool. His eyes ran slowly down between my legs. I could feel my heart pounding.

"Pull it open, like you did in the hospital," he said with a gulp.

I ran my index finger slowly up and down my slit. I let my fingers open up the folds of my pussy. He watched as I splayed my legs further apart. I could feel the cool air tickling my hole.

"Finger it, put your fingers in," he said, as his hand moved to his stiffening cock.

I pushed one finger in and slid it back and forth. He groaned a little and so did I!

"Are you wet?"

I didn't want to tell him, I was doing this against my will, but I was wet, I was so wet I slipped another finger in, right up to my knuckles! I stared at him the whole time. I knew he would want me to, so I did, I just looked into his green eyes. I pulled out my fingers and wiped them slowly over each nipple in turn. He was gasping and stroking himself, very slowly.

"Use three fingers, inside, inside you, "he stammered.

"What like this?" I asked in a whispering purr.

I pushed all three fingers into my pussy as far as I could. I rolled my hips up a little, and pulled my nipple hard.

"Oh you fucking whore!" he hissed.

"Yeah, you know it really turns me on doing this, it always did, Paul," I panted.

"Come and suck me now," he said with a gulp.

I stood up and bent over the bed. I rubbed my hard nipples over his cock. I looked up into his red face, as I squeezed my breasts around his pulsing cock. I started to rock up and down. I moved my tits right up so his cock was concealed, and then I moved back down watching the head appear. As I lowered myself right down, I let my tongue flick over his cock head. He winced and cooed when I did it.

"Suck me, suck me!"

I plunged my mouth down over his cock. He jumped and strained as I sucked hard.

"No, not yet, Karen."

He tried pulling my head off his cock but I just sucked deeper. I wanted this over with; I wanted to get back to my home. But that didn't stop me burying my fingers in my pussy, rapidly frigging myself! He was still trying to get my head off his cock as he spurted into my mouth. Hot spunk hit my throat, and I pulled off, pumping his cock with one hand and my pussy with the other. He was still panting and writhing about as I spat his spunk onto his stomach. My own orgasm had come at the same time, but I recovered quicker than Paul. I stood panting looking down at him. A strange mixture of emotions ran through my head. Maybe, just maybe, if things had been different, who knows what might have happened between us.

"So what happens now then Paul?" I asked.

"You take off your dress and we eat," he answered casually.

I could see the lust filled look in Doctor Harvey's eyes, as I sat in stockings and shoes eating. Don was different he was sneering almost. I drunk more of the wine than I should have done, but I needed it. The other two left and Paul reclined on the bed. I stroked his cock looking into his eyes.

"Now, I want you now," he said with a sneer.

I straddled his cock and wiped it over my pussy lips. I watched his eyes open wide with expectation. I plunged straight down grinding onto his pelvis. He winced and grimaced.

"Oh fuck steady!" he snapped.

I didn't want to; I wanted him to feel the pain. I thought better of it quickly though. I took more of my weight as I rode him more gently. I still wanted him to shoot quickly.

"So you finally get to Fuck Dave's wife. Happy now are you Paul?"

He smiled like he liked the idea.

"She's on top of you Paul, giving you what you want. Are you going to send me back to my husband with a belly full of spunk, your spunk Paul, your hot spunk in Dave's second wife? You fucked number one and now you are on number two."

I rocked my hips further and further. I was getting desperate to make him shoot so I could leave. It really is surprising how many men find verbal stimulation such a big turn on. I've used this so many times to get rid of punters in the past, to get them to spunk quickly. You just have to find the right things to say.

"God you are better than him," I purred, as I looked at him through hooded eyes.

He panted excitedly at my words.

"You know I've been faithful to my husband," I said panting, "you are the only one Paul; you are the only cock I've had for years!"

His hips pushed up and he grunted.

"I got to live with the knowledge that I've been unfaithful to my husband, unfaithful with the man that ran off with his first wife!"

He thrust up firing deep into me. He yelled and hollered as he pumped, trying to make it last. I sucked him with my pussy, getting every last drop out of him. I climbed off him panting, and wanting to find my clothes and just get out of there.

"God that was worth the wait," he said, gasping fresh air into his lungs.

"You promised not to say anything Paul; you will keep your promise, won't you?"

He nodded, "I've finished with Karen. I got what I wanted. You do know I would have dumped you as soon as you left him."

I looked into those green eyes.

"No you wouldn't Paul, you would have loved me to go with you and leave him. Don't kid me, I've had men who would give up there wives for me. I've seen the look in their eyes. You've got that same look you just don't want to admit it."

"Well who knows, maybe you'll come crawling to me one day, Mesilla."

"In your dreams," I spat back.

"No in yours I imagine," he replied.

I went and took a shower. When I came back Paul was gone, Don and Doctor Harvey dragged me to the bed.

"Our turn now bitch!" Don spat.

I just lay there letting them fuck me, first Don then Doctor Harvey. I could see both men were disappointed that I didn't offer any resistance. It's surprising how many men are like that. I just stared into there eyes with a cold look. I knew I risked getting a thump, especially from Don. But when both men had finished they had that disappointed look on their faces, almost like it wasn't worth the effort. I got what I aimed for.

I started to dress, this time I just wiped myself clean.

Don handed me a glass of whisky. I could do with something just to keep out the chill. I knocked the drink back in one. I just wanted to get home now. I staggered a little as I went to the door. I never did like whisky that much, and coupled with the wine from earlier, my head was starting to spin.

"Is everything OK Karen?"

I looked at Paul who had spoken to me. He must have come back into the room; he had a strange grin on his face.

"Yeah," I replied a little distantly.

My head started to spin and my eyes seemed to find it difficult to focus. My legs started to wobble and I dropped to my knees.

"Good, then I guess we had better give you a lift. You'll love Spain this time of year, Mesilla."

Doctor Harvey pushed a needle into my arm as I staggered around. They let me go and I grabbed at the door handle but a foot pushed me back. I could hear them laughing at me, and my pathetic attempts to get away. I felt like the girl in the book, what would become of me when they smuggled me out of the country? Would Paul have a group of evil friends? Would I be chased by a pack of dogs for everyone's amusement? That was when I blacked out.

I opened my eyes and started screaming. I felt hands on my shoulders pinning me down, strong hands. This was it; I had been transported to Spain!

"I'm not Mesilla, I'm not Mesilla!" I screamed.

I didn't want to focus my eyes on anyone, I was too scared. I didn't want to believe anyone could be so cruel. God, I was going to be kept against my will like some animal, and probably raped by Paul and his evil friends. He was going to turn me into Mesilla!

"I'm not Mesilla," I kept repeating over and over.

I felt the man on top of me starting to kiss me. I struggled trying to get him off, until I opened my eyes.

"No you are not you are my wife, Karen, Karen!"

The next day I sat in bed drinking a cup of tea. There he was my husband. I was going home soon. He wouldn't leave my bedside all night.

The next day I listened to the radio. When the news came on, Dave went to switch it off.

"Please leave it."

He looked at me and came and sat down holding my hand. The reporter went on about a pimp that had been under surveillance for some time. The police had made a swoop on a hotel room after catching the pimp with £20,000 in cash. Three other men had been arrested, and a woman had been taken to hospital. A fake passport had been found with the woman's picture, under a false name, Mesilla.

The End.

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