tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNWMD!: Marnie & the Mystery Woman

NWMD!: Marnie & the Mystery Woman


Prologue: "NWMD!" identifies this as a part of the "Not With My Daughter!" series of adventures befalling Marnie, her friends and family. Each stand-alone part is premised on the initial story where Marnie is blackmailed by a man named Larcher and his son Jeff under the threat of the man unleashing his son and buddies on Marnie's daughter, Brenda. This is one of the parts that passes the age submission guideline. Others to follow, please enjoy.


Marnie was a happily married housewife, with her husband, Roger and her daughter, Brenda, until the Larchers came into her life. They were blackmailing her, originally with the threat of defiling her daughter if she didn't cooperate. Over time they had other things to lord over her to enforce her cooperation. Marnie never knew when they would surface in her life again, or what humiliating and degrading drill they would put her through. One such occasion was at Brenda's school.

She left Brenda off, and lingered, watching lovingly as her daughter walked up to the door, attracting friends like a magnet who greeted her as she entered the school for classes.

Suddenly, without warning, before she could pull away from the curb, the Larcher kid, Jeff, opened the passenger door and slid in. "Hey pretty lady. Care to come out and play?" He said, looking directly at her breasts.

"How dare you, you creep. Get out of my car!" Marnie said with indignant authority.

"Now is that anyway to treat an old friend, I mean a young old friend, no, I mean an old young friend. Oh hell with it, drive! I'll tell you the way as we go." He said, as he reached out to cup the front of her right tit.

Marnie slapped his hand hard and fast. "Are you crazy!? Right in front of my daughter's school?" She said scoldingly.

"Just for that Lady, I want you to unbutton your blouse all the way down." He said, now sitting sideways facing her, his left leg cocked up on the seat, and his left arm on the backrest.

"You insolent brat!" She said as she pulled away from the curb, recognizing she may have to do it for the creep.

"You know, if I have to help you with it, you might loose the buttons." He said, opening a clip knife with one hand.

Marnie took one look at the pocketknife and unbuttoned her blouse as she drove through the school's neighborhood. The Larcher kid closed the knife and clipped it back in his pocket.

"Head for the highway going north." He said, trying to make out her nipples through the lace of her bra. When they got to the onramp, he asked her to pull over. Then he told her to undo her bra.

"Oh, please don't make me do this. This is out in the public. Why, we could be arrested." She implored him.

"Who me? I've never seen you before. Why you were like that when you picked me up hitchhiking. I got in your car because you looked so 'Hot'." He said in a devilish tone. "Now I could help you if you like, but I'm a practical guy, and the tit holsters may not work right afterwards if I do it." He said, opening the clip knife again.

Marnie reached back and unclasped the strap, looking around for any cars. Then she worked the straps off her arms in a way that dazzled the kid, because she didn't remove her shirt.

"Okay, drive." He said, reaching up to finger the close nipple.

"Pull around that truck ahead and pace it in the left lane, until I say to pass it." He said, looking ahead at an eighteen-wheeler.

Marnie got up to the truck and pulled alongside, only to discover the kid's motive, to have her flash her tits to the driver when he rolled back the sunroof. Marnie looked up sheepishly into the face of a trucker that could have been a woman or a man; it was hard to tell. Then she heard the loud horn blast, and she instinctively accelerated ahead.

"I didn't tell you to pass yet." The Larcher kid pointed out. "Pay attention to what I say this time for that truck up there." He said, pointing to another truck ahead of them.

Marnie pulled alongside again. When she looked up this time, she saw a grimy looking fortyish guy in need of a shave and a buddy trying to maneuver across the driver's front to gawk at her, almost causing the driver to lose control of his vehicle. Jeff lifted her right breast with his left hand and yelled at the truckers, "Do you like?"

They whistled and tooted their horn. The kid then pulled her skirt up showing all of her upper legs. The truck slowed down and sped up to get the whole picture through the sunroof. Marnie and Jeff could hear hooting and hollering from the truck. A rest area road sign was coming up and the truck driver pointed to his right. Jeff responded with a thumbs-up.

"Pull over at the next exit for the rest area. You'll need to pass and get in the right lane." He instructed. "Okay, park here."

Jeff took the keys and left the car to talk to the truckers who were coming over from their parking area. He had conversation with them and followed them back to their truck. They came back to the car with two boxes, that Jeff put into the trunk. "Come on Lady we're all going for a swim." He said, opening her door and guiding her out with a firm grip on her upper arm.

While he was gone, she had put on her bra and buttoned up her blouse again. The four of them walked into the woods a little ways and down an embankment to a stream. Marnie looked back with dread up through the trees to discover that nobody from the rest area could see them, unless they were exploring away from their cars. The foursome stopped by a pool of water created by a large tree, which had fallen across the stream, backing it up a bit.

"Okay Lady, you first; test the water for us." The driver said.

"I can't go swimming, I didn't bring a suit." She said, knowing deep down it wouldn't make any difference.

"Well take off anything you don't want to get wet then, and jump in." He retorted.

Marnie chose to remove everything except her bra and panties, and waded in the chilly water to the deepest part, which brought the water up to her panty crotch making it wet. The wetness wicked up the front and back to reveal her pubic mound and rear crack through the sheer material. Goosebumps covered her body and she hunched her shoulders, pushing her breasts together. The guys were taking off their shoes and boots, like they really intended to go in.

"Okay, all the way under." The driver ordered.

"It's too cold for that." She pleaded.

"Nonsense. Do it in the interest of science. We need to see what the human body can withstand in the way of chilly waters. You'll be a pioneer." He said sarcastically.

Marnie knew the game was hopeless, so she lowered herself into the water to the top of her shoulders. Then she jumped up and hugged herself shivering.

"All the way in there, Lady." The other trucker piped up.

Marnie held her nose as she lowered herself back down and arched back into the water putting her breasts and pussy on temporary display.

She hurriedly tried to get her feet back under her so she could get back up with her hair now plastered straight back on her head. She covered her breasts with her forearms as she squeezed the water out of her eyes.

"Can I get out now?" She asked, her whole body shivering.

"Sure, why not. Looks too cold for us anyway." The driver said as he met her at the bank and held her hand to steady her as she stepped out of the water.

Everyone noticed her nipples pushing out the sheer material of her bra, as the driver continued to hold her hand out to her side. "These look like they want to be free." He said hefting the closest breast with his other hand. "Let's have them come out and play."

No sooner had he said this, than the Larcher kid was fumbling with the clasp of her bra.

"Hey boy, let the lady do it. She does it all the time." The driver told Jeff, as Jeff backed off, embarrassed by his fumbling.

Marnie reached back and undid the hooks and let the bra slip down her arms. Then she hung it on a waiting branch that currently had sunlight shining on it. She went to cover her breasts and rub some heat into her chilled arms at the same time, when the driver said, "We can warm those up for you Lady."

The two truckers bent in front of her on either side and rubbed their hands on her legs while licking and sucking her nipples. When they both started to trace the contours of her rear, they simultaneously had the notion to lower her panties. They had her step out of them, and handed them to Jeff, who dutifully hung them in the sun as well. As they reached her pussy lips with their hands, still stimulating her nipples, Marnie was on tiptoes, fighting the urge to back away, or push them off of her with her hands. The driver stood up and hugged her from behind with his hands on her breasts. The other trucker moved to a squat in front of her and took one leg and lifted it to his shoulder, while he stroked her pussy with his tongue. Marnie put her hands on his head to be ready to push him off if he got a little too aggressive down there. She was actually getting turned on by these two, despite their rough manner. When she was getting a little weak in the knee responding to the stimulation, she started to hop on the one leg to keep from falling.

"You know guys, she really likes to suck and take it in the back chute." Jeff said from his experience.

"No I don . . ." Marnie started to say, but thought better of it. She didn't want this situation to take an ugly punishing turn.

Both truckers pulled their pants and underwear down and off. Marnie waited like a defeated, nearly drowned mouse anticipating the next torment the captor cat had up its paw. She was sopping between her legs and her nipples were pulsing and erect. The second trucker lay down on his back with his head between her legs looking up at her wet snatch. The driver sallied up behind her and guided her to bend over with his hand on her back. "All the way down and suck it." He directed.

Straddling the trucker on the ground, bent at the waist, legs spread and straight, being held up by the driver's hands on her upper thighs. She was forced to hold a kind of push up position, to suck the prone man's cock. The driver dropped spit onto her anus, worked it in with his finger, then repeated the procedure a couple of times until he had her as lubricated as he could with saliva. He had a little trouble getting the head in at first, so he lubricated the head of his cock as much as possible, before slipping it past her stretched elastic sphincter.

He eased it in little by little with slow and careful thrusts, not wanting her to fall over and injure his buddy.

Meanwhile, his buddy was having a field day with his cock in her mouth, experiencing her moans, and playing with her hanging tits.

Marnie was in a state of suspended glee as the pain in her rear eased into one of longing to be thrust into harder and faster. She was brought to the point of needing to cum, but held there awaiting the first domino to fall. The driver was reaching his release. He was thrusting deeper, harder, and faster. His hands were like hooks in a death grip around her lower abdomen holding on for dear life. He was desperate to cum and was not going to let her bottom go away from his cock for anything.

He slammed into her rear a couple of times shooting his warm jizm deep into her entrails. After a few dry thrusts, he pulled out and collapsed on the ground exhausted half watching, as Marnie bent her knees and straddled the trucker on the ground, leaving her pulsing pussy inches from his face. She started sucking in earnest to bring him off, while wiggling her hips a bit as an invitation to the man to stroke her. He was too lost in the ecstasy in his groin to open his eyes to notice. When he was about to cum, Marnie luckily got her mouth off of his cock just in time to avoid taking it in her mouth, and worked the cum out of him with her hand.

"Aw Lady, you should have taken the cum when you had the chance." Larcher's kid said. "You've made my friend here all messy. Now you're gonna to have to lick him clean."

The trucker looked at Jeff, winked, and gave him a thumbs-up. Marnie wanted to throw-up at the prospect of what she was about to do. She licked all around the man's belly, cock, and balls to clean up the sticky goo, while he explored and played with her gaping cunt with his hands. When he was all clean, the two truckers got up, got dressed and thanked Larcher for the morning break. Marnie watched, padding in place, wanting to cum but frustrated. As the truckers were about to leave, she leaned over to Jeff and asked in a half whisper, "Isn't anybody going to help me cum?"

The truckers heard the gist of it and turned to hear Jeff's answer.

"Oh, I'm sorry Lady. We'll wait while you take care of that, won't we guys?" Larcher said. Then they all sat down five-ten feet in front of her.

Marnie was lost for words. Here were the three of them sitting, waiting for her to put on a show out of her desperation to cum. They were expecting her to clip her own horns right in front of them. She didn't feel as naked with all of the manipulations, sucking, and fucking, as she did at that very moment.

"I think I'd better be going." She said, removing her arm from her breast and her hand from her pubic triangle to retrieve her bra and panties. Then she proceeded to dress.

"Your choice Lady." The driver said, as he hit his buddy's arm with the back of his hand, as a signal to leave.

The truckers disappeared over the bank before Jeff and Marnie headed back to the car. Jeff let her in the passenger seat and he got in the driver's seat. Marnie tried to covertly slip a hand under her skirt and stroke herself, but couldn't get past Jeff's watchful eyes. "You had your chance back there. Now stop that, and I'll give you another chance in a little while. But first, I need you to do me." He said as he pushed the seat as far back as he could go and still reach the brake if he slouched. He looked around for cars and pulled down his zipper and fished out his semi-hard uncut penis. Marnie lowered her mouth to the task with a disgusted look on her face and started to suck on his cock. She stayed at it except for the one time Jeff swerved to avoid having an accident, and she sat up to see the aftermath.

"Maybe we should wait until you've stopped the car." She said, concerned.

"Finish me off now, or I will wreck your car." Young Larcher said pissed and frustrated.

Marnie, sensing a minor victory, decided to concentrate on prolonging his relief by a combination of switching from mouth to hand and a subtle pinch at the base here and there. It worked because he got to his destination before she let him cum. "Up! Up!" He said as one of his neighbors was approaching to say "hi" and to find out, if he had bought a new car. He just got himself stuffed in and zipped when a neighbor lady, he had the major hots for, approached his window to talk. All Marnie could see was her bare midriff and 35C breasts on display in her peach colored cut-off tank top.

"Hi Beverly." Jeff said, like a schoolboy with a crush on his teacher. "Get new wheels, Jeffrey?" She asked.

"No, this belongs to this lady here. I drove it for her because she didn't know the way."

"Oh, hi Miss." She said as she bent down to look in, while revealing an opportune view down the tank top of her young firm breasts to Jeff and Marnie. "This your mom, or something?" She said, quizzing him.

"No, ah, she, ah, is going to clean my apartment." He said, making things up as he went along. "Yeah, she is from one of those services that cleans in the raw. You might want to come in and join me while she works." He said hopefully.

"Just might at that. What a novelty. My, Lady, you've got guts. I don't mean the naked part either. I'm just imagining the job, cleaning up Mr. Clean's apartment here." She said teasing.

Jeff blushed, got out of the car and opened the trunk. "Here Lady you take one of these." He said, referring to one of the boxes.

When Marnie saw what he had traded with the truckers for her services, she was appalled. She was carrying in a case of pork and beans and Larcher was carrying in a case of canned corn. Larcher opened the door for Marnie and Beverly, picked up the case he was carrying, and followed them in. Marnie put the case on what little counter space there was in the kitchen. Beverly went over to the couch and peeled off a bedspread like covering and all of the dust and trash with it.

"Wow Jeffery, you really need this cleaning woman today. Do you have a CLEAN covering I can put down in place of this?" She asked, as she held the covering out away from herself toward Larcher.

"Errr, I think so." He said as he disappeared into another room.

When he came back, he was tearing open a package with a brand new set of sheets in it. He handed Beverly a sheet, which happened to be the fitted one. Beverly put the sheet on the couch and sat down with her arms and legs crossed. Her tanned legs looked mighty inviting framed by her short cut-off jeans and sneakers without socks. She shoved the cluttered coffee table out away from her in front with her foot, so she could swing her leg up and down, while she waited for the show to begin.

"So Lady, do you just take off your clothes and get to work, or do you make a show of it first?" He said to Marnie, more or less pleading with her to play along.

Marnie was relishing having this power over her tormentor. "Thank god for Beverly." She thought. "You know, with this much work to do here, I don't think there will be time for the build up show." She said playing along, while letting him down in one swipe.

This made Larcher look a little mousy and grow tongue-tied. This put him out of his game, with the object of his daily fantasies finally sitting in his living room. Beverly sat mildly amused.

"So Mr. Larcher, where do I find your cleaning supplies?" Marnie asked, as she took off her clothes unceremoniously, and folded them neatly on a barstool at the eating counter between the kitchen and dining area. She noticed a brightened expression on Beverly's face indicating she was pleased or impressed with what she saw.

"Uh, I think there is something under the sink in the kitchen there." He said hopefully.

Marnie held up a mostly empty Windex bottle in one hand and a bottle of dish soap in her other. "I don't think this will cut it." She said, with a gloat inside. "Can you rustle some things up if I make a list for you? I can start picking up while you get the things on the list." She directed, as she happened upon a pen and some scrap paper that would do the trick.

"I'll be right back. Don't go away." Larcher said, in a worried tone looking at Beverly with yearning and then at Marnie with suspicion. They could hear him running to the car and speed out of the parking area to the store. Marnie looked at Beverly, relatively unconcerned at this point that she was naked in front of a stranger and started to pick things up and throw things away. Beverly watched Marnie's more mature body work for a bit. She noticed the sway in her breasts, the slight jiggle in her hips, her strong back and legs as she bent and strained at the task. Eventually, she got up and started to pitch in and make conversation.

"You're not from an agency, are you?"

"What makes you say that?"

"There's something going on between Jeffery and you, I can tell."

"What gives you that idea?"

"It's the way you can talk to him like you're his mother, or something."

"I assure you, I am not related to the boy in any way."

"What is it then? Are you a lover he is embarrassed to let people know about? Or, is this some kind of game? Come on tell me. What is it between you two?" Beverly insisted.

"Nothing really, at least that I am liberty to talk about." Marnie finally said.

Beverly was more curious now than when she started the third degree. She stopped helping in favor of watching Marnie's breasts move as she took broad sweeps with her hands to gather up crumbs on a table.

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